A Question of Apostolic

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Secularism's Convictions

A certain man was ordained a priest in years gone by who had aligned himself with two other priests.  One of the three was also a juvenile officer in a city which was the county seat for a particular California metropolitan area.  Along with the third priest they proceeded to insinuate themselves into the affairs of various Philippino cultural and religious communities, reporting back to their bishop in Oakland, California. 

In their doing all those things they gave particular attention to one bishop of Philippine heritage who had come to America and built himself up a rather large following.  One of the three priests, the priest-juvenile officer, gained rapport with an underaged minor who was an altar boy to the Philippine Bishop.  The priest-juvenile officer used psychological tactics to persuade the boy that he had been molested by the bishop when, in fact, it was just that... a psychological ploy to take over the parish.  A conquer and divide tactic.  Yet, because of the seriousness of the allegations, the bishop was taken to trial.  Nothing in the trial proceedings pointed to the culprit(s) (the three priests) because the youth was so frightened.  The youth had previously [after their personal friendships were set in cement], under the seals of the confessional, told the priest-juvenile officer a story of his having been molested only because he had been psychologically made to believe that he had been.  You see, all three priests took part in the psychological manipulation of the youth, each priest taking his turn playing "good cop" and "bad cop".  It worked.   The Philippine Bishop was convicted and sent to prison.  The parish was divided and somewhat conquered for the self-serving needs of another man (priest) of Philippine heritage who had extreme involvements in and with voodoo and other cultic groups of satanic origin under disguise of being Catholic Christian.

What was not known or, rather, not raised was the fact that one of the three priests, was a convicted, unrepentant, child molester of which the other two knew as it was common knowledge amongst them.

In the last few years  the same unrepentant child molester, priest, was consecrated to the episcopacy without proper form and without the requirements of REPENTANCE as regards the sins of the past.

The question was raised as to whether or not that priest, supposedly a bishop now, is truly a valid bishop? 

Without true repentance there is no validity in the Orders.

Now, if a priest or bishop had taken the same or a different conviction because he was protecting the Seals of the Confessional as regards other(s) who were truly guilty of the sinful act, the priest or bishop's Orders would be considered valid because his action to protect the Seals of the Confessional is tactile evidence of his Faith in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.

Because of the manner and method by which the electronic news media cover and report stories in these last several decades, the whole truth is not fully made known to the public, only that part which is often times the "seedier" parts as a means to appeal to the public's entertainment mentality as well as to boost political ties and sell their services.  It in no way disenfranchises a priest or bishop from his responsibility to the Church though.

It must be realized that when one accepts their vows to the priesthood and more especially as a Bishop, an Apostle in a long line of succession of Apostles, they accept the responsibility to do no more or less than those who, in Russia and other countries, had gone to their very death to preserve the faith and not denounce it!  These things are the hallmark of Christ in the clergyman. 

Many there are in the Protestant churches in these later times who denounce and becry anything Orthodox Catholic and/or Roman Catholic while themselves making statements of and about their faith which is based on a false understanding (a twisted form).  These are the ones who have opted to join in with the Evil One's beguiling ways to sway the people away from the true Church and from the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  They talk much about their ministers having died in foreign countries for their faith... and it is true that many have, but not to protect that which comes from the roots of Christianity because the roots of their Christianity is a stunted form.  They believe in the Holy Bible as the written tradition or word but fail and refuse the oral traditions which caused for the Holy Bible to be brought into being.  They fail and refuse to accept the fact that the Church came first, not the Bible.  The Bible came about as a result of the Church, that which today is known and called "Orthodox Catholic".

There are those, like the priest (convicted felon) made a bishop who has never repented of his sin(s) and those who consecrated him, without proper form, have initially joined in and with those of Synchrestic Ecumenism which was and is a violation of the Seven Ecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers.  The priest is not a priest nor is he a bishop in spirit and truth.  And those who consecrated him have, by their violations, deposed and excommunicated themselves in spirit and truth.  Those who stand up for, through words or actions, the unrepentant clergyman, have joined in and with those of Synchrestic Ecumenism in such a way as to also cause for their having departed from the faith, having automatically deposing and excommunicating themselves from the Church Catholic be it Orthodox, Roman or otherwise.

The Seals of the Confessional are sacred. 

It is better that a clergyman go to prison or die for the faith than it is to give into secularism and its secular authorities for political gain if one is to be truly a priest or bishop.

Any clergyman who denounces another clergyman for having safeguarded the Seals of the Confessional, which is one of the primary pillars of the Church, talking evil against the one who must be adjudged as a defender of the faith; is not true to the commission and charge of their own calling.  Thus, the one casting aspersions by denouncing the other, is either ignorant or refusing to accept the teachings of the Church handed down from Jesus Christ Himself and the Holy Apostles and their successors.  When that happens, the one casting the aspersions and denouncing the other, is, in literal truth, no longer a part of the faith whatsoever and should not even be called "Orthodox Catholic" or "Catholic" for he has, even by his outward appearance to others to make himself appear "Orthodox" or "Catholic," become heterodox and therefore no longer a part of the Church whatsoever!

One who raises himself in the eyes of others without having been raised by the Church, as has happened in Ohio, USA, in 2003... is no longer a part of the Church for such vanity, pride, manipulations, while refusing the quiet admonitions of his brothers in Christ, Jesus, says much that must thereafter be denied and cut-off from the remainder so that the root is not infected either with the disease of self-importance, the correctness disease, or other ambitions that involve vanity and greed!  Those are pretty much the same things that brought about the issues and situations involving the three priests in northern California as discussed above.

Except for one sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit... all other sins can be forgiven through repentance, penance, seeking forgiveness and absolution!  But one cannot necessarily be forgiven if he knows not that he has sinned either against man and/or against God!

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