EDITORIAL comment - 9/25/2005:

In January we posted the following.  In spite of all that has been on-going both within and outside the Orthodox Church, there are many who have not received the message or understood its importance. 

In spite of all the negative actions and activities by wolves in sheep's clothing to mix words, twist facts and make untruthful statements --- all of which comes from the mouth of those who have unknowingly bed down with the spirit of Anti-Christ, it shows that the Orthodox Church, the very fabric of the faith is being altered or, in some instances, obliterated by the disease of Syncretism, today's style of false ecumenism, by those who seek to be something they are not in spirit and in truth.  Yet, for us... we hold fast and go forward.

As some of you have noticed, even here in Deming, New Mexico we have begun holding Catechism classes and taking in candidates and even new clergy.  We are not daunted by those things of the past.

But, we are also reminded not to let our pride, our vanity to get the better of us or to become complacent in our struggle out of pain of heart.

The writings of Father Seraphim Rose and the leadership of our Patron Saint, John Maximovitch and the Holy Theotokos gives us strength.  Our advisor in Canada and our Abbot out of Rochester, New York are to be thanked for their endeavors to lead us onward and forward in spite of their physical infirmities and for which many prayers are offered daily.  We are not daunted! 

Please, take the time to read and understand more fully the article below and pass it on to others...

Yours in Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos, an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard, I am;

  +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                  Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

                  American Orthodox Church

                  North American Orthodox Church                

My Dear brothers in the service of Jesus Christ;

      I feel compelled to write you concerning an extremely important matter.

      I am sure that each of you has heard the saying: “The Truth shall set you free”. There is a lot of TRUTH in this statement, yet so many of us hold back on the truth in our sermons and many other public speaking venues, mostly out of fear, but also out of ignorance. As a result, we have allowed so many souls to be led to eternal damnation, the very souls that we, as shepherds of Jesus Christ, are supposed to be leading to the Lord.

      How has this come about? Through thinly veiled threats and strong-arm tactics on the part of the Government, we are told that it is illegal and unconstitutional for members of the clergy and religious or non profit organizations to openly urge their congregations to vote for a particular candidate or political party (Editorial Note: or anything subject to the vote of the public). We have also had it shoved down our collective throats that you cannot mix politics and religion, because this to is unconstitutional. Well, my dear brothers in Christ, you, along with the majority of the American citizens have been “dumbed-down” and lied to by our public school system, news and entertainment media and by the very elected and even non–elected officials who have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

      Let me try to explain what I am talking about: When the Founding Fathers put forth the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, and placed the Freedom of Religion as the number one in the Bill of Rights, the only intent and meaning was that each and every citizen of the United States was free to believe and worship as they chose, and that the Government could not establish a state or national religion that everyone would be forced to accept. Let me quote Article I from the Bill of Rights (the FIRST TEN AMENDMENTS to the Constitution of the United States):

            Article I:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

      By reading this, can there be any doubt that it is the Government, both elected (Senators & Representatives) and non-elected (Supreme Court Judges) members, who have been acting illegally and contrary to the Constitution. By using the 501c3 tax exemption code for religious and not for profit organizations, the Government has bullied priests, ministers and rabbis into keeping silent on political candidates and parties, when it comes to their moral values and the direction in which they want to take the United States, and have managed to force almost all mention of God and Jesus, as well as religious activity from the public arena.

      Wake up! It is time that you realize that you cannot separate politics and religion, especially when it comes to those things that have to do with morality, and each of you as ordained priests, shepherds of the Lord, have every RIGHT to stand up and speak out against those politicians and political parties that support things that are immoral and go against the moral teachings found in Holy Scripture which all Christians are supposed to uphold and adhere to. You cannot support abortion, have an abortion, perform or assist at an abortion, and be a Christian. You cannot support, perform or take part in a same sex marriage and still be a Christian. You cannot support, condone or take part in so-called doctor assisted suicide and still be a Christian.

      All of us have the Right, Duty, and Obligation as priests and citizens, not only to speak out against these things, but also to speak out against those in the political arena who support these things. It is high time that we stand together to put an end to all of the political correctness that is destroying our country. It is high time that we put a stop to the unconstitutional judicial activism on the part of unelected Supreme Court judges who have decided to go beyond their Constitutionally mandated powers by legislating from the bench. It is time that we hold our elected officials to the oath they have taken to uphold the Constitution of the United States and stop passing laws which violate the Constitution.

      Ask yourself these two questions: Which political party or political candidates are in favor of or support; same sex marriages, abortion rights, right to die legislation (doctor assisted suicide), legalization of drugs, increased taxes for various social programs (a redistribution of wealth in an attempt to turn the United States from a capitalist country to a Socialist country), etc.?    As an ordained priest, Catholic or Orthodox, who do you serve, Jesus Christ or your government?

      God blessed this country, and as long as we walked in the ways of the Lord, the blessings continued. Now, even a blind man can see that those blessings are being slowly withdrawn as we as a nation turn farther and farther from the Lord and the moral principles found in God’s Laws. It is up to us to help fight to take back the country for the Lord.

Your humble brother in the service of Christ Jesus,

Very Rev. Fr. +Gregori, SSJt. - Abbot

(Editorial Commentary:  What our Very Rev. Fr. Gregori has said is rather true in scope and depth.  The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church have opted to publicly announce their reserve, or refusing, of communion to those 'legal beagles' or 'elected' who promote immorality in the voting equation.  That is one way to fight the processes.  While the Roman jurisdiction is a very, very large "enterprising" (said in quotes) religious institution, we are not so as it is not the true Orthodox Catholic way.  Prayer and providing congregations and faithful with pamphlets and right teaching about what the teachings of the Church are is one of the ways in which we can provide accurate and true understandings.  Yet, there is one more thing that we must keep in mind.

There are many non-Orthodox and non-Catholic groups whose bearing are more 'religious' according to their formation, yet political in scope.  They invite and have as their elected board, those of the clergy and citizenry who are elected civil officials whose bearing is very involved in secular politics.  This is the splitting of hairs, or the riding of two horses, or serving of two masters; one political and one religious... this is the attempt to give to Caesar (Government) what is Caesar's and then, on holy days, to God what is God's.  One cannot serve two masters or ride two horses or even split hairs.  Either one is a priest or one is a politician (in mini-form).  They invite the elected civil servants and those seeking election to a secular civil office to come into their worship services to speak on things political (themselves and those whom they promote as well on those things up on the civil or secular ballot box). They cannot have it both ways because they will cheat God of what is truly His or the people and government. 

It is found by some that they hold the opinion that the government turns it's proverbial 'head' when such so-called groups allow for their churches, their halls and even their people to become active in those things political when the political powers are "In Office"... One sees this more often among many of the various Protestant groupings, even the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and now-a-days, even some of those who call themselves "Orthodox" or "Orthodox Catholic" --- all of whom have been instrumental in producing the likes of the so-called "Rev." Jesse Jackson... a politician who serves three masters... supposedly God, the political powers and himself.  One sees this in the so-called "Rev." Al Sharpton, Jerry Fallwell and so many others... They may have a formal education in accordance with their denomination of Protestantism or even Orthodoxy or Catholicism, but they also have gained an education in being  a politician to promote "hate" and their "image".

I say "hate" because we have to be very careful as to what it is we are 'for' or 'against' - not just because the Bible says so... But why the Bible says so... We must be sure that we are thinking and believing that which is Biblical for right reasons.  Be sure you have a knowledge and understanding of the history behind why the Bible says what it says about any particular issue or problem that existed during the times in which the particular passage of the Bible was written, as well as the understanding of the author of the passage.  That is not to say one should become all "inclusive" for that is the very thing that many who have joined in and with those of the synchrestic ecumenist movement are doing which is a heresy.  Be very careful.

Consider this:  If the government now forbids prayer and reference to "God" in the school systems, forbidding not-for-profit organizations including Churches from speaking from the pulpit on those things required by the faith affecting the morality of christians which may go against certain laws in a state or even the nation... then it would only be correct to say and STAND UP against allowing politicians and political groups from using those churches and halls... Denying access by politicians from using the Church for promoting their immoral and political messages.  In short, stopping the Churches from being used as the second horse or the second master and returning to the Serving of God!)

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