[ Apostle1.com’s Note, Commentary & Opinion:  With “Sharia Law” (Law of Islam from their Koran (Quoran) having become a reality in Michigan, Florida, Oklahoma and what other states of the United States of American in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution, one has to ask how it could be.  The answers have been before your eyes all along… Death threats, blackmail and worse?


          Do we have a Closeted Marxist Muslim in the White House?  Far too many believe we do! And it may indeed part of the reason why our federal agencies are incapable and unable to do anything to stop the rise of Satan's minions.....


          The following is a chapter taken from “Jihad Genocide – The Last Jihad” based on a true story by Ted Habib…


          Insofar as we possibly can, we have been able to ascertain that the story is very real and very true indeed.


          More especially is this true when it is known by the Federal Government that there are a primary three Jihadist training camps scattered across the U.S.A. but they are doing nothing to top them and wipe them out… as Jihadists are all Muslims regardless of who they are… We say this when viewing the whole picture and realize that what is said below is very, very true indeed! ]


From the Book Jihad Genocide – The Last Jihad

At the Philadelphia meeting, Ameena was one of the speakers who took the podium. Ameena is an attorney and she is the wife of Dr. Ahmed. Ameena had a very strong and threatening message for US justices and judges. Here's what she said:


"I am Ameena. To every Jihadist here, I want to say that Allah and His prophet have told us to be merciless when killing Jews and Christians. Muhammad killed eight hundred Qureshi men in one day and buried them that same day. If we cannot kill ten million non-Muslims in the name of Allah, then we are not the followers of this same Muhammad.


"I have nine million dollars in cash. I will flood the courts with cases and hire attorneys of their own kind (infidels) to protect us. I will make sure the judge gets all the signals they need to understand before arriving at a verdict. If the judge begins treading a path that shows that the court ruling will go against us, I will make sure that members of that judge's family are brutally murdered. This will surely send a strong signal to that judge and other judges not to make any ruling against us. Our prophet slaughtered infidels like one would slaughter animals. Let's not relent. We must terrorize every single judge who will dare us."


At these words, everyone cheered. Ameena dismounted the podium and went to her seat.


Ameena's chilling words sent Samuel into a state of shock. He could not fathom why innocent people would have to be made to suffer.


When Samuel returned to the United States after he had been brutally beaten by Abdul Razak and his men in his basement room in India, he saw a letter lying on his table. Thinking the letter was a junk mail, Samuel did not bother to open it. One day, however, Samuel opened the letter, and what he read was quite shocking. His siblings had filed court papers asking the judge to issue an order of protection for their mother. In the letter, they had leveled an accusation against Samuel to the effect that he had hurt his mother, burnt down his sister's house and acted suicidal. In addition, many other charges had been leveled against him.


The first thing Samuel did after reading the letter was to call his elder sister, Fatima. When she noticed Samuel's voice on the other side of the line, she banged down the phone. Facing rejection from Fatima, Samuel called his other siblings, but one after the other they all hung up on him.


In view of the estrangement his siblings sought to bring between him and his mother, Samuel hired an attorney and headed for court. When he arrived in court, he saw Ameena, Dr. Ahmed's wife. She was the attorney representing Samuel's siblings. Also present in court were about twenty men with long beards and about ten women dressed in Muslim attire. All his siblings were present and Samuel also saw his mother. He headed straight to his mother, but as he was approaching her, everyone began shouting, "Call the police... Call the police..."


The next thing Samuel saw was police rushing at him and stopping him from talking to his mother. Ameena, who was the attorney for Samuel's siblings, informed the police they were in court to get an order of protection against Samuel.


The attorney who represented him grew rather nervous as he had never seen so many fanatical-looking Muslims in court. He clearly saw that his life was in danger. Therefore, he told Samuel to simply take the order of protection and get out of there.


The judge, too, was intimidated by the appearance and the sheer number of the people who had come to testify against Samuel. And so, without much ado, he granted the order of protection, prohibiting Samuel from seeing his mother. Samuel quietly prayed in his heart for all of them and for the safety of his mother.


His attorney informed him that he would like to withdraw from the case, as Samuel was pitting himself against fanatical Muslims who were not far from endangering everybody's life. Samuel tried to hire one attorney after the other, but every time he mentioned what they were up against, they would all turn their backs on him. In fact, they would not even return his call.


Finally, Samuel found a young attorney who was in need of money but had no experience. He took up his case and managed to get him visitation rights to his mother. Under this order of restraint, Samuel was allowed to meet his mother once a month at a Boarders Bookstore.


At the Philadelphia meeting, Ameena had vowed that, rather than hiring Muslim attorneys, she would use non-Muslim attorneys to fight every court case. True to her word, she got a Jewish attorney to defend Samuel's siblings in this case that led to the issuance of an order of restraint. The Jewish attorney also became a temporary guardian of Samuel's mother.


Although the court had granted an order of restraint, making it possible for Samuel to now see his mother, the Jewish attorney, acting according to the dictates of Samuel's siblings, was not quite forthcoming on the order that had been issued by the court. Usually, Samuel would go to the Boarders Bookstore, where he was to meet his mother, but she would not show up because she depended on Samuel's siblings to drive her to the place. One day, Samuel phoned the Jewish attorney and requested him to give his phone to his mother so that he could talk to her. Samuel wanted to let his mother know about mounting phone bills, as a result of his inability to see her because his siblings were not respecting the order of restraint. Unhappy about this, Samuel's siblings pressed charges of intimidation against him and reported him to the police. He was handcuffed and placed in police custody. Later he was released on bail and asked to appear before the court.


On the day of his court hearing, over forty Muslims, men and women alike, gathered in court to testify against him. Samuel's attorney told him he had no chance of winning with so many witnesses arrayed against him. The attorney therefore urged Samuel to accept lower charges and get out. Samuel obliged.


In accepting the charges, Samuel showed a power of attorney that his mother had given him twenty years before. In this legal document, his mother had indicated that she would like to spend her life with Samuel till she died. But the judge rebutted this by saying that the document was from India. As if by intent and not by the facts of the case, the judge would simply not believe anything Samuel said.


After this court case had ended in a fiasco for Samuel, a rather ugly twist of events happened. The Jewish attorney, who had represented Samuel's siblings in court, received an anonymous letter in which she was told that she would be killed. It seemed that for some reason Samuel's siblings were not happy with her, but when she saw the letter she assumed that it was Samuel who had written it. She quickly reported the matter to the police.


The police came to Samuel to make inquiries. Samuel laughed at the matter and showed them two letters he had received, informing him that his four-month-old baby would be killed along with him and other members of his family. The police left Samuel's premises convinced that he was innocent. The facts of the case were other than they had thought.


Meanwhile, the Jewish attorney had already asked for an order of protection against Samuel - an order that was meant to annul the order of restraint. The judge granted the order. But when the police, who had gone to Samuel to inquire about the anonymous letter, returned to the Jewish attorney with the facts of the case, she went to the judge, told the truth, and withdrew from the case. She already knew that Samuel's siblings were into all manner of illicit deeds in America, but because she had been warned at gunpoint to keep quiet, she had to oblige. The Jewish attorney, who was by this time well aware of the fact that Jihadists had committed illegal immigration and welfare fraud, ignored to report the matter for fear of her life.


In order to get the order of protection that had annulled the order of restraint, allowing Samuel to see his mother once every month, his siblings had fabricated a story in which they claimed Samuel had stolen their identities. This was on November 9, 2009. On December 21, 2009, Samuel's siblings again went to court and charged that he had tried to burn down the house in which their mother lived. Their aim in doing this was to ensure that Samuel would have absolutely no legal way of gaining access to his own mother. When he was getting ready to go to the hearing, he received an anonymous call. The caller, who later turned out to be Samuel's nephew, warned that if he came to court he would be shot at close range. He did not go for the sake of his safety and that of his family. Another order of protection was issued against Samuel.


The young attorney who had defied all odds to represent Samuel began to sense danger. He told him it would be a very risky venture for him to continue to represent Samuel. And so, like Samuel's previous attorneys he also withdrew his services.


Now, not knowing where to turn for legal assistance, Samuel remembered that he had an old time Indian friend who was an attorney, so he got in touch with her. She told him she would risk her life to help him. Samuel was hoping that with the assistance of this old time friend he would be able to overturn the court ruling that had placed an order of protection against him.

In August 2010, Fatima accused Samuel of making a threatening call to her. She said he had threatened, using his office phone, to kill her. Yet on that day in question, Samuel was attending a funeral and so was not in the office. She asked the judge to give her an order of protection. As he feared for his life, the judge had no choice but to comply. He just backed out of his own ruling that Samuel should see his mother every second Saturday in the Boarders Bookstore. The

DuPage County Judge, fearing for his life and the lives of his family, passed over die responsibility of mediation to the retired judge, who requested the siblings to allow Samuel to receive a phone call every Monday and Wednesday between 11:00 am and 12noon. The call came but when Samuel picked up the phone his sibling played a tape of the Koran. On making a complaint to the mediating judge nothing happened as he was also afraid for his life. The Jihad genocide had terrorized the justice system of the USA. For the first time in the history of the USA. the judge saved himself and his family by abusing his power and punishing an innocent person; resulting in taking his mother away from him. The Jihadists, with the help of the judge, kept Samuel from talking to his mother let alone seeing her even though Samuel and his mother were only twenty miles apart. At this point, Samuel did not even know if his mother was dead or alive.


One day, while Samuel was still making legal attempts to see his mother, he received an anonymous call in which he was informed that the judge's two children would be killed if he permitted Samuel to see his mother. Samuel decided he would not let this tragedy befall the judge and his family, and so he kept his peace. Yet, never before in the history of this great country, had it happened that a judge was afraid to enforce a fair judgment because his life was at stake. In a country where freedom and justice stand for all, this should never be the case. Islam is gradually encroaching upon freedom and justice in America.


What a sad turn it is in the history of this nation, the USA!

You have reached the End of the Article... But, read on...

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