A Message From Jesus?

[ A Note, Commentary & Opinion from www.apostle1.com and Valdyka Thaddeus....

    We have not ascertained the web site of Prophecies.Org or if they even exist.  But the message itself smacks of some truth... ]


Most of the Lords prophets and servants at this late hour are in very serious trouble, and very few are the wiser about it. Please pay attention here my friends. If you are eating from Satan’s table of violence and perversion by watching movies and television, or if you are listening to the noise that passes for music these days, you are lost and you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Jesus made it clear that friendship ‘with the world’ is enmity with Him.  All media is controlled by a handful of companies that are owned by the Illuminati. If you are consuming media you are being brainwashed with the lies of the Satanic New World Order. If you are watching the nightly news you are being manipulated and mind controlled by the NWO. Make no mistake about it. Do not doubt for one minute that Jesus will not turn His back on you, if you do not come away from it. His word is clear regarding this. How bad does Obama have to get before you believe our Lords warning that were given to few of His servants when Obama was elected. Have you even sought the Lord about Obama?


“But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”


“And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”


How bad does Obama have to get before you believe our Lords warning's that were given to few of His servants when Obama was elected. Have you even sought the Lord about Obama?


Many servants of the Lord are also going to lose their salvation because they refuse to believe the truth about Revelation 12, posted at Prophecies.Org  Great numbers have turned their backs on Jesus by refusing to hear the truth about Revelation 12. Many will definitely lose their souls over this. Pride has crept in and people refuse to seek the Lord about the truth of Revelation 12. Don’t ever forget that Satan was thrown out of heaven because of pride, arrogance, and rebellion. We are to be humble and teachable like children are or we will never enter into the kingdom.


I am a friend of Linda’s and I tell you for a fact that the works of Revelation 12 are true. Linda is a humble servant of the Lord who tells people to repent. She knows the Word inside out and she lives it! She is also very afraid before the Lord. I have been a witness for many years to her suffering and persecution. May you wake up and seek the Lord with sincere repentance before it is too late to do so.


Mark Brander


excerpts from our Saviour's warnings.....

"Did I not tell you that I would send My servant, the Branch? Did I not tell you that when evil comes in like a flood, I will raise up a standard? Did I not tell you that when evil abounds in a great way, my grace must abound in a greater way. Have I not told you to prepare, for My kingdom is at hand?"

"Now, I tell you that My son, the Branch, My Holy Son, the Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve, is in your midst. I tell you that he is in the earth. I tell you that he is holy. He is My Son. He has suffered. He has suffered greatly. He has paid a very great price, a very great price for you, my faithful ones. He is your portion from Me! Yet, how many of you see him? How many of you know him? How many of you believe?"

"His great fire will grow. His great strength will grow. My great judgment through him will grow. The shaking will increase. The rotating will begin to effect the earth in very great ways. His rotating will cause the earth to greatly wobble. His rotating and his great fire will begin to melt the poles. His great fire will begin to eat away at the darkness. His great fire will begin to burn away and to judge all evil."

"This time is now! This release is now! The Latter Rain is beginning now! But, this is only the beginning. For, you will also see the former rain. You will hear of My great miracles within your midst. You will see the increase of My great miracles in your midst. You will feel this heat of My Son, who is within you. You will feel this fire. You will begin to feel this rotation, and as I add more spin to My son, who is within My servant, Linda Newkirk, you, who have the holy seed, will also begin to experience a greater increase in the fire, who is within you."

"And, the great fire, which comes into My servant, Linda Newkirk, will fill My Son and will fill the whole earth and so great will be the miracles in the earth. But, the fire will consume much evil. And, the effects on all that is electrical will be very adverse. And, the electrical systems of the world will quake and quiver and falter. For, My fire, the holy fire through My Son, who is within Linda Newkirk, will cover the earth. And, this great fire, who is within her, will open up a blazing trail to My throne. And, a very great catastrophe will take place in the earth. And, the earth will be moved exceedingly. It will wobble to and fro like a drunk man. It will be moved from its foundations. And, great and terrible will be this destruction all over the world. For, this power will be very great."

All, who have blasphemed my servant, Linda Newkirk, and who will not repent, will be marked with a very great mark. For, they blaspheme My precious servant, who has laid down her life for Me and for love of you, that she might take it back up again. She is but human, yet My Son is not human.

My works are not the works of humans. Revelation Twelve is a holy work and all, who have blasphemed Linda Newkirk in ignorance, or with willful intent will now be marked. For, if you could have seen the errors of your ways and if you could have known what you did, and what many of you did in ignorance, you would not have blasphemed her. And, I have given you ignorant ones a space to repent.

However, I tell you a truth. Most of you have overwhelmingly blasphemed her and you have blasphemed My holy works with willful intent. Through your blasphemies, you have had only one intent and that intent was to destroy My servant, Linda Newkirk and to destroy My holy works.

But, I tell you now, that you have had your times to repent. You have had your years. Yet, you would not. Now, I mark you with a mark! And, this mark will cut deeply. This mark will brand you, and yes, it will also burn you. This mark will separate you and put you solidly among the blasphemers and a blasphemer’s reward you will receive: your place within the jaws of the dragon of Outer Darkness. For, you have solidified your own walk in your blasphemous ways. And, I would have had pity on some of you and I would have forgiven you, if you would have repented! For, what some of you did, you did in ignorance. Yet, you would not repent!

And, the fruits of your ignorant deceptions have turned many souls away from the truths of these works of Revelation Twelve. You have done your parts in your works for Satan and you have willingly been his instruments to destroy My kingdom, even before it could be established. Yes, you, many of you, have done a very great evil and you have knowingly helped to sift many souls into destruction. Yet some of you claim to serve Me.

But, now, I mark you! I put My mark upon you! For, as you have worked to destroy My servant, Linda Newkirk, and as you have worked to destroy these works, I will now turn the effects of your evils upon you. I will destroy you unrepentant ones, who willfully and with great forethought, sought to destroy My Kingdom, even before it could bear fruit.

But, in spite of all that you evil ones have done, and even because of it, My kingdom is born. The holy seed is born. The holy seed has been carried into heaven. This seed had been made ready. Some of you already have this holy seed, but now at this time, at this Feast of Unleavened Bread, I have held true to My promises.

And, a few of you faithful ones know of My promises. And, many of you evil ones also know of My promises; for you monitor all communications and all of My words to My servant, Linda Newkirk.

But, this unfolding, this great unfolding, which has taken place at this time, has been kept from the masses. These pearls have not been cast before the swine, so that you could trample the pearls and then turn to trample My servant, Linda Newkirk. Yes! I have denied you these truths, oh you rebellious house! But, I have not denied these truths to the faithful. For, through My servant, Linda Newkirk, I have told you! Even through the dreams of others, I have given greater confirmations to My servant, Linda Newkirk.

Continued in Chapter 87 at Prophecies Org

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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."


- Blessed St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco

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Many of those who subscribe to, and some who have caused or are the cause for, these things to happen are involved in or with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church (which is not the seat of all things "Catholic") as well as its protestant daughters such as the cultic Jehovah's Witnesses, the Pentecostal Churches, the Church of Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormon Church and far too many more to list. 


Yet, at this web site we do provide some of the reasons about why they are opined to be the harbingers of that which is prophesied in Holy Scripture for the bringing about of the End Times which we have already entered.  It is not necessarily their individual members or parishioners that should be blamed since they are only the "Sheep" and not the Shepherds... So do not think we castigate individual people of themselves as we castigate those "money changers" who Jesus Christ chased out of His Father's House as the Bible Describes; for they exist in these present times too.


Events are already rushing toward that time in which this is beginning to happen and will become more fully wide-spread. In these present times all you need to really do is look around both your local and larger areas as to what is really on-going through.  Things so very little or miniscule that they are barely noticeable except to the more informed observer may become apparent. 

Those little things are the laws of the land, economics, politics, the degrading and erosion of those rights and liberties afforded by the Constitution of these United States of America and many other things such as the manner with which entertainments have taken over much of the populace, entering into and becoming a major focus in worship, and more. 

We ask you, if you don't want to believe us... Have you heard, seen or found what is termed (of the many terms being used) that there are "holding areas" or "camps" or "Closed/Fenced communities" being built by GOVERNMENT? 

Here in North America, especially in the United States of America, we must admit that what Russia has come out of (a communistic, atheist country) we are entering into.  And one last thing that needs also to be understood... Something very important to those of you who are "Catholic" in the Roman sense of its jurisdiction....   And, we believe this also holds true for many who are "Orthodox" whether "Eastern" or "Western"....

[ * Non-Denominational = Synchrestic Ecumenism, Disease of Scholasticism, altering the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ to accommodate the disease of Political Correctness and CULTIC PROTESTANTISM, and the Roman Jurisdiction (Latin Church = Vatican) of the Catholic Church) breaking of - or failure and refusal to respect and abide by  - the ancient Seven Ecumenical "Do Not" Canons which leaves everything else open to God's gift of creativity... failure & refusal to abide by and have respect for those who diligently protect one of the other Pillars of the Church, the Seals of the Confessional, but "Non-Denominational" also includes worshiping Satan's religion of Muslim, Islam by praying with them and other heretics such as 'Pentecostalism,' 'Jehovah's Witnesses,' 'Mormons,' 'Church of Christ,' any so-called church with "Community Church" in their nomenclature and others who by their false and misleading dogmas and doctrines are actually against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ upon whom and for exacting reason we are called "Christian" in both spirit and truth from which non-denominational protestant sectarian claimants have departed from as being so-called Christian] Only a skilled spiritual father can help you!

Remember: You cannot ride two horses or serve two masters for one of them will be harmed by your thoughts, your very words and your actions which is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost (Spirit) who will depart from you.  And when the Holy Spirit departs, the great deceiver (unbeknownst to you) will rush in to fill the void under disguise of being the Holy Spirit!  Testing of the Holy Spirit to insure it is the Holy Spirit does not, for many a Sectarian Protestant and Roman, work because the Great Deceiver (Satan) is most skilled in worming and snaking his charms around your mind and heart to feign being the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Satan has the same gifts similar to the Holy Spirit but Satan's gifts are UN-HOLY and lead all who accept him (unbeknownst to you) to perdition.

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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

- Blessed St. +John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco


"Prejudice makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater" 

Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus (1990)


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