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International Chancery Contacts

(See Notation at the bottom of this partial listings of Bishops & Clergy)


Holy Synod of Bishops = Bishops, Archabbots, Abbots

SYNOD = Members of the various parishes + Clergy + Bishops


 His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus, O.S.B., SSJt., Ph.D.,

Metropolitan Archbishop - Archabbot - Primate (Presiding Metropolitan Archbishop)

International Communications Headquarters

American Orthodox Church (AOC) - North American Orthodox Church (NAOC)

Mailing Address Only:

61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951

International Church Communications Telephone Number: (509) 584-0104



Archbishop Kenneth Babauta - California



His Eminence Archbishop George Michael Jachimczyk

Autocephalous - member of AOC/NAOC Synod



Abouna +Gregori, Archbishop

Webster, NY

Political Analyst & Advisor - Visit his blog at:

Abouna +Gregori's Own - Let The Truth Be Known



His Eminence, Metropolitan Archbishop +DAVID FRANCIS, O.O.F.M.

For the Canadian Mission Fields and representative of the true AOC in Canada
(Web Master & Director of Orthodox Catholic Christian Communications Center, Advisor Committee to the Primate )


His Eminence, Archbishop +Mark - Florida

(Advisor Committee to the Primate - Special Communications Advisor)


Rev. Father +Michael Valentine (aka: Monk Michael)

Visit His Web Site of:


Rev. Father James (Portland, Oregon Mission)

(Advocacy, Investigations, Treasurer, American Orthodox Movement (AOM), Advisor Committee to the Primate)



Bishop Harvey L. Beagle (Deceased 2014)

Diocese of Washington state and the Mission of St. Peter the Aleut, Yakima, Washington



Rev. Dr. (Deaconess) Dana Renee Lee, SSJt., Ph.D. - Deming, New Mexico

(Special Advocacy, Pastoral Counseling, Psychiatry - Legal Advocacy Program)




Father Paul Lorentzen

(Bishop Elect)

Men’s Ministry
The Staten Island Ambassador
The Newsletter of Transfiguration Life Together Church. Staten Island, New York.



Not all members of the clergy or the Holy Synod of Bishops are listed hereinabove... And not all clergy are members of the Holy Synod of Bishops


Those clergy already listed above are for contact purposes only as being an integral part of the INTERNATIONAL CHANCERY functions and the Holy Synod of Bishops.  Many bishops and other clergy are not listed for reasons so explained below.

     All other Clergy of this Church are purposefully and intentionally NOT LISTED to protect their privacy and the mandates of the CATACOMB CHURCH MOVEMENT to which we have belonged and adhered to since 1981. There is a definite difference between the terms of "House Church" movement and "Catacomb Church" movement.

     In most of North America, the term "Catacomb Church" has been used to refer to those who, as priests, follow the "Home Church" movement. The "Home Church" movement would be the more accurate reflection, not "Catacomb Church" movement.  To use the term "Catacomb Church" movement for those priests and bishops who are known, would be an inaccurate use of the term. They are, for the most part, "Home Church" clergy.

     The American Orthodox Church, The North American Orthodox Church and those jurisdictions in communion and/or union, are a part of both the Catacomb Church and House Church movement in that they too must be prepared and have been preparing their clergy. 

     Thus, while "House Church" movement clergy are normally listed, we have opted to provide no information on our web sites regarding our clergy other than as stated.  The number of clergy (while growing) will not be reflected in the "official" Clergy listings for those of the "Catacomb Church" movement whatsoever; listing some of those who are attached to the International Chancery Offices of the American Orthodox Church and the North American Orthodox Church.

     Inquiries as to specific individual clergy may be made by e-mail or by writing, providing you supply us with your full and complete secular and religious name, your church affiliation or jurisdiction, your telephone number, street address, city, state and zip code, along with your signature.

The American Orthodox Church, North American Orthodox Church, American Orthodox Catholic Church, and those under our omophor and in union and communion are Orthodox Catholic Christian jurisdictions in resistance to the heresies on-going today through-out the world which include those who have a flair for the "Correctness Disease" which St. John Maximovitch (the Wonder Worker) and his Disciple Father Seraphim Rose, both warned us against.

    The Catacomb Church is not new... It is that which has existed in part or whole since the times of the early apostles who were the first of the Church in the Catacomb's because of persecutions.

    In these times of the 21st Century, we have witnessed the necessity of various jurisdictions having to implement the "Catacomb Church" activities in their own areas due to persecutions in Russia, Mexico, various parts of Europe and now, the United States of America. 

    Many may recall the persecutions during World War II of more recent times.  Now the persecutions take on a dimension not altogether different, although no one is yet being murdered so much as some have been imprisoned in more recent times as a means to protect the ancient pillars of the faith as given by the Holy Fathers; that is to say, to protect the Seals of the Confessional which is a pillar of the Church as established by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, His Holy Apostles and is the Life and Teachings from ancient times that were respected by most secular governments until recent times.

    We received a letter in 2003 from an anonymous individual who wrote, "It would seem to many people, both lay and religious, that far too much attention is made to allegations of Sex abuse, Pedophilia and molestation in the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Catholic Churches without taking the same or similar microscopic inspection of their own congregation(s) and numerous Protestant Churches including the Mormon (Church of Latter Day Siants).  "Why is this?" is a common question.  It would also seem to appear that many are imbued with Masonic connections of which a somewhat fair article to read might be: 

    The handwriting is on the wall, so-to-speak... because the United States of America is more of a Protestant country in which government offices from Cities to Counties, State to Federal level is predominately inhabited by those who are Protestant or of non-Christian religions.  Thus the political tendency would appear to be in bringing the weight of one's so-called religious affiliation to bear in 'holding down' or keeping from being known, the sexual improprieties of many of the Protestants than to show the actual truth.  Protestantism such as the Mormon (Church of Latter Day Saints), Jehovah's Witness, Church of Christ and so very many others; have a tendency, it would seem to appear, to follow man's ideal of understanding spiritual and material truth, not God's, when it is convenient. Most of those who have been, it would seem, bringing allegations or charges against Catholics of both Roman and Orthodoxy are former members who have become Protestant and then filed their charges or allegations.  Once the allegations reach the news media, society makes their judgments without the fairness of a trial.  And even after a trial, especially of those who have been found innocent, their names are forever branded in a most horrible light in the mind of society.  The damage is done!  With the inception of the 'Hearsay' laws in many states, there is actually no way in which an individual, can prove their innocence, especially if they lack funds and have to resort to the use of a Public Defender or an attorney who is not well-practiced in defending these kind of charges or cases.

    While there appears to be no way in which to corroborate such speculation, it would seem to appear that national and local electronic news media and newspapers make much noise about the Roman Catholic Jurisdiction and others who claim they are "Catholic" while saying little to nothing about "Protestant" churches and sects who hide their scandals through political agendas.

    "Hearsay" laws should never have been allowed to be brought into existence.  For 'hearsay' is just that... it is 'hearsay' which can come about just by simple gossip.  A Social Worker who has received 'hearsay' information and who may be prejudiced or bigoted toward a person of a particular faith or religion, without showing his or her inner motive, but being especially strong against sex offenses of every kind even when produced by an overzealous mother against a husband, can actually bring about an allegation or charge against an innocent person in such a way as to make the charge 'stick' if she or he knows how to do it (and most do know how).  A child under 16 years of age who is threatened or coerced through intimidation or fear without voicing their fear and confusion, or made to feel important for lack of self-image or other factors, can be made to say what the social worker or angry parent want him or her to say even though what might be said is factually false.  So much of the sex abuse and molestation charges that are brought about in these times has little to no bearing on factual evidence as it does upon 'hearsay' which is considered as evidence enough.  It is becoming a trend whereby sexually active teenagers will resort to making false claims when they cannot get their way in the home or from others.  Yet, again, the investigation of such claims as "Hearsay" is up to the welfare worker and even a law enforcement officer.... often overzealous, especially if it is a political year for the local city or county.

    This would definitely be indicative of the Evil One's presence and involvement in the affairs of religious and religion to a very substantial degree.  The Evil One has always wanted and desired to destroy that which comes from Jesus Christ.  The Apostles and those who are true successors of the Apostles (being, themselves, apostles) are inheritors of the Evil One's hateful actions toward them (Apostles) in this secularist - Protestant society in which we find ourselves in these times.  

    Persecution of the true Church Catholic is nothing new and has been something to which all of us knew would be only a matter of time in coming.  The Holy Bible speaks of such  as do numerous other writings from the Holy Fathers. Even in the present time we find that even the "Orthodox" secular or lay people, having themselves established web sites, bring harm, confusion and destruction by their "Protestant" style view that if one is convicted by civil court, then the individual clergyman must be guilty, especially when the Seals of the Confessional are involved.

    With the activities of the new One World Church idea as promulgated by the activities of the World Council of Churches, the World Council of Bishops and those who call themselves "Independent" along with various Churches both East and West and those who suffer from the "Correctness disease" - - all of which have aided in the creation of the heretical syncretistic Ecumenism of these times, the Orthodox Catholic Church is once again under attack and facing persecution from many quarters of society, both civil and criminal as already alluded to above.  The requirements of the Canons of the Church Catholic (Seven Ecumenical Councils) are being torn asunder by Protestantism's (a shade and phantom of true Christianity) more violent political aspirations in seeking to dominate all others who refuse to accept that which had always been rejected by the true Church as Protestantism accepts.

    The American Orthodox Church, North American Orthodox Church, the American Orthodox Catholic Church and the those in union and/or communion with the International Chancery are a part of the Catacomb Church movement in that she too must be prepared and has been preparing her clergy.  Thus, the number of clergy (while growing) will not be reflected in its "official" Clergy listings; only listing those who are attached clergy to the Chancery.

    Our jurisdictions are in resistance to the heresies on-going today through out the world which includes those who have a flair for the "Correctness Disease" which St. John Maximovitch (the Wonder Worker) and his Disciple Father Seraphim Rose, both warned us against.


    Yes, the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH (AOC, NAOC, AOCC) - as in California, being one and the same, is the original, true and official "Mother Church" of many who have broken from her or were defrocked and excommunicated for violations of Canon and/or breaking the Seals of the Confession, even infringing upon the use of the same church name as our own through the use of deceitful and dishonorable means through blackmail attempts and worse.... . 


The very term and word "Resistance" is sometimes misused and abused in a manner that disenfranchises many people who know they need a spiritual hospital, the Church, as they have come to recognize their own sinfulness, even clergy. To understand this better you may wish to see a special article that you should pay close attention to... by clicking here...  And as to those who abuse and misuse the word "Canonical" as relating to who is or is not... we suggest you click here...


May you also be directed to two specially important articles on this web site which provide further insight: 


    Traditionally, it is against orthodox custom for a layperson to address a male monastic as, "Brother." All male monastics in the Orthodox Church should be addressed as, "Father".  See Article entitled ....Call No Man Father


    It is also considered improper to use the Family (Last) name of an orthodox monastic because the orthodox monk gives up his last name when Tonsured into the Monastic Community. This reflects the orthodox understanding of the monastic life, in which the monk dies to his former self and abandons all that identified him in the world.


    A Spiritual Father is a special Father Confessor and advisor to the clergy. He is normally referred to as "Vladyka" by the clergy (sometimes by parishioners) in all matters public and private.


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