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War To Come - 10/09/2002 (Wednesday)

Brother Carl:  Your Blessings Father....

After more than four and five years of sporadic self-examination I've come to realize what you had been saying a very long time ago.  Would I be correct in saying that what is happening in the Mid East is that all the evil of Hitler, the many 'Caesars', even Mussolini is culminating there in these times in which we Live?


Father Thaddeus responds:  Your on the ladder of spiritual truth!  And only by the Holy Spirit could you have culminated such an understanding.  It was not out of selfishness, avarice or greed of man that you come by that understanding, but only by the Holy Spirit which is God's Grace of Love and Light for and in you that you come by such.  But yet, be warned, do not let this passing feeling of warmth make you feel some sense of self-accomplishment for to do so might cause you to run afoul by leading you into self-pride which leads to other and more harmful evils that the Evil One takes delight in which can lead one astray!


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The Eve of one of Ecumenism's greatest accomplishments... 09/08/2002


Brendan (Oblate): Blessings Dear Eminence, Your Blessings, please...

I ask you what has happened to those pages which, a few days ago, we had placed up on the web site concerning the spiritual fraud of a so-called Benedictine Abbot from Oakland? Why were they taken down?  Is there anything to be learned from all of this?


Father Thaddeus responds:  If you have already seen the change, and read the reason then know truly that  ... "Christ guaranteed the gates of hell shall not prevail.  I tell you and all who are distraught over the internal affairs of the Church Catholic, read the back of the book, we won !!" As to what has happened to bring it about, let me tell you a story...


There was a married man who claimed to be a priest.  He lived in a southern province where the people there had already turned from the Church while claming to be a part of it.  The man, in contact with another self-proclaimed priest in the northwestern part of the country from him, connived and convinced others like them to lie and cheat (just a little bit they thought, no one would know).  Several others claimed and even signed their names to a document alleging they saw a man's ordination.  Now, the supposed ordaining bishop had already gone to his repose.  However, over the years the man in the northwestern part of the country had convinced many of them who considered themselves Independent, to believe a lie as a truth until they too became convinced of the great spiritual fraud to where they did not like their brother being bothered by truth and called it harassment.  They even went so far as to say that the one who was telling the truth, was a liar, a devil, satan, and went further by claiming that the one who was telling the truth and who had a notarized document declaring the truth, was a lie perpetrated by the one telling the truth.  They even said that he and the one who had defrocked and excommunicated the fraudulent priest in the northwest, had perpetrated a fraud on the ordaining bishop when he was alive.  Yet, the one telling the truth had not (at that time) known the ordaining bishop at the time of the supposed ordination.  Well... because of the number of those who had joined  in with the fraud, guided and calculated by the friend to the south, the northwestern priest gained so much support of his erroneous actions that the teller of truth backed down in order to preserve the truth and the spirit of the Church Catholic as being in one accord.  Many Saints have had to do this similar thing.  They, before they became saints, had been claimed to be heretics, evil, of Satan, and worse.  But, later being vindicated... they became great saints in the eyes of Man because God saw that Justice was truly done....


Although the one who was telling the truth remained alive... he deplored the actions of the fraudulent group of independents and went on about the business of the Lord, Our Savior, Jesus Christ from whom all things are saved that are truth!  He remained humble and in prayer, doing the work that was needed to be done in order to provide an example to all others that he really hadn't given up in telling truth and defending the Church!



Pentecostal spiritual fraud & other questionable - 8/8/2002


Father Ngyuen asks:  Your Eminence,  I have learned that with the Roman Catholic scandal still being at the forefront of the public's mind, we are faced with an increase of aggressive activities by the local Pentecostal Church.  As you already know, they had their outdoor children's gorilla-type theater in their parking lot where the children wore black sheets with the message "Hate" in white on the back side... They were implying that the Orthodox Catholics are hate-filled, and this was approved by their pastor who doesn't even live in the local area but in a very wealthy area of another nearby city.  We did not respond to what they were doing, but watched.  What should I and those with me have done?


Father Thaddeus responds:  Watching and observing is about all you could really do.


Monk John asks:  What is the problem with those Pentecostals?  What do they really believe? 


Father Thaddeus responds:  You might want to learn something from the material at our website entitled "Defining Fundamentalism - Pentecostalism" and "Defining Evangelicalism" which is a part of that article.  There are several articles on these heretical groups which best define the heresy they follow which is a part of the World Council of Churches and the World Council of Bishops which the Vatican has approved of by their ecumenist activities which are in violation of all that the early fathers of the Church taught and held in common.  These Pentecostals and Evangelicals have removed themselves from that which is truly Christian.


Monk Matthias asks:   Bless Father.  I have truly seen what Monk Nguyen has stated.  I have watched one of the senior Pentecostal members approach one of our monks telling him that they went to the Sheriff's Office and know the truth.  In spite of their having been told that regardless of what they think they know and because they do not believe in the Seals of the Confessional they would not know what it means for a priest to take a prison sentence under false charges in order to preserve and safeguard the faith, especially the Seals of the Confessional.  In short, while not being specific, they intimated a form of what I perceived as a kind of blackmail if we didn't stop our activities since we do not have a building called a "Church" as they have.  Our brother told them they could do all they wanted and they wouldn't even phase our endeavors but cause for us to be more vigorous in exposing them for being the hand-maids and servants of the Evil One even though they do not know it and won't accept it.  I am sorry if I offended, but I know it couldn't be helped, especially after witnessing how the children's theatrical actions took place outside for all the public passing by to see... It was a rather simple act, but well understood...


Brother Dorian asks: It would appear, in my opinion, that the so-called Denomination of the Christian Church called Pentecostalism and Evangelicalism have something in common with Islam.  (If you have "Real Player" or
"Windows Media Player" on your computer, you should be able to hear the following






While I do not believe the Pentecostals and Evangelicals are of the type to do violence in the manner of those of radical Islam, they would (as time has shown) use every method possible that is legal to infect society with their errant false beliefs as one of the means to destroy anything and everything that is truly Catholic in the Orthodox sense be it Roman Catholic or Orthodox Catholic as it has already begun doing in the Roman Catholic Church by that church's acceptance of such known and called today as Pentecostal Catholics, a misnomer at best and heretical at most.   As many of our brothers have already stated, they use a form of activity that barely escapes the bordering of harassment and other questionable actions as a means to repel the Christian (Christ centered) teaching on Repentance and Forgiveness which they believe is only good for themselves who are Pentecostal, Evangelical, etc., but not so for those of us who are truly Christian, as even the Roman Catholics have taken a similar stand in their attitude of approach in these more recent times.   Is this not true of the Evangelicals, Pentecostals, and many of the so-called Fundamentalists who are not even approaching the true Christian Religion as our ancient fathers of the Church who were truly "Fundamentalists" in that they practiced and followed many of the Patristic Fathers and Holy Apostles of Jesus Christ?


Father Thaddeus responds: Based on what I have heard and what you ask, I would have to say that it is in my opinion very true indeed!  They are extremists who have opted to interpret the Writings of the Holy Apostles as we have them codified in that which we call the Holy Bible, in a manner and form unknown to true Christians of ancient times.  Those of today think and believe themselves to be wise in their own conceit.  And their actions bespeak the proof of what has been stated. 


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Basic Theme: Other Religions & the Ecumenist Movement

July 4 & 8, 2002

Monk John asks:

Father, we were approached by a person who asked us about his sensing evil from the graveyard across from where he resides up on the hill.    He described several instances of evil actions where unseen forces were physically pulling at his clothing late at night from within his house.  He asked how he could deal with it. I asked him whether he was Orthodox Catholic or not and he replied that he was a Buddhist.  I told him to go to those of his elders who are Buddhist and ask them because there is a different understanding and teaching involved which he might have difficulty understanding.  He said why can't you answer, we worship the same God. I told him no, we don't worship the same God.  You worship Buddha and we worship Jesus Christ in the Trinity.  He said, we do too.  I said, you worship many gods and there is only one God.  He said that it was only a difference in name.  I said no, it was not just a difference in name but a different God altogether that we worship in spirit and truth.  Was I wrong?


Father Thaddeus responds: You did well my son... You did well being that you are only with us in Orthodoxy for just over a year.  The Buddhist Religion is one of those religions who are now members of the Ecumenist movement through the World Council of Churches and World Council of Bishops.  The Buddhist Religion is a pagan religion that is very cultic, similar to many of the various Protestant denominations.  They believe they worship God under their various names, but one can only come to God through the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as handed to us through time and history, and only if one maintains and practices the faith as embodied in Orthodoxy.  Nothing less will do.  Many Protestants fail, even reject or refuse to learn, believing everything is evil with those who are Catholic. Unlike Buddhists who show respect, the Protestants, especially in these time that which is called PENTECOSTAL, uses serious and harmful aggressions to the point whereby they could be deemed spiritual terrorists by their actions which might, could or would later be deemed under the new Patriot Act on Domestic Terrorism as a threat to this country and its other religions.


Monk Matthias asks: 

Father, many of us have noticed that since the Ecumenist movement has grown almost world wide attention, that many of the cultic evangelical and fundamentalist cultic sects of Protestantism have become very brazen, bold and daring in their aggressive tactics to induce Catholics, especially Orthodox Catholics, into their ranks as members.  Is there anything we can do to either stop or lessen this from happening?


Father Thaddeus responds:

The most that any one of us can do is to stand our ground and not allow their disease to infect those who are with us in our struggle out of pain of heart for the Faith once delivered by the Apostles. 


Brother Dorian asks:

Yes Father, even I have seen the aggressive and assertive approach, especially by those of the local Pentecostal church.  I've noticed they have retraced their actions from calling us with four-lettered epitaphs when they had been politely asked not to park in front of our Abbey House.  After you notified them in writing of the goings on of various people, the drugs being done late at night on some occasions behind their church, they changed a bit and seemed to have taken other precautions. Some of our own converts have said that when they had attended that entertainment church, many of their members were druggies and dealers.  I know they did not like to have it shoved in front of them, at least their pastor didn't.  But now they have resorted to other actions such as continuous driving by to the end of this dead end street, turning around at the end of the street and coming back by our place where they slow down.  Their church is at the beginning of the street and logically, they have no reason to be coming down here since they have their own parking areas in the back on our street and in front across front of their building.  Although I feel safe here, I feel as though we are being harassed and even terrorized.  Is there anything that can be done?


Father Thaddeus responds:

First, I would say pray for them.  For what they do in the ideologies or doctrines of their belief, they pray for guidance (whether they know it or not) from the Evil One who will aide them with a very serious consequences to the destruction of their soul.  Our prayers must be for their deliverance from error to truth.   Remember, even for them, they do also that which we and all true Christians do in that they too consider that the church is for sick souls.  However, their "church" is a church of satanic evil and entertainment, not for true worship, although they do believe otherwise with such conviction that there is no way they will be convinced.  They must be prayed for!  As for other things that can be done, it is being done.  As you know we've installed surveillance equipment with taping capabilities which records the many instances which you reference.  This was done at the advice of those more competent in civil law than we are.  The actions of those Pentecostals may be their undoing, so I am advised, and may be cause for an action being brought against them for a form of physical harassment and terrorism which might be covered under the ever expanding Patriot Act dealing with domestic terrorism.  Time will tell!  We must wait and see and allow those more expertise in civil law to make the determinations.


Father Ngyuen asks:

I recently read with interest the newest writing of His Grace +Bishop John in his ASK THE BISHOPS page (no longer hosted) regarding a question that read: "IT SEEMS TO ME YOU GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF ORTHODOX WANNA BEes BECAUSE IF YOU WERE REALLY ORTHODOX YOU WOULD BE UNDER ONE OF THE PATRIARCHS IN THE EAST," and a most proper answer in reply.  How can we deal with such in a way that is wholly Christian in approach without disenfranchising them from the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church, if at all? 


Father Thaddeus responds:

They are not so much 'disenfranchised' so much as disillusioned and misinformed about Holy Orthodoxy in spirit and truth.  The answer given by His Grace +John was most proper and covered the sins of the questioner who would seem to appear by the way in which he presented his question, most assuredly one who is under a Patriarch and one, given these times in which we live, who is involved in the ecumenist movement to a substantial degree.  The question was posed in a most arrogant - elitist manner which is not uncommon from those of Eastern Orthodoxy these days, for they have become like the Romans in many respects.  And as to the very subject itself, might I suggest of all of you to read every article and study every piece you can lay your hands on that deal with the subject of "canonicity" as well as the manner with which Bible Abuse, having come from both the Roman Catholic Church and their numerous daughter Protestant cults such as the very one mentioned in this meeting, the Pentecostals.  For all would seem to have bedded down with each other although the later is alleged to be more responsible for inciting the scandal that the former is faced with.  We must pray for all of them as they have become ostrich like in their running away from the roots of Orthodox Catholic Christianity in spirit and truth through their attempts to reinvent history. 


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Basic Theme: Being Benedictine

Posted June 22, 2002

Brother Dorian asks:

    Father, I have been told by other Benedictine that we are not true Benedictine.  Why is this? 


Father Thaddeus responds:

    If they who made the claim came from the Roman Catholic Church, you must forgive them for they, themselves, have ceased to be spiritually, a Benedictine as they have violated the one primary Rule of St. Benedict of Nursia from whom the Benedictine obtain their Orders by the Grace of God.  They who have vilified you and refuse to give you the same respect that they want for themselves, being of that jurisdiction they may claim, are to be prayed for.  You are a true Benedictine in spirit and truth.  Those who have vilified and made such false claim should be scandalized.  If they are Roman Catholics they draw further scandal upon themselves at a time when they need all the support that one can give.  This is not the first time we have heard this. 


Brother Ian asks:

    I have heard from the Benedictine of Collegeville.  They do not like what apostle1.com has posted and refuse to list us and have removed some of us from their lists.  Why is this?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    Brother, you are to pray for them.  They are much like those who have vilified your Brother, Dorian.  They do so at a time so important that what they actually do is bring more scandal upon themselves at a time they need all the support one can give, as said.  But, something more important comes clear here.  They are being true Roman Catholics who have shown, by their examples, that they want all rights of power, fame and fortune unto themselves.  Their bishops will refuse to recognize you and even tell civil authorities you are not on their lists or not REAL as they have acted like a spoiled child who wants all the (proverbial) toys for themselves and will hand them out only if you will play by their rules.  When truth, especially historical truth appears, they say they do not like this, or that.  They have tried to reinvent history much like one tries to re-invent the wheel.  One cannot!  They ride two horses and it would seem to appear, they serve two masters!  Pray for them!  Read Scripture about riding two horses and serving two masters... They would seem to appear as to have fallen into Protestant heresy where they read the RULE OF ST. BENEDICT as given by God through him, but fail or refuse to abide by the spiritual import of its meaning.  The Protestants read the written word, but have lost the oral traditions which they never had!  While this is a harsh and somewhat cold reply to your question dear brother, it is a fact of reality that has come about due to the many jurisdictions who have bedded down with heretical ecumenists and by doing so blaspheme the Holy Spirit who worked in and through St. Benedict of Nursia who gave us the RULE!


Father Ngyuen asks:

    Father, I listened attentively to the question of Brother Ian and it raises a question in my mind.  Some say you are wholly against Roman Catholics.  Is this true?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    I'm sorry Father Ngyuen... I can't help but chuckle a bit on this.  No, I am not wholly against Roman Catholics whatsoever.  In fact, many there are who as both faithful and clergy are still my friends in spirit and truth.

    What I am against, even my faithful Roman Catholic friends and clergy I find are also against but are very reluctant to speak out on; is the fact that as said above already, their Church, some of their Cardinals and many of their Bishops, many of their priests, even Monastics of the Benedictine; are riding two horses.  They bow low to Caesar (government), they bow low to image and glory and all that it represents including silver and gold which holds sway, while forgetting or putting off into the background that which is our duty to prepare people for life and life after death.  They are puffed in the importance of their own self-image.  In the doing, they have taken action in their walk and talk in this life in a manner inconsistent with all the intentions of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church as provided by the Seven Ecumenical Councils, many of the Patristic Fathers, and have been playing for centuries as they do now, a man-made game of politics which has aided in bringing about the Sex Scandal and the denial of who is or or is not Benedictine as though they are the arbiters and sole authority of who is or is not CATHOLIC. 


Much like attempts at re-inventing the wheel is impossible, so it also is with HISTORY... It cannot be re-written and it is to that which they deny and act in such as fashion as to be comparable with the Sanhedrin, the scribes and Pharisees.  The Roman Catholic Church does indeed hold valid orders!  They serve the same Christ We do!  Yet, their pompous, arrogant, elitist attitudes of indifference and deference is what makes them outside of that which they came from.  Unlike the Protestant who are wholly outside the Church in their various denominational splinter groups and heresies... The Roman Catholics are only Schismatics at best!  And this would seemingly apply to the RCC Benedictine as well.



The history of the Orthodox Benedictine begins in the 8th century. They were part of the Order of St. Benedict who lived the Rule of St. Benedict and established in the 6th century. In the 8th century, Monasticism in the West had been reduced to a mere shadow of what it once was.

The Abbots were usually from the wealthy families and were interested only in power, money and position. All forms of religious piety were conspicuous in its absence. While there were some who rose above the sin and depravity of the Monastery to become great Saints, the norm was Monks who had become victims to the world, the flesh and the devil.

In 836, the Council of Aix-La-Chapelle openly admitted that homosexuality and all other forms of sin and vice was rampant in the Monasteries.

Monks who tried to reverse the trend were forced out of the Monastery, branded as heretics or schismatic and even killed.

The situation was complicated by the same depraved situation common among Bishops and most pronounced in the Papal Chambers and all of Vatican City.

Pope Sergius III not only killed off his competition, he obviously was insane. He exhumed the body of Pope Formosa (dead some 10 years) and beheaded the corpse. He had sexual relationships with young girls and even fathered children while he was Pope.

Pope Sergius III was the first Pope to wear the Tiara. All subsequent Popes continued this practice until Pope John Paul I. Pope Sergius III Established, with the wearing of the Tiara, the Rite of "Coronation" which included the following:

[ Source material: Lucius Ferraris, "Papa" art 2. in his Prompta Bibliotheca Canonica, Vol 5, published in Petit-Montrouge (Paris) by J.P. Migne, 1858]

"The Pope is of so great dignity and so exalted that he is not a mere man but as it were God, the Vicar of God. Hence the Pope is crowned with a triple crown as King of Heaven and of earth and of the lower regions."

As the Tiara is placed on the head, "Receive the Tiara adorned with three crowns and know that you are Father of princes and Kings, ruler of the world and Vicar of Jesus Christ.

(A concise History 1st Edition p120 copyright 1959)

This was unacceptable to any who wish to retain the faith and praxis of Holy Orthodoxy.

In the late 800s and the early 900s Monks from various religious Orders fled the Monasteries and tried to establish Monasteries that would be faithful to the Monastic ideal. They were hunted down and murdered. Some from various communities of men found their way to the East.

The Latin Orthodox Benedictine found refuge in MT Athos in 925 A.D.

From 925 A.D. to around the early 1200s Benedictine Monks from the West who were determined to remain true to the faith and praxis of Holy Orthodoxy found their way to MT. Athos in Greece. Many more decided to remain in the West and accept the sin or even join in the sinful life style and perversions of the Monasteries.

Today there are many large, rich and impressive Monasteries and Churches who were established in their wealth by the sins of the founders and early inhabitants whose goal was only to establish wealth, power and social position.

Rather than being a temple to the glory of God, they are temples to the avarice and greed of the early Churchmen who built them.

In 933 A.D., Patriarch Theophylactus of Constantinople established the Monks who had fled the West and found safe harbor at MT. Athos as a parochial entity under the Omophor of the Patriarch.

The early Monks had hoped their stay in the East would be short lived and soon the Monasteries in the West would return to the Spirit-Filled calling of Monastic life. This was not to be. Things became worse in the West. The corruption had seized the very Western Patriarchate itself.

The Benedictine Monks who became known as the Latin Orthodox Benedictine were very much at home at MT. Athos and lived the life of a hermit with great devotion and piety. In the early to mid 1200s, many started to leave in order to return to the West or at least go out among the people.

War, debates and internal fighting in the East made difficult any missionary or Priestly outreach.

In 1331 many returned to MT. Athos and again were made to feel at home and given safe harbor during those turbulent times.

In 1345 A.D. Patriarch John XIV Kalekas, himself beset with controversy and debates, declared the Latin Orthodox Church to be autocephalous and self-governing and given his blessing. He did this for several reasons, firstly, he was known to like Western Orthodox Liturgy and praxis. Secondly, it gave him a way to get back at Pope Innocent IV who described himself as "Praesentia Corporalis Christi" [the bodily presence of Christ] but more to the point he saw this move as a way to get back at Pope John XXII who excommunicated 1 Patriarch, 5 Archbishops, 30 Bishops and 146 Abbots for not paying a Papal Tax. Pope John XXII also had a schedule of fees for the absolution of various sins.

This also was a way to show contempt for the 4th Lateran Council and Pope Innocent III who had declared "Every cleric must obey the Pope, even if he command what is evil, for no one can judge the Pope."

The people had given the Latin Orthodox Benedictine the name Latin Orthodox Church as a way of differentiating them from the more common Eastern praxis. The name stuck and is still used today.

The Apostolic Succession of the Latin Orthodox Benedictine and the Latin Orthodox Church of America is from the Russian Orthodox Church, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Catholic Church.

While the Latin Orthodox Church of America is Latin in her tradition, she is Orthodox in faith and praxis. On April 4, 1951, Archbishop +Michael in his official position as Exarch to the Ecumenical Patriarch, wrote a letter confirming the validity of our Apostolic Succession and the continuity of our Orthodox faith and praxis. On June 29, 1973 the Patriarch of Alexandria joined in recognizing our line of Apostolic Succession and our valid succession of Orthodox truth.  In April 1976, Metropolitan Ireney, Archbishop of New York and Metropolitan of All-America and Canada for the Orthodox Church in America (OCA) wrote and confirmed our Apostolic Succession and valid Succession of Apostolic truth. All these men and others have confirmed we have valid tactile Succession from the Apostles and valid Succession of Apostolic truth. They confirm our Orders as valid and recognize us as true Orthodox Priests and Bishops but it is not their recognition that makes us truly Orthodox. What makes us Orthodox is we have held faithful to the Apostolic truths of Holy Orthodoxy believed everywhere, at all times by all people. We have an unbroken line of Succession through the laying on of hands back to the Apostles themselves and have retained the faith as handed down from the Apostles.

There is only one Orthodox Church. The Church is not only in the East and not only in the West.

It is necessary to make oneself Orthodox but it is not necessary to make oneself Eastern.

Monseigneur John of Saint Dennis said in "Presence Orthodoxe de 1983, "It is necessary to be careful not to identify the Orthodox Church, the Mother Church, with the Eastern Churches.  The one is universal, the others are limited geographically, culturally and ritually; they are local. The West must never forget to discern within Orthodoxy that which is universal and that which is local. If one desires that ones joining be organic, stripped of that which is exotic and artificial, it is necessary that one make oneself Orthodox but not to the point of making oneself eastern." 

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Basic Theme: The Roman Scandal

Posted June 22, 2002


Monk John asks:

    Father, what must we do when we are approached by people who ask about the Roman Catholic Church Sex Scandal?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    Tell them we pray for our brothers in the Roman Catholic Church.  Yes, the scandal affects all true Clergy of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church as we are all viewed now with a degree of skepticism and sometimes fright.  This is because those who do, are in fear and lack the faith.  They forget that being anointed, being ordained to the priesthood does not exalt a man who has become a priest, and neither does it place him above the people of God over whom he has been entrusted. 


Monk Theodotius asks:

    Father, when I wear my habit off the monastery grounds I am given looks of fear and sometimes disgust.  How must I act?  What must I do?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    With great fear of God you must walk!  With great humility you must act!  With great trembling and with deep silent prayer of the heart (hesychasm) as you go about your duties!


Monk Matthias asks:

    Why Father do I feel great sorrow about the scandal and at the same time fear for all of us here?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    I believe that is because you know the history of not only this Order, but of ourselves and feel there will be great recriminations in spite of all things that have been done and paid for in spirit and truth.  Your fear is based on many other things too.  Nonetheless of which, the fear of loss!  For some, this kind of fear is also brought on by the Evil One who hopes you will run away and depart from the faith.  Your ability to stand strong for the Faith; for the very Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ as given you, says much about your inner being. Your fear for all of us is more of fear for self and what you perceive as you hear and read more about the Roman Scandal as the perplexities of its far reaching scope has become known.  Yet, let yourself take good counsel in the fact that while many are being falsely persecuted by their over zealous bishops who want as much "good" image in the public eye as possible, there are those (bishops) who, in their zeal, have really scandalized themselves in the eyes of the Lord for false reasonings.  Then there are those priests who have been falsely accused.  For them we must pray most earnestly!  For them we must hold out our hands in total brotherly love and be prepared to offer them sanctuary at every possible turning.  And as to those who may be charged, when they are done paying the penalties of Caesar's law (government), let us also hold out hands in brother love as Christ commands, offering them too sanctuary if they should ask.  I tell you now, there will be many of these priests, in times to come, who have been falsely charged, who will go to prison; all because they protected the seals of the confessional.  There will be some who, having nothing to do with the seals of the confessional, will be so falsely charged that later on their innocence will become known but it will be too late for them and their former bishops will do nothing, as neither will civil law, to straighten the record publicly.  Nothing can restore a priest who has been falsely charged because the dastardly deed has been done to crucify him in the public's mind!  It is interesting how society as a whole, from time immemorial has castigated and crucified a person in the news and otherwise, never restoring those who have been falsely charged.  Mankind has the innate habit of remembering longer the bad than the good of a person, without regards for whether it is was right or not.


Monk Theodotius asks:

    Father, I am assigned to publishing for our province.  A question came to me that I presented to you concerning sex scandals, murder, and molestation.  You gave your answer.  Now, several are saying you have a personal agenda.  What must I think or do?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    As Monastics, and for some, as Priests or even Bishops, we must all have a personal agenda together.  The personal agenda of raising the hearts and minds of our followers and flock toward the true Orthodox Catholic Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles and many of the patristic fathers.  As regards the scandals, we must bring to bear our very selves as witnesses to those things that have happened in a manner and form whereby the Commandments of Christ can be more fully manifested by whatever means are possible. 


In these instances, we have seen and witnessed several being accused falsely.  We know the experience.  Others are having to go through the inner issues of struggling with the arduous task of defending the Seals of the Confessional.  This too we are well experienced and know what they face.  Yet, it is not those things that we experienced that is of a 'personal agenda' but those things that they face that makes it a personal agenda because it brings out the rudiments of the commandments of Christ.  Families, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and so very many others from all walks of life, all religions and so-called denominations are affected by these things.  Forgiveness and, for some, repentance is very much mandated.  If they do not, they may actually be taking on the same sin of those who have sinned and thus in the eyes of God may be held accountable as though they were guilty themselves.  My personal agenda, as also your's should be, is to save souls!  How best can we deal with this unless we discuss it in a very real sense as regarding these important issues, unless we draw upon our own experiences too?  How can a priest, brother, monk not draw upon the experiences they have gone through themselves and apply the balm of Christ to the one soul asking the question who is in turmoil, distress and fear?  Repentance and Forgiveness is the mainstay of the Church.  The Church is a hospital for sick souls.  If our own are sick, then flee to the Church and ask for Forgiveness of the one harmed and of Christ!


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Posted June 22, 2002

Basic Theme: 911


Monk Matthias asks:

    Father, what do I say to some who have come here asking for help to overcome their hatred of the Muslims (Islam)?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    You must tell them about Repentance and Forgiveness, which is the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ!


Monk John asks:

    When I am told that someone wants to deal a crushing blow to those of Islam who have done the act against us, how should I respond?


Father Thaddeus responds:

    When someone says they want to deal a crushing blow to another person, whether it be one who has already suffered violence at the hands of gang-banger, or anyone else, would you not deal with them in the same manner as you would those who hold violence in their heart?  Would you not tell them of Our Lord and Savior's Command about repentance and forgiveness?  Would you not also tell them that they MUST, out of pain of heart in their struggles to deal with the situation, seek repentance for holding such horrible thoughts?  Would you not ask them to go to a Muslim and tell that they hold such horrible thoughts that they now ask for forgiveness?  Lastly, would you not also tell them that only through their pain of heart struggle to ask forgiveness by their act of repentance, they will find release them their guilt and their self-persecution, fear, and self-righteousness they have held? That in the doing of these things, God will surely forgive them, thus allowing for entry?


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Posted June 10, 2002

Basic Theme:  Non-Catholics

Monk Theodotius asks:

    Father Thaddeus, why do we view other denominations as cults and heretics?

Father Thaddeus responds:

    That, my son, is because they do not follow or practice what is laid before them in spirit and truth.  They read scripture, but lack the ability to understand the spiritual meaning.  They do not accept an 'oral' tradition and their written traditions (Holy Bible) have been so adulterated by the hand of falsifying copyists that many of their followers have been denied access to the understandings and writings as they originally were.

Monk John asks:

    Why call them "denominations" then?   

Father Thaddeus responds:

    There are many groups who go by different names.  In Orthodox Catholic Christianity there are only jurisdictions in the Orthodox Catholic Church East and West.  In the Protestant Church, there are many groups denoted as "denominations" and many who falsely claim being "non-denominational".

    For those outside of Orthodox Catholic Christianity, those groups which are called "Protestant" - are actually cults, but consider themselves as denominations as they believe they are a part of the Christian Church when they, in fact, are not! 

    From the cradle to the grave, ever since Martin Luther separated from his mother church, the Roman Catholic Church, there have been established many daughter denominations from the mother church of Roman Catholicism.  Roman Catholicism has departed from the faith by her often quiet innovations which depart from, violating, the Seven Ecumenical Councils of the early Church.  As such, even though the Roman Church still retains valid holy orders, its doctrines have become more and more Protestant in scope, taking on the strength of the Protestants (many denominations); more because of the lack of spirituality which says that political materialism is the motivating factor. When speaking of "political materialism" - we are saying they are wrapped up in and with civil politics and their attempts to achieve materialistic wealth in violation of the Life and Teachings of the Orthodox Church Catholic from which they originally sprung.  Even so, for those who claim to be Benedictine (after Our Sainted Father, Benedict of Nursia), many of the Roman and Orthodox Benedictine have departed even from that which he nurtured, departing from his Rule from which many other monastic communities derive their rule from.  Thus, it can be said that many who are under the authority and control of the Roman Church as Benedictine, are not true to the faith and praxis.  Many of them (Roman) believe St. Benedict was Roman Catholic when, in truth and fact, St. Benedict of Nursia was Orthodox because there was not, in his time, anything called the "Roman Catholic Church" whatsoever for all jurisdictions were Catholic, were Christians which means Orthodox in faith and praxis. 

    Thus, there is only Protestant denominations and not true Christian Churches which exists only in true Orthodox Catholic Christianity as it was in ancient times.

Monk Theodotius asks:

    Why do those who attend those Protestant cults continue to believe such untruths as true and truths as untruths or lies?

Father Thaddeus responds:

    While there are many, many reasons; I believe the best answer I can give at this time lies within what I had earlier said.

    From the cradle to the grave ever since the defection of Martin Luther from his mother church, the Roman Catholic Church and her departure from the roots of Catholic Christianity; the Protestants (for the most of them) have been taught (erringly so) to believe that anything "Catholic" is to be shunned and avoided as though they had entered in with the Evil One.  Here is the effects of Brainwashing which the Evil One has surely gained expertise in.  For those cradle to the grave Protestants, they have taken great and aggressive action to thwart truth for they do not even know truth.  They do not wish to discover truth as based in the roots of Christianity, believing themselves wise in their own deceits which is the work of the Evil One upon them through Pride, arrogance, vanity, and other such un-virtues as Christ warned us about.  Those Protestants do not know the truth of what it means to 'struggle out of pain of heart' for the faith once delivered by the Apostles because they do not wish to return to that which the Apostles once delivered which is embedded and imbued in those of true Orthodox Catholic Christianity.

Monk John asks:

    Father, does this mean the problems our abbey has had with the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons and Pentecostals are to be viewed in the same vein of thinking?

Father Thaddeus responds:

    How could they not be viewed any differently.  You, my son, have seen and witnessed the activity of them in this are a in which we live.  They refuse to understand the true meaning of "proselytizing" by their going door-to-door, even to people who had told them never to return, but they go back to them again and again.  Jesus Christ and the Apostles never went to a house where they were not wanted, but went only to those where they were "invited".  Present day Protestants, especially Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons aggress themselves onto people without understanding that what they are doing is proselytizing under the influence of the Evil One's motivations.  They are, in part, to be forgiven for their ignorance, but their failure and outright refusal to obey the commandments of Christ on this one understanding alone is sufficient for them to be denied access into God's Heavenly Kingdom as promised to true "faithful" of Jesus Christ.

    Let me go a bit further. 

    You know from both your studies and your experiences out in the world that society pushes people into living in geographical areas that depend on their material resources; income, etc.  Thus, those people of lesser resources are forced to live not necessarily where they want, but where they can afford to.  As a result, people are dominated mentally by the local environment in which they live. 

    Here in the area in which we reside, we see poverty, drug users and abusers, people of various nationalities and many who are not even Christian intermixed with so-called Christians, more especially by those of the Protestant cults.

    The Pentecostal house of Satan is only a half block from us.  Those people who attend it are so brainwashed in their views and opinions that they cannot and do not want to discover truth, but believe every word that comes out of their so-called minister's mouth who teaches them.

    As you have also seen and witnessed, that building which they call a "Church" - a HOUSE of God after the name of the occupation of Our Virgin Mother's husband's name 'Joseph"... the CARPENTER .... those people of that building park anywhere they please, more especially in areas of residents in this small area where parking is something of premium.  Yet, they have a standing understanding the Social Services office across the street from them, on the other side of their so-called 'church' to park there.  The people who attend their so-called 'church' who park in our various residential slots here have failed and refused to abide by that which we had written them, requesting that they park elsewhere so we may accommodate those of our own and the local residents.  As you see, those Pentecostals do not!  Their arrogance, their haughtiness, their aggressiveness are all indications of the insipid Evil One's brainwashing upon them.  They do not know these things; refusing and rejecting the roots of the commandments given us by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

    Have you not seen the amount of people who, at night have, in recent months, gone to the rear of that so-called 'church' at night time where they ingest, inject and smoke and exchange or sell illegal drugs? 

    When we wrote their so-called minister, some action was taken; but not such that we can call vigilance in action to thwart the on-going illegal and disrespectful actions of that so-called minister's group who attends his cultic activities.

Monk John asks:

    Father, I do not understand the Pentecostal's motivational existence... what can you tell me?

Father Thaddeus responds:

    The primary impetus of "Pentecostals" is their false belief and focus that 'speaking in tongues' is a gift of the Holy Spirit which has gone to an extreme degree in these times is actually a blasphemous  of the Holy Spirit of God.  It is an adoration of the Evil One who wants to pervert and subvert the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and that which was passed down to us from the Holy Apostles.

     If you had read the accounts of the Apostle Paul in the Book of Acts as regards "speaking in tongues," you would have learned something very valuable in spirit and truth.

        All other New Testament scriptural references to "Speaking in Tongues" are understood in a very blasphemous manner because those who so believe do not understand that the intent, understanding and meaning of this, wholly rests upon the one understanding that I remind you of:

{King James Version} From the Book of Acts - Chapter 2:1-12. "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.  And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.  And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it' sat upon each of them.  And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.  And there were dwelling Jerusalem Jews, devout men, out of every nation under heaven.  Now when this was noised abroad, the multitude came together, and were confounded, because that every man heard them speak in their own language. And they were all amazed and marveled, saying one to another, Behold, are not all these which speak Galileans?  Parthians, and Medes, and Elamites, and the dwellers in Mesopotamia, and in Judea, and Cappadocia, in Pontus, and Asia, Phrygia, and Pamphylia, in Egypt, and in the parts of Libya and about Cyrene, and strangers of Rome, Jews and proselytes, Cretes and Arabians, we do hear them speak in our tongues the wonderful works of God."

    The whole purpose for "speaking in tongues," then... is for the purpose of only those persons who speak in languages from other countries in the times in which they were spoken and not for the speaking of languages that are not represented by those people who speak them.  In far too many instances, today's false understanding is that "speaking in tongues" is understood by those who do it, especially those cultic Pentecostals, is that only one has to be an interpreter of what is being said for the remainder to understand.  However, that is a falsehood and is errantly applied as an understanding whereby anybody who speaks gibberish will find that another person will speak up with a claim of understanding and ability to interpret. 

    Understanding the psychology of people, Our God did not intend for people to be so limited by such  stage acting.  For what it does is to promote the selfish 'ego' of both the one speaking the gibberish and who does not necessarily understand what he's saying at all while allowing the one who claims ability to interpret, to  be praised by all who hear as though his or her interpretation is true.  Yet, the one interpreting does not speak the gibberish tongue himself or herself in the natural daily walk of life.  Thus the purpose is senseless and defeats the purpose for which God allowed the Apostles and Disciples to so speak in "tongues" to whole groups of people from other nations and languages then in existence at the time the occurrence came about.

    Speaking in tongues today, in a true Orthodox Catholic understanding means that the action of the one speaking in tongues is for the purpose, and that by God's Grace alone, of teaching "...the wonderful works of God" to those who come from other countries where another language is spoken in these present times.

   Thus the Pentecostals are a cultic people who are being deceived by the Unholy one, the Evil One, Satan.

    Therefore, even those of the Roman Catholic Church who claim they are Pentecostal Catholics, are deceived and the Roman Church allows such deception to occur without proper understandings.  By doing so, the Roman Catholic Church has departed the faith once delivered even though they hold valid lines of Succession and their priestly Orders are valid!

Monk Theodotius asks:

    Father, I know that you've often spoken on the subject of priests and bishops who were once ordained and consecrated into the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith who have departed from the commission and charge they accepted at their ordinations and consecrations.  However, I wish to ask if one who has departed and returns to the faith and praxis and later returns to that which he departed, can he be accepted back as though he had not left?

Father Thaddeus responds:

    Yes, it is possible and has been known to happen just as you have said.  But there are many who do not know, and some who know but refuse to abide by such; and many who are wholly invalid priests and bishops.

Monk John asks:

    You have talked about man who claims to being a bishop, a monk, a Mr. Weeks out of Oakland, California.  Would he fit what you say?

Father Thaddeus responds:

(This is modified from its original due to the personal agenda nature it reperesents)

    He would be a very great example of what not to do and who not to follow. 

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