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By Georgianne Nienaber
Baghdad On The Bayou: Cyril Neville Talks About The Threatened Projects And Losing The Home He Loves

Cyril Neville talks about New Orleans..."the city I love."


By James Strait
UNCOUNTED: The New Math Of American Elections
Follywood could not make it, but Emmy Award winning film maker David Earnhardt DID! The movie that paints the disasterous truth that electronic voting is a death nell to democracy. Read every word and be afraid, be very afraid...

By Kim Zetter
3 Million Uncounted Votes In 2006
More than 3 million votes were never counted in the 2006 election, 1 in every 4 ballots cast in Illinois. This is not just inefficiency in the system; a concerted Republican campaign assures that the provisional ballots, ballot errors and other reasons for the failure are overwhelmingly Democratic votes. This phenomenon explains about half of the reported 6 million vote gap between exit poll estimates and official counts.

By JGideon
'Daily Voting News' For December 13, 2007
a collection of local, state, national and international articles on electronic voting and election issues

By Kevin Gosztola
What Thursday's Democratic Iowa Debate Was Missing

Something made this final debate before Iowa's caucus boring. Hmm, what was it? Why was this neither clever nor entertaining?

By Kenneth Briggs
Bush urged Congress to extend the program at its current funding level before lawmakers leave Washington for their holiday break.

By Dave Lindorff
Imagine A Campaign That Called For Slashing Military Spending By 75%
What if we had a candidate offering to really make change? A whole lot of change?

By Bob Koehler
Crooked Timber
Every public shooting is an excuse for the gun lobby to push it's fantasy of a domestic war on terror.

By Timothy V. Gatto
What Does "National Security" Really Mean? Depends On Who You Talk To.
I hate to kick a dead horse but I don't believe the horse is really dead yet. Bush is still a dangerous man. The Republicans have learned nothing from his two nation-damaging tours in office. It appears that most of the Democrats have learned less.

By Kevin Gosztola
The Weak, Spineless, Hapless, Gutless Ones
The Democrats, contrary to what Pelosi said, own this Iraq war now. They own the issue of torture. And they stand to lose in 2008 because they cannot stand up and take responsibility for these issues.

By Amy Fried
Corporate Media Enables Right Wing Distortion Of "Religious Liberty"
The corporate media is making it easier for the Republican Religious Right base to pass extreme views off as mainstream. The media stars display their own ignorance in the process.

By Ralph Lopez
The Padilla Tapes
And what could be so important in the destroyed CIA tapes that are the object of current controversy, that despite the criticism which would certainly follow, they were destroyed anyway? Abu Zubaydah, a subject of the tapes, is none other than the foreign national whom Padilla's lawyers say was tortured into linking Padilla with Al Qaeda.

By Allen L Roland
The mainstream press has all but ignored Al Gore's Nobel prize acceptance speech but it was, indeed, a call to arms, a call for global cooperation for an action plan to combat a global warming menace that will dramatically effect us all ~ and most certainly our children. Want more proof ? The global mean surface temperature for 2007 is currently estimated at 0.41�C/0.74�F above the 1961-1990 annual average of 14.00�C/57.20�F.

By Jim Freeman
A Massive Bank Fraud That Calls For Jail Terms

By Andrew Bard Schmookler
The Muddle-Through Scenario
While there are some dark possibilities that can be envisioned for America's future, in the wake of this criminal Bushite regime, another scenario --not very satisfying but a lot less dark-- seems to me more likely. It's the "Muddle-Through" Scenario.

By Press Release
Kucinich Campaign's Statement On Kucinich's Exclusion From Register Debate
Serious Questions Raised About Des Moines Register Presidential Debate

By The Web
CNN Poll: Edwards DESTROYS GOP Candidates (with Graphs!)
CNN released a poll that matched up our top three with the GOP's top four (sans Thompson), and the numbers could not be more stark. John Edwards DESTROYS all the GOP candidates by the widest margins of our top three. So here, I do what I've done before in making pretty graphs to look at the numbers

Best News Links from the Web

Acidic Seas May Kill 98% Of World's Reefs By 2050
The loss of big coral reefs would have a devastating effect on communities, many of which rely on fish and other marine life that shelter in the reefs. It would leave coastlines unprotected against storm surges and damage often-crucial income from tourism. Among the first victims of acidifying oceans will be Australia's Great Barrier Reef, the world's largest organic structure.

New Jersey To Become First State In Four Decades To Abolish Death Penalty
A 44-36 vote in the New Jersey legislature to abolish executions in the state yesterday followed approval for the measure in the state senate on Monday

VA Must Act To Curb Combat-vet Suicides, Panel Hears
The Department of Veterans Affairs needs to do more to find and treat returning soldiers who're at risk of killing themselves if the country is going to avert a rash of veterans' suicides, lawmakers and witnesses told a congressional hearing Wednesday.

Senate Judiciary Votes To Hold Rove And Bolten In Contempt
Of course, if they were subpoenaed as part of an impeachment hearing, Bush could not block their testimony.

US House Votes To Outlaw CIA Waterboarding Under Bush Veto Threat
Defying a White House veto threat, the U.S. House of Representatives voted on Thursday to outlaw harsh interrogation methods, such as simulated drowning, that the CIA has used against suspected terrorists. On a largely party line vote of 222-199, the Democratic-led House approved a measure to require intelligence agents to comply with the Army Field Manual, which bans torture in compliance with the Geneva Conventions

Energy Bill Expected To Lose Renewable Energy Tax Break
Dealing blow to the solar and wind industries, Senate expected to pass energy bill that strips out a tax provision to encourage investment in renewable energies. The House last week passed an energy bill that extended tax incentives beyond 2008 for businesses and consumers who purchase renewable energy systems. Those dynamic, "successful" Dems-- getting nothing done again. No wonder there's no time for impeachment

Since Gulf War 1 - 73,846 US Troops Dead, 1,620,906 Disabled
George W. Bush has presided over the worst defeat of the United States Military since Vietnam and has deliberately skewed reporting of the deaths and injuries to conceal the facts. Department of Veteran's Affairs, in conjunction with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has released the truth because they need the American People to know our military is literally, destroyed.

Wexler Urges Hearings On Cheney Trial
"The way we pass stem-cell research, the way we get implemented a children's health care plan, the way we get higher fuel economy standards...is to have impeachment hearings," Wexler said. "Because that'll get the president's eye. That'll get the vice president's eye." (And I hope their ears.)

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