God Will Not Be Mocked - Has the Islamist (Muslim) Invasion Begun?

(Apostle1.com's Note, Commentary & Opinion:  We are presenting this because we feel that what the USA [even the world] is predicated on prophesy of the Old and New Testament.  What we have seen and are seeing is an abomination in itself as many are turning away from their true CHRISTIAN roots, especially the root, ground and base of all things that began with what we know is that which is called Orthodox Catholic (Not Roman) Christianity itself which comes from Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles.  We see the Whore of Babylon (Roman) being a sure cause for these things... and we cannot actually apologize to our Roman brothers and sisters who are very faithful, so much as they have been for centuries deluded as they are still being deluded... Yet, we applaud the faithful for their faith for it is sure, true, right and correct for them... even though there are deficiencies and errors of dogmatics and theology which had been and are alterations or modifications including a departure from the ancient Holy Spirit inspired Seven Oecumenical Councils.  What is being presented comes to us from a variety of sources and it would merit your reading with such diligence that you copy and print it out for later reading as well...

Yet, we can only tell you the truth as provided below and what the results are... which is entitled: "Islamist Infiltration" and includes " THE BROTHERHOOD COMES TO AMERICA" as one of the eventual curses for our disobedience... against God's Commandments.  Yet, the "Love" of Jesus Christ, as the other Commandment encompasses all the 10 Commandments of God as given to us by Moses!  It does not mean we have to imbibe in synchrestic ecumenism, which is a turning away... it does not mean inclusiveness which is a twisting without recognizing that the "Church" [faith of the people] is a true SPIRITUAL HOSPITAL where sex and sexuality is not the issue and never was the issue! BUT, RESPONSIBILITY is the issue.  Responsibility in all things at all times for all times... a Responsibility to the Commandments! )

It is True: God has given the American and British-descended nations great blessings over the years. But now, as those blessings are dwindling at a great pace!  What can be done? The good news is that God shows His people how to live by His Way, and to have tremendous blessings individually even in times of national crisis. But!

The world economy appears to be recovering from the financial meltdown of 2008. Productivity is up and asset prices are rising. Business investment and consumer spending are gaining strength. The national Gross Domestic Product of some countries is growing at a red-hot pace—China’s is in the double-digits, with India and Brazil not far behind. The International Monetary Fund now predicts that global output for this year will grow by 4.2 percent ("Curb your enthusiasm," Economist, April 24, 2010, p. 12). 

    And yet, though encouraging, these numbers do not tell the whole story. Some governments are wavering under precipitously high sovereign debt. Greece is a case in point, and other nations such as Italy, Ireland and Portugal are vulnerable as well. And, as a result of their own massive bailout programs, the United States and Britain also face an uncertain future. "Global actors… have in effect made a gamble involving their respective economic destinies. They are either engaged in public spending at levels far beyond their revenue generation capacity or are absorbing toxic private debt… Our analysis leads to the conclusion that sovereigns throughout the world, in particular the United States and the UK, will lose this gamble" (Global Economic Forecast 2010–2015: Recession into Depression, Sheldon Filger, p. 3, 2009). 

     The "Great Recession" that began in 2008 is not only busting government budgets, it is also costing tens of millions of jobs around the world—20 million in China alone. Unemployment is still hovering around 10 percent in the United States, and the average length of people’s unemployment is the greatest since World War II (Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy, Joseph Stiglitz, pp. xi, 313, 2010). 

     Where will it all end? Is there an even larger collapse looming? Are even "first-world" nations doomed to endure stringent austerity measures for years to come? Is "the good life" many have known for decades soon destined to be only a memory of the past?

A Century of Blessings

    For most of the 20th century, the United States was the primary engine of the world’s economic growth. More than a hundred years ago, the Washington Evening Star newspaper reported, "On this day of our Lord, January 1, 1907, we are the richest people in the world." During the two administrations of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, the national wealth had been "rolling up at a rate of $4.6 billion per year, $127.3 million per day, $5.5 million per hour, $88,430 per minute, and $1,474 per second" (quoted in The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Edmund Morris, p. 11, 1979). America was certainly blessed—for decade after decade. 

     But unrestrained greed and avarice may yet prove America’s greatest weakness and downfall. As God lamented, Joseph "did not know that I gave her grain, new wine, and oil, and multiplied her silver and gold—which they prepared for Baal" (Hosea 2:8). Instead of giving God thanks for the bounty He provides, we have all-too-often wasted it on worshiping the false god of consumerism and focusing ever more on the self. 

     The roots of the 2008 financial catastrophe can be found in the reckless capital boom of the 1990s. Back then, wages in the U.S. had more or less stalled. Many Americans were losing optimism about their financial future. As reporter Bernd Debusmann noted, "Through most of US history, each generation has been more prosperous and lived better than their parents. Statistics show that this no longer holds true" ("American dream or nightmare? This season, many wonder", Reuters, December 20, 1990). 

     But then the housing market boomed. Seemingly overnight, home values in many regions of the country began to climb. Millions of Americans were lured into borrowing money against the perceived value of their homes, to compensate for the lack of growth in their paycheck, so they could carry on with their spending spree (Freefall, pp. 1–2). Yet there were warnings for those who had ears to hear. Consider the opening to the July 27, 1999 article by reporter James Schembar: "The government’s announcement last month that the savings rate was the lowest since the Depression has prompted much unease. After all, in a time of such plenty, how can Americans not be putting away some of their surplus to prepare for harder times?" ("Americans spend more than they earn," New York Times News Service). In a time of plenty, the net savings rate was at zero—or below. In one year during the 1990s, mortgage equity withdrawals totaled $975 billion—more than 7 percent of the entire U.S. GDP in that year. 

     The common response to this nagging concern about lack of savings was, "Don’t worry about it yet." After all, savings rates were not important when capital gains were growing. But Schembar ended on an ominous note: "The capital gains that have helped the older boomers make up for a low savings rate, of course, could be our fool’s gold. Who can predict where markets will be by the time we retire?"

Fool’s Gold

    Many in the last few generations have been deceived into thinking that money and possessions bring lasting fulfillment and happiness. For too long, Western society has been obsessed with having more—more cars, more clothes, bigger homes, better televisions—the list goes on and on. Consumers around the world have been caught in the trap of believing that the "abundant life" can be bought. But Jesus warned, "Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses" (Luke 12:15). 

     What about you? Has the Great Recession hit you and your family hard? Are you struggling financially? You may be dealing with depression and discouragement. You may have to make some painful choices to keep your household afloat. God knows what you are enduring, and will help you if you turn to Him with true, heartfelt repentance. He will help you if you sincerely cry out to Him and obey Him with all your heart (Hebrews 11:6). 

     The sad truth is that most will not change their course. Our generation is headed for very rocky times, as a result of our personal and national sins. God’s word reveals that as Christ’s return draws nearer, worldwide crises will increase until money will be worthless and commodities like food and water will be prohibitively expensive. Even gold and silver will not sustain people through times of widespread famine. The prophet Ezekiel warned, "They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be like refuse; their silver and their gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the wrath of the Lord; they will not satisfy their souls, nor fill their stomachs, because it became their stumbling block of iniquity" (Ezekiel 7:19). 

     Our generation has spurned and despised God’s laws (Leviticus 26:15), and we will be punished for it. God long ago predicted calamity upon calamity because of end-time Israel’s abominations. Crop failures (vv. 16, 20) and food shortages (v. 26) will even lead to horrific cannibalism, as survivors in desolate cities struggle to survive (vv. 29–31). This will finally lead to national enslavement by a foreign power (vv. 32–33). The unthinkable will happen! The United States, Great Britain, and other nations of end-time Israel will capsize, like the "unsinkable" Titanic. But where does that leave us? Must you and your family "go down with the ship" in the coming punishment on the modern descendants of ancient Israel? Or is there a way to escape this calamity?

The Sun Also Rises

   Those who, out of sincerity of their spiritual struggle in this life know that there is good news coming in the future. Not from a political movement or party, a new economic model, or a governmental alliance, but by the intervention of Almighty God! After Christ’s dramatic return to Earth, He will set up a new society. Economic opportunities will be available to all, as the prophet Micah foretold: "But everyone shall sit under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one shall make them afraid; for the mouth of the Lord of hosts has spoken" (Micah 4:4). Blessings will be poured out like rain on nations all over the earth, "For the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the Lord as the waters cover the sea" (Isaiah 11:9). As Amos 9:13 foretells: "‘Behold, the days are coming,’ says the Lord, ‘When the plowman shall overtake the reaper, and the treader of grapes him who sows seed; the mountains shall drip with sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.’" 

     Citizens of this coming new age—a thousand-year period we call "the Millennium" (Revelation 20:4)—will live and work in a new society based on fairness, good ethics, honesty, love for neighbor and worship of the true God. Jesus Christ, ruling as King, will teach His "law of liberty" (James 1:25; 2:12), the Ten Commandments. Accompanied by His saints, He will enforce those laws and govern the whole earth (Jude 14–15). This will absolutely revolutionize the world, and make the economy blossom as humanity has never seen! 

     And there is good news even now! You do not have to suffer the plagues of God’s coming punishment—the "time of Jacob’s trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7). You need not "stumble to the slaughter" (Proverbs 24:11) like others who foolishly reject God’s warnings. You can prepare and be ready for more hard times ahead. Believe it or not, you can have the "good life" now. 

     How? What About Now?

    What is the "good life," really? God does not promise that you will gain a big bank account or will never suffer problems. Paul wrote, "all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution" (2 Timothy 3:12). Life as a true follower of Christ is not easy. But Scripture shows how you can be happy and fulfilled now. You can have a fulfilling, faithful and enjoyable marriage. You can have a happy and enriching family life. You can even have enjoyable, satisfying work. How? 

     The key is in recognizing that the "good life" is not measured by how many cars we have, television channels we can access, or square feet of house we can own. It is not measured by fast Internet access or fancy cell phone. It is not based on credit cards or bank accounts. Rather, it comes from a close, personal, and obedient relationship with God. Jesus Christ wants you to have an abundant life now! He said, "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly" (John 10:10). Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ that goes beyond mere words and emotional sentiment? Have you committed to whole-hearted obedience? Have you repented of your sins and decided to commit your life to God? The good life is possible—and these choices are where it starts.

Calm Assurance in Chaotic Times

    God wants you to "test" Him—to determine in your heart and mind whether or not He and His promises are real. He wants you to get off the spending merry-go-round. He even commands you to tithe to Him. Does He promise to make you a multi-millionaire? No. But He does promise to take care of your needs. What a wonderful promise! 

     Notice God’s challenge: "‘Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be food in My house, and try Me now in this,’ says the Lord of hosts, ‘if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it. And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, so that he will not destroy the fruit of your ground, nor shall the vine fail to bear fruit for you in the field,’ says the Lord of hosts" (Malachi 3:10–11). 

     We challenge you to prove and test God by faithfully obeying His laws. He wants you to keep His seventh-day Sabbath, observe His annual Holy Days, be faithful to your spouse in marriage, reject idol worship, and speak the truth always. God’s way is a whole way of life (Acts 22:4)! And you will be blessed for it. As David wrote, "I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread" (Psalm 37:25). 

     Of course, each of us needs to plan wisely, set aside for hard times, and work as faithfully and as diligently as we can. We must be careful to get good financial advice from those we can trust. But in the final analysis, we must be sure never to put our ultimate faith in human beings—ourselves or others around us. Rather, we must trust in God, who alone can deliver us from the dark days to come. As Jeremiah wrote, "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, and whose hope is the Lord. For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters, which spreads out its roots by the river, and will not fear when heat comes; but its leaf will be green, and will not be anxious in the year of drought, nor will cease from yielding fruit" (Jeremiah 17:7–8). 

     Jesus Christ challenges us to "lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal" (Matthew 6:20)—or, we might add, where the vagaries of the financial market evaporate assets like the morning mist. God wants to give us the abundant life if we will look to Him with trust and conviction. Now—of all times—is the time to put our trust in the One who provides all good things to all of humanity (James 1:17). Are you willing to test and prove God? Are you willing to see if what He says is true, and if what He commands is really what is best for you and your family? 

     The good news is that you can have the true good life, even in hard times. You can have financial security, peace of mind, a sense of purpose and achievement, even in turbulent, chaotic times. You can put your trust in God, and have the calm assurance that He will take care of you. As God said through the prophet Isaiah, "Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat. Yes, come, buy wine and milk without money and without price. Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and let your soul delight itself in abundance. Incline your ear, and come to Me. Hear, and your soul shall live; and I will make an everlasting covenant with you—the sure mercies of David" (Isaiah 55:1–3). 

     There are hard times coming. Bible prophecy shows that we are only at the beginning. Now is the time to get your financial house in order, and decide what you will really want. Money? Possessions? An endless cycle of acquiring and consuming? Or will you let the Great Recession drive you to your knees to forge a new and profound relationship with your Maker? Truly, that is the good life!

Few Understand!

     Although many religionists talk about the "end of the world," they almost always do so in very general terms. Although many preachers talk about Christ’s Second Coming, they are simply not able to list the specific events—as I have just stated above—that will precede His return and, furthermore, they generally do not have any idea as to how long it will be before these events take place. 

     How can I possibly "know" that these truly enormous events will soon occur—within the lifetimes of most of you reading this article? 


     Because God’s inspired word tells us over and over that the vast majority of humanity is blinded to the real God and to His Truth. Even most professing Christians are actually part of this world and will be deceived by Satan the Devil. Remember these basic scriptures we recite to you?

Knowledge And Obedience

     Jesus Christ Himself states that "many" (obviously religious people) who think that they "know the Lord" will claim that they have served Jesus. He corrects them by saying, "I never knew you; depart from me, you who practice lawlessness!" These people obviously think that they "love" Jesus. They may talk about Him, and profess to follow Him. But they do not do what He says. They are not willing to follow His example and literally obey God’s Ten Commandments and follow the way of life that Christ exemplified throughout His entire ministry. For Jesus was the perfect example. Jesus Christ did obey God’s commandments. He stated, "I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in His love" (John 15:10). And His inspired word tells us, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever" (Hebrews 13:8). So by Christ living within us through the Holy Spirit, true Christians are able to keep the Ten Commandments as a way of life

    There are those who say that Jesus Christ brought us a new commandment... they claim His commandment sets aside all others!  NO.... The Commandment of Jesus Christ is a commandment of Love which embodies the keeping of the ten Commandments God gave Moses!  The ten commandments are not set aside!

     Why is it that people think that they "know God" and expect His blessing when they simply refuse to obey the magnificent spiritual law which He gave and which Jesus explained and expounded over and over throughout His entire ministry? 

     Because they are spiritually "blinded," most people seem unaware of literally scores of statements in the New Testament such as Revelation 14:12, "Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus." As you can see, this verse gives us God’s description of true saints, not Catholic (Roman) heroes worshiped in a fashion that is often akin to idolatry (forgetting the essence of their lives both spiritually and materially who learned to live, to obey, the Commandments of Jesus Christ!); nor Protestants simply "loving the Lord." Rather, this describes those genuine saints who are willing to obey their Creator, and to surrender so that Christ may live His life within them through the Holy Spirit (Galatians 2:20). Blinded churchgoers seem unable to understand or apply the inspired Apostle John’s description of what true Christian "love" is all about: "For this is the love of God, that we keep His commandments. And His commandments are not burdensome" (1 John 5:3). 

     So, "in that day" when Christ returns as King of kings (Revelation 11:15), He will reject those religious people who simply will not obey God’s laws! For they are not surrendered to let God build within them His very character—the character they will need to be the kings and priests whom Jesus Christ and the Father are now preparing to assist Christ in ruling this earth in the World of time to come... (Revelation 2:26–27; 5:9–10)! 

     Furthermore, God’s inspired word tells us, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praise endures forever" (Psalm 111:10). So although many people think that they understand the future and suppose they understand the inspired prophecies of the Bible, only those who genuinely obey God’s commandments are given true understanding. Remember, please, Adam and Eve took of "the tree of the knowledge of good and evil" (Genesis 2:9). Ever since, mankind has been constantly partaking of this same tree—a "mixture" of truth and error! The religions of this world have been partaking of this same tree. So even the professing "Christian" religions of this world have a "mixture" of good and evil. They have adapted literally scores of doctrines and practices straight out of paganism—as we have documented many times. They have soundly rejected the direct commands in the New Testament to keep all of God’s Ten Commandments—not merely some "new commandments" given by Jesus. Now, as the basic morality of our western nations crumbles before our very eyes, millions are wondering, "What’s happening?" 

     Of course, we must remember that God has blinded most of these people—as His word makes clear. So we who understand should have every sympathy and complete out flowing concern for these blinded people until God calls them in His time! Meanwhile, however, those of you who are having your eyes opened, do not be deceived by this "mixture" of good and evil and this mixture of "generalized" prophetic statements made by various religious leaders who are simply not able to understand or grasp the specific end-time prophecies which we clearly explain to you in our telecasts and in this magazine! We have a responsibility to help you understand the Truth! So it is only in that light that I make these statements.

Somewhere on this earth, the Eternal God has a "little flock" (Luke 12:32)—His Church. Twelve times in the New Testament, God’s inspired word shows that His Church is called by His name. Over and over, as we have seen, God instructs His true people to keep His commandments. In Revelation 12:6, God describes the true Church—symbolized as the "woman"—having to flee "into the wilderness." In the past, this took place during the early years of the Dark Ages, when God’s Church fled the bounds of the Roman Empire for 1,260 prophetic "days"—meaning 1,260 literal years. Another flight is ahead for God’s people; verse 7 describes a powerful war that will break out in heaven, when Satan and his demons make one final assault on God’s Throne at the time of the end—but do not succeed. God’s people are told that after Satan is cast down, "woe" is just ahead, "For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time" (v. 12). At this time, God describes in verses 13–14 how the true Church will have to "fly into the wilderness to her place, where she is nourished for a time and times and half a time [three-and-a-half years], from the presence of the serpent." 

     The Eternal God will prepare a place—somewhere on this earth—where He will supernaturally protect His most faithful people during the coming time of "great wrath" after Satan is cast back down, a time that Jesus Christ called the "Great Tribulation." The "woman" spoken of throughout Revelation 12 is identified as the Church—including those at the very end of this age "who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ" (v. 17). 

     In Revelation 3:7–13, God describes the sixth era of His Church—the most faithful of all eras—occurring soon before Christ’s return. He tells them, "Because you have kept My command to persevere, I also will keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth" (v. 10). This is God’s promise to protect His people from the coming "hour of trial" that will begin not very many years from now. It will come upon the "whole world"—as this verse attests—so it is very important for us to be among God’s truly faithful people if we with heart-felt desire to escape, and if we really want to be in God’s coming Kingdom in the first resurrection, which God calls the "better resurrection" (Hebrews 11:35). 

    The following "Islamist Infiltration" is but the beginning, or has it already begun?

The Muslim Brotherhood is leading the way for radical Muslims to infiltrate American society and government. Their goal is simple: control the United States and impose Shariah law.

Islamist Infiltration


Larry Kelley 

Editor’s Note: 
This article first appeared in the May 2010 issue of Townhall Magazine.

The Muslim Brotherhood is leading the way for radical Muslims to infiltrate American society and government. Their goal is simple: control the United States and impose Shariah law.

In A.D. 622, Muhammad was forced to flee to Medina from his birthplace in Mecca, where the ruling tribe, the Quraysh, had come to see his preaching and proselytizing as a threat. While in Medina, he amassed a following of Bedouin warriors who swarmed to his banner to participate in the conquest and plunder of the smaller cities dotting the surrounding Arabian landscape.

In 630, Muhammad’s armies surrounded Mecca and forced its unconditional submission. All organized resistance on the Arabian Peninsula then collapsed, bringing it under Islamic military domination.

In their book "Muslim Mafia," coauthors David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry expose the Muslim Brotherhood as the worldwide, Saudi government-funded Islamist hand behind all Sunni terrorist groups and the world’s largest and most dangerous stateless organization. They reveal the Brotherhood’s plan for the eventual Islamic domination of the United States and strategy to follow the example of the prophet after "he fled to Medina."


While there are reasons to be encouraged by the administration’s Afghanistan offensive, many serious observers of America’s war with militant Islam see reasons for alarm. A case in point -- the Fort Hood Massacre. It was shocking enough to learn that the American domestic military establishment cannot even protect its own troops inside the United States. But what seemed even more shocking was the fact that the country’s most senior Army officer, Gen. George Casey, publicly stated that the attack caused him to be more worried about harm to the military’s diversity than the disgrace that failed to prevent such an appalling waste of lives.

Many fear our superpower status is rapidly ebbing away and, shockingly, at the behest of our own government. The reasons for alarm continue to multiply: the (thankfully now-abandoned) initiative to prosecute the CIA operatives whose "enhanced interrogation techniques" produced intelligence that thwarted numerous 9/11-style attacks; this administration’s prosecution of Navy Seals who allegedly punched a captured terrorist who killed and mutilated Americans in Fallujah, Iraq; the White House’s pledge to close the Guantanamo Bay prison facility and release more of the most senior terrorists back to their terror networks; the cancellation of our long-range missile defense installation contracts in the Czech Republic and Poland precisely when Iran is feverishly working on nuclear long-range missiles; the failure to issue the smallest encouragement to the Iranian freedom fighters who want to align with us in their efforts to put down the most dangerous Islamic regime on the planet; and its profligate spending that threatens to render America feckless, indebted to its enemies and unable to finance its own defense.

Given the escalating Islamic threat, it seems appropriate to ask: Why is this diminution of American power happening? Are there Islamic jihadists influencing our government? Who are the jihadists influencing? What have they accomplished? And what is their end game?


In 1948, an influential Egyptian writer, Sayyid Qutb, set sail from Cairo to New York City. His trip was financed by powerful Egyptian friends who were also conspiring against the dissolute monarch, King Farouk, who was a puppet of the occupying British government and who had put out a warrant for the seditious writer’s arrest. Also in that year, five Arab armies were in the final stages of losing the war to prevent the establishment of the Jewish state within Islamic lands. As Lawrence Wright puts it in his book, "The Looming Tower: Al Qaeda and the Road to 9/11," "[This event] not only stunned the Arab world but the shame of that experience would shape the Arab intellectual experience more profoundly than any other in modern history."

Qutb’s writing espoused a new Islamic fundamentalist ideology and movement, which was reflected in an organization called the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Qutb was a member. Founded in 1928 by an equally influential Egyptian, Sheik Hassan al-Banna, the original goal of the Brotherhood was to convert Egypt into an Islamic state.

Al-Banna was a man of action. Just two decades after its founding, his organization counted hundreds of thousands of members across Egypt and throughout the Middle East. He and Qutb saw the movement as a kind of counter society, challenging every norm of Western secular politics and culture.

In 1949, while still in the United States and as his book, "Social Justice in Islam," was about to be published, Qutb learned that al-Banna had been assassinated. The event shocked him. The Egyptian government killed al-Banna and did so out of self-defense because the Brotherhood was beginning to embrace violence, blowing up movie theaters in Cairo and murdering British and Egyptian officials.

With al-Banna’s death, Qutb became the leading voice of the new Muslim fundamentalism. He wrote, "The white man in Europe or America is our number one enemy. … We are endowing our children with amazement and respect for the master who tramples our honor and enslaves us. Let us instead plant the seeds of hatred, disgust and revenge in the souls of these children. Let us teach them that the white man is the enemy of humanity and that they should destroy him at the first opportunity."


In August 1950, Qutb returned to Egypt fully radicalized and determined to violently overthrow the regime. By this time, the Brotherhood numbered 1 million members in a country of 18 million.

In January 1952, the Brothers fomented a riot in Cairo, and in September, the government was seized in a military junta, led by a young army colonel, Gamal Nasser. The military plotters coordinated the coup very closely with the Brothers, and in fact, one of the officers, Anwar Sadat, the man who succeeded Nasser, was himself a Brother.

While Nasser invited Qutb to be an advisor to his Revolutionary Command Council, the alliance was short-lived. Nasser’s dream was to found a Pan-Arab modern socialist state with Cairo as its capital. This had nothing to do with the dream of a new theocratic caliphate that Qutb and the Brothers had in mind.

In October 1954, while Nasser was speaking to a huge assembly and the country listened on the radio, a number of Brothers opened fire at him. Miraculously, Nasser escaped injury. The regime immediately captured and hung the conspirators, rounded up thousands of Brothers and placed thousands in concentration camps, including Qutb, who was given a life sentence.

Qutb, suffering torture in prison, became a hero for the new Islamic fundamentalists. Through family and friends, bits and pieces of Qutb’s Islamist manifesto, "Milestones," were smuggled out of his cell and ultimately published in 1962. It was this book that would profoundly influence a young Osama bin Laden.

Although Nasser pardoned and released him in 1964, Qutb went immediately back to plotting violent revolution, with the secret support of Saudi Arabia whose ruling monarchy feared Nasser’s brand of Pan-Arabism. Six months later, Qutb and 42 conspirators were arrested and put on trial. Qutb received his death sentence gratefully. "I performed jihad for 15 years until I earned this martyrdom," he declared.

Nassar knew that Qutb was more dangerous to him dead than alive. He dispatched Sadat to visit Qutb in prison and offered him another pardon if he would a write a request for clemency. Qutb refused and was hung after prayers in August 1966, His body was not surrendered to his family for fear his grave would become a shrine. As Wright puts it, "[Qutb’s] lonely genius would unsettle Islam, threaten regimes across the Muslim world and beckon to a generation of rootless Arabs who were looking for meaning and purpose in their lives and would find it in jihad."

Al-Banna and Qutb were the Marx and Lenin of the new Islamic fundamentalism that produced the Muslim Brothers, that inspired and produced unknown numbers of new leaders of even more violent splinter affiliates, including: Hamas; the Taliban; Ayman al Zawahiri’s al-Jihad, which conducted the assassination of Anwar Sadat; and bin Laden’s al Qaeda.


In the mid-20th century, the Brotherhood began its campaign to infiltrate and impact the direction of the United States.

During the 1960s, the Brotherhood began sending vast numbers of students to American universities.

In 1973, with massive Saudi funding, they formed the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT), an investment vehicle that enabled them to acquire 300 mosques and schools in the United States.

In 1987, Hamas, the Palestinian wing of the Brothers with the stated goal of destroying Israel, was founded and largely funded by American Muslims.

In 1990, the Brotherhood formed the American Muslim Council (AMC) with Abdurahman Alamoudi as its boss and the new capo di tutti of the entire syndicate.

Then in 1994, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was founded.

In 1980, there were 481 officially recognized Mosques in the United States. Today, there are 1,209, with an estimated 80 percent of those funded and controlled by Saudi Arabia, where the official religion is virulently anti-Western Wahhabi Islam.

Sperry and Gaubatz’s "
Muslim Mafia" exposes the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in America using declassified FBI documents, FBI agent interviews, transcripts of telephone wire taps and thousands of internal documents smuggled out of CAIR headquarters by Gaubatz’s son, Chris Gaubatz, who posed as an American convert to Islam and was hired by CAIR. They demonstrate that the Brotherhood is now a worldwide central clearinghouse for virtually all Sunni terrorist groups, is operating inside U.S. mosques across the country and is in complete control of CAIR and its myriad subsidiaries.

And while the House of Saud attempts to portray itself as a loyal U.S. trading partner, the authors prove that it is actually financing and partnering with the Brotherhood, that it is actively undermining our national security, and that it controls CAIR and at least 46 other supposedly moderate Muslim front groups in the United States, along with countless other subsidiary shell companies. And for the first time, they expose the Brotherhood’s five-phase plan for dominating America:

 Phase I: Establish an elite Muslim Leadership and raise Islamicist consciousness in the community;

 Phase II: Create Islamic institutions that the leadership can control and form autonomous Muslim enclaves;

 Phase III: Infiltrate America’s political and social institutions forming a shadow state; escalate conversions; manipulate mass media to remove language offensive to Islam;

 Phase IV: Open hostile public confrontation over U.S. policies, riot, make militant demands for special rights and accommodations;

 Phase V: Wage final conflict and overthrow (jihad).

According to Sperry and Gaubatz, the consensus among counterterrorism officials is that the North American Brotherhood is already in Phase III.


Many of the imams at major mosques play a pivotal role in implementing the first two phases of the plan, acting as recruiters and organizers. In internal documents, they refer to the United States as their Dar al-Arqam, their safe house. FBI wiretaps of secret meetings reveal that the Brotherhood views America as a pushover.

I found the Muslim Community Association (MCA) of Santa Clara, Calif., a mosque near my home, mentioned in numerous sources as a major Brotherhood center with ties to al Qaeda. I was able to meet with the MCA outreach director, Dian Alyan, at the mosque on a Friday in order to also observe services.

After her lengthy description of how her Mosque was a force for good, I read her the following, culled from my sources (Robert Spencer, Gaubatz, Sperry and others), and asked for her reaction:

"Ali ‘the American’ Mohamed was a loyal member of the Muslim Brotherhood who emigrated from Egypt to spy for the Brotherhood in America. He infiltrated the U.S. Army as a sergeant and became a U.S. Special Forces trainer. He went on to the JFK Special Warfare Center and School (SWICK) where was able to steal classified military secrets. During leaves, he would travel to New Jersey to train al Qaeda operatives in weapons and warfare tactics.

"After his honorable discharge, he moved to Santa Clara where he set up a communications cell for al Qaeda while fronting as a computer engineer ... there he brought Ayman al-Zawahiri to California for fundraising tour, which netted the al Qaeda leader $500,000. A large chunk of it was raised at the Muslim Community Association, the home mosque of CAIR cofounder Omar Ahmad. Five years later, the FBI arrested Mohamed, who subsequently pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings in Africa."

As I neared the end of my reading, I saw Ms. Alyan’s face flush from her impeccable olive hue to a bright pink, which gave me a sickening feeling, as if I had kicked her in the stomach.

"Where did you get that, off the Internet?" she asked.

"No, from books and recently declassified FBI files," I said.

"May I have those? I’d like to show them to Mr. [Mohammed] Nadeem [president of MCA]."

I told her that I would send her clean copies without my notes scribbled on them.

"Muslim Mafia" contains many depictions of American imams openly espousing treason. For example, American Muslim cleric Zaid Shakir, was secretly recorded giving a lecture in the San Francisco area advising his audience of fellow Muslim Americans to follow the strategy of the prophet when he fled to Medina and accumulated power first before waging violent jihad. Shakir is a regular speaker at CAIR-sponsored events, where he has referred to the Brotherhood’s aforementioned plan to overthrow America by saying, "If we put a nationwide infrastructure in place and marshaled our resources, we’d take over this country in a very short time."


The Brothers and their Islamist allies have been successfully gaining access to the highest levels of our government since the Clinton administration. Just a few who’ve been outed are:

Sami al-Arian: In Sperry’s 2005 book, "Infiltration," he writes that on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Sami al-Arian awoke "extremely upbeat." Finally, all the work he had done in Florida in 2000 "getting out the Muslim vote" had paid off -- conservative activist and leading George W. Bush advocate Grover Norquist argued that it was al-Arian’s Muslim voters in Florida who had pushed Bush over the finish line. In a few hours, he and eight other Muslim leaders would meet with the president to discuss how Bush would live up to his campaign pledge to end the use of secret intelligence in the investigation of American Muslims -- the culmination of a four-year effort for this Muslim professor and the secret Brotherhood capo.

Ironically the 9/11 attacks preempted al-Arian’s audience with Bush. Today, he’s behind bars, convicted of fraudulently raising money and funneling it to Hamas and other terrorist organizations conducting suicide operations in Israel.

Abdurahman Alamoudi: In 1997, Norquist brokered a meeting with then-Texas Gov. Bush to develop a plan to bring in a previously untapped voting block, he called it the "Muslim Strategy." The meeting featured AMC boss and top Brotherhood member Alamoudi, top AMC lieutenant Khaled Suffuri, Karl Rove, Norquist and Talat Othman, a Saudi friend of Bush and fellow member of Harken Oil. The plan hinged on a Bush vow to limit the government’s use of secret information in the investigation of Muslims -- the same deal al-Arian sought to close four years later.

Alamoudi had long been the toast of the town in multiculturalist Washington. In 1993, he was commissioned to create the first Muslim chaplin corps for the Pentagon. In 1996, he organized the first Ramadan dinner for government officials and met with Clinton and Gore in the White House. That year, he was recorded at the Islamic Association of Palestine’s annual convention in Illinois saying, "I think if we are outside the country, we can say, ‘O Allah, destroy America.’ But once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it."

Today, Alamoudi is serving a 23-year prison sentence. Busted in 2003 for trying to smuggle $340,000 in sequentially numbered bills into the United States from Libya, prosecutors connected him to Hamas and Hezbollah, and he eventually pled guilty to plotting terrorist attacks on the United States with support from Libya.

Shiek Hamza Yusuf: The only Muslim in a group of religious leaders invited to the White House to pray with the president after 9/11, Yusuf is an American-born convert to Islam and cultivates his moderate image. But only two days prior to 9/11, he spoke to Muslims in Irvine, Calif., gathered in support of a cop-killing Muslim imam, "[T]his country [America] is facing a very terrible fate. The reason for this is that this country stands condemned. ... This country unfortunately has a great tribulation coming to it."

Omar Ahmad: Co-founder of CAIR and also an honored guest at the Bush White House, Ahmad was invited by the president to the National Cathedral to mourn the Americans lost on 9/11. In 1998, he was secretly recorded at an Islamic conference in Fremont, Calif., saying, "Islam isn’t in America to equal to any other faith but to become dominant. The Koran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion." Before founding CAIR, Ahmad was a leader at the Islamic Association of Palestine, which was an Islamist organization that raised money in America for Hamas but was shut down by the government in 2005.

The three largest American-based Brotherhood front groups have been blacklisted and/or shut down by the FBI. The FBI shut down Holy Land Foundation, the largest Islamic charity, for fraudulently raising money for Hamas and listed CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) as unindicted co-conspirators.


Many American officials seem to be compromised by two interlocking phenomena. First, they cannot countenance a belief system that is cloaked in a religious conviction that includes our subjugation. Second, for good reason, they are driven by fear. In Northern Virginia, the Muslim Brotherhood has targeted U.S. Attorney Gordon Kromberg, issuing death threats to him and his family for his prosecution of their leaders, including CAIR executives.

Here are a few government players who have been used by Islamists:

Robert S. Mueller: FBI Director Robert Mueller, appointed by Bush and retained by Obama, has allowed his agency to be infiltrated and his agents brainwashed by CAIR/Brotherhood operatives. One of his responses to 9/11 was to sponsor "diversity and sensitivity workshops" conducted by CAIR executives. As Sperry and Gaubatz point out, these quickly turned into nothing less than "dangerous disinformation campaigns designed to desensitize agents from the threat of Islamic terrorism."

Documents obtained by Chris Gaubatz confirm that CAIR is enjoying, under the Obama administration, expanded "positive relations with the FBI." Assistant Director for Public Affairs John Miller, now invites highly suspect CAIR officials to FBI headquarters for regular "working lunches." Incredibly, it’s Miller’s policy to keep CAIR and other Muslim groups informed about FBI plans to raid Islamic targets in counterterrorism investigations.

Agents assert that these "outreach" policies have created discord at all levels of the FBI except within the top brass, which "continues to be clueless about the nature of the enemy."

Brian Humphrey: In 2006, then-Customs and Border Protection Executive Director Brian Humphrey assured CAIR that his agents do not single out Muslim airline passengers for special screening. Further, his agents must undergo a course in Muslim sensitivity. The course is put together by Margaret Nydell, an Arabic Studies professor at Georgetown University, which houses a large Saudi financed center on Islamic studies. One border agent described her course as "politically correct drivel."

Valerie Jarrett: A longtime Obama associate from Chicago and now a senior advisor to the president, Valerie Jarrett had the dubious distinction of being the first White House official to address a national convention of Brotherhood front group ISNA.

Eric Holder: Last December, in a piece for National Review titled "Shifty Shifting," Andrew McCarthy eviscerated Attorney General Eric Holder, describing him as a man who seems to be compromised not by Muslim intimidation but by the ideology of the extreme international Left of which he and Obama are members in good standing. Holder served as the No. 2 man in the Clinton Justice Department when, as McCarthy puts it, "nearly as many terrorists were pardoned as were prosecuted," and served during a time when the al Qaeda attacks on U.S. interests were occurring every year and escalating in intensity. It was Holder who obtained the pardon for Marc Rich, one of the FBI’s most wanted, a man who was indicted for millions of dollars in fraud and tax evasion and for cutting illegal deals with the regime in Iran.

Holder’s desire to close Guantanamo without a plan for what to do with the 200 prisoners detained there along with his desire to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and four other terrorists in a civilian court are indicative of a much larger malfeasance in this administration’s approach to our war with Islamic terrorists. In a House Judiciary Committee hearing last fall, he exhibited an abject ignorance of the fact that a civilian trial for the terrorists would be exactly what our Islamic enemies crave, a new weapon where they would gain intelligence and broadcast propaganda.


I spoke with Nonie Darwish, author of "Now They Call Me Infidel" and "Cruel and Usual Punishment" and internationally recognized advocate for Muslim apostates. Now an American, she grew up a Muslim in Egypt, the daughter of an Egyptian general whose family was part of President Nasser’s inner circle.

I asked her to characterize the current state of the Brotherhood in Egypt and internationally. She explained that they are very popular throughout the entire world of Sunni Islam. In most countries -- Islamic and in the West -- they remain somewhat clandestine. But in Egypt, the Brothers operate openly. There are even avowed members serving in the Egyptian parliament. "The reason that they are so popular is because they are seen as carrying the flag of true Islam," she added.

"How can the Mubarak government allow the Brothers to be in the government, given that they were accomplices to the assassination of Sadat?" I asked.

"Because the Egyptian government is afraid of them," she said. "There are assassination attempts constantly, because the Brothers are always watching and evaluating if Mubarak is pure enough. Most Muslim leaders walk a fine line, keeping one foot in the West while they keep talking to their own people about jihad."

"And in the U.S., how would you describe the Brothers today?" I asked.

Ms. Darwish explained that we are beginning to resemble Egypt, not just in the sense that Brothers are operating openly, working to reverse the Patriot Act and always trying to gain more protection for their jihadist syndicate but because, as she puts it, "our leaders now have invited them to join the government."

She cited as an example Dalia Mogahed, also an Egyptian by birth, the chief advisor to Obama on Islamic affairs and the first veiled Muslim to work in the White House. "I can tell that she is very sympathetic to the Brothers."

"How can you tell?" I asked.

"See if you can find any statement she has ever made condemning the acts of terrorist organizations such as Hamas or al Qaeda. You won’t find one.

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Those little things are the laws of the land, economics, politics, the degrading and erosion of those rights and liberties afforded by the Constitution of these United States of America and many other things such as the manner with which entertainments have taken over much of the populace, entering into and becoming a major focus in worship, and more. 

We ask you, if you don't want to believe us... Have you heard, seen or found what is termed (of the many terms being used) that there are "holding areas" or "camps" or "Closed/Fenced communities" being built by GOVERNMENT? 

Here in North America, especially in the United States of America, we must admit that what Russia has come out of (a communistic, atheist country) we are entering into.  And one last thing that needs also to be understood... Something very important to those of you who are "Catholic" in the Roman sense of its jurisdiction....   And, we believe this also holds true for many who are "Orthodox" whether "Eastern" or "Western"....

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