While only the "Name" and the "Intention"  is necessary to be added, we ask that you send us information the geographical area they reside in (City, State) and - if you wish, submit a photo of your loved one so that prayers can be offered each day until their "intention" is fulfilled or resolved.

We also are providing some ? THOUGHTS WITH IMAGES ? for consideration toward the end of this page.

Use the E-Mail Scroll at end of page to send your COMMEMORATION for the LIVING with needed information as explained above in Paragraph 3... Show if you wish to have your name included as the provider of the information....

Lord Jesus Christ

Son of God and Son of Man

Have Mercy on Me

A Sinner that I am!





Christopher & Babushka (Donna) Herman

Their reposed Presbyter, Cor-Bishop & faithful husband Peter

Vladyka Herman was a faithful Priest, Husband and Father who resided in Texas at the time of his repose.

Archbishop +David Francis (Wigley)

Health (Cancer)

Serves in the North West provinces of Canada for the needs of the Children of God and the AOC/NAOC

Rev. Sister Gabriella

Health, crisis of faith, living situation after loss of her husband who was an Archbishop in the vineyard of life!

Serves in Hawaii

Sister Elaine W.

Health, loss of one lung

New Mexico, USA

Donna E.

Health, living situation, Safety

New Mexico

Barbara G.

Son Ben - Wrongful Hearsay Conviction

Ben is in Indiana, USA

Deaconess Renee

Better Situation

New Mexico, USA

Larry L. - Thaddean Companion

Better Relationship & Living Situation

New Mexico, USA

Bishop Michael Benedict

(Requested by a neighbor in El Paso, TX) 10/22/2008

Health & Change from being a Roman Copy Cat Wanna-be under the idea of being "Orthodox" (Orthodox Roman)

El Paso, TX.

Bishop B. J. Kennedy

(Requested by a close friend, Toledo, OH) 10/21/2008

Health & Change from being a Roman Copy Cat Wanna-be under the idea of being "Orthodox" (Orthodox Roman)

Toledo, OH

Bishop Cyriac

Health & Service to the Lord

New York State

Patsy Smith

Health & Service to the Children of God


George W.

Health & Family

New Mexico

Myra Coyer

Publisher - Liberty Press

(From: a concerned Friend Who has Repented by seeing the Light and left the unholy alliance)

A Change from Pagan-unchristian ways, dishonest activities & un holy virtues

Deming, New Mexico



Gordon Mast

Publisher - Liberty Press (From: a concerned Friend Who has Repented by seeing the Light and left the unholy alliance)

Change from discordant, unchristian ways & un holy virtues

Deming, New Mexico



Star S.

(From: a concerned Friend Who has Repented by seeing the Light and left the unholy alliance)

Health & change from discordant, dishonest ways & unchristian virtues

Deming, New Mexico



Richard "Rick" Holdridge

Change from discordant unchristian ways & dishonest virtues against the Children of God

Deming, New Mexico



Eric J.

Health & true Service

Deming, New Mexico

Richard V.

Health & True Service

Deming, New Mexico

Kenneth B.

Health, Long Life & Service to the Lord

Novato, CA.

Robert Pistone

Mental & Physical Health - Change of ways from being a former Sex Offender, Self-admitted Torcher under duress for those who incited him to act!

Deming, New Mexico

Norman Scott

Mental & Physical Health, Change of ways from his unchristian actions and attitude against others who he is alleged to have tried to control and use for personal means.

New Mexico




Barbara & Terry and all others who reside at the Florida Apartments  who have been living under threat of various kinds of harassment including Sexual harrassment

Vigor of Physical health & Living Situations to be free from the terror of their apartment complex managers of the Florida Apartments

Deming, New Mexico

Ronald Liefield - Overcome Cander - Age 45 (posted 2/7/2009)

Renewed vigor of health and mind. Treatment for Cancer or finding of dormancy to be prayed for

Hale, Michigan

Father Disma .

Renewed vigor, Ability to help those in need and renewed acceptance of his pastoral ministry

S.F., Ca.

Father Tobias

Renewed Vigor and patience in search of secular work and overcoming the wiles & ways of a society less accepting of true clergy in ministry.  Safety for is 4-legged child, Dobie

Laramie, WY

Bishop +Gregori

Renewed vigor of spiritual & Material work in the vineyard of his area, overcoming the wiles & ways of those who are not necessarily of religious bearing who berate, defame and interfere with his work and his vehicle amongst other things.

Rochester, NY

Metropolitan +Joseph Thaddeus (Alan)

Renewed vigor and direction in life since the passing of his Father Confessor (2/4/2010) +Jeffery Matthias Hammons, Brother, Friend and companion in the vineyard for 27+ years.

Caldwell, Idaho
























If you have followed AND, according to your nature and degree of both understanding and ability to put into daily practice, the LIFE and TEACHINGS of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you'll ask yourself not only the questions above, but also whether or not you TRULY Repented...

It is not just praying for forgiveness that is so necessary... but whether or not you went to a Priest for Confession and whether or not a True Priest gave you such penance that involve the going to the one(s) harmed (intentionally or not) - - - seeking their forgiveness (as Jesus Christ so poignantly taught) and it is not whether they forgave you as much as it is that you must forgive them (in your spirit and in truth)... and then receive the Body of Christ (The Bread of Life) and the Blood of Christ (The Cup of Truth) which makes one whiter than snow within!  It is in these things of the heart, the mind, and the soul (one's true intentions by action) that Salvation begins! It is not a one time action but a way of daily life and living!

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