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April 15, 2008:

These web pages are  great, but you are being too hard on Bush.  There is more than enough blame to go around to both the political parties.  The Democrats are just as bad, because they are the ones that are spending our hard earned tax money to give all kinds of "free" medical and dental care to the millions of illegal immigrants that are flooding into our country.

To be honest, the illegals get better medical care than you or I can get being on Medicaid.  I have said it over and over again, "we are being screwed over big time by the very people we have elected to office".

If you watched that video that you have on Apostle1; "The End Game" by Alex Jones, it is easy to understand why.  So I believe that to be fair, you should blame both parties.


NOTATION/COMMENTARY: +Gregori is not against anyone who enters the U.S.A legally because he feels that those who enter "LEGALLY" are those who abide by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  It is Jesus Christ who teaches "Render Unto Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's" and "If then you have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will entrust to you the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in that which another's (the law of the land or another person's) who will give that which is your own? No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve God and Mammon." and, in another place in scripture it clearly states that one must obey the laws of the land... that means the laws of the land they have entered!  If one cannot obey those laws, and enter that country Legally, they are sinning against God, against all that the Life and teachings of Jesus Christ commands!  The only way in which they can be forgiven is to either 1) return to the country they came from and enter the U.S.A legally or 2) seek to find legal means to stay in the U.S.A.  and whatever the outcome, accept it!  There is no excuse for stealing from the pocketbooks and mouths of the citizens of the country they have illegally entered.  Thus one who has entered illegally is not a good Christian (Follower of Jesus Christ).

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Political actions against HIV/AIDS In Congress

April 15, 2008

Recently I had to take my friend, companion and close religious brother to the hospital.  He suffers from full blown AIDS… He’s gone through good and bad times with me for more than 23 years now.  We are celibate and have been trying to help the elderly and others who suffer from the HIV/AIDS disease and other health problems.

My friend has diabetes and needs a liver transplant after he gets his Hepatitis “C” under control, but the likelihood of his getting a liver transplant is very slim considering what hospitals like the Mayo Clinic and other hospitals are doing more and more.  They are turning away people who have HIV/AIDS… Here in the United States of America one would think they would reach out to help them, but that isn’t the case anymore and more hospitals are turning them away.

Where is the money going to help the American with HIV/AIDS?  We are told that President Bush and Cheney have been pushing Congress in sending billions of U.S. Dollars over to third world countries to help them fight the HIV/AIDS disease while attempting to destroy the financial support in the good ole U.S.A to fight it at home.  “Why” Is a question I keep asking myself and I have yet to come up with a simplified answer.

Many of the HIV/AIDS programs across the country will be cut back and far too many will actually be closed!  All because people, human beings, in congress think that all HIV/AIDS people need to do is go to a local private doctor and get pills.  Otherwise, the HIV/AIDS individual can sit on the sidelines, the road (so-to-speak) and die!  It would be nice to learn that they have loved ones who have the disease!  They might think differently and act differently to save all the programs and keep funding those that fight the HIV/AIDS disease and those suffering from it.  Sadly to say, I am watching my friend die a slow agonizing death now!  It makes me wonder why we are called “Christian” if we don’t reach out and help those who are suffering.

I watch Television and see the show “American Idol” raise thousands if not millions of dollars to help fight the HIV/AIDS disease in third world countries, but yet they either don’t know or they don’t care about what is happening in this country, their country.

HIV/AIDS is not a “gay” disease… It is a disease that affects every one of every color, every race, and every lifestyle, rich and poor.  And, unless you are rich, the services for someone with HIV/AIDS is now being cut back or closed down.  What if you had cancer and were told over the telephone, but not in person, that your case was reviewed and they (the hospital) can’t help you?  They never met you and yet they know nothing about you.  It is so easy to say “No” to someone on the telephone, but more difficult would it be if they met you face-to-face!

I am told that the Ryan White Act is being cut back and on its way toward destruction, if not annihilation by the end of September 2009.  You could save it from being destroyed or even cut back from being further destroyed if you have an ounce of concern for saving life! 

Do you think I am kidding or joking around?  I’ll tell you now that if my friend and colleague dies for lack of help, I will blame YOU the electronic news media, the Country Western Singer, the people of Ophra Winfrey, the people of the View and many others… You are all responsible because you could bring this issue to the attention of the public as a means to tell your congressional leaders not to destroy or cut funds from the Ryan White Act and many other programs to help and assist those on limited income who suffer with HIV/AIDS and who have been not only tax payers, but also have been great contributors to the lives of many people known and unknown.  Artists, Singers, Doctors, Lawyers, News Reports, Farmers, Housewives, Husbands, Sons and Daughters are all affected because the HIV/AIDS person fits into each and every area of life as a contributor.

As I have already begun to send this letter out to some of those who I know can pass it on, I now ask you also to copy this letter and replace my name to it, if you wish, and modify it to suit your own ideas or thoughts… then send it on to others. Or, just add your name below my own and pass it on to another, and then to another.  We need to make our voices known and the pens or word processor’s we use, read and known to all that we can reach from one end of the U.S.A. to the other, to the North and South even to the East and West. 

The real problem we will have with doing these many things so necessary is that we often find that those of political action groups and many of the HIV/AIDS organizations will do nothing or respond to anyone of religious bearing because of their concentrated wearing of blinders against, yes - - I said "AGAINST" most anything and everything either Roman Catholic or Orthodox Catholic unless it comes with the big money syndrome.  Otherwise, if it is from anyone or group that is RELIGIOUS or a part of a Church related to "Catholic" they will not respond and will do nothing at all.  The idea of Separation of Church from State often plays in their "stunted" forms of thinking which is a sad commentary about many who work in the various HIV/AIDS Projects and organizations.  This is also true of those who, as individuals, come from the more Protestant ideologies  because of the way in which they were raised in their homes, having gone to Colleges and Universities who have "dumbed down" the idea of "Religion" and "Religious" with the same "separation of Church from State" attitude.  Those students and those who come out of those colleges and universities today have not taken a strong look at the "Separation of Church from State" in the U.S. Constitution; failing to recognize that it means separation of State from Church and that those of religious bearing, be they clergy or believers, should be respected in addressing them properly and appropriately.  Those errant attitudes and ideas are mostly fostered by what can only be seen as "subversive" Protestantism attitudes aimed at anything and everything "Catholic" in part.  Thus the very issue of HIV/AIDS, the present situations we are concerned with... will be less likely to gain their attention and positive action to support the cause to save HIV/AIDS Programs. 

The Most Rev. Father Joseph Thaddeus

More to come..



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