The Shape of Things to Come:

Yes people, we are being herded like sheep to the slaughter into what will be the absolute worst "TOTALITARION POLICE STATE" that the world has ever seen. We have already entered into a surveillance society, where our every move is tracked and monitored. Every place you look, out in public, you will see cameras (the all seeing eye) up on buildings, on poles, in trees, etc. Enter any building and you will see cameras, they are even in places you can't see, hidden in ceilings, walls and even in everyday objects such as clocks, lamps, picture frames, mirrors, you name it.

I know that there are many you don't believe it, but there are surveillance cameras way out in space that are powerful enough that they can "see" a dime on the ground in a parking lot. These "spies in the sky" have been watching us for years. Every cell phone made after the year 2000 has an imbedded locator chip, so that if need be, the user can be tracked as to his/her exact location. Every car you buy, since 2000-2001, has a GPS device in it along with an engine "Kill switch" and door locking switch, both of which can be operated by a signal from a satellite in space., thus disabling your vehicle and keeping you trapped inside until police or government agents can get to you.

Every telephone call you make or receive, every two way radio conversation you have, every email you send or receive, every entry you make to a blog or website is monitored, key stroke by key stroke. Even private conversations you have within your home or place of business can be monitored. The government has the ability to download everything you have on your home computer WITHOUT even having to enter your house. All of your television watching habits are monitored. The government knows every video or DVD you have ever rented and they know every book, tape, VHS, DVD that you have ever checked out of a library.

Then, as if all this weren't bad enough, even the business world has you under surveillance. When ever you make a purchase on line or at a store, and you pay for it by check or credit card, these purchases are tracked. Believe it or not, but banks, stores and law enforcement agencies can put together a whole dossier on your life, just by using the information gleaned from your cancelled checks, credit card purchasing history, by the types of products you buy and the frequency which you purchase certain products. They are even considering placing radio frequency chips into every item you by; clothes, furniture, personal items, etc., so that these items can be tracked from the time they leave the manufacturer, all the way to your home.

All of this surveillance, monitoring, eavesdropping and invasion of privacy will only grow worse. One must bear in mind the Hegelian Dialectic. This theory states that to gain total control over a group of people, a state, nation or the whole world population, it must be done incrementally (slowly) so that the general public is unaware of what is happening to them (much like placing a frog into a kettle of cold water and slowly heating it to a boil, the frog will just sit there unaware that he is about to be cooked). The second part of the Hegelian Dialectic requires that the person or group that wishes to gain control over a populace, must first create the "solution" to a problem (that does not exist), and have this solution in place and ready to go. Then after you have created your solution, you then either cause the situation or problem or allow the situation to occur so that you will then be able to put your solution into action. Let me give you two examples of what I am talking about:

First the government, through the military and law enforcement agencies, creates and develops various surveillance techniques, (i.e., tracking, camera, audio, wiretapping, GPS, etc.). Then you constantly start putting out stories and "leaks" about terrorist activity to start to raise the fear factor in people. Then you allow small scale terrorist acts to occur (the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center, and the bombing of the Mura Federal Building in Okalahoma), this gets the people even more frightened. Now you begin to talk about your solution, what is needed to keep us safe. In the meantime, you work behind the scenes to agitate or stir up problems with those who are our enemies, so that they will make attacks on our embassies, military bases, etc. Then as the people begin to clamor for the government to do something, the government increases the pressure on our enemies and then allows them to make a major attack. Voila! The people now DEMAND that the government keeps them safe. The government now enacts their solution by putting into place THE PATRIOT ACT and forming HOMELAND SECURITY, but who is being put under surveillance and being monitored, the enemy? Nope, it is we the people. It is our privacy, our rights, our freedoms that are being curtailed. It is we who are being controlled.

A second area of using the Hegelian Dialectic to gain even more control over the populace, to get the people to willingly allow themselves to be tracked, again using fear, those in charge either deliberately kidnap children for sexual exploitation, or they can use entrapment to lure others into stalking children using the internet or other means. Or they can even allow a large number of children (over a period of time) to be abducted, abused and then murdered, all to instill fear into parents and children, so that when the time is right, they will be eager to have a biometric tracking chip inserted into their bodies, (then if they or their children are ever abducted, they can be located easily). If that don't work to everybody willing to take the chip, you set up a fear of having ones identity stolen. The government along with the banking industry will allow some peoples personal information, such as bank PIN numbers, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, etc. to be "stolen" and unauthorized withdrawals made from their accounts. Then the government makes paper money with all kind of "safe guards" claiming that it cannot be counterfeited, but a month or two later they claim that there is millions of dollars in counterfeit money (the new bills) discovered in circulation. Then the banks develop "Smart Cards" with all kinds of biometric info of each customer, (the people rush to get these new cards) but then the banks and government tell the people that these cards are being counterfeited, so what is the obvious solution to these problems?  Do away with all cash and credit cards (smart cards) and go to an all digital cashless system and require each person to have an injectable biometric locator chip placed under their skin. This chip will contain ALL of their personal information; bank account numbers, social security numbers, medical history and insurance numbers, date of birth, driver's license number, everything that pertains to you will be on that chip and it can all be accessed by the various government agencies, stores and banks, just by having you wave your hand over a scanner.

What is truly sad about all of this is that the majority of the population has been so dumbed down, so conditioned to all of this that they will gladly accept it all. And with all of the "feel good", charismatic, holy laughter, being slain in the spirit, visualize it, speak it and claim it health and wealth, new age ecumenical, politically correct, all inclusive crap that has been fed to a spiritually sick population, by their so-called Christian ministers, pastors and priests, people will follow blindly into the apostate One World Religion.

I, and others like me, can only warn you NOT TO TAKE THE CHIP! We can only warn you to get out of the blasphemous houses of sin and corruption that call themselves churches. Seek the TRUTH for yourselves. If it doesn't square with Holy Scripture then it cannot be of God. If you are a member of an Orthodox Church, and you find your Patriarch and Bishops climbing into bed with Rome, then you should run from your Church and hold tight to the TRUTH and teachings as handed down through Holy Tradition by the Church Fathers of the First Seven Ecumenical Councils. We can only warn you and pray that you will be inspired by the Holy Spirit to see the Truth, but like the old saying, we can lead a horse to water, but we cannot make it drink.

God gave you FREE WILL, the TRUTH has been placed before you, but in the end, the choice is yours to make, Jesus Christ and salvation or the Antichrist and eternal damnation.

Very Rev. Fr. Abbot + Gregori, SSJt

"Friend, I will remember you, think of you, pray for you. And when another day is through, I will still be friends with you."

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Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


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"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

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