ISLAM -- Satan's Response to Allah's Incarnation

An Effective War on Terrorists Within the U.S.A.

This article is partly based on the final chapter of Dr. Trifkovic’s latest book, Defeating Jihad, which was published by Regina Orthodox Press (Boston) on March 1, 2006.

Islam (which means "to submit") is the religion created by the pagan Arab known as Mohammad (c. A.D. 570 - 632); this socio-economic movement backed by strong religio-ethical ideals is also known in some circles as Mohammedanism (although Mohammad's followers despise this name). A follower of this movement is known as a Muslim. Modern civilized man has forgotten the true teachings and culture of Islam. Islam is a "response" to God's Incarnation which took c. 600 years to perfect -- but Satan finally got it right, and his "response" is still very effective to this very day. Dr. Martin Luther correctly identified the "Messenger" of this anti-Christian, anti-human and anti-God philosophy as: "Satan's Disciple, Mohammed".

The creed of Islam is expressed by the affirmation that "There is no god but god, and Mohammad is his prophet." This creed, exalting an unnamed "god," is to be expressed several times a day by the pious Muslim.

The anthropomorphic nature of Islam startles most religious scholars. Heaven is described in Mohammad's "holy book" in very human terms and Hell is described as a place of intense heat, scalding water, and very hot winds. The faithful Muslim is promised a Heaven of beautiful gardens, wine, and abundant sex.

The sacred law of Islam indicates that Islam is more than a "religion" in the Western sense of that term. That is, Islam certainly deals with ritual and worship and doctrine but also regulates the total behavior of the individual as (1) a member of a family, (2) a member of society, and (3) a citizen of a State. Where Islam dominates, it controls religion, culture, and politics! The idea of the "separation of Church and State" is totally incomprehensible to a pious Muslim. Islam is a total way of life; within Islam all institutions are "religious." The State itself is just another religious institution; its constitution and laws, of necessity, are assumed to be based upon the Shari'a (the religio-moral values of Islam). Shari'a includes all human action: public and private law, national and international law, details of religious ritual and ethics of social conduct. Every action (or inaction) falls under one of five categories of Shari'a: (1) What is commanded (by god); (2) What is recommended (by god); (3) What is legally indifferent (to god); (4) What is condemned or censured (by god); and (5) What is strongly and positively forbidden (by god). And this is all grounded in what the pious Muslim believes to be "immutable divine revelation."

It is the PIOUS and DEVOUT Muslim who is the enemy of both humans and God. It is ONLY when Islam becomes "active" (i.e., plays an active role in the life of the individual, and subsequently in all culture and politics) that the people who believe in "Satan's Disciple, Mohammed" become inhumane and purely Satanic in their behavior, culture, politics and thought. And, as Satan's "bible" informs his "faithful," a non-believer is NOT human -- so there is no penalty for murdering him.

Although Muslims claim their god to be loving, merciful, and just, he is more frequently revealed in their scriptures and traditions to be stern, demanding, retributive, vengeful and even arbitrary: "Those that disobey Allah and His Apostle shall abide forever in the fire of hell" (Sura 72). The faithful Muslim is further ordered by his god to actively fight all unbelievers: "And slay them wherever ye catch them" (2:191). Islam is not a religion of forgiveness and faith but one of good works and obedience. After several centuries of brutal military conquest, ruthless pillage, and enslavement of over two thirds of Christendom, Christians finally launched defensive measures now known as The Crusades against this uncivilized and barbarous glorification and manifestation of The Old Adam ruthlessly encouraged by this Satanic philosophy/religion known as Islam.

Islam is a purely Satanic philosophy attempting to deceive people into believing it is JUST another pious and peaceful "religion" -- it most certainly isn't! But most modern Western politicians have fully bought into (accepted) this false, dishonest propaganda.

A devout Muslim CANNOT be or become (i.e., honestly take the Oath of Allegiance to the U.S. Reputlic) an honest and moral U.S. citizen -- for the goal and objective of Islam (in ANY nation) is to DESTROY the non-Islamic government and way of life and replace it with the Satanic form of government commanded in their so-called "holy book" and exercised in the Early Middle Ages (and today in Muslim-controlled nations such as Saudi Arabia) which fully controls religion, culture, politics, and behavior.

“We must never forget . . . that as Muslims, we are obligated to desire, and when possible to participate in, the overthrow of any non-Islamic government — anywhere in the world – in order to replace it by an Islamic one,” the speaker concluded his remarks. The venue was a mosque, not in Rawalpindi or Jeddah but in San Francisco. When a recent American convert to Islam noted that if Muslims are obligated to overthrow the U.S. government then accepting Islam was tantamount to an act of political treason, the lecturer responded matter-of-factly, “Yes, that’s true.”

He was right both technically and substantively. A breach of allegiance to the United States by naturalized Muslims is not a rarity, it is an integral part of the Muslim-American experience. It is an inherent dilemma for many; it leads the serious and devout few to give aid and comfort to the enemy. The problem will be solved only if and when Islamic activism is treated as grounds for the loss of acquired U.S. citizenship and deportation. The citizenship of any naturalized American who actively supports or preaches jihad, inequality of “infidels,” the establishment of the Shari’a law, etc., should be revoked, and that person promptly deported to the country of origin.

For a Muslim to declare in good faith "...that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; so help me God. (In acknowledgement whereof I have hereunto affixed my signature.)", and especially that he accepts the Constitution of the United States as the source of his highest loyalty, is an act of brazen apostasy par excellence, and apostasy is punishable by death under the Islamic law. The Sharia, to a pious Muslim, is not an addition to the “secular” legal code with which it coexists with “the Constitution and laws of the United States of America”; it is the only true code, the only basis of obligation. To be legitimate, all political power therefore must rest exclusively with those who enjoy Allah’s authority on the basis of his revealed will. In America that is not the case and its government is therefore illegitimate.

It is equally sacrilegious for a Muslim to swear to “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” That vow, if it means anything substantial, means that he would be prepared to shoot a fellow Muslim, or denounce him to the authorities, in defense of his adopted homeland. That this is not how many if not most naturalized Muslims see it is a matter of record.

So how can a self-avowedly devout Muslim take the oath of American citizenship, and expect the rest of us to believe that it was done in good faith and not only in order to get that coveted passport? A devout Muslim can do it only if in taking the oath he is practicing taqiyya, the art of dissimulation that was inaugurated by Muhammad to help destabilize and undermine non-Muslim communities almost ripe for a touch of old-fashioned Jihad. Or else he may take it because he is not devout and may be confused -- in other words if he is not a very good Muslim at all; but in that case there is the ever-present danger that at some point in the future he or his American-born offspring will rediscover their roots. The consequences of such awakening for the rest of us are invariably perilous!

The American people and Federal government consequently need to address two key questions: (1) why should a Muslim want to become a citizen of a secular, pluralist, non-Muslim nation; and (2) why should that nation’s non-Muslim citizens want to have him accepted as one of them.

The answer is inseparable from the fact that a person’s Islamic faith and outlook are incompatible with the requirements of personal commitment, patriotic loyalty and unquestionable reliability that are implicit in the U.S. Oath of Citizenship, and absolutely essential in the military, law enforcement, intelligence services, and other related branches of government.

It is to be hoped that the Federal government's recognition and acceptance of these proposed measures would lead to a swift and irreversible reduction in the burgeoning number of mosques and Islamic centers in the United States. The remnant would have to be registered with the Attorney General and, at the very least, subjected to all legal limitations and security supervision strictures that apply to other quasi-religious cults prone to violence.

Conditio sine qua non all along is to accept and declare that the First Amendment does not protect Jihadists. It is in the American tradition that nothing ought to protect those who advocate the overthrow of the United States Government by force and violence as does Islam, and, at bottom, that is what the Jihadists are up to. Legal regulators need to grasp that Islam itself is a radical, revolutionary ideology, inherently seditious and inimical to American values and institutions.

No court in a democratic country should uphold the constitutionality of any measure targeted at a particular religion quia religion. But if the facts were known about what is going on in mosques, and what is the nature and goal of worldwide Jihad, the necessary legal regulation will be accomplished. The First Amendment protection to political speech should not extent to Sharia, period. We do not need new legal theories, or a different conception of the First Amendment; we need an educational campaign, intelligent and informed political leaders in Washington.

A radically new form of legal clarity on Islam’s nature is needed!

The typical Muslim worships his god and strives to obey his god's commands out of fear. There is punishment awaiting all who do not fully obey Mohammad's "god." The devout Muslim does not pray for the heathens conversion to Islam but rather prays god's destruction upon the heathen since they are nothing more than "firewood for Hell."

Winning a war, especially this presently undeclared war by Islam against the U.S.A., demands “knowing the enemy and knowing oneself,” of course, but it also demands “thinking outside the box.” This old cliché is apt: the magnitude of the threat demands radical responses that fall outside the cognitive parameters of the [current] elite class.

Acceptance of the above proposals would represent the long overdue beginning of serious Western defense against Islamic terrorism. It would signify the recognition that we are in a life-or-death struggle with Islam, whether we now realize it or not. It is being waged, on the Islamic side, with the deep conviction that the West is on its last legs, spiritually, morally, and biologically. That view is reinforced by the evidence from history that a civilization that loses the urge for biological self-perpetuation is indeed in mortal peril. Even at this late stage a recovery is possible, however, and the measures suggested herein would herald that recovery.

As a small beginning, ALL Muslims living within the U.S.A. should be legally required to "register" with the F.B.I. as anti-American foreign agents (similar to the previous requirement for all members of the Communist Party in the U.S.A. to register with the Federal Government) . . . but THAT, alas, is not likely to ever happen!

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