Are You Prepared for the Horrors of Tommorrow? Are You Prepared Today For the Horrors of Tomorrow?

Updated February 20, 2011

( This is intended as a VERY SPECIAL message originally posted in November of 2007 and is separate from the usual quarterly message from our Vladyka who is the Metropolitan Archbishop of this jurisdiction... a message for the whole world )





 Let's Not forget to put Jesus Christ back into Christmas whose coming into this world we celebrate! And, Let's not forget that "Spring Recess" is actually "Easter" or "Pascha" for which Jesus Christ died, descended into Hell and Arose again for our salvation! Put Prayer back into the Schools, the Ten Commandments back into our governmental monuments and more...!


Blessing to you who view this message

especially to my Dear Brothers and Sisters in the Vineyard

and all who are my spiritual sons and daughters...


May the Grace of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

and the Holy Theotokos be yours according to your

individual nature and degree of ability to understand

this special message, Blessings indeed.


The finality of what this message has to say, beginning with a question, may alarm many of you.  Yet, it is intended (in part) to alarm you for one should be prepared today for that which is to come 'tomorrow' (that is, in the times to come which are not far off for many of us...). When, and if, you click on a link, be sure to hit your "Back Button" to return here for there are no links from those pages (as yet) to return to this message. 


Over a period of time I have received numerous inquiries as to why I have said on more than one occasion, "...not all Protestants are going to hell and not all who are 'Catholic' (Orthodox and Roman) are going to heaven," or something similar.  A very good question that has been asked in different ways at different times by many.  Well, I beg your prayers and forgiveness for being verbose and digressing a bit in order to explain in more detail than usual.


I would ask you to read the "Religion of the Future" article we had our webmaster of the week to post during Pascha (Lent & Easter) of this year and which we indicated to him should remain on our website because "Pascha" (Lent and Easter) should be an every day activity of self-examination through out the whole year.  But I reference the special article, "Religion of the Future" because it contains spiritual guidance for you in answering your question regarding my statements about Protestants, Orthodox Catholics and Roman Catholics. Such a message as this cannot go without extra advice about this warning message and what it means for you who are truly spiritual strugglers in this life for the life to come.


It would be a lie if I did not admit that I have always held a certain amount of interest or concern regarding the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church because I was born and raised in it.  Notice I no longer use the proverbial "her" but "it" because of what is stated on other pages linked in the special "Apostasy" pages.  For should I refer to the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church as "her" I would with a very heavy heart ashamedly have to apply the beliefs of spiritual truth which are coupled with Biblical Prophesy and therefore I would most assuredly have to refer to the Roman Jurisdiction as being the "whore of Babylon" because of their further departure from all that that jurisdiction had once held as true and right in accordance with the faith once and for all delivered.


St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai & San Francisco, along with his spiritual son, blessed Father Seraphim Rose continue to be my personal patron saints.  Yes, there are many who believe only St. John Maximovitch is a Saint. But one cannot help but believe, from any special and personal experiences they may have had in their encounters during and after the life of Father Seraphim Rose but what he must be a Saint in Heaven.  I have called upon St. John Maximovitch and Father Seraphim Rose many times, even most recently.  In each instance, I have had my prayers answered each and every time.  I say, with foreknowledge, "...each and every time..." because it is a fact for me in my own endeavors in the vineyard.  I am cautious as to what I pray for when calling upon any of the Saints in Heaven, and especially when involving the name of Father Seraphim Rose... But, again, my prayers have been answered each and every time.  Thus, I do believe he is a Saint in Heaven even though, to my knowledge, has not been canonized yet in the Orthodox Church.  He should be!


Father Seraphim Rose, a convert from Protestantism to Russian Orthodoxy during his life, was greatly influenced by his Spiritual Father, St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai & San Francisco in tandem with his faith and belief in all that is truly Orthodox.  There is no question on that and no one can refute that fact!  If any one can refute that fact, then I would have to say they are spiritual sons of the Evil One whether or not they realize or know it!


For my unworthy self, both these men, these "Saints" were influential to a great degree in my own life without intimidation, without elitist attitudes of ethnicity and they lacked the arrogance of snobbery often times associated with most ethnic Orthodox and Roman jurisdiction's clergy from their pope on down.  The influence Father Seraphim Rose and St. John Maximovitch had in my life was subtle, almost un-noticeable, but somewhat perceptible at a later time by this unworthy one. 


They provoked my mental molecules and my spirit.  They did not proselytize my unworthy self in those days... they gave both the 'pro' and 'con' sides in their answers to whatever question I posed to them whenever I came into contact with them at the bookstore on Geary Street in San Francisco.  And, indeed, as I look back, I realize that I was then, as now, a neophyte or novice in many things. 


Over these last years I've found that Orthodoxy is on upswing.  Why?  Because people are finding out that Orthodox Catholic Christianity is the font and source of all that Christ created.  It is truly His Church that He created when in this life.  It is the Church of the Apostles.  It is the Church from which the Roman Jurisdiction separated or schismed from. 


Roman Catholic, in the very midst of their eroding and disintegrating jurisdiction structures, are finding that Orthodox Catholic Christianity is everything they once thought romanism to have been. Many Protestants are awakening to these truths, recognizing that they, having been members of the thing they abhorred the most which is their parent, Romanism, now are awakening to the reality of the very root and branch of Christianity as being grounded in Orthodoxy; discovering the profoundness of Christianity in Orthodox Catholic Christianity that Christ created and the apostles themselves preserved by the Holy Spirit against heresies and heretics.


Father Seraphim knew I had come from the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, I guess more by my questions or responses to the casual and limited conversations we had in the beginning.  He had often upbraided me in a kindly way as regards my misunderstandings of the Holy Mother of God.  He had reminded me of the fact that we are all pilgrims and there is nothing permanent here in this earthly life. He had told me that I should not allow myself to fall further into the pit of thinking or believing that the faith is "academic" but "spiritual" and an every day struggle out of pain of heart. "Orthodoxy is not a matter of the head so much as something lived and living, of the heart." "If you do not find Christ in this life, hardly will you find him in the next," was another of his repeated statements to me.  He would often quote, "God is love; and he that dwells in love dwells in God, and God in Him... Perfect love casts out fear," (1 John 4:16, 18).  Many other quotes he would often repeat and complete them with gentle and sobering words of advice.


I cannot help but recall that what Fr. Seraphim had taught me during those very brief visits to the Geary Street Bookshop, did not sink into my being until many years later.  For, inasmuch as having been a member of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, having been raised in it, I errantly failed the true test of my catholicity because the richness of the services and many other things often lead to a false hope bound up in and with those things that are material.  And in Orthodox Catholicism, I've learned, is much the same for many parishioners too.  They, both East and West, have failed or have forgotten that the center and focus of our very being must all the time be on our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, His very Life and Teachings. If we are inspired at all, we must be inspired on where and on whom our focus is to be.  Centered on Jesus Christ Himself ... just a little more each day in all things that we do, keeping our minds focused on Him, even during our daily work activities whether in the office or factory, in the restaurant or wherever.  If we can do just that, growing within each day, then truly the legacy of Father Seraphim will not be in vain and basically that is what makes Orthodox Catholic Christianity so different from the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.


While, in both the jurisdictions East and West, they are so rich in many ways with beautiful externals, which are not necessarily externals - they do partake of the essence of Orthodox Catholic Christian truth when the center and focus is on Jesus Christ Himself. 


Oh, we can follow all the fasting rules, the prayer services and many other things.  We fall into the trap of external concerns and not the internal, the spiritual.  As a result, if our focus is not on Jesus Christ Himself, His Life and Teachings... then Christ is not there in the doing of those things which we observe during the day, in the services, the prayers and other things.  It becomes nothing more than a waste of time in beautiful things... "Things" ... Hmmm....


Christ must always be there in all things.  Behind every thing He must be our focus. 


There are very few who can deny that much of what Father Seraphim Rose authored concerning the Religion of the Future, has been and is coming about in these present times in which we live. 


The age of Apostasy also known as the beginning of the End Times had already begun well before some of us were even born.  But the greatest hallmark of this evil became more noticeable in the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church during the reign of John Paul II and his "Vatican II" council.  There were other indications, but for many, including my unworthy self... we were spiritually blind in those times while endeavoring to do that which we thought was proper for the advancement of the faith, even to the degree of not recognizing or realizing the depth of our own selfishness and sinfulness as a people, as faithful and as clergy. There is no one who can say otherwise about himself then, and now! 


What was happening during those days of long past were days filled with the less noticeable beginning fruits of apostasy that few recognized or realized.  Father Seraphim Rose and his spiritual father, St. John Maximovitch were a part of the few who recognized and attempted to warn us in many ways.  And, in some ways, in our day-to-day activities, we were unwitting participants, even (to some degree) advancing those unholy things they were trying to warn us against, by our lack of true spiritual understandings. 


Our own youthfulness in the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's and 1980's advanced the cause of ungodliness even though we had erroneously believed we were doing a 'holy' work.  For many of us, we were independent of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church but very 'roman' in our ways of thinking, acting and believing. 


Although during the 1960's and 1970's I had come to the beginning of a struggle toward Orthodoxy, I had not fully inculcated such into my being, so much as having begun a journey that has never since ended and goes on even today.


For my unworthy self though, I mentally and spiritually give great thanks to the influence of St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai & San Francisco as well as his spiritual son, Father Seraphim Rose has had in my life.  What they quietly placed within me, has brought me to where I am today... not fully awake (for none of us are truly awake) yet to the endeavors of the great deceiver, Satan, but becoming more so as time advances and we grow older in this spiritual and material life. Not fully Orthodox yet, for indeed I believe it will be when I cross over this veil into the next life that I surely will know if I had become more or fully Orthodox in spirit and truth. 


Let me provide you some spiritual food from the writings of Father Seraphim Rose as an indication of what I am talking about.

"Any thoughtful observer of the world today can see that the formation of a 'new spirituality' has progressed precisely along the lines which Fr. Seraphim described. When Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future was first published in 1975, the form of neopaganism in Western society was only beginning to be delineated. Today it has taken on a more definite shape, being seen most clearly in what has come to be known as "New Age" spirituality. In 1975 the term "New Age," though indeed familiar in Masonic, esoteric, and countercultural groups, was not common parlance. Now it is a banner term for a  whole worldwide movement—and a multi-billion dollar business. "

Having lived in the Haight & Ashbury Streets area of San Francisco in the 1960's I was surely a part of that which he is talking about regarding the "New Spirituality" for it encompassed the "Flower Children" in those times.... Also in his writing, he says:

"The Eastern religions that Fr. Seraphim wrote about—especially Hinduism and Buddhism—continue to gain followers, receiving endorsements from high-profile celebrities and being publicized through television talk shows, news magazines, and other media outlets."

and what he wrote is very true for indeed Buddhism and Hinduism in San Francisco during those times were being sought after by visitors to the city and many of those of the Flower Children too.  The Ashrams were open to all and yes, I did visit and recognized that which Father Seraphim was speaking about in his writings.  Even the Holy Order of Man's was a conglomeration of those many religion's philosophies as I was not necessarily unknown to them either. The "Religion of the Future" goes on to say:

"The Harry Potter phenomenon represents only one of many vehicles by which witchcraft is being popularized in the youth culture. Movies (e.g., The Craft, Practical Magick) and television shows (e.g., Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Charmed} target young audiences with the allure of how powerful and "hip" one can be through occult practices, and a plethora of books (e.g., The Real Witch's Handbook, Teen Witch] and Web sites offer detailed instruction and guidance in how one can become a witch [Linda Harvey, "How Sorcery Chic Permeates Girl-Culture," Spiritual Counter­feits Project Newsletter, 27:2 (2002-2003), pp. 1-15.]."

Then it goes on to say:

"New Age/neopagan gatherings take place on a regular basis throughout the world. In America the most prominent of these are the Rainbow Gatherings held in various parts of the country, and the Burning Man Festivals held in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada. Drawing New Agers, Wiccans, goddess-worshippers, earth-worship­pers and outright satanists (satanism) together with curiosity-seekers and party-goers, the Burning Man Festivals increase in size every year; in 2004 there were 35,000 participants. The Festivals conclude each year with the torching of a forty-foot-high sacrificial wooden man, reminiscent of the ancient "wicker man" sacrifice practiced by the Druids on the feast of Samhain."


"Mental hospitals throughout the country have instituted New Age programs: Eastern meditation, transpersonal psychology, biofeedback, and music meditation. Many senior citizen centers have adopted Yoga as a way to promote "mind-body" health. A large number of major corporations have sponsored New Age seminars for their employees, where visualization, hypnosis, "psychic healing," "dream work," contacting "spirit guides," and other "consciousness-raising" practices have been taught. Even in public, government-funded schools, mediumism under the name of "channeling" has been taught as a means of "inner healing." A consortium of concerned parents in Connecticut has described what has been happening in the classroom: "In the name of discovering their 'life purpose,' children are encouraged into trance-like states of mind where they communicate with 'guardian spirits.' The use of Yoga exercises and mind control techniques are other examples of the format of this program," [Connecticut Citizens for Constitutional Education, January 22, 1980]."


"Christian churches, sadly, follow the same dangerous trends, trailing in the dust of the world's march of apostasy. In the mid-1970s Fr. Seraphim had written: "The profound ignorance of true Christian spiritual experience in our times is producing a false Christian 'spirituality' whose nature is closely kin to the 'new religious consciousness.'" Years before "channeling" of disembodied entities had become a New Age fad, Fr. Seraphim had quoted "charismatics" speaking about how they "channeled" the "Holy Spirit." But even if we omit the issue of the "charismatic revival," the prognosis he made has been borne out in other areas. As New Ager Marilyn Ferguson writes in her book The Aquarian Conspiracy: "An increasing number of churches and synagogues have begun to enlarge their context to include support committees for personal growth, holistic health centers, healing services, meditation workshops, consciousness-altering through music, even biofeedback training,” [Marilyn Ferguson,  The Aquarian Conspiracy (Los Angeles: J. P. Tarcher, Inc., 1980), p. 369]."


"In the city of Detroit, for example, 'Silva Mind-Control' courses have been taught by a Roman Catholic priest and nun. In New York City, the Episcopal Cathedral of St. John the Divine has featured sermons by David Spangler—a leading member of the Findhorn Foundation who has said that a 'Luciferian Initiation' would be required to enter the New Age. In Oakland, California, the 'University of Creation Spirituality,' under the leadership of Episcopal priest Matthew Fox, advocates a redefined "Christianity" that rejects the traditional Christian theology and the ascetical Christian worldview while embracing Wiccan spirituality. Here, 'rave masses' (also known as 'techno-cosmic masses') are held every month, having been originally launched at Grace Episcopal Cathedral in San Francisco. Described by one observer as "a syncretistic brew of paganism, witchcraft, nature-worship, drama, art and dance," these multi-media "masses" are attended by well over a thousand people [Catherine Sanders, "Matthew Fox's Techno-cosmic Masses," Spiritual counterfeits Project Newsletter, 26:3 (Spring 2002), p. 4.).


Concurrently, there is now a movement in contemporary Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church to assimilate the teachings of Carl Jung, one of the founding fathers of the New Age movement. Jung, who participated in séances and admitted to having "spirit guides," taught that the exclusion of the "dark side" is a fatal flaw in Christianity, and that therefore there needs to be a fourth hypostasis added to the Holy Trinity—Lucifer! His theories are being extolled in Roman Catholic seminars and workshops, and his psychotherapy is being practiced in some Roman Catholic churches, and by monks and nuns in some monasteries [Deborah Corbett, "The Trouble with Truth: A Review of The Illness That We Are: A Jungian Critique of Christianity by John P. Douiiey," Epiphany Journal, Spring 1986, pp. 82—90; "Jungian Psychology as Catholic Theology," St. Catherine Review, May-June 1997; and Mitch Pacwa, S.J., Catholics and the New Age (Ann Arbor, Mich.: Servant Publications, 1992). Episcopal and Protestant (especially Methodist) churches have also entered this movement; a number of Protestant ministers also work as Jungian analysts [Deborah Corbett, "The Jungian Challenge to Modern Christianity," Epiphany Journal, Summer 1988, pp. 33-40].


Within many mainline Christian churches, there is a strong and determined movement to "re-imagine" the Christian faith along the lines of radical feminist theology, neopagan goddess worship, and a New Age worldview. In 1993 the first "Re-imagining" conference was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in conjunction with the World Council of Churches' Ecumenical Decade of Churches in Solidarity with Women. The conference was attended by over two thousand participants from twenty-seven countries and fifteen mainline  denominations, most prominently the Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ and American Baptist. One third of the participants were clergy. Speaking of the need to "destroy the patriarchal idolatry of Christianity," the conference speakers rejected and at times ridiculed the Christian dogmas of the Holy Trinity, the Fall of man, the unique incarnation of God in Jesus Christ, and the redemption of man by Christ's death on the Cross. In place of these articles of faith, the conference promoted pantheism, shamanism, and homosexual rights. The participants took part in a "liturgy" wherein milk and honey were used rather than bread and wine, and the goddess "Sophia" was worshipped rather than Jesus Christ. The chant was repeated: "Our Maker Sophia, we are women in your image ... with our warm body fluids we remind the world of its pleasure and sensations." [Craig Branch, "Re-imagining God," Watchman Expositor, 11:5 (1994), pp. 4-6, 19]. At a later Re-imagining conference held in 1998, Sophia-worshipping participants also shared biting into large red apples to express their solidarity with Eve, whom they regard as a heroine for having partaken of the forbidden fruit.


Although conservative Christians have spoken out against the conferences, the Re-imagining community remains influential within mainline churches, holding inter-denominational caucuses to discuss strategies for expansion. Worship of the goddess Sophia continues within these churches. As recently as June 2004, during the Presbyterian General Assembly in Richmond, Virginia, a "Voices of Sophia" meeting was held in which Sophia was invoked as a goddess [Parker T. Williamson, "Staying Alive: Re-imaginers Gather," The Presbyterian Layman, July 2004, p. 9]."

then we find,

"Since Fr. Seraphim first wrote about the "charismatic movement" that was sweeping Christian churches, the movement has grown at a phenomenal rate. Worldwide, Pentecostalism is the fastest growing segment of Christianity: it is increasing at a rate of thirteen million people per year—primarily in Asia, Africa and South America—and now claims nearly a half billion adherents ["The Rise of Pentecostalism," Christian History, no. 58 (1998), p. 3.].


Fr. Seraphim's observations about charismatic experiences have been borne out most strikingly in the "holy laughter movement" that mushroomed in the 1990s. About "laughter in the Holy Spirit," Fr. Seraphim had written: "Here perhaps more clearly than anywhere else the 'charismatic revival' reveals itself as not at all Christian in religious orientation." This is precisely the charismatic phenomenon that has seen the greatest increase in the last decade.


The rise of the current laughter movement can be traced to another movement that arose within Pentecostalism: the so-called Faith (or Word-Faith) Movement in the 1980s. Also known as the "health, wealth and prosperity gospel" because of its teaching that Christ has delivered believers from the curse of poverty and sickness, the Faith Movement contains strange tenets which resemble those of the New Age movement, such as belief in the power of creative visualization (visualizing what you want, and then "claiming" it), the belief that a  person can become as much an incarnation of God as Jesus Christ was, and the denial that Christ redeemed man through His death on the Cross [Dr. Nick Needham, "The Toronto Blessing," The Shepherd, 16:3 (Dec. 1995)].


Through the ministries of leaders such as Kenneth Copeland, Benny Hinn, Rodney Howard-Browne, Kenneth Hagin, Morris Cerullo, Paul Yonggi Cho, Joel Olsteen and Marilyn Hickey, the Faith Movement has spread its heresies and attendant charismatic phenomena through­out the world. They themselves and in their teaching practices debunk the rights of the Catholic World View (Orthodox and Roman) that the Seals of the Confessional have anything to do with the Christian faith.  Yet, attempt to use it for themselves and cannot because they are heretical teachings and heretical faiths from that which is grounded, root and branch, in Orthodox Catholic Christianity which even the Roman Jurisdiction officially came out of by its schism in 1054 A.D.


Since the spring of 1993, the movement has had a profound impact, not only on Pentecostal churches, but on mainline Christian churches as well. It was then that Faith Movement leader Rodney Howard-Browne drew widespread attention to his televised "laughing revival" at an Assemblies of God church in Lakeland, Florida. Thousands came from around the world to take part. Howard-Browne would walk through the crowds, placing his hands on people, and saying such things as "Fill! Fill! Fill!", whereupon many would collapse on the floor, laughing uncontrollably, cackling and hooting. Others would writhe on floor screaming hysterically, act as if drunk, be stuck to the floor with what Howard-Browne called "Holy Ghost glue," or be "slain in the Spirit," that is, fall to the ground on their backs, often into unconsciousness [The Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements notes that Kathryn Kuhlman (1906-1976) was the person responsible for introducing the modern phe­nomenon of being "slain in the spirit." Whereas earlier manifestations of being "slain in the spirit" usually lasted for a few minutes, at the touch of Rodney Howard-Browne people have been "out" for several hours]. Each of these manifestations would often last for up to several hours, and sometimes (as in the case of uncontrollable laughter) for several days.


Calling himself a "Holy Ghost bartender" who is "drunk all the time," Howard-Browne showed disdain for any attempts to test the spirits to see whether they are of God (I John 4:1). "I'd rather be in a church where the devil and the flesh are manifesting," he stated, "than in a church where nothing is happening because people are too afraid to manifest anything.... And if a devil manifests, don't worry about that, either. Rejoice, because at least something is happening!" [Rodney    Howard-Browne,  The Coming   Revival    (Louisville,    Kentucky: R.H.B.E.A. Publications, 1991), p. 6].


In August 1993, Randy Clarke, pastor of the "Vineyard" charismatic church in St. Louis, Missouri, attended a Faith Movement meeting led by Howard-Browne in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Four months later, Clarke brought the "laughing revival" to the Airport Vineyard Church of Toronto, Ontario. What began as a four-day series of meetings expanded into months of nightly services that sometimes lasted until 3 a.m. At this point the laughter movement skyrocketed, eliciting massive coverage by the worldwide media. Dubbed the "Toronto Blessing," the "holy laughter" meetings were billed as the top tourist attraction of 1994. Hundreds of thousands of Christians came to the Toronto church from all over the world—not only Pentecostals, but also Mennonites, Nazarenes, Methodists, Anglicans, Baptists, Roman Catholics, etc. [Paul Garden, "'Toronto Blessing' Stirs Worldwide Controversy, Rocks Vineyard Movement," Christian Research Journal, Winter 1995, p. 5].


In Toronto, the manifestations of the Faith Movement-inspired "laughing revival" grew even more bizarre than those reported earlier. In addition to the phenomena already described, people were seen to crawl on the ground and roar like lions, bark like dogs, paw the ground and snort like bulls, oink, howl, moo, crow, growl and emit other animal noises [Deacon R. Thomas Zell, "Signs, Wonders, & Angelic Visitations," Again, Sept. 1995, P. 6]. Other manifestations of the "revival" included jerking and shaking of the head and body, karate chopping motions, imitating warriors, dancing uncontrollably, abdominal spasms, intense chest pain, "vomiting in the spirit," and "birthing" (going through a mock labor and delivery) [Curt Karg, "Rodney Howard-Browne/Toronto Airport Vineyard Phenomena," Position Paper: October 1996, available from Spiritual Counterfeits Project].


Of the hundreds of thousands of people who have taken part in the "Toronto Blessing," 15,000 have been Christian ministers and pastors. They have subsequently brought the movement to their congregations throughout the world, causing such phenomena as "holy laughter" and being "slain in the spirit" to multiply at a rapid rate on five continents. In England alone, 7,000 churches, including those of the Church of England, have embraced the Toronto Blessing. The manifestations of the laughter movement have now swept what has long been regarded as mainstream Christianity. In July of 1995, Pat Robertson's 700 Club featured a Pentecostal and several Protestant and Roman Catholic charismatic scholars who defended the animal noises as either manifestations of the Holy Spirit or human responses to the Holy Spirit's working [Timothy Brett Copeland, "Discerning the Spirit: Reflections of a Charismatic Christian," Again, Sept. 1995, p. 9].


The widespread acceptance of these manifestations reveals an utter ignorance of the traditional Christian standards of spiritual life. In the Orthodox Church, most of these manifestations have been historically regarded as clear signs of demonic possession. In Orthodox Christian countries even today, such behaviors are exhibited by pos­sessed individuals during services of exorcism performed by Orthodox priests. An American Orthodox nun, who attended such exorcisms in Russia in 1995, records that "Once the services are underway, the demons begin to show themselves. One woman rages in a male voice, another person shakes violently, another shrieks, another is thrown to the floor, losing consciousness ... yet another looks as though he is in dis­tress and pain, just before vomiting on the floor.... They scream their hatred for the priest, vowing to have their revenge, as he douses them with holy water. Some demons make jokes, others are just raw anger and hatred. But the loudest noise always seems to that of animals: mooing, crowing, and especially barking and growling." [Nun Cornelia, "Exorcisms in Russia Today," Death to the World, no. 10 (1995), p. 10].


Although, as Fr. Seraphim Rose has noted, charismatics would disclaim any association with occultism and paganism, [See Fr. Seraphim Rose, Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future, 5th ed., p. 149] it is noteworthy that the same manifestations of the "holy laughter" movement are found in the New Age movement. The Indian guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, called by his disciples the "divine drunkard," encouraged his devotees to come and "drink" from him. His spiritual "wine" was often passed on with a single touch to the head (known as the shakti-pat), at which his followers would collapse in ecstatic laughter. Another fa­mous guru, Swarni Muktananda, would hold meetings at which thousands of his followers from around the world came to receive his touch. They experienced uncontrollable laughing, roaring, barking, hissing, crying, shaking, as well as falling unconscious [Testimony of former Muktananda disciple Joy Smith, in Focus magazine, no. 12 (Winter 1995/1996)].


Muktananda was only imparting to his disciples experiences that he himself had undergone: roaring like a lion and other involuntary animal behaviors, which he attributed to spirit-possession by the goddess Chiti [Quoted in Tal Brooke, Riders on the Cosmic Circuit (Batavia, Illinois, Lion Publishing, 1986), p. 45].


It is also noteworthy that prominent New Agers have spoken out in favor of the "holy laughter" movement that has entered Christian churches. One such spokesman, Benjamin Creme, well known for his predictions of the imminent coming of a New Age Messiah, has said the following about the "Toronto Blessing": "People are reacting to new energies invading our planet. Energies emanating from the 'christ' give them a sense of peace." [Quoted in Tony Pearce, "Holy Laughter" and the New Age Movement (London: Light for the Last Days), p. 3].


Popular evangelist Oral Roberts, who hosted a revival led by Rodney Howard-Browne, has called the "holy laughter" movement the beginning of "another level of the Holy Spirit." [Julia Duin, "An Evening with Rodney Howard-Browne,"  Christian Research Journal, Winter 1995, p. 44]. Howard-Browne him­self has said the movement marks a "powerful new wind of the Spirit," bringing with it "the exciting sound of joy, joy, joy, joy!" that is "ener­getically stirring us to higher levels with God." [Quoted in Charles and Francis Hunter, Holy Laughter (Kingwood, Texas: Hunter Books, 1994), p. 5]. This is remarkably similar to claims made by today's New Age "prophets." At the same time "holy laughter" began to ripple through the churches, New Age leader Barbara Marx Hubbard wrote that the human race was soon to experience a leap in evolution which she called "The Planetary Pentecost" or "The Planetary Smile." [Barbara Marx Hubbard, Teachings from. The Inner Christ for Founders of a New World Order of the Future (Greenbrae, Calif.: Foundation for Conscious Evolution, 1994)]. "From within," she wrote, "all sensitive persons will feel the joy of the force flooding their systems with love and attraction. As this joy floods though the nervous systems of the most sensitive persons on earth, it will create a psychomagnetic field of empathy.... This massive sudden emphatic alignment will cause a shift of consciousness of Earth." As a result of this, she says, "The 'christ' will appear to you all at once." [Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Revelation: A Message of Hope for the New Millennium, 2nd edition (Nataraj Publishing, 1995)].


With mainline Christians having the same experiences and har­boring the same expectations as neopagans, we see the fulfillment of Fr. Seraphim's words about how many Christians will be deceived into accepting a pagan initiation experience."

Whether one likes to admit or not, a greater majority of so-called "Christian Churches" are become charnel houses for the Devil's grist mill.  A design to take souls to their perdition as a result of accepting the false Christianity being espoused by Jehovah's Witness, Pentecostals, but also Mennonites, Nazarenes, Methodists, Anglicans, Baptists, MormonsChurch of Christ, Charismatics, Evangelicals, LutheransChristian Science, most (if not all) those who are calling themselves "non-denominational" churches and more, even now the same can be said of the New Church, being the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church (since the repose of Pope Pius XII even though the Roman jurisdiction had, since the 800's... more especially since 1054 A.D.... had innovations never before accepted by the whole of Christendom...  and now those Orthodox jurisdictions or Churches who are entertaining ideas of unity them are being engulfed by the actions and activities of the Evil One!


As an example of one minister alone, one will see that the Evil One also can work "miracles" as a means to make it appear to all that the Holy Spirit is at work.  A very protestant minister by the name of Morris Cerullo is just one of the many ministers whose false brand of Christianity is leading many souls to the gates of hell.  And, indeed, this man's intervention in the lives of families who are affected by diseases and other health issues would truly make one think the Holy Spirit is alive and doing well and that the 'Church' is blossoming into a new age.  This was also prophesied in the Holy Bible, the Apocrypha of John, also known as the Revelation of St. John.  But even the Evil One, the Devil himself, can  and does impersonate a high and holy angel. 


History is replete with historical facts to show that with the Church of the West, the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, since 1054 A.D. have been more quick to cave into the desires of the faithful who have been led astray by heretical teachings from Protestantism's infections.  We have seen this more clearly since John Paul II's Vatican II council.  And we see it more so with the Roman Pope, Benedict XVI.


The Evil One, who is known by many names: Lucifer, Satan, Allah (Islam or Muslim) and others... is well known to appear as an angel of light and allows for his un-holy ones (demons) to also appear as though they are 'holy' ones... has insinuated into the heart and mind of man that which has been the main cause for the Roman Jurisdiction's downfall through those who have brought about the 'child abuse' 'child molestation' crimes.  Most, if not all that you see in the electronic news media (television, radio, etc.) concerning child abuse or child molestation is about "Catholic Clergy" here, "Catholic Clergy" there, etc. to where it has even infected some of the Orthodox Catholic jurisdictions. 


Hardly at all do you hear or see anywhere about a Protestant minister being caught in a child molestation 'sting'... it is more predominately Roman Catholic (a misnomer).  One can only ask "Why?"  And the answer is simple with all that has been said thus far. 


The Evil One wants to gain more souls and thus protects those of the Protestant churches who do his bidding to ensnare (unknowing to themselves) those people to the false Christianity sweeping the country and the world to where even the present Roman Pope, Benedict XVI, is more so ensnared.  Why not?  Primarily because it is one of the world's larger Christian churches with political and so-called 'spiritual' tentacles wrapped around the world from one end to the other.  Thus the synchrestic ecumenism disease along with the disease of scholasticism has gained a stronger foothold. 


The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, knowing full well that the religion of Islam (Moslem/Muslim) is an evil religion that calls all other religions "Infidel" and demonstrate their abhorrence to them by capturing, forcing conversion and killing those who do not submit to them... The news is filled with horror stories, even the fact that in Islam (moslem/muslim) countries, it is a part of their Q'uran (Koran) that their virgin boys be sodomized in order to bring about the fulfillment of their belief that "Allah" or their Holy Prophet will be re-born through the loins of a male.  Unheard of?  Then you are blind and ignorant and have failed to research their religion.  "Allah" is the name given to the moon god by Pagans long before the Islamic Mohammed coined Islam and wrote his satanic Koran (Q'uran).  In their so-called Holy Book, the Q'uoran (Koran), it is allowed for all Muslims (Islamicists) to sign any kind of document, treaty or other agreement with infidels in order to get what they want but because they are Muslim (Islamicists) dealing with infidels, they do not have to live up to those treaties, agreements or documents whatsoever.  Even the U.S. Government and other governments of the west are well aware of those facts and yet, they continue to do business and rely on their upholding their end of agreements knowing full well what the outcome could be.  Why?  Is it possibly the desire and need for their Oil?


Yet, having full and complete knowledge of those fact, along with many others, the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church courts their favor through politics and other resources in order to win world favor more than to win a conversion of those Mohammedans (Islamicists).


The fangs of the Evil One has seeped so far and wide into governments that we only have to look at our own U.S.A government reaching the very president's office (George W. Bush) to see what is happening.  One of the more glaring examples is his rush to falsely tell the people that Islam is a 'religion of peace' when the very examples of what is happening in Iraq and other Arabic (Islamic) countries says much otherwise as we watch our soldiers coming home in body bags more and more.  Even with the national border crisis being what it is, our congress has been falling in step with the President on many issues that are being decided by the Evil One through the offices of our government (high and low = city, county, state and federal).


Even though there are Sedavacantist more now than ever before (Roman clergy and faithful who have kept to their traditional ways separate from the present day Roman jurisdiction) one can take a look at just some of what has been happening in the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church as seen from the Sedavacantist point of view:


The Great Apostasy Covering Ecumenism , Non-Christian Religions, Sacred Scripture, Education, Religious Liberty, Liturgy


What we see that is taking place through out the world now is an infection of the Evil One. 


What we have presented above so far is such that should open your eyes, your mind and heart to the reality of what is going on.  Do not think for one moment that it cannot and will not affect you, for surely it either already has and you are blind, or it will.  What is happening is rushing this world closer to the age of a ONE WORLD CHURCH and a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT.


With various "Orthodox" Catholic jurisdictions (not in union with Rome) snuggling closer and closer to the advances made by the Roman Jurisdiction toward them; it is only a matter of time but what the Seven Oecumenical Councils of ancient times will be obliterated without forethought and a new style of "Christianity" will replace what has been always from time immemorial "Orthodox" and "Catholic" of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Do not think for one moment that YOU will NOT HAVE TO MAKE A CHOICE! For the truth is that you eventually will have to MAKE A CHOICE!  If you don't, one will be made for you as though it is legal.  That choice will be whether or not you will silently give in to the ONE WORLD CHURCH ideal and activity, including the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT... the later may not be a choice you will make, but one that we will all have accept as our own governments accede.  But when it comes to matters of faith, worship, and belief, you do have the right to make a choice.  If you do not accept, there will be a time in which you will not be able to purchase or buy anything, to rent, to own a house, a car, etc.  Only that which you presently have will you be able to keep and then you will be deprived of income for not going along with the choice of a ONE WORLD CHURCH which your local church or parish will present to you to make.  Or, silently, it will slowly accept and put into practice very subtle changes in its form of worship, liturgy, doctrines and dogmas much the same as the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has.  And when you finally awaken to the realization of what has happened, it may be to late to make a choice.  And, if you leave, you will be shunned and then you won't be able to buy or sell, etc.  The mark of the beast may be in any form and you will have to choose whether to accept it or not.  If you don't, that will be the final turning point in your life as to whether or not you can buy or sell, have an income, own anything that you don't yet own. 


Some of you, if you reject the ONE WORLD CHURCH, the mark of the beast, you may no longer be able to pay rent, or to even rent an apartment or house, etc.  You may not be able to buy food, clothing, or anything else.  Thus you will have to resort to a form of barter system with others who have also rejected the ONE WORLD CHURCH idealisms, etc.  You may have to move!


Those of us at the Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch & the Holy Theotokos desire to be prepared for those times to come and we invite you to join with us either physically (geographically) or from a distance to ensure for more security (spiritually and/or materially) in the times to come. 


We are NOT DOOMSDAY prophets or what is sometimes referred to as DOOM SAYERS!  No!  We are though, preparing for those times ahead.  You can help, even from a distance no matter who and from where you are at this very moment.  Preparing now so that in the times to come you may have a place here with us or with us in another location if we can accomplish such preparations.  We are very small in numbers at this time, but there will come a time in which we pray we will become an 'Orthodox Safe Haven' or 'Orthodox sanctuary' for many to come.


In the local area of Luna County (Deming), New Mexico we have become a an advocacy means for those who are faced with infringement of their Constitutional Rights; for the elderly, Disabled Veterans, those with HIV/AIDS, those who are being sought out by official and their henchmen for things appertaining to the Luna County Ordinance #37 and such that further beats these people into legal submission to accept things opposed by Constitutional Guarantees as placed within our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. 


There are examples where the guarantees of that contained in the U.S. Constitution, DUE PROCESS rights have been violated in Luna County, New Mexico by the local government through their County Commissioners, the Sheriff's Office, and others of the county who had been publishing the now defunct The Liberty Press, and more. Of those in this corrupt county who were publishers of The Liberty Press one will find that they are cultic protestants whose beliefs they defend and give lip service to such beliefs while their actions expose them and their roots as being satanic unbeknownst to themselves and those who are with them.  They begrudge Catholics in general while claiming friendships with them but hold no value or belief to those who have maintained and protected the Seals of the Confessional through their alleged actions to incite and promote fear in the hearts and minds of less educated and sometimes mentally challenged people, especially those with diminishing capacities such as the elderly.  Those are diversionary tactics to keep themselves from being found out as promoters of hate, prejudice, leading sometimes to violence it has been alleged.  A violence that is exampled by the following video!

A Very Special Video about Luna County: Corruption, Tyranny & Land Grab!

Click Here:


Those who wish may telephone the American Orthodox Church / North American Orthodox Church - International Communication's Headquarters telephone of (208) 459-2901 or write us at: 212 S. 16th Av., Caldwell, Idaho 83605 (Mail ONLY - Visitors must call first).  Donations gladly accepted and most assuredly needed since we do not follow the practice of either the Roman Jurisdiction or the heretical Protestants by passing a "collection plate" or operate with a financial flow chart mentality.


We make no promises or guarantees.  Certain qualifications must be met though before we proceed to involve ourselves in the affairs of an individual or his/her family to provide assistance, or involve ourselves in the affairs of the local government(s).  No one has to be a member of our jurisdiction, our Church, or Orthodox Catholic Christianity, Roman Catholic or any other specific faith/denomination, or a member of our Holy Order.  We do not make any demands of that kind for those in need. We believe, as rough as we may appear, it is our actions, words and work that speak loudly about us and the true Christian faith.  One may prefer to view the


This is not just for us alone, but for all people of truth and faith!


Now you may gain some insight as to why I have said and do say that "not all Protestants are going to hell and not all Catholics (Orthodox and Roman) are going to Heaven!"


The Very Most Rev. Father +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

"Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater!"



A Response from the many we have received in just two short days:


 Russian Cross 

Dear Eminence;


What you, St. John Maximovitch and Father Seraphim Rose have stated about the “Religion of the Future” and the “One World Church” is right on the mark. This is exactly what I have been trying to put across in my Awake Series of Articles.


Please understand that the recent thefts of people’s personal information, including bank PIN codes, Social Security numbers, etc., from banks and the Veterans administration, did not happen by accident. Once again I must remind you of the Hegelian Dialectic, first create the “solution” and have it in place, then create the problem so that you can implement the solution. The mark of the Beast will come about through the banks cashless system. They are going to push people, using fear of “stolen identity” to get the implanted Biometric chip. Then when the Anti-Christ is made known, the Ruler or Rulers of the One World Church will take it to the next step of people swearing their allegiance to the Anti-Christ and those that do will then be given the numerical “666” added to their Biometric information. Those who do not swear allegiance to the Anti-Christ, will have their banking accounts frozen, and with one click of a computer mouse, all of their information will be wiped out. They will no longer “exist”.


But there is also another more horrifying thing with the biometric chip, it will also contain a locator chip so that each individual who receives the biometric chip, can be tracked any where on earth to within 5 feet of their actual location. This means that those who have the chip in them, but who refuse to swear allegiance to the Anti-Christ, will be HUNTED down and executed (most likely beheaded). My advice is for people NOT to get the chip, especially if you value your immortal soul. When the time comes and if I am still alive, and you, I will very definitely do all in my power to hook up there with you, because if we are too survive and spread the TRUTH, many of us must join together in small communities and work together just to meet our everyday physical needs.

Some horrifying times are coming, but those who have a strong faith based on the Truth, will survive.



From what I understand, by 2008 it will be mandatory here in the United States that EVERY animal, (pet and livestock) will be required by law to have the locator chip in them. Sadly, this will mean that when the time comes to FLEE to the wilderness, we will not be able to bring our beloved pets with us, as we could be tracked through them.

('s notes and commentary: Some rather scary actions are taking place in Europe, especially in Great Britain (England) with their planned usage of technologies that will be able to track their citizens as they have already begun with their cattle and other animals.  Some of those technologies are already being put into use now!  It will only be a matter of time but what it will be used in the U.S.A and the rest of European countries who are members of the E.U. (European Union) are beginning to do similar things we have been advised. 

Additional Note & Comments: Since the posting of the above, in a matter of two days alone, the amount of e-mail we have received has caused us to persuade our Vladyka to make this a series which he is considering.  As time allows, we are in hopes he will present us with a PART II in what we believe would be a well worthwhile series.

The staff of thank the many of you who have contacted us through e-mail and telephone calls regarding this special article from our Vladyka +Thaddeus. Again, Thank you!  May spiritual and material blessings abound upon you. )

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Remember: You cannot ride two horses or serve two masters for one of them will be harmed by your thoughts, your very words and your actions which is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost (Spirit) who will depart from you.  And when the Holy Spirit departs, the great deceiver (unbeknownst to you) will rush in to fill the void under disguise of being the Holy Spirit!  Testing of the Holy Spirit to insure it is the Holy Spirit does not, for many a Sectarian Protestant, especially those of the very cultic Pentecostal and Roman churches, work - - - because the Great Deceiver (Satan) is most skilled in worming and snaking his charms around your mind and heart to feign being the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Satan has the same gifts similar to the Holy Spirit but Satan's gifts are UN-HOLY and lead all who accept him (unbeknownst to you) to perdition.

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"Prejudice makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater!"

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If a man looks on a woman who is not his wife with lust, he has sinned, if he and she are married to other people he has committed adultery. If a man looks at a man with lust he has sinned the same as a man who looks at a woman. Sodomy does not have to enter into it, lust for someone is a sin and must be removed, now people do this all day long to be sure but it is still a sin. To say that homosexuality is not a sin allows homosexuals to live in sin without repentance and this is wrong to do to them spiritually.


It is for the sake of their own soul that one has to recognize sin that is in them and not to excuse it regardless of the sin or the preference of the sinner. Homosexuality is indeed a sin regardless of sodomy, the act of attraction or the lust is a sin even without action and simply must be repented. I must also add this; woe to all who misguide others into sin and especially those who are of the clergy who do this. For the sake of your own soul and others, you must recognize this and repent. I know that it is not easy to overcome and if it is never overcome then one must live a life of constant repentance, that is the only choice.

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