All who are truly ORTHODOX are in heaven.  Those who know they are unworthy, suffer in this life for the faith once delivered, knowing that they are still on the path toward the goal, therefore they consider themselves not fully Orthodox and therefore living members of the Orthodox Catholic Church before the schism of the Roman jurisdiction, while this life allows them to grow in spirit and truth. 


Those who truly struggle out of pain of heart for the faith once delivered are bound by one common faith, one common Episcopacy and one Eucharistic Lord. Various groups within Holy Orthodoxy may use different Divine Liturgies (the Mass). All have a common faith and understanding of the Sacred Mysteries (Sacraments) and the Holy Sacrifice offered on the Altar. We are all in inter-communion and union by our common faith, order and worship, only when they practice and speak the Mind of the Church,  not deviating from the spiritual and material guides of the Sacred Canons and Patristic Fathers... refraining from those things not acceptable unto the Lord. Any who have a different understanding from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church regarding the Sacred Mysteries,  the Sacrifice and practices of the Church are neither Orthodox or even Catholic, no matter what they may call themselves.


We do not subscribe to the heresy of the false Synchrestic Ecumenism, inter faith worship, Cultural Paradosis, Neo Papism, or Modernism.


We believe the world must conform to the Church, NOT the Church conform to the world. St. Maximos the Confessor taught, "Orthodox Theology without Orthopraxis is the Theology of Demons."


We believe it is necessary to attain Theosis, all who strive to live the faith as handed down from the Apostles through the Church and the lives of the Saints, not just talk about it.


We are a community of believers who place nothing above our commitment to Holy Orthodoxy and to Jesus Christ who is the head of the Church.


We believe that where the Faith, Order and Worship in the Church are not present, the Church is not present.


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Twenty First Century Desert Fathers




Lines of Apostolic Succession of His Eminence



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A Message from Our metropolitan Archbishop - UPDATED


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St. Augustine's Anglican Church, Deming, New Mexico

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St. Augustine's Anglican Church of Deming, New Mexico has kindly granted the American Orthodox Church (North American Orthodox Church) use of the Church to offer Divine Liturgy each week.

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