While only the "Name" of the dearly departed is necessary to be added, we do ask that you send us information concerning: Where the resided (City, State), their date of birth, survivors, and if possible the obituary (as it contains most of the information), and - if you wish, submit a photo of your loved one so that prayers can be offered each day.

It is therefore the manner with which we have set up this Commemorations/Prayers Page for the deceased! 

You may click on the "Thaddean Fathers" icon or the e-mail scroll icon to send us the appropriate information with photo (photo not necessary, but only if you wish)...

In true Orthodox Catholic Christianity - it is the norm or custom that (1) Divine Liturgy (Mass) be offered for 40 days beginning from the first of three days prior to burial, and (2) Divine Liturgy (Mass) be offered for the dearly departed on each anniversary of their repose.

We also are providing some ? THOUGHTS WITH IMAGES ? for consideration toward the end of this page.

Use the E-Mail Scroll at end of page to send your COMMEMORATION for the Reposed with needed information as explained above in Paragraph 3... Show if you wish to have your name included as the provider of the information....

Lord Jesus Christ

Son of God and Son of Man

Have Mercy on Me

A Sinner that I am!



Departed Love One

Birth Date:

Reposed on:


Other Information:


Vladyka "+Michael" Peter Herman

Unknown Approximately 2006 in Texas Faithful son Christopher, Babushka Donna

Faithful Priest and Cor-Bishop to all that is Orthodox Catholic Christian - Served under Archbishop +Thaddeus (AOC/NAOC) and before served under Archbishop out of California with the Russian Orthodox.

Reposed in Texas

Not available
Rose H. Unknown 1999 Husband (+Bishop), Son in the Navy and Daughter Friends of the AOC/NAOC

Reposed in Milwaukee, WI.

Not available
Baby Linda Holland Unknown


1954 Loving Daughter and sister Navy Daughter

Reposed in New York State

Not available
Marian & Ned Schoonmaker Unknown




Loving Parents East Rochester, N.Y.

Not available

David Smith Unknown 1989 Loving Brother and Friend to many Husband, Son, Brother & Friend

Reposed in Sonoma Co., CA.

Not available

Bishop +Douglas O'Connor Unknown 1995


Community Organizer, Friend, Son & Brother Bishop in the AOC/NAOC Organizer of MCAP

Reposed in Monterey, CA.

Not available


Michael Wayne Cocker Unknown 1998 Friend, Brother & Loving Son Community Organizer

 Reposed in Monterey, CA.

Not available


Gary Grossman Unknown 1999 Friend, Brother & Loving Adopted Son Reposed in Monterey, CA.

Not Available

Wally Di Nickolantonio

Unknown 1996 Friend, Husband, Son Northern California

Not Available

Raven Nichol Heidelbrecht-Rooney

2004 2004 Daughter New Mexico

Not Available

Monica Hawthorne

Unknown 2004 Loving Mother, Wife & Friend Monterey, CA.

Not Available

Bonnie Compton

Unknown 1998 Loving Wife, Mother, Friend to Many Reposed in Monterey, CA.

Not Available

Carol Cole

Unknown 2006 Loving Wife, Mother & Friend to many Reposed in New Mexico

Not Available

Don West

Unknown 2005 Loving Son & Friend to Many Reposed in New Mexico

Not Available

Bishop +Jon (James) Dale-Simmons

Unknown 2005 Loving Son, Friend & Bishop & Monk Reposed in Pennsylvania

Guy Daningburg

Unknown 1957 Son, Brother, Father and Husband Reposed in Rochester, NY

Not Available

Frank T. Harris

Unknown Unknown Son, Brother, a True Father, Husband & Friend to many Reposed in New York State

Not Available

Jimmy Wellington

Unknown 1998 Son, Brother, Father and Friend Reposed in Southern California

Not Available

Ellen Wellington-Harris-Grimwood

Unknown 2002 Daughter, Wife, Loving Mother (Sons: & Daughter: Bob Harris (Pa.), Carol Harris-Smallridge (Tn), +Joseph {Stanford} Thaddeus aks: Roger Alan Skipper Harris) (Id.) & Friend Reposed in Oakridge, TN

Not Available

Maudine Helvington

Unknown 2004 Daughter, Wife, Mother, Sister & Friend Springfield, OR

Not Available

Rick Lass

Unknown 2003 Son, Friend to Many Weed, CA.

Not Available

Archbishop +James Abdul Miklaeovitch Dennis

Unknown Unknown Son, Husband, Friend & Bishop of Many So. Lake, Taho, CA.

Not Available

Archbishop +Michael Zaharakis

Unknown Unknown Friend, Father, Bishop to many San Francisco Veteran's Hospital

Author & Researcher

Not Available

Archbishop +Robert V. Bernard Dawe

Unknown 1999 Friend to Many, Metropolitan Archbishop and Founder of I.C.C.I., Son & Loving Father, Husband American Canyon, CA.

Not Available

Robert Pistone

Unknown August 5, 2008 Suffered from Alzheimer and was easily manipulated by unsavory people Deming, NM


Metropolitan Archbishop +Karl Barwin

16 Oct. 1943 March 30, 2009 Metropolitan Archbishop Primate

Evangelical Catholic Church


Click on Image to see further Information:


Barbara Gase

(A Desert Angel)


  January 10, 2010  Much Loved by Husband and two sons and many friends Deming, NM


The Most Rev. Father +Jeffery "Matthias" Hammons


December 2, 1958 February 4, 2010 Very Much loved by many, especially his closest 27+ year's partner in the vineyard of our Lord and Savior, +Joseph Thaddeus.  He is a Bishop who suffered much at the hands of vigilantes in Deming, NM. and one of his family brothers. Caldwell, Idaho

Click on Image for more information

Bishop "Matthias" known as Rev. Father +Jeffery Hammons


The Most Rev.

Harvey Beagle


Unknown May 28, 2014 Was made a Bishop in October 2013.  Mission to the Indians in Washington State, Mission to Prisoners.  Very close friend of Archbishop +David Wigley and Metropolitan +Joseph Thaddeus. Survived by Bobbie Reynolds-Beagle. Wapato, Washington
















If you have followed the commandments of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, you'll ask yourself not only the questions above, but also whether or not you TRULY Repented... It is not just praying for forgiveness that is necessary, but whether or not you went to the Priest for Confession and whether or not a True Priest gave you such penance that involve the going to the one(s) harmed (intentionally or not) seeking their forgiveness (as Jesus Christ so poignantly taught) for it is not whether they forgave you as much as it is that you must forgive them... and then receive the Body of Christ (The Bread of Life) and the Blood of Christ (The Cup of Truth) which makes one whiter than snow within!  It is in these things of the heart, the mind, and the soul (one's true intentions by action) that Salvation begins! It is not a one time action but a way of daily life and living!

THEN ..... (#9)


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