Criminal Aliens:

What Kind of Future Does America Have?

Elvira Arellano, a thirty-two year old alien from Mexico who has been residing within the borders of the U.S.A. illegally, has been living inside a Chicago "church" (which obviously encourages sinful behavior!) with her son for the past year since Federal authorities were attempting to deport her. Arellano had already been deported once before for entering the U.S. illegally, but she snuck back into the country from Mexico, had a baby, and then used a phony Social Security number to get a job cleaning airplanes at an airport in Chicago.

This past weekend this criminal alien traveled to Los Angeles where she was picked up by immigration agents and escorted to the Mexican border without having to pay any penalty for breaking U.S. laws. At the present time she is reportedly in Tijuana (probably waiting for the first opportunity to criminally sneak back into the U.S. again!) while her eight year old son (who is erroneously considered an American citizen by birth [an "Anchor Baby"] because of an incorrect interpretation of the 14th Amendment to our Federal Constitution, an interpretation which needs to be corrected when it comes to those who are in the U.S.A. illegally) is still in Chicago being cared for by a church group.

I have to wonder: Just what kind of future faces the United States when we have pro-amnesty American citizens insisting that our Federal government should allow this woman to stay in the U.S. because her son (no one knows who or where the father is) is supposedly an American citizen and, they also claim, has Attention Deficit Disorder (how convenient). Let's be honest here: It was Arellano's choice to criminally sneak into this country, not once but twice. It was her choice to have her illegitimate child here, and it was her choice not to take her son back to Mexico with her when she went home, which she very well could have done.

Those who support Miss Arellano believe that she has a RIGHT to live and work in this country and even to do so with fraudulent documents (and these supporters of such criminal activity call themselves "patriotic" Americans). Even Arellano's American lawyer, appearing on the O'Reilly Factor last night, argued that her "human rights" were violated when our Constitution was finally enforced because it is her "human right" to live in the United States. What a crock of horse manure! I mean, give me a friggin break! This woman, far from being a hard working, decent "immigrant," is a criminal who has a history of breaking the laws she does not find convenient or to her liking! Hello! Twice she violated the immigration laws of this country, and then to make matters worse, she compounded her crime by committing another crime by using a phony Social Security number to falsely gain employment. Lord knows how many other laws she may have violated along the way!

Now the U.S. Census Bureau is calling for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to STOP enforcement raids during the next Census so that they can get an accurate count of how many illegal aliens there are living and working and receiving medical care and welfare benefits in the U.S. Census Bureau Deputy Director Preston J. Waite claims illegal aliens would be less likely to co-operate with the 2010 Census count if our immigration laws are enforced.

We seem to live in a country where the government, the media, and even many of our politicians, educators and religious leaders refuse to differentiate between immigration and illegal entrance into our country, which makes it just about impossible to hold any kind of meaningful conversation with those running the national government.

President George W. Bush claims that the government has tried an enforcement-only policy and it failed. This is his rationale for pushing the Guest Worker Amnesty Program -- which Congress refused to support. I am sorry, but Bush's claim of trying an enforcement-only policy was merely an "illusion" of enforcement.

There was a time in America when the Border Patrol was part of the Justice Department and the Immigration and Naturalization Service and they worked hand in hand with State and local police and other Federal law enforcement agencies. Under the Clinton administration, all that changed, however, when it was decided to limit the Border Patrol strictly to the border and take away their ability to work the interior.

Part of the Clinton plan, with the assistance of Janet Reno, the Attorney General, and the INS Commissioner, Doris Meissner, was said to be the hiring of thousands of criminal investigators to replace the departed Border Patrol presence, to conduct employer sanctions, and to ferret out criminal aliens in the interior of the U.S. Of course this turned out to be a lie, just more smoke blown up the hind quarters of the American people. The investigators were never hired and the interior of the United States was left unprotected.

Not one single Federal Administration, either Republican or Democrat, in my memory, has done anything significant about this criminal alientn issue -- despite all of the promises to hire agents, better control the borders (which the Federal Government is mandated constitutionally to do), and so on and so forth. Take a look, there has been at least a ten-fold increase in criminal aliens into this country since 1977!

After the attack of 9/11, and the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, the Boarder Patrol was combined with U.S. Customs which created Customs and Border Protection. Customs and INS Investigators were combined to create Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Now for a reality check. The number of ICE agents in the interior of the U.S. is a joke. In some States there aren't any ICE Agents at all. And today, once an criminal alien gets past the Border Patrol, they are pretty much guaranteed to be home free! In many areas, there are only three or four ICE agents who are responsible for covering an entire State or even several States, which means that the U.S. has no effective internal enforcement of our immigration laws. It is not the immigration laws that are broken (which is what pro-amnesty and "open borders" activists like to say) but it is the whole damn system! Our borders are nothing more than a revolving door. If the illegals are caught and deported today (without being punished for knowingly breaking our laws), they sneak right back in within a week!

To make the whole problem worse, we have Governors, Mayors, civic and religious leaders who, either out of a false sense of compassion, bleeding heart liberalism, doing what they consider their "Christian duty," or a deliberate plan to bring down our country and eliminate our national sovereignty, who tie the hands of the police by declaring their towns, cities or whole States as sanctuaries, where criminal aliens can flock to and live without fear of punishment or deportation, ordering their police not to even inquire about a suspect's legal status. This has led to many of our cities being over run by criminal aliens, many of whom are child molesters, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, gang members, and murders.

One such individual is Jose Carranza, an illegal alien from Peru who was arrested and charged with being one of the suspects in the execution style murders of three New Jersey teens, and the attempted murder of a fourth teen. Carranza has an extensive criminal record and was wanted for several other violent crimes. Yet, because no one was able to (or even bothered to) check his immigration status, he was released from custody while awaiting trial for a previous crime, the repeated brutal rape of a little girl for four years, from the time she was five years old until she was nine.

When Carranza was first arrested for the rape, the local police were unable to identify him as an undocument alien illegally in the U.S. or even hold him due to New Jersey's "sanctuary" laws and because ICE was too understaffed and too busy to respond. Therefore the police had no option but to release him. Even after he was identified as a brutal child rapist, he was allowed back on the streets of America. Had the system worked, what should have happened was that even if the police had not identified Carranza as a criminal alien illegally in the U.S., that fact would have been discovered by an ICE agent performing a jail check. Then the ICE agent would have placed an immigration hold on Carranza and he would not have been able to be released, even on bail, into the custody of anyone but the government. In short, Carranza would not have had the opportunity to commit his string of crimes and three young people might still be alive today.

The whole damn Federal system of laws, regulations and enforcement is busted big time and many in charge (e.g., police, judges, politicians and government officials) play musical chairs with our laws, deciding which ones they will or will not enforce, while proclaiming how we are a nation that believes in and follows the "rule of law," all the while allowing people like Carranza not only to enter our country illegally, but then to be released from jails, once they have been arrested, all across the country on a daily basis all due to the fact that there aren't enough ICE investigators. The Federal government, it seems, would rather spend tax-payer money on pork barrel projects like a bridge to "no where" in Alaska then to pay the local jails for housing criminal aliens on holds, and the investigators themselves are overworked and tired of doing many, many hours of paperwork just to try to get one more alien illegally present with our nation deported (forget about getting the alien punished for breaking our laws!).

What is the result? Many American communities, especially those near the U.S./Mexican border, are being financially burdened as their schools are forced to accept hundreds upon hundreds of criminal alien children at taxpayer expense. Their hospitals and medical facilities are burdened because our Federal government says that the criminal aliens are entitled to free medical and dental care (i.e., better care than citizens!). The illegals are receiving more in taxpayer subsidies (e.g., low income housing, food stamps, free education, free medical care/treatment, etc.), than they are contributing. They are depressing the wages of the American Middle Class as more and more employers are either moving their companies to third world countries or refuse to pay good wages and benefits; they hire both legal and illegal immigrants at lower wages and usually no benefits.

We have to watch as our families, friends, neighbors and fellow citizens are slaughtered on our nation's highways by criminal aliens driving illegally and uninsured. We have to watch as our young people are destroyed by drugs, and we are supposed to silently accept the cost of having our homes broken into, our property and automobiles vandalized and stolen and our sons and daughters raped and murdered. We are supposed to keep our mouths shut as our children are taught in Spanish in our public schools, all to accommodate those who have entered our country illegally, giving up our culture to foreign and criminal invaders.

We are just supposed to shut up and accept it as our President and politicians tell us over and over again how it is impossible to deport all of the aliens who have entered our country illegally. And besides, these aliens are wonderful, hardworking individuals who are just doing jobs that average Americans won't do. We are supposed to just shut up and watch as the illegals stream across our border and throw rocks at our border guards, all the while our elected officials scheme and plot ways to get an Amnesty Bill passed that rewards such criminal behavior while not punishing it and our President works behind the backs of the American people and our Congress to set up a North American Union between Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico which would end the historic sovereignty of our nation.

It is time we STOP remaining silent! It is time we act like Americans and fight back! There is plenty we can do. We MUST put a stop to the rule that says only Federal Immigration Agents can make the determination as to the immigration status of an individual. We need to do what every other country in the world does, and that is to empower our local and State law enforcement, at all levels, to enforce an individual's national legal status. We must start to elect people who have the backbone to get serious about controlling our borders and actively enforcing our present laws. The next time the illegals have the nerve to stage massive demonstrations in any American city demanding RIGHTS that they are not constitutionally entitled to, WE must demand to have hundreds of Border Patrol Agents rounding them up imprisoning their sorry butts right then and there for breaking our laws! And, finally, we must demand that our government cracks down hard on employers who insist on hiring aliens illegally within the U.S.A. in order to avoid paying a decent wage and insurance benefits.

This is OUR country and it is about time we all started to act like it and demand that our voices be heard!


+Gregori, SSJt.


[Edited for the ECC by + KJB]