As The World Goes, So Goes The Church

(Sent to us by one of our Abbots and Priest out the Rochester, New York area with consent to editorialize)


       It is with a heavy heart that I write about the following topic, but I feel that it is extremely important that I do. The world in general, and the United States in particular are in grave danger along with the Church of Jesus Christ.


      As the liberal secularists gain ever more control over, not just the United States, but just about every country in the world, decent moral values and any public mention of God or Jesus Christ is being ever more pushed from the public consciousness. We are having so-called political correctness shoved down our collective throats, to the point that just about everyone is afraid to stand up and speak out against sin and evil. We are told that we have no right to make or pass judgments on anybody’s actions for fear of offending some person or group. Did Jesus care if he offended sinners?


      Sad to say, even the Church of Jesus Christ, from the mainline to the independent, has fallen prey to this destructive mind set. So many of the Churches today, that call themselves Christian,  have strayed from the fundamental teachings of both the Old and New Testaments. No longer do priests, ministers or pastors speak out against sin, and not only do they not speak out against it, in many cases, they invite it and welcome it into their congregations. According to many church leaders, the words of Jesus Christ; “Hate the sin, but love the sinner”, means that we should never speak out against sin because we will offend the sinner and we have no right to judge. They also seem to think that every church must not only welcome the sinner into the church, but the church must also welcome the sinner’s evil actions as well. Whatever happened to repentance?


    It is true... the Church is a spiritual hospital for sick souls... a hospital for sinners! 


      Every time the liberals want to legalize something that is immoral, they do it incrementally, by getting those, who still do have a sense of morality, a sense of right and wrong, to compromise, then when they get what they want, they then go after more, and much like a frog, put into a kettle of cold water and then having the water slowly brought to a boil, it does not realize it is being cooked until it is too late, so we too are being slowly destroyed. When will we learn that we cannot compromise with the devil! We, the Church of Jesus Christ, are on the edge of a precipice, so the question now is: Do we allow ourselves to be pushed to our death, or do we turn and fight back, standing up for what we know is right and moral?


      Today, the Church, as a living and breathing body, is at a crossroad. We can either go along with the status quo and continue compromising with Satan, continue allowing evil into our midst, allowing sin without correction to come among us just to keep our pews full and to bring new people in, or do we take the harder path and speak out against sin and begin, once again, to preach and practice repentance and the acceptance of Christ Jesus as our Savior, even if it means having less people in the pews. I am not saying that we should keep sinners out of the Church, after all, we are all sinners, but I am saying that we must not allow the sinners to stay in our midst if they continue in their sin with no intentions of repentance (turning away from their sins) and only paying lip service to the acceptance of Jesus.


      All of this political-correctness disease has caused the hierarchy of one mainline  church to turn a blind eye to even the members of their own clergy who committed sexual sins against young children in their congregations. Another mainline church is now on the verge of splitting because the liberals in the church are permitting same sex marriages. To add to all of this, there are far too many bishops and priests in the various Catholic and Orthodox churches who are more interested in their own selfish aims than they are in building up the Body of Christ. Too many of these clergy are just playing church. They enjoy the title of bishop or archbishop, acting like pompous fools just for their own self- edification, while the souls of many are being led straight to hell because these actors on the ecclesiastical stage are too busy prancing and preening and wallowing in their own self-glory. They ordain men to the priesthood, willy-nilly, then turn their backs on them instead of being there to guide and correct them as a father would with his sons. They enjoy getting together with other bishops of similar ilk to stage fancy consecration ceremonies, to raise others to the rank of bishop, often with no regard to that individual’s background or personal worthiness, and to make matters worse, they foment strife among each other in an attempt at one-up-man-ship. As a result of these games, they have left behind a trail of broken young men who wanted only to be a priest and to serve God, only to be disillusioned and have their hopes and dreams dashed.


    The infection of the "correctness disease" is an action promulgated by the Evil One.  This disease causes for many to argue and claim they are "more Catholic" than the other, or they are "more Orthodox" than the other, even saying, "he has a past and we cannot associate" with this one or that one.  The truth of the matter is that when such arguments arise, the evil one has entered into the heart to destroy.  The Church, as a spiritual hospital is a church about not only Repentance, but forgiveness and the only singular sin, that is unforgiven by God, is that one involving blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. If your forgiveness is true, you will work with the one who whom you claim is either not "Catholic" enough or not "Orthodox" enough.  Your forgiveness is real!  But if you cannot work with that one person or clergyman whom you hold judgement toward for past situations, you may actually be telling a lie by not only your actions but blaspheming the Holy Spirit which means you are more concerned not just for your personal ecclesiastical welfare, but your pew and finances!  The Church suffers greatly from this kind of false action which is a true example of one's belief in the LIfe and Teachings of Jesus Christ...


      I say that enough is enough! Time is fast running out. We will all have to stand and make a choice as regards our belief and acceptance of Jesus Christ. Do we truly believe in the words of Jesus, when he said: I am the truth, the light and the way, and no one can come to the Father except through me. Or are we going to comprise and give in to a ONE WORLD, ONE RELIGION mindset that says all other religions are equal. Are we going to stand as a beacon of light and hope to the world by saving a remnant of the TRUE Church, the TRUE Body of Christ, and stop playing mind games? Are we willing to set aside our own pride to work together to have at least one Church of true believers who remain steadfast to the TRUE TEACHING of Jesus Christ? We better make this choice soon, or it will be too late. Time is running out!


      Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus has been working toward this effort, but there are those who seem to want to work against him. I urge any and all members of the American Orthodox Church, those in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and members of any other Orthodox Catholic churches to form a prayer group to pray in earnest, around the clock, for his success. Use your roasaries or prayer rope... Hold fast to prayer, faith and belief.  If each of the different jurisdictions can come together in one common union (communion), yet still  maintaining their individual Episcopal jurisdictions, it will benefit not only the individual jurisdictions, but the Body of Christ as a whole, and the souls of many.


      As the world turns more and more secular and liberal, we can remain as a place of refuge for those seeking a safe haven in a sinful world. As many of the other churches have ceased to be truly Catholic Christian (whether Orthodox or otherwise) in their teachings, we could remain the True Church of Jesus Christ, but we cannot do it alone while fighting and bickering with each other.


    The only way to stand against evil, is to stand together in unity in the name of Jesus Christ.


The Very Rev. Fr. Gregori, SSJt +

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