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.So that you understand what is on-going with this web page the following will benefit how we work.

We have guest web-masters from across the country from time to time.  Most are those who are members of this jurisdiction.

Recently, several of our local tertiaries of the Society of St. Jude Thaddeus (Holy Order of St. Jude Thaddeus) & friends requested to do a web page and requested various information which I reluctantly supplied.

As a result, this web page was presented to me for approval for posting. 

Their Pro's for posting this particular page surrounds many of the issues they present in this web page article.  As such, I could not find fault with their reasonings. 

However, even for this unworthy repentant one, I seek not for public attention as I have spiritual pursuits to attend to in addition to ensuring, insofar as is possible, that the DAILY NEWS is updated at least semi-weekly, along with other religious obligations in the vineyard both locally and inter-nationally. 

If you wish, please feel free to e-mail  or telephone with questions your non-confrontational comments or concerns.  If you have a special concern that we can assist in, or a prayer request, please feel free ot contact our Webmaster.

+Thaddeus the Unworthy repentant One....


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The following is an exact copy of what we received several months ago and presented it in an edited form to some of those whom we hold close in spirit and truth as friends and clergy alike.  We held off presenting the complete letter and flyer until after an amount of time allowed for a certain degree of investigation to take place so as to ascertain the veracity of the information present.


But now, we present to you the flyer and the whole (unedited) letter that we received. 


After reading the flyer we present to you some interesting questions and responses posed to our Vladyka, +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford) along with his personal responses. 


While a link exists from the “Quotes” page will lead you to this one, there may be other links provided in this article which will surely awaken some of you and answer questions presented by others of different Protestant denominations both locally and otherwise.



Dear Fathers,

  You've left for a while so it gives me the chance to drop this off over your fence.

  A couple of years ago my spouse and I knew of your existence in Deming.  My spouse said, “Watch them. They will do some amazing things.”  Surely that was a prophetic statement to me.  Since then, my spouse has left me for another life.

  I am writing you in a cryptic fashion because I don't need to be singled out. 

  But let me tell you something.  I've heard the rumors about Father Thaddeus and the horrible gossip that has been spread by some of those who you have sometimes cryptically pointed out down in Deming.  They are hateful, spiteful, vicious, even vengeful and one of their friends works here in the local mayor's office in Columbus, New Mexico who thinks their friend(s) can never tell a lie or twist stories to make you appear as one of the morbid and horrible creatures walking.

  My spouse and I were once in professional careers and know how to get to the truth as well as get truthful information when we need it.  That is because we are retired teachers, instructors from former high ranking educational institutions.

  Well, to tell you the truth, since my spouse went away to another life, I have looked over the notes my spouse kept on several people and you are in them, all of you.  So I keep a record and do my own thing to carry on the work of my spouse.

  The following is a flyer I created for you to use, if you wish.  It is true, every bit.  Don't let the gossip and rumors get you down.  I know how people look at you now-a-days and know that it can be very daunting to one's spirit, especially since I factually know that they are the cause for your being torched out (Arson) in March of this year from your Deming residence.  And I also know that the actions of the arsonist and his friends, are the results of the actions you publicly faced at a 2006 Luna County Commissioners meeting and, indirectly, due to their friendships with the commissioners themselves.

  I used to be an evangelical who was raised catholic, as you would say... Roman since you differentiate from Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic!  I'm nothing now but just pray a lot and find my prayers are answered as I know your's are being answered too.  Don't ask me how I know, but I do!

   The numbers in the following are true.  I do my homework.  You guys are wonderful in spite of all the horrid things you've had to work through.  Don't let the vengeful people get you down.  They are the hate mongers who have long family histories in this area of the country and their own skirts are far from being clean as you've found out.  But yet they continue with their cheap tricks while calling themselves 'christian' – got news for them. 

  Bless you Fathers.  I'll keep my record keeping and notes and hopefully you'll find yourselves achieving your goals in this area before you leave this earth in years yet to come. 

  A friend in City of the Sun .... Columbus, New Mexico



Who doesn’t listen to gossip?  Who doesn’t rely on your good friend’s hearsay even when they alter the truth or lie? Who are those Monks Down The Road?


I learned that originally there were seven and now there are two… Having come to Luna County, New Mexico in 2003, the American Orthodox Church and the North American Orthodox Church began with seven monks and nuns who established the Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch & the Holy Theotokos. 


I have learned that a monastic community is where religious spiritual works and other specialized kinds of help for various people living in the local area is a benefit because of the monks own experiences and training.  They are monks in prayer, in meditation, establishing such things that would aide in providing temporary housing for lost pets, providing for a yard sale area where even the local residents could use some of the area to sell their wares, clothing, vegetables and other items since traffic to Palomos, on the Columbus Highway, is greater at certain times of the month than at other time. 




Those monks have worked toward an understanding of the many problems existing in Luna County with homelessness, people living in Rv’s, Mobile Homes, some housing in the City of Deming and other communities. They have studied the make-up of those who are in “control” of Luna County Government and their agendas.


The monks initiated in 2006 the formulation for the LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM group to become a Non-Profit Corporation which has had some striking positive results in bringing the corrupt ordinance #37 and Luna County corruption to the attention of the people of middle class income, those on pensions, S.S.I. and Welfare are hurting because of our county government.  In spite of a bogus group by the same or similar name, the true LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM, Inc. has established its foothold with strength and action!


The monks have aided in finding evidence having to do with the alleged illegal conduct of Luna County Code Enforcers.


These monks have aided in ferreting out information and found an alarming lack of education among the older Hispanic people of limited income regarding their Civil Rights and Due Process guarantees as provided for in the U.S. Constitution.  They have found that some of those people are being forced from their dwellings and their land (1/2 to 1 acre) being taken by the County under guise of it being the “State” without DUE PROCESS rights, through the misuse of a State Law.  A state law that has nothing to do with the rights of the County.


The monks have aided in bringing to the attention of State and Federal agencies the double standards being applied by Luna County officials regarding those of limited income, on pension, SSI and Welfare while another value is used for those of the upper class who have businesses, own large tracts of land, Real Estate businesses, etc. They have also found and investigated how the double standard is sometimes applied in how some County Agencies use and misuse Law Enforcement to accomplish their own aims and ends which sometimes, it is alleged, have nothing to do with maintaining the law.


The monks have been educating people about the difference in being Christian with honorable, strong roots in the true faith (Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ) versus the “back woods” or “Old West Lynch Mob Mentality” where there is little to no understanding of the faith handed down which is so very crucial to living, worshiping and practicing in daily life: work, home, church and how it is different from what has been and is being done in these times. 


As a result, it was found by their own efforts (people in training) that most of the congregations, so-called churches and groups in Luna County are actually practitioners of a kind of “Christianity” that has a double set of standards on the Seventh Day while doing something else in life, the rest of the time.  The “Back Woods” mentality has caused for what is often referred to as an “Old West Lynch Mob Mentality” without actively pursing those things of the true faith in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  This kind of mentality is suggested as being the root cause for much of the corruption existing in some governments such as Luna County.


One student and his wife recently stated that what the monks have provided them as tools through religious instruction has caused for them and some of their friends to do an analysis and have found that 98% of the Clergy in Luna County will not get involved in protecting the rights of impoverished citizens, their land and property, fighting against illicit and alleged illegal laws because they have a fear of doing the Lord’s work that might, could or would hurt their own church-related pocket-books.  The double standards of some of those so-called clergymen has been exposed! It is believed that this has only aided in the continuing development of the “Old West Lynch Mob Mentality” alluded to above which has become, it is suggested, more prevalent in recent times. 


The findings have only aided the monks in teaching a more exact understanding of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Patristic Fathers and Joyful Saints who were “Fools for Christ, Jesus” and NOT those of “non-denominational” and some of those so-called Protestant “Denominational” churches where the “eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth” of the Old Testament is the norm which goes against the very things Jesus Christ taught and spoke!.


These monks have aided 175 families (both single parent and those with both husband and wife) in finding and receiving emergency food, clothing and housing during 2006 and 2007 thus far in spite of their (the monks) having been torched out by those who are followers of the “Old West Lynch Mob Mentality” without Jesus Christ as their Captain of the ship of life!.


These Modern Day Desert Fathers (monks) are proving what it means to be Servants of Jesus Christ and those who are His in spirit and truth- where the true “Church” is again proven to be a Spiritual Hospital for sick souls, that is to say, where those who know they are sinners can come for spiritual healing!


Thank you Fathers,

A resident of City of the Sun!



Questions to our Vladyka +Joseph Thaddeus, Metropolitan and Archbishop of this Jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church and his answers.


Q, A & R:

Instead of presenting the question, I shall provide an answer which will make the question presented rather obvious.


There are many people of the “ethnic” Orthodox here in America who have made many negative comments and continue in their failure and refusal to recognize that a jurisdiction is not “Independent” as in “Independent Orthodoxy” like those of the “Independent Movement” who contain many who call themselves “Catholic” or “Independent Catholic” without following those things of our forefathers, including the failure and refusal to abide by the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils.  These are the ones who believe that the only TRUE Orthodox jurisdiction is one that serves under a Patriarch (of the five major patriarchates, including the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church errantly called the Roman Catholic or Catholic Church). 


As has been stated numerous times already, we are the successors and inheritors of those who were granted a “Toma” or “Decree” from the Patriarchate of Moscow when it was under the Sainted Tikhon of Moscow.  As a result, having been granted and given, through the “Toma” our autocephaly and autonomy; we do not have to operate under a Patriarch.


Those who have been granted a “Toma” or “Decree” of autocephaly and autonomy are not, in themselves “Independent” for they are still very much “Orthodox” and very much “Catholic” for so long as they are able to maintain to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers. 


Thus they are still ONE with all the major Patriarchates by their FAITH and practice.  They are, in fact, members of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church more so than those who claim they are “Independent” this… or “independent” that, etc.


As to the so-called “Orthodox” who believe themselves as being the initiators in these times of a new American Orthodox Church, while themselves being under a Patriarch; it is that they are multifractured here in the U.S.A. for many reasons of which one is their inability to decide what organization they want to belong to, such as (for example) OCA, OCNA, etc.  We are not a part of them and wish not to be a part of them for it would be tantamount to the same accusations laid at the doorsteps of the Roman Jurisdiction.  That is to say, enter the politicians, the modern-day Sadducees and Pharisees whom, as scripture clearly show, were rejected by Christ before He was crucified, for our sake.  Then you have those of the Temple Money Changers.  In these times it is the many jurisdictions who pass collection plates during Worship for this tithing need and that need and there-a-need, etc. 


It is those who allow politics of the times to be presented during worship from their so-called pulpits that cause for the thorns to be further crushed upon the head of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  These were never allowed during Divine Liturgy of the ancient fathers shortly after the ascension of Jesus Christ.  Worship is the purpose, not politics, not money, not grievous celebrations but thanksgiving of the heart and the spirit, forgiveness is to be sought.  Soul searching and Repentance because we are still in this earthly life where our souls can still be remanded to hell unless we change our ways of thinking, acting and worshiping back to that of the ancients.  We are not talking necessarily about Liturgical practices in and of themselves, but the Faith in spirit and in truth!


Any Orthodox jurisdiction who serves under a Patriarch cannot truly create an American Orthodox Church without suffering in their attempts to meet the needs of this melting pot country where ethnicity, cultural differences and much more exist.  In all they do in their attempts, there will always be the Patriarch who will have final say and demand they abide by certain actions and presentations of Orthodox truth in the old ways so as to preserve their connection with the Patriarchate they are attached to.  When, except for the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, we talk about Patriarchs and Patriarchates, one must keep in mind that they are, for all but the Roman Jurisdiction, ethnic oriented and thus it is usually most difficult for a true American Orthodox Church to exist unless similar us, they have been mandated a proper Toma or Decree.


The United States of America and Canada, along with Mexico and other parts of the Western Hemisphere have their own cultural growth, their past and present problems involving local politics which each jurisdiction must wade through - - - which cannot necessarily be resolved by those patriarchates on the other side of the world.  Why?  Because anyone on the other side of the world have not lived in and with or grown up in the milieu we reside in.  As such, there is more than just an ‘ethnic’ question that poses the problem, but the question as to whether those on the other side of the world want to be like the Roman Jurisdiction who want to ‘control’ because they do not necessarily trust their ecclesial representatives.  It was once the same for the Roman Jurisdiction in the U.S.A. in times past but when the American Roman Catholic Church bishops laid down their own demands upon the Pope in the seat of St. Peter in those times of recent decades, the Bishop of Rome (Pope) and his advisors realized that they would loose much by not allowing them to have certain freedoms to do things, according to their own dictates in this country.  They knew that they would in fact loose and were already loosing revenue.  And that would be the bottom line problem.  Revenue and politics!


If one is true to all that Orthodoxy holds to, believes in and practices; there is not one real reason for a group in the U.S.A. to be kept under a Patriarchate.


As to those who are actually of the “Independent Movement” – be they self-styled “Orthodox” or “Roman” – they have no desire to be a part of any one of the five major patriarchates unless accepted on their own terms.  We do know of a group who are so accepted out of California, being under the Roman Jurisdiction’s thumb (so-to-speak) but so strong is the stranglehold that they cannot truly spiritually and materially “breathe” aright!


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


The following Q & A or responses come from several people of various denominations who have contacted us out of their own personal and true desire to learn about the American Orthodox Church in Luna County.  Here is what some of them have said.




FIRST COMMENTER: I contacted you with the personal desire to learn why it has been said you hate Penetecostals and Pentecostalism.  What I found was more than I expected when you invited me and my wife to meet with you. We discussed the Missionary Conversations with Protestant Sectarians and many of the teachings you promote and we found that they are not “your” ideas and beliefs so much as that of the WHOLE Orthodox Catholic Church from around the world.  We had grown up as Pentecostals and were kept in the dark by misquotes from scriptures such as “Call No Man Father” as Holy Scripture has pointed out, but the writings you have posted at your web site along with our conversing with you has caused for us to see that the Pentecostal movement is not truly “Christian” as it is something else under the disguise of being Christian. 


I have learned that you don't "HATE" but that you put into practice the very thing you use as your motto.  You are against false and misleading doctrines and teachings that distort Holy Scripture, but love those people who are willing to discover truth without being confrontational in their way of disparaging others as a people. 


Thank you! 


Editors Note & Commentary – Some of the other pages the comments made above and below have viewed include: 

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Modern Day Ecumenism and its horrors


SECOND COMMENTER:  Wow!  What can I honestly say about the American Orthodox Church, Orthodoxy and you, except that I no longer am a member of the Pentecostal church. 


My father is a Pentecostal preacher in another part of the country.  When I moved here to Luna County over 30 years ago I maintained my membership with the Pentecostal Church(es) here.  I found them to be divergent in what they have had to say but the thread that runs through all of them is the same. 


The Pentecostal Churches have become more known in these later years because of their quiet involvement in the affairs of government as workers and politicians.  Their actions in present national and local legislation and governments is not really meant to keep America on the same track as our founding fathers as it is become more about ‘control’ and ‘money’ and ‘power’ and ‘influence’ over other agencies and businesses in the local area.  The Pentecostal church leaders are the real cause for the degrading of the American Roman Church’s sex scandals.  The use of former catholics through psychological manipulation and what I can personally believe is brain washing has caused for many converts from the Roman church to launch their nation wide rise in calling for monetary damages.  All it has taken is, not viable proof, but just ‘hearsay’ which has done much of the damage to the roman church.  This has become one of the arts of Pentecostalism.  Years ago I was one of those who used those techniques on several converts to Pentecostalism after they had been fully accepted into the church to get them to act against the roman  church.  It worked!


What you have showed me and my fiancée, who first made me aware of the American Orthodox Church, has awakened my eyes, mind, heart and soul towards Orthodoxy itself.  When I tried to talk to my dad, he doesn’t want to hear or see anything of it.  He is closed minded and his heart is in the same place as many of these Pentecostal preachers.  Oh, you are correct.  They have a sincerity of belief in what they have to say about their view of the ‘Christian’ faith from their own presentations, but they are not truly Christian! They look on anything and everything that is even “catholic” – be it the big “C” or the little one as an abomination to their kind of Christianity.  But, the national and international aspects of their actions in politics has reached the halls of the Vatican where even the Pope has called them something of “lost brothers” or “lost faithful” who are invited to return to the fold.  They have!  And many of their own members are not even aware of what actions, even those without words, have done to them and their many churches to be accepted by the Roman Pope. 


THIRD COMMENTER:  I am divorced with two children.  My x-husband is a preacher.  I can’t tell you where but he is a man who is unsupportive of his children and me.  I don’t rely on welfare. I work enough to cover expenses on my own.  My x-husband, when I met him, was truly a man I wanted.  I was Pentecostal, being raised in the faith.  When a friend of mine who I work with told me about your group or church I really wasn’t interested but because of my x-husband’s actions that I can’t go into that had something to do with your own religious group, in a negative manner, I felt I should find out more and follow the advice of my friend. 


One of the people I know is connected with that group who has tried to take over your Luna County Freedom and your yahoo group of Luna County Freedom and Truth group.  They are those who publish that rag they call The Liberty Press and have one or two of their people keep up on what the local county commissioners do, even though I personally believe one of those commissioners is surely their puppet master.  I don’t go to the flea market because another woman who goes by some celestial name keeps downgrading you and your group.  She’s not mentally right and neither is that old man who has proudly said he burned you out because of them.


You were so gracious and kind inviting me and my friend to your place at the time you lived in Deming.  I could not find fault with the degree of your open honesty.  I thought, “How can a minister like him exist?” because I know of many ministers in other denominations who have had excessive involvements that would make your hair curl. 


We discussed many things about faith and teachings, their differences and where some of those teachings come from which is based in Holy Scripture and understandings that proved to me that the Holy Bible is not for interpretation to those such as Pentecostals for they have it wrong! 


Being college educated as I am doesn’t mean that “I know it all” and that is also what came across when I talked with you. 


You showed me how It is that I am really ‘religious’ even though I don’t go to a Pentecostal church any more.  I have made up my mind as to where I and my children will go.  I’m not going to have my children learn untruth and falseness because I do believe in God.  I do believe in Jesus Christ!  I do believe.  You have opened my eyes and I am learning more with the materials you provide me.  I understand your reluctance to allow me to come more often, but I’d like to attend services from time to time with my children who are now learning truth from your web site and from some of the materials you provide me every once in a while and not the kind that is false and misleading.




A Responder:  I am not afraid to tell you that after having grown up as a Jehovah’s Witness, there have been many questions that were not easily satisfied with the answers my leaders have given.  As I grew older I was told to not ask since I didn’t accept their answers as absolute truth.  Now that I am an adult and have gone to some of the universities and have a degree in psychology I’ve become more aware of the issues involved.  So, on asking you for answers to questions that have plagued me from childhood to present, I am convinced that “Orthodox Catholic Christianity” as you call Orthodoxy, is the answer to my many prayers in providing straight forward answers. 


Because of my own children, some being adults now; it is not going to be easy to show them the Light of Truth and the false beliefs that invade such a cultic religion as Jehovah’s Witnesses.  Most of those followers of this false and misleading religion can not and will not be persuaded away because of the psychological manipulation of their presentations upon the masses through the abusiveness of Holy Scripture to suit their own aims and ends.


The Roman Catholics have been so much placed before us as the Evil amongst us.  And, you have provided both historical and spiritual information based on, not only Holy Scripture but on documented history that has resolved for me what I needed. 


Iconic images, vestments, wearing apparel, robes and more were just the basic questions that are only superficial issues that you answered well with your answers to my questions. 


I have to say that when I first met you in Wal Mart in Deming I had to turn my head and I was, “Yes” (even though you didn’t ask) “laughing to myself” because no one today wears what you call “habits” or “cassocks” from neither the Roman Catholic Church or even many of the Orthodox Churches.  Now that I’ve learned much from you.  When I saw you in your patched habit or cassock that had been bleached by the sun to a brown color from black, I am now more aware since meeting you and your some of your members that while they are God’s armor which you profess openly, I personally find you to be outspoken in a humble way that I cannot yet fathom although I’m still learning.  Your being upfront and in spite of the problems you have been severely presented by your being torched out of your former Deming residence, tells me much about the strength you have for the bitter battle that is going on here in this area for the faith.  I have since gone to several other Orthodox clergymen in Texas and even in California.  While your name is known and yet not respected by the larger Orthodox church as much as it should be, they privately were kind enough to quietly say that you have their prayers silently because they feel you are doing a great work which only the Lord Himself could approve of in spite of the negative.  I believe they were quietly, in their own way, applauding you in few words to me privately.


Thank you for such an in depth response!  You have truly answered not only my questions but presented a true picture of our Christian heritage which I have to admit, rests (as you would say) ‘root and branch’ on Orthodox Catholic Christianity or Orthodoxy.




A Commenter:  As a Roman Catholic living in Deming, New Mexico who attends, ever other Sunday, the two different parishes, I had heard from several parishioners about you in a not too friendly manner.  Then, on asking the parish priests at both churches, I couldn’t help but ask the same questions of their bishop out of Las Cruces, New Mexico. 


The Roman Catholic Church in New Mexico do not see you as being either Orthodox or even Catholic.  Their reasons or claims are that you are not under a Patriarch and also your past. 


When I went on a retreat to a place in Las Cruces (its unimportant where I went, even though it is run by those of the Roman Catholic Church) I learned from some of the Brothers and Fathers that you are considered a thorn in the side of the Roman Catholic Church and that being under a Patriarch or even your past have anything to do with the strict Roman view of you. Most of those priests and brothers hold you, privately, in high esteem because of your strong stance on the Seals of the Confessional and other things which they believe the Roman Church from the Vatican on down have departed from.  They suggest that you are what they once were.  But if they were to say anything openly, they would be cut off and their individual resources are almost non-existent except for what the Roman Church provides for many of them who are aging. 


As one venerable brother who has been there (where I was on the retreat) far long before you ever came to New Mexico had to say…. “The official position of the Diocese towards Father Alan Stanford, known in religious life as Joseph Thaddeus, is that he is more than a thorn, because he is exposing their shortcomings.  He actually states the truth!  The Roman Catholic Church has gone too far into the affairs of Politics, especially in local matters from a more quiet approach because of the concerns about illegal Hispanic border crossings.  This hurts the diocese and the Church.  He has not attacked the Diocese, but attacking the Church is attacking the diocese.” 


When I asked him if it was an “attack” or an explanation and defense of the faith and he had to restate himself with an apology because he even felt that you weren’t attacking, but explaining and defending the faith that the Roman Church has left behind. 


I learned from that man of God that you are quietly praised in the hearts of many as being the thorn that is needed to awaken a stubborn and recalcitrant church that has made something of a mockery of all that it had once held to be true for the faithful.  The Sex scandals are their primary fear and it is because of that, they hold you in disdain. 


Another Brother or Father there said that the Roman Church could not and cannot find fault with your Orders or Lines and that you are very Catholic more than the Romans knowing full well that you originally came from the Roman Church but went over to Orthodoxy which the Roman Church considers as schismatic. 


But, as was pointed out to me, the Roman Church is historically the schismatic not only by historical fact, but by their present day actions to depart from the Life and Teachings that they once, through the Bishop of Rome, had held true to.  A new “Catholicism” has been produced and many of the old parishioners are not so happy with it.  But, as was told to me, they will die out and the upcoming younger ones will not know the difference and remain true to the Roman Church.  That is a form of psychological manipulation I would think?


The local priests are only doing their job because they don’t want to loose their places in the scheme of things, including their retirements and other things.  Yet, being the kind of Roman Catholic priests that they are, they have quietly done a number on you with the parishioners who come to them one at a time.  There is a guy named "Bill" who used to be friends with a man and his now deceased wife at some trail park in Deming.  He is so vicious and attacks you any way he can.  Many of know he suffers from a degree of mental dementia, but you seem to be his ardent evil man whenever you are mentioned.


What this boils down to is that you are very Catholic, you protected and protect the Seals of the Confessional which the Roman clergy are less and less inclined to do as is proven out by their numerous sex scandals and changing ways of catechizing the faithful.  I am inclined to believe that as with every other religion, its all about money and politics!


Thank you for allowing me and those with me to visit you.  We are convinced that you are not only valid, but that you are on the right path in disclosing the faults and problems locally.  You are Orthodox and very Catholic!


OTHER DENOMINATIONS People of other denominations from Methodist to Lutheran have, over many months in the last several years, come forward out of sincerity of heart to ask non-confrontational questions and they too were treated with the same openness as the above examples.  Their responses were similar. 


Those actions as exampled above, tells us that the WORD is out!  The Message is being spread and spreading.  Truth is being provided and the Truth shall set you free!




As with all who are true Orthodox Catholic Christian clergy, so too is our Vladyka +Thaddeus who often refers to the numerous Patristic fathers in his providing guidance. With reluctant permissions, we present to you the following from Vladyka +Thaddeus who signs as " +Thaddeus the Unworthy Repentant One



Dearly beloved brother and sisters

and to all my spiritual children;


And ye shall bear witness, because ye have been with Me from the beginning(John 15:27).


There are witnesses for Christ Jesus both in heaven and on earth.  The Apostles had been with the Lord Jesus from the very beginning of His ministry on earth to the human race: they had seen, heard and felt what the Lord had done among the Jews.  They had seen the miracles, heard His teachings and known His holy life.  Therefore one could not wish for more trustworthy witnesses of Jesus Christ than them.


That … which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of Life … declare we unto you(1 John 1:1, 3) said the Apostles to the world.  Their testimony was powerful because they were fully trustworthy witnesses.  Inasmuch as they were acting under the influence of the Spirit of Truth, and were filled by Him to a degree that none of the Prophets had been, their witness was as faithful to the truth as it was mighty by its Divine power.  To be a faithful witness to Jesus Christ one must study not fleshly wisdom, but the oral and written scriptures of God’s revelation, and one must practice in word and deed the Christian life.


The above paragraph is so true even to those who are the legitimate successors of the Apostles today. 


They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosever killeth you will think that he doest God service (John 16:2).


Even for these present times in the 20th – 21st Century – the Scripture holds true. 


Not only to protect the faith of the weak disciples from temptation, but to give their faith a sure proof of His Divine omnipotence, the Lord adds a precise warning as to how the world’s hatred for them will be expressed.


He says that they will put them out of the synagogues as insufferable people.  The Savior had indicated this earlier, when He said,Blessed are ye, when men shall …. Separate you from their company … and cast out your name as evil, (Luke 6:220).


The world’s hatred would not stop at this.  It would not only expel them from society, but would kill them and think that it is doing God service.  This is what has been and is happening even in these times that we live in the 20th-21st Century.  We are seeing this more often when those who will not give in to and go along with the New World Order and those actions and activities which are bringing about the One World Religion which is reshaping all doctrines of all faiths.  We are seeing this locally as much as we are seeing this through out the world.


+Thaddeus the Unworthy Repentant One






In early October of this year Vladyka wrote to a man who has been searching…


Dear Brother in Christ,


Thank you for telephoning me over the weekend.  There is much you are faced with that requires deep consideration on my part.  Yet, I could only afford you the briefest of thoughts given the fact that what I had said is totally true.  Deep prayer, prayer from the heart is most necessary to overcome some of the tensions, anxieties you are faced with. 


As I often do, I also use here.  For what I have to say has already been said by many of a Patristic Fathers of the Orthodox Catholic Church (East and West).  Yet, we must rely on them for guidance as their thoughts concern the one primary affliction of all mankind.  That affliction is our neglecting to do that which is so necessary for both spiritual and material survival while we are in this temporary existence.


While it is so very true that “If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us (1 John 1:8).  The Apostle Paul says, “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Gal. 6:2).  How does this all fit in with your life’s problems? 


First off, you have raised your daughter to believe according to that which you, yourself were raised even though it was not in line with the truth of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as an Orthodox Catholic Christian.  Yet, in these latter years, you have attempted to do that which a father strives to do for the good of the child.  Now that she has reached the age of being able to move about and make her own decisions, it is obvious she is no longer under your custody, care and control, being that she is of legal age and on her own.  But, the fact that someone else has beguiled her mind and sometimes she comes to you but acts without observance of your counsel says much about her. 


You and your wife have done what you could only do according to the understandings you had at the time you both were raising her.  She is on her own.  Her attempts to blackmail you and your wife over a material item, a vehicle, says much about the kind of people she has been running with and fallen in with to the degree of her attempt to marry one of them without your blessing and against your counsel since they appear to be heavily involved in things satanic including illegal drugs. 


Your concern for your daughter and her affects on both your wife and your mother says much about your love and concern for your family altogether.  Your task as a parent though, is come to an end unless and until your daughter should awaken to the darkness she is carrying with her, a spiritual drunkenness that befits only those who are of the various Protestant cults. She must come to you for help out of true spiritual and material concern for her own welfare and anything beyond that would be falseness in her.  It must be both and not just material or earthly, it must be spiritual and material.


Now that you have been more awakened to the truth, about the Love of God, I can only tell you what Jesus Christ has said.  ‘Any who love mother, father, sister, brother…. More than me … is not worthy of me!”  Remember that… Your love must surpass that of the world and with your wife at your side, strive to become more ensconced in the Love of God through your daily spiritual and material struggles.


As for the injection by in-laws or your own mother; they are nothing more than distractions which must be avoided or dealt with severely and dearly in a loving way that is succinct and specific. 


You must be the master of your house now!  Not any one else.  You and your wife are partners, friends, one flesh, having been joined together by your love of each other and God!  Let no distraction subject you to torments and that which can only lead to further splits in your family as your daughter has been doing, according to what you have said,. 


I must add that with your having come to the realization that Orthodox Catholic Christianity, not Romanism or Protestantism, is the root and branch of all that was established by Jesus Christ’s Life and Teachings as it is historically proven time and again. 


You and hopefully your wife are on the path to spiritual pursuits that can only benefit your spirit, your soul. 


If you allow distractions to get in the way, you will surely fall from the spiritual path that leads to a righteousness that is a Holy endeavor.


The sea of life is often troubled by the blowing winds – they continue to be agitated for a considerable amount of time even after the winds quiet down. So also the mind, when it has been subjected to the influence of distractions, continues to feel this influence, even after its withdrawal from the distractions you have been faced with. In fact they may continue for a considerable length of time. 


One must endure such a situation with composure and try to divert the mind from the distractions by the remembrance of death and the judgment of God.


+Thaddeus the Unworthy Repentant One



And in another letter Vladyka +Thaddeus wrote;


My Dear Brother in Christ,


In the name of the +Father, the +Son, and the +Holy Spirit. Amen!


After meeting and discussing many things about ourselves, I have been burdened within my spirit and thus find that only by the Grace of God upon Whom I have prayed for guidance, that I find I am entrusted to many of the thoughts and writings of the Holy Patristic Fathers to write this.  Therefore having entrusted myself to the help of God, to His strength and that of many of the Holy Fathers who are made perfect in weakness, I have conceived the intention of replying to many things in writing which were raised on Saturday from our private talks.  


I do this more so that my mind might not be distracted during a personal conversation which might otherwise grow faint under the din of words, but might in silence, in the seclusion of my own abode; preserve a peaceful state, the only state in which Truth may be perceived.  I stand before His face through prayer, and being illumined by His light, look upon my soul and compare it with what I see in you.  And what do I see?


I see numerous illnesses of the body and the spirit; I see many infirmities which some are from nature, and others are the result of wounds and illnesses to your mind and spirit, past and present.  At almost every step I have been mocked and defamed by the Evil One, the Devil, in my own life, due to my own lack of spiritual wisdom and due to my own excess of pride, which is disinclined to ask counsel of my spiritual neighbor in true Orthodox benevolence. In such a state I find my soul when the path of my life has already reached more than half of my days remaining in this earthly shell. 


I also find that because of our private discussion, I am grieved for my soul is not what it should be because of the passions of mind, heart, body and soul of the past as well as the assaults in the present, and therefore know that my own infirmities of the body are caused by my spiritual negligence of the past and present due to the often ensnarements presented to me by the Evil One.


It is only by prayer and mediation in a quiet surrounding that I find those ensnarements are indeed from the Evil One who is the great deceiver to the soul. These things are heralds, for as heralds of what may be coming; they proclaim to me the nearness of the parting of the soul from the body in due time to come.  I can only pray and hope in the promises of our Lord and therefore entreat Him by saying,  “Remember me O’Lord in Thy Kingdom,” for my soul is wounded and my body is marked by sin. 


Because of my state, it would be most fitting for me to leave everything and go away from it all to give myself over to inconsolable internal heart-felt weeping when all is lost, at least not to lose repentance.  And, dear brother; I must use myself as the example of what you too may be faced with and I can only hope through my prayers that you are led by the Spirit of God’s Love, the Holy Spirit, to change your thoughts and fight the temptations of the body that you are still enjoined with as a woman is with a man not in love, but in lust for there is a difference between lust and love!


But for the attainment of this condition that I face, I must acknowledge as most fitting for me, I use no other means but my feeble prayers in which I ask that the Will of God be done in me.  This prayer is instilled by the fear of asking something that exceeds my own strength.  This fear is instilled by experience itself; for in all the experiences in which my strength has been tested, my weaknesses have been revealed. 


Where the demons (the Evil One Himself, may be) have drawn before my mind a picture of brilliant successes when, in actual fact, they have all turned out to be a loss.  Dangers arose, and the fatal precipice, that edge over which I would fall, where both my body and soul would fall, I saw a covering of flowers.  I recognized, only by the Grace of God, the deception after the deception had taken place; I recognized the beguilement, the charade, being seduced and injured by it.  Now I am afraid to take on anything particular by my own will, even if I used to consider that ‘thing’ beneficial to the soul. 


It is better, say the Holy Patristic Fathers (in their many writings), to struggle against the mire, the filth, the gluttony; that is - the very passions more strongly than against conceit, haughtiness, pride and arrogance because they are bound up, each one to the other… filth and gluttony of this world’s pleasures we unconsciously seek until, sometimes it is too late, is the root of them.  For the passions are subtle; they steal into the mind so quietly, so imperceptibly and take on the appearance of healthy and righteous thoughts for the needs of the body as a means to quell the building negatives of the mind and heart when wronged or when in need. 


Often times, when one hungers for food and has no place to get it; those thoughts, along with ones intake of alcoholic drink; the mind runs amuck and looses track of its first requirement, to protect the soul through prayer, meditation and seeking silence in places where distractions are minimized. They cannot be observed otherwise than by the light of Grace which is given only by the providence of God and your earnest prayers to Him through the merits of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 


Although I do not normally drink alcohol on a regular basis aside from the Blood of Christ during Divine Liturgy, I am not an alcoholic, thus I say this more for your edification and guidance.


You have talked much about AA and that organization is more the meeting ground for relationships than for what it used to be.  It is better to struggle out of pain of heart to overcome your problem than to continue with the addictiveness of what I personally believe is a continuation of what AA has been and is producing.  There is another organization which uses the old ways of what AA had changed from.  I shall send you the information and their name as soon as I possibly can for it is one in which you can learn “moderation” and how to decrease that which is a temptation to you.  But the strongest of armaments you could ever employ is true; honest prayer from the heart, for without such you will surely lose and it is not you, but God who does not interfere with that free will he gave you unless you are sincere enough to ask!


I must therefore plunge my mind and heart into concentrated prayer and I can only say, “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God and Son of Man, Have mercy on me… a sinner that I am.”  In such a way does my soul appear to me when I look upon it with my mind in the light of the Gospel teaching!  That is, the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  I shall not turn further to the words of accusations which I am often errantly assaulted with by so many others who have failed or refused to remove themselves from the ensnarement of this world’s earthy or earthly life that they are so involved in while calling themselves “Christian” – as followers of Jesus Christ, His Life and Teachings.  For they have beguiled themselves with their false pride of believing their numerous so-called pastors and ministers who are under the sway of Satan’s demonic treats of this world. 


It is said that the Devil is the God of this world and it is true, he is!  Yet, those who call themselves “Christian” falsely believe that just because they say, “I believe” – that it is enough.  As I told you, it is not enough for if it were so, they would be taken out of this world for they would have no need for accomplishing anything more in their spirit for they would have attained the highest spiritual level that can be so attained in this world, which they have not! 


They say, “I am saved” because of their belief!  But, being “Saved” is understood so differently than what it meant for the Holy Apostles ordained by Jesus Christ when He walked the earth.  And that is a subject for another time when you are more sober in your mind should you wish to pursue this.   Know that they are not yet “Saved” for they have not set their heart, mind, body and soul on the spiritual path by which Jesus Christ can save them when they cross that line between this earthy or earthly life for that which is to come; be it Heaven or Hell. 


As for my unworthy repentant self, I have many shortcomings, more than you could ever be aware of in actual fact.   Acknowledging a large debt that goes beyond anything material or earthly, I cannot help but acknowledge a small one – which I should have admitted when I did not want to.  Therefore it remains for me with spiritual internal tears to beg your forgiveness and your holy prayers for my correction. 


If, according to the words of St. Isaac (the Syrian), words of justification do not belong to Christian life and are nowhere prescribed in the teachings of Jesus Christ; if the Lord Himself, standing before the authorities of the world and establishing the righteousness of the Cross before the face of the universe, did not accord any attention at all to outward righteousness – not a single word, considering it to be dust and corruption – then who, looking into the depths of His heart, and seeing correctly, would dare to stand up against his accuser?  I also must do the same and take up my Cross.  Will you?  Can you? 


He would say to misfortunes, even those which you dear brother Tom are faced with: “Fall upon me and overwhelm me, for I deserve it.”  He would say to his body, worn out by sickness and sent into banishment: “Go, for you have sinned.”  He would say to his brothers: “Pray for me, a foul one, ye angels of God.”  He would fall at the feet of adulterers and murderers and would say to them: “Pray for me, for you are more righteous than I.”  And so this is my state, when the eyes of my mind are opened.  But when they close, my state becomes incomparably worse – for the wounds naturally remain the same, but to the pains of my heart is added blindness of mind.


From blindness comes insensibility, loss of love for one’s neighbor, loss of contrition and consoling tears of the heart for the sins committed, and the addition of one wound upon another wound and sickness upon another sickness.  In a word, whether I have sight or am blind, my state, my calamitousness is only worthy of my seeking solace through prayer of the heart and mind.  The prayer of the mind, a continuous prayer – simple and short – brings about within one’s self that which is determined with sincerity of heart – to seek the Lord… for His Love, for His illumination, for His Forgiveness.  Such is my answer to anyone who may accuse me of any thing, and to you my brother Tom… And if I were to reply in any other fashion, I would be sinning.  For our discussions opened up many things that I have had to reflect upon and seek guidance through prayer of the heart and mind!


For me to continue with this discourse in a letter would be foolish on my part for I know you are not one who gives himself over to reading very often.  Therefore, I must satisfy according to my strength – borrowing Light from the True Light, the Word of God – the demands of what you and I have discussed privately to say that you have revealed much to me about yourself, but in doing so, you have opened within me that which I had hoped I had overcome and find that it is a constant daily struggle for me and not just myself alone, but for so many others as I have often said, especially for those who claim to be “Christian” but are deceiving themselves for they know not what it means to be a true “Christian” – a follower of Christ by being observant to His Life and Teachings as such provides for one to constantly convict themselves in their spirit and in truth while in this life which amount of time that remains allows for correction from the many deceptions we have been wearing about ourselves as one wears clothes or a blanket without thinking.


Therefore I send you this and hope you understand why I am compelled to continually pray for you and your real needs, not the needs you have claimed for yourself which are, in themselves, deceptions.  I see in you so much that you could attain, but the very thing you need to do, you do not and it is to that which I must constantly apply for myself while I have a chance in this life as Life itself for all of us is so very short and it is will be the only time through which we can prepare ourselves for the Life to come… we often fall into the trap of thinking we have much time in this life left before we have to worry about the next life… but the truth is, this life is for that purpose now… we have no other time… the shorter life for us becomes, the less we can do to be more fully prepared.  While you have the chance at such a young age, take heart and know that you can achieve the very thing you desire but you have to make certain decisions now while there is time left.  Do not wait!  For your immortal soul while in this life is at issue, as is my own in my affairs of this life! 


With spiritual love for you and prayers for your awakening; know that I ask for your prayers in spirit and in truth….


+Thaddeus the Unworthy Repentant One




Again we asked our Vladyka +Thaddeus to write on this question:


Dear Ones... For your edification and spiritual growth;


There is not a one of us who can say that we are without sin!  Not one!  Not even clergymen of any of the denominations and those of the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Faith!  Not even the Pope of the Roman Church can say he is without sin.


As to those clergymen who had once been with us, some of whom had been the initiators and a few creators of such in the local area to cause division in this Jurisdiction of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church; there has been many false and misleading rumors caused.  But like all rumors, they are just that, "Rumors".  "Rumors" and rumor-mongering is a sin!  Yet they are portents of the times in which we will carry heavier crosses in our hearts and souls until the line is crossed.  But, they can all be forgiven even though both Protestant and Roman congregations, their people, more often thrive on the very thing they claim to hate or are unable to contend with so they continue using rumors as a means to beat others into a form of submission or to cut them off from the rest of the people.  That too is a cross of sorts.  Is it not said that "If we say that we have not sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us," (1 John 1:8) and "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ," says the Apostle Paul.  Have we truly borne the burdens of the other without animosity, without the horrible specter of one-up-man-ship?


In the Gospels of Holy Writ the true Church proclaims to us in the person of Christ: "Whosoever will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me," (Mark 8:34).  And, what she proclaims to our ears, she also presents to eyes, that is, the Cross of Christ, so as through the eyes to ceaselessly impress that which cannot be repeated often enough to the hearing. 


It seems to me that I can hear this silent, yet sufficiently audible suggestion.  You are approaching the exalted and mystical commemoration of the death of Christ on the Cross in Divine Liturgy, in Divine Worship and in the festival commemorations especially during Pascha. 


Stop and think - are you worthy to draw near, are you ready for this vision, do you have sufficient faith, reverence, love and understanding for this?


As if you were still some distance away, as if in a preparatory manner, look at the great spectacle of Christ the Cross-bearer, Crhist crucified, Christ dying and being buried, and learn how you might approach closer and not be cast away; how you might touch the Lord's wounds from which life gushes forth and not be condemned.  Many came near Him, but not many in so salvific a way as the wise thief; many touched Him, and out of curiosity thronged about Him, and abused, beat and crucified Him, but not many touched Him in such a holy way as did Joseph and Nicodemus. 


Only the followers of Christ can approach in spirit and in truth the Holy Mysteries as though they were touching Christ uncondemned and salvifically, but His follower must deny himself, take up his cross and follow after Him much more fully than ever before in these last times.


How could I, even this repentant unworthy one be so bold as to say that I am not without sin?  I cannot, thus I have fear in me for coming close to touch that which is the Body of Christ and that which becomes for us the Blood of Christ.  I am no different than you! 


I am besought by the Evil One too!  Yet, I too have to do that which you also must do in the hope of not being so arrogant to believe that I have attained that which not a one of us can know until we cross into the next life where we shall face the first judgment.  


It takes much time for an individual, be s/he a parishioner or clergyman, to not set aside one's anger, one's hurt, one's pain and anguish before they come to the realization that without forgiving, they are stopped from advancement in those things spiritual which leads to the saving presence of Christ in the Holy Mysteries. 


If I, unworthy that I am, were to be visited by or be faced with any one of your presence; I would have to look upon you as a prodigal son and bring about the fatted calf of joy and respect; humbling myself before you, even though my status and station in the Church is as it is.  Yet, being human, even though consecrated, and that being an Apostle in a long line of successive apostles before me, I am still one who is a lowly sinner of sinners who mentally prays in repentance for those things humans do to each other without forethought until afterwards.


Our Holy Mother, the Church, inspires us to do that which is to seek and give forgiveness in all things in so far as is humanly possible, but to do so with such sincerity of true devotion in word and deed to our Lord and Savior... that I must say that even without me, as well as through me, is proclaimed the very things that Christ, Jesus, Himself wants for all of us to do. Take up your cross.  Bear one another's burdens!


The scriptures demonstrate, concerning the most exalted and virtuous men, what the defaming of one's neighbor can give birth to.  Who is holier than the Apostles?  But we read in Acts that between the Apostles Barnabas and Paul a quarrel took place and, after the quarrel, even a parting.  Is this not what has often times happened among clergy? 


Without any doubt, as regards Barnabas and Paul, the circumstance was related to us by the Scriptures with the aim that we who the infirm ones be careful not to be carried away by self-styled zeal, but to bear one another's burdens.  Thus is the law of Christ fulfilled!  Bear my infirmities, and I will try to bear yours, as I have tried until now.  Of course, you are not saying that you are without infirmities.  My infirmities are heavier for you than they are form, and yours are moer perceptible to me than to you.  If burdens had no weight, then bearing them would have no value, and there would have been no reason to make a commandment of it.  But the value of the mutual bearing of infirmities is so great that the Scripture says that it includes the fulfillment of the Law of Christ, Who took upon Himself the sins of the whole world.


The Holy Fathers have held to the opinion that Inconstancy, or Changeability, is a constant and certain infirmity of mankind, as long as he is in this land of the earthy or earth, the material world. Immutability is a property of the future state.  Changeability is not only proper to us who are really the feeble ones, but even the greatest of saints admitted to it.  Endure the inconstancy in me, and I will endure it in you.  My inconstancy is perceptible to you, and yours is to me. Let us bear our mutual infirmities and we shall know how easy Christ's yoke is; but if we throw off Christ's yoke, then to what yoke will we submit ourselves?  


Very well did the holy Elias Ekdikos (the Prebyter) say"The house of the soul is patience: it lives therein; and its food is humility: it is nourished thereby," (from: "Gnomic Anthologies -part 1" by Elias the Presbyter, text 62).


Thoughts of humility should hold the soul in patience.  Nothing leads the soul away from patience than those that are of pride and arrogance, self-will! 


I have repeatedly told many of you and others to whom it occurred to me to impart soul-profiting knowledge: when I check my state, condition and behavior against the writings of the Holy Fathers, I find that in an ancient monastery I would have to take my place among the beginners.


In the monasticism of today though, where the knowledge of the Holy Fathers, and a way of thinking somewhat marked by this knowledge are so rare, he who instructs his listeners in the teachings of the Fathers is the greatest of rarities. It is under this condition that i am your Superior and have you as spiritual children, in order to teach you the Gospel way of thinking in so far as I can humanly do according to my very nature and degree of ability. 


I say to you: now, when there are no works at all, and spiritual wisdom is extremely rare, the devil hates this wosdom so much that he would like to exterminate it from the face of the earth, so that the Gospel would be left with us only for our condemnation, not for our edification; for we will be judged according to the Gospel, as the Lord Jesus Christ foretold (cf. John 12:40). 


The devil, the deceiver is truly ready to strengthen our common sense tenfold and increase our practical knowledge a thousand-fold, if only he can rob us of knowledge of the Cross, by which we can stand at the right hand of God.  Anyone who attributes such knowledge and common sense to himself likens himself to the devil, who wanted to recognize himself as the source of light (for is it not true that he was, in heaven, the 'light bearer' known as lucifer before he fell, and has therefore continued to deceive many, unknowing even to themselves, of the great deceptions working in them?).


The devil is therefore the source of imaginary light - fleshly wisdom, which does not submit itself to the understanding of God, bears within itself the mark of pride, and contains within itself the condition for all falls into sin. 


Abbot Dorotheus says, "Have you ever seen someone who has fallen? Know that he has directed himself."


Although according to my unworthiness it befits me to attend only to my own personal shortcoming, nevertheless, by my obligations as a spiritual father, I must tell you what appears to my sinful eyes: the passion of pride is warring within many of you.  It rears its ugly head every so often in many of us.  One's declaration of having practical knowledge and understanding  is its justification, which it uses as a cover.  Coolness towards me and towards those around me are its fruits.  After disparaging one's neighbor, there follows the drying up of true love that sometimes is replaced by the a kind of love that beguiles under the direction of the great deceiver so that you can hold others in your sway for material gain. The drying up of true love for one's neighbor is a sign of the acceptance of demonic thoughts, since the sign of the acceptance of the seeds of Grace is the increase of true love for one's neighbor. 


There is more I would say, but it is obvious to even the casual clergyman, that while pride acts differently than the passions or anger; we are all afflicted in various degrees and must therefore strive to carry one another's burdens more sincerely without asking for anything in return. 


It is fitting for me to recall here the words of St. John Climacus, repeated by St. Nilus of Sora: "Some have become stuck in the swamp, but have warned others against a similar fall, and for saving the others, the Lord granted salvation to them as well." 


After grievous wounds I have come to know that the signs of pride are disparaging or disdaining one's neighbors and carelessness over confession.  But in and of itself, pride is not noticeable to a man, being the subtlest passion, which deceived a light-bearing angel and caused the Fall from Heaven.  Upon this passion the others are supported, like a building upon a foundation that is hidden beneath the earth.


I entrust each of you who are familiar with who you are to whom this letter is directed, and myself, to the mercy and Grace of God, which is mighty indeed - if we ourselves do not spurn it - to grant us salvation although we are totally unworthy of it. 


Pray for me;


+Thaddeus the Unworthy Repentant One


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Notice the New Mailing Address for all Holy Orders, Institutions and organizations under the


and the


P.O. Box 1652, Columbus, NM 88029

As of October 7, 2007 our Telephone Area Code will be changing from "505" to "575"



Institutions include, but are not limited to the following:


Catholic Christian Church, Orthodox Benedictine,

Holy Order of St. Jude Thaddeus


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Physical Mailing Address Change as of April 15, 2007:

P.O. Box 1652, Columbus, NM 88029

Church International Communications Headquarters


ON OCTOBER 7th, the AREA CODE WILL CHANGE TO (575) 531-0021