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We are one... yet, we are many!  We are your neighbors!  We are average people!  We are not so average people! We are Doctors, Lawyers, Priests, Bishops, Monks, Reporters for the Press and for the Electronic New Media! We are Pharmacists, we are workers in Wal-Mart, we are your laborers, Truck Drivers, Cab Drivers, and every other occupation you can think of. We are your sons and daughters, your husband and wife... We are everywhere and yet, nowhere! We are many but we are One!

I am one!  I love! I hurt! I cry! I sin! I am one! But I am not alone! For so long as you and me are in this world, we will love; we will cry; we will sin; we will hurt without meaning to; we will hurt others to save ourselves or our loved ones; we will cause pain and anguish without meaning to; we will do what is necessary to survive without wanting to hurt anyone... and yet, many are hurt by our very existence because they don't know us!  They are afraid!  Fear is one of the most horrible diseases of man's psychological make-up! 

This fight against HIV/AIDS I've known since it first came about before it was known as "HIV/AIDS" when I saw so very many die!

We are straight (heterosexual), we are bi-sexual, we are homosexual; we are non-sexual (Celibate) - - - we are who and what we are by the very nature of our individual make-up.  We are those who you have forgotten or don't want to know.  We are One!  We have no political or religious agenda in this fight to save life because so many are viewing these pages and they come from all walks of life and living, political and religious backgrounds and make up a cross section of life itself!  We are One!

The Church has always held the belief that it is a spiritual hospital.  Yet, many have taken holy writ out of context and even re-written it to accommodate their own political agendas.  Originally, it was not "homosexuality" per se that was the issue but "Sodomy".  And it is to this the core beliefs that we, the Church maintains itself in spirit and truth.  Yet, those who are celibate must be praised in part, even though very human with God's greatest gift of free will!  By that standard no matter who you are or what walk of life you come from, even if you are a hard-core "anti" Christian or suffer from homophobia... If you truly desire to save life and are in this fight to stop HIV/AIDS and maintain life, even those who suffer from HIV/AIDS... then you are also a part of us as WE ARE ONE!

By: Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus

American Orthodox Church

North American Orthodox Church


My name is Father Jeffery "Matthias" and I'm sorry you wouldn't want to see me as I presently appear... I have HIV/AIDS and I am One with many who are ONE in the fight to keep the support for HIV/AIDS on track.  I can no longer wear my clergy (armor) clothes because the heat build up creates serious difficulties for me.  I am one among many who needs a liver transplant but I have to get my other health issues cleared up first before trying for a liver transplant.  My AIDS is full blown.  I have had it since 1990-1991.  Right now I am in the local hospital and writing to you.

The Bishop whom I serve under has been my supporter and friend for numerous years and he has kept me and many others alive through his efforts in fighting against this horrible disease since I first knew him back in the 1980's and he's been in the fight before it became known as "HIV/AIDS" in the late 1970's. 

Whether or not I survive this horrible disease remains to be seen.  I am concerned for more than just myself but for the many who are faced with the same or similar kind of situations and problems I am now faced with.  What is it that I am facing?

While in the hospital I learned from my Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, that the Bush-Cheney regime presently in the White House are putting pressures on Congress, and they are about to cave in to them, to cut back on funding, otherwise to destroy any continued funding for the Ryan White Act and many other programs to help assist those with HIV/AIDS. 

I have found that many hospitals are now beginning to turn people with HIV/AIDS away.  When I heard the Mayo Clinic in Arizona was one of them... I realized that the future is more bleak than I had imagined.

What all of this means is that those with HIV/AIDS will have to go to a regular doctor who is not proficiently trained in those things associated with HIV/AIDS and thus, because of a lack of HIV/AIDS medical support professionals those men and women so affected by the disease will die faster than any other group of persons suffering from health issues un-related to HIV/AIDS, that is a FACT! 

We need every able bodied individual to contact their families and friends, their congressional representatives and even the White House, as well as every main television and radio show personality from coast to coast to inform them of what is happening. 

We need to come together (physically and/or electronically) to form a campaign group to stop congress from doing anything to cut and destroy funding of the Ryan White Act and other programs and to re-establish a firm connection with providing assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS who are living on the borderline of poverty or worse.  But, I also learned that the primary regulatory agency "H.E.R.S.A." has already begun the dire and bleak action which will lead to the destruction of HIV/AIDS support in the U.S.A.

If we are going to fight to keep what little we have from being lost, most certainly we are going to need some Financial help too.  Finances are needed but who will handle the funds for this effort is anybody's guess. 

Money will be needed to send out letters, campaign information to stop congress and the Bush-Cheney Regime (now the Obama administration) from furthering their destructive actions in the U.S.A as they have already been doing to the overall national economic situation.  But, be sure it should not be any clergyman, not even the salaried people in the HIV/AIDS programs across the country either unless such people are willing to commit themselves to non-paid, voluntary, positions.  There should be no salaried positions!  That is just a thought and not necessarily "set-in-stone" for that is up to those who form such a group to fight the dastardly deeds being done against the Ryan White Act and all the various programs to fight against what can only be called the "De-Funding" of support for HIV/AIDS people.

Because of the politics in most organizations in these times we live in, paid positions will only cause for internal politics and political actions that are not always wisely taken more often than not which hurt the purposes of the work we have to do. 

Whatever group is formed to do these things, they should not be made of people who are such kind of Professionals who want or claim they need a salary.  This should be a Nation-wide "COMMUNITY" - a voluntary - effort to barge the halls, mailboxes, e-mail boxes, of U.S. Congress and various halls of State Capitals to keep their support for assisting those programs already on-going for HIV/AIDS people before those programs are cut back or even shut down and to continue to take care of our own HIV/AIDS people in America before this country continues to help Third World Countries as they are presently doing for self-image and politics...

Can you help me and those who are with me?  We are One!

Father Jeffery Matthias - 04-15-2008 (Columbus, New Mexico, U.S.A.) -



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