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December 22, 2007


Blessings & Greetings in the name

of Jesus Christ our Beloved Savior, and

the Most Holy Theotokos; Blessings Indeed!


I was asked a quick question that has been lingering in my mind for some time now and probably it is best that I provide the answer to it here as we come closer to the Western world's celebration of the birth of our Savior which in the Eastern Church is celebrated 13 days later.  It is just a bit of a pearl that may be polished by your own efforts to understand the meaning which aids toward providing a prize of great price in and through Jesus Christ and the Most Holy Theotokos.


One of the most majestic gifts that we can provide, I believe, to our Savior for His birthday, is understanding spiritual and material truth. 


Unfortunately, in our own day, words and books have multiplied and experiences have diminished in struggling for a life of patristic witnessing which if all did so, would provide us with true spiritual health that even all the heterodox would envy, leaving their sick delusions aside to be saved without their present day preaching of heretical doctrines, teachings and actions.  Now, however, they are not moved by our Holy Patristic Tradition, for they want to destroy that which they cannot control or to invade that which they think they can alter.


Today, because of the worldly spirit, which pursues all conveniences and avoids all bodily effort, influencing such people with such that lead to the easy road which is the accepting of those things brought by the Evil One, Satan, known as Lucifer the Light Bearer before he was cast out of Heaven, there are many who have opted out from the Root and Branch of which grounded in Orthodox Catholic Christianity both East and West. 


Many of the people of today simply marvel at the holy ascetic athletic endeavors of our Patristic Fathers of the Church without realizing how much they've labored while we have not toiled so as to be able to understand their toil, to love them and to struggle out of pain of heart in order to imitate them.


Those who do struggle out of pain of heart for the faith that was once and for all delivered by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ unto the Holy Apostles and thence to the patristic fathers of the Church; do not give themselves rest, removing their egos from every one of their actions, helping us to understand more positively.  Yet, where today are the real strugglers? 


He who is irritated about a minor disorder and abruptly rushes to ostensibly correct it (with vehemence and petulance) resembles the light-headed sacristan who sees a candle dripping and abruptly dashes to fix it, stumbling over people and candlesticks, and by doing so, causes an even greater disorder during Divine Services.


Unfortunately, there are far too many in the Church scattered around the world who are educated having grasped the dogma with their mind and not with the spirit of the Holy Fathers. Others, who are unlearned, have grasped the dogma with their teeth which explains why they grate their teeth when discussing ecclesiastical themes.  It is that they, combined, more often cause more serious harm to the Church than the enemies of our Orthodox Catholic faith.


There are far too many people who justify their wickedness by examining others and not themselves, or by publicizing  predicaments of clergy and the Church to the world - - - even things that should not be said in public - - - using the "...tell unto the church..." (Matthew 18:17) of the Gospel as their pretext.   LET THEM DO THIS DISGRACEFUL THING FIRST TO THEIR SMALL CONGREGATIONS, THEIR OWN FAMILY, THEIR BROTHERHOOD; if they think this is good, then let them disgrace the whole Church. 


Unfortunately, however, many inconsiderate people offer a wealth of live ammunition to heretics, enabling Pentecostals, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses, other cults and heretics to seize Orthodox  parishes, churches, towns and cities such as has been happening in Africa, Russian, Ukraine, Kosovo, etc.   They do it here in Deming, New Mexico as though (most of them know they are not doing the work of Jesus Christ, but doing the work of Satan) they are blameless for their goal is total destruction of Orthodox Catholicism where ever and whenever possible.  Our being Torched out in march of 2007 was an example and one of the many hallmarks of this outlandish cultic activity.


Our Good God, on the other hand, endures us lovingly without ridiculing anyone, even though, as the Beholder of hearts, He knows our pitiful state well.  The same thing applies to Saints who never insulted a sinful person in the presence of others, but with love, spiritual nobility and in a hidden way, helped in the correction of the evil ones.  Many of our own, notwithstanding the fact that we are sinners, do the opposite from time to time (like hypocrites) without forethought until after the damage has been done. 


Only a person possessed by a demon is justified to mock, ridicule and even do such as to commit BLACKMAIL, agitate other people to cause havoc and destruction to clergy... even in the presence of others - which is one of the means to make weak souls falter.  The unclean spirit, naturally, does not reveal people's virtues, but only their weaknesses where invented or found by the demon.  Those who are liberated from their passions, however, correct the evil by their kindness when possible. If sometimes they see a little uncleanness that is not easily cleaned, they cover it up with a plate, so that others who might see will not be disgusted by it.   Those, on the contrary, who reinvestigate the rubbish, resemble scavengers.  This is what we are experiencing here in Luna County, New Mexico, U.S.A by a group of scavengers who publish a rag called THE LIBERTY PRESS... who, as being the scavengers they are, incite hatred, animosity, and worse against those who do not accept their outlandish, illogical and un-Christian ways. They exist all over the world, even in Germany and other countries.


The actions of those demons, Satanic cultists who are scavengers in spirit and truth do teach us many things when compared to the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  Look around your own local area and you too may see a repetition of the same antics as the demons in this area... And by their cultic and heretical practices you will learn too. 


Jesus Christ is the Truth, The Way and the Light...  The celebration of His birth should be good cause for each one of us to reassess ourselves and see what kind of a gift we are daily giving him, or not! For it is by our words and our actions, that we are feeding the temple which is the soul for the soul expresses itself through the mind and the body.  The true temple that exists in each of us, cannot be destroyed by any human being, except ourselves when we do foolish things not sanctioned by the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  It was Jesus Christ who warned us not to be afraid of our bodies being destroyed, but those who could destroy both the body and the soul.  If one gives into those false, malicious, errant and evil ones; then we have not done our job in this life to learn truth!  Thus, we allow for our bodies and soul to be destroyed.  But to those who are on guard ... the soul is the temple of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ which will not be destroyed when we practice and preach that which is spiritual and material truth! 


On review you may also come to the realization that we are not against people themselves, but against Un-Christian ideas and ideals not bound root and branch in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ which is expressed more succinctly by one's daily walk and talk. 


The internal purity of the true man's beautiful soul beautifies his external person as well, and the divine sweetness of God's love sweetens even his countenance.  The internal beauty of the soul, apart from spiritually beautifying and sanctifying man externally, with Divine Grace revealing him to others, also beautifies and sanctifies the ugly clothes the graced man of God wears, especially a clergyman who knows himself to be an unworthy repentant sinner in the vineyard, committing himself to such spiritual struggles daily.  As a clergyman, he must tackle all that which is offensive, a violation to the true Church established by Jesus Christ and thus all the more it is important for us to follow the mandates established in II Timothy 4:2 ("Be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine")


May your celebrations of the Birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, be a blessed and spirit filled event forthcoming. 


+Thaddeus the Unworthy repentant one... A fool for Jesus Christ!


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



December 5, 2007


In the Name of the +Father,

the +Son, and the +Holy Spirit... Amen!


Blessings and Greetings to You,

and to all who are my spiritual Children

in the Vineyard;


If you review the QUOTES FROM VLADYKA THADDEUS you will notice our last entry was in November 2007. 


    Bishop "Matthias" (Hammons) has had cancer surgery which was a bit more extensive due to its growth extensions.  The extent of the growth with tendrils reaching as far as they did created the concern.  A nodule above the right eye caused for concern. 


     Along with Sister Elaine and this unworthy repentant one, we took Bishop Matthias to his appointment in Las Cruces in November where the surgery was performed which took more than four hours.  Because of his diabetes, the healing process has taken longer.  He is doing fine now. 


    As many of you already know, the surgery is of more concern due to the other serious and deadly health issues he has been living with for more than 19 years now.


     All is not lost.  His healing is doing fine. 


     Here it is December and just after having established the DAILY NEWS FOR DECEMBER, (See: Daily News) our web site got hacked.  But it didn't stop there... so were some of our main computers in New Mexico.  All is not lost!  We were able to save some of the most important information.  Some was lost in the attack.  Yet, we have learned something too.  One of the major hackers (and we are finding possibly more) live here in Luna County, New Mexico.  Experts backtracked their many "go through" addresses and were able to "zero" in on the main geographical area of origin.  Rather interesting, ESPECIALLY when it is learned that telephone calls to California and a Country in Europe are involved in the charades to cause disruption and devastation. There is such a thing as a Federal "Hate Crime" law of which those un-christian people are involved.  We are informed that authorities in another country have begun their own investigations having to do with a well known Corporation there and one of their employees, along with California and New Mexico authorities!  Local authorities, we are advised, are not being asked to be involved for they do nothing as they are a part of the corruption in Luna County, New Mexico, not the healers and defenders of Religious Freedom and the American Way... In fact they are alleged to be a part of the problem along with those who publish and write in and for the publication entitled THE LIBERTY PRESS ... a group whose antics are far from being "Christian" because they are knowingly and unknowingly (to themselves) a part of the ANTICHRIST. 


    One of our Nigerian Students has telephoned and wondered why he had not heard or seen anything new and now he knows a bit more as to what has been happening. 


     Our Monk Michael out of South Carolina is a blessing.  He and His family have great aspirations and he continues in his studies.  He came to us as a convert with training in other fields, including his studies in Christianity.  According to our Abbot +Gregori, Monk Michael is making good strides in his endeavor.  More about Monk Michael in forthcoming news.


    The antics of Rome and the Ecumenical Patriarch in Constantinople says much about the politics on-going in these times.  Of course, Patriarch Alexi of Moscow has also been courted by Rome.  We most certainly hope that the Russian Patriarch will not succumb to Rome as Constantinople is doing.  It would be more than a shame, but an insult to the root and branch of Christianity which rests on the foundations of Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles, the Patristic Fathers and the Seven Ecumenical Councils. 


    There are far too many "Roman" wanna-bees out in the world who believe and think that all things "Catholic" is bound root and branch with the ROMAN JURISDICTION OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, when, in fact, it is GROUNDED, ROOT AND BRANCH WITH ALL THINGS known and called today as ORTHODOX CATHOLIC CHRISTIANITY.  Inasmuch as Rome has, over centuries, been re-inventing history to suit their own self-styled will which is not the WILL OF CHRIST; we see where many Orthodox Catholic Jurisdictions having become courted and fallen to the Roman scourge of error and falseness.  These things were predictable in part and predicted in Holy Writ.  Rome has become the Whore of Babylon!  I make no apologies and answer only to Jesus Christ for making that particular statement! 


   A letter was recently received, it was in response to some things that had appeared in THE LIBERTY PRESS.  It is an eye opener letter that will be made available at another web site later on.  Hopefully, a link to it will be created, when it is published, for all to see in order to follow and be obedient to the words of II Timothy 4:2 ("Be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine"). 


   As we enter into this Holy Season of the birth of Lord and Savior, we ought to take time to reflect on the meaning of His birth and how we often times fail or refuse to celebrate it with Holy struggle out of pain of heart for more often than not, the celebrations have reached a materialist frenzy that has grievously tainted the TRUTH of His birth and the life of St. Nicholas for the idealisms of a fantasy Santa Clause.  Santa Clause is child's story, to be sure, but one that has taken the truth of St. Nicholas and turned it into a a false and misleading ideal which is seen every year now in the super markets and malls with a stunted form based in materialism.  Giving of Gifts is an honorable thing, but the sure and true gift is that which can only be given from the very spirit and Soul of each individual.  And that would be the more honorable and true gift acceptable to God the +Father, the +Son, and the +Holy Spirit. 


   According to your nature and degree of understanding, may each of you who read these words be blessed in spirit and truth.  What you accept as a blessing, will manifest and be manifold.  When you reject, it too will rebound upon you equally. 


+Thaddeus the Unworthy repentant one... A fool for Jesus Christ!


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


November 15, 2006


Blessings to all of you who are

my spiritual children in the vineyard

and to those who visit our web site

and see this message; blessings indeed

in the Name of Jesus Christ and the

Most Holy Theotokos...


During these last several months with many of us having been involved in election campaigns for candidates, we in Deming took another road of approach because of our intrinsic belief that we should indeed leave things of Caesar to Caesar (Government of the People, By the People, For the People).  There are those who can and will take offense to this understanding and we are not discounting their view as also being valid so much as our own understanding and approach holds equal validity.  That is to say, clergy of every rank and degree, in order to ensure that one does not do a misdeed in their need to keep Caesar out of the Church and the Church out of Caesar's affairs as relating to candidates, etc. we keep our affairs and activities to a minimum.  Our clergy do not preach and teach things "political" from the pulpit, but maintain that which is always been true as regards the faith, the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers... reminding people of those things concerning life and living, right thinking, true belief, correct worship that comes down through time and history from the ancient Seven Oecumenical Councils.


So what have we been doing?


Here in Luna County there is an Ordinance #37 which has and is causing a proverbial "uproar" amongst those of the poor, those on SSI, Veterans, and many Land Owners. 


The Ordinance deprives these people by the Ordinance's enactment without Commissioners having poled or discussed it with their constituents.  They elected to create such a styled Zoning and Planning Department whereby the Commissioners can by-pass the State Laws requiring Fair and Open Government for and by the People.  Therefore, a County Manager was hired who brought in outside people to create this Ordinance #37 which has infringed upon the Constitutional Rights of good and honest people to such a degree that one's dwelling, be it a solid base home or a mobile home, etc. is to be maintained according to certain standards... standards that go far beyond what is considered "fair" and "honest"... This Ordinance impacts the poor, veterans, those on SSI, etc. whereby certain businesses and property management companies would appear to benefit the most, including Real Estate companies. 


While beautification or keeping one's property from becoming an "eye sore" is necessary in part, this Ordinance goes far beyond that.  In fact, under the false "tag" of "Contaminated Wells" the Commissioners decided to claim the Revised Ordinance was because of "Contaminated Wells".  It was proven that they lied!  So, they switch tactics and call it now a "beautify" type of ordinance without changing any of the wording in the Ordinance. 


They claimed they were to create and insert a "Grandfather Clause".  This has not been done.  But now they say they have inserted it (yet to be seen) but the draft shows that it is a "two year" only 'grandfather clause'. 


So, in the long of it all, we were able to assist in bringing about the organization called LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM which is LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM AND TRUTH ... a group of concerned citizens, property owners, and those who rent or own property from the poor to the veterans and others.  Then, after less than a month three individuals in the organization decided to do things according to their way without consent of the members by publishing a salacious newsletter and then putting out a salacious cartoon.  One doesn't use unfair and dirty tactics by calling Commissioners equal to Nazis and mentioning their wives, etc.  One doesn't take an image of an individual and turn it into things dirty.  One does the honorable thing and run-it-by the membership first so as to be in union and conformity with everyone's ideas and beliefs because this is a rather conservative group of people in Luna County, even though this county of New Mexico is known for its dirty politics.  Why stoop to the levels of such actions that are rampant in New Mexico?  It is unchristian and unfaithful to Our Lord and His life and Teachings!


But, there is a woman who works at an auto parts store whose belief system is totally lacking in true Christian content and understanding.  She has taken the bold step to think she controls and is a leader in the group of which she was never voted in or approved except by two or three people who published the salacious material.  Now she goes one step further, believing her self-righteousness is above reproach!  She uses outright BLACKMAIL tactics as a means to cause diversionary tactics upon those who lack understanding of all the little twists and turns of the Ordinance #37 and her having been caught in being a turn-coat, a Benedict Arnold of sorts.  She acted as a double agent by doing things the County Commissioners wanted stopped and done... such as this organization's publishing of a State Engineer's Letter which proved the Commissioner's lied about "Contaminated Wells" among other things. 


This Mrs. we are speaking of has gone on a campaign.  A campaign to destroy what she cannot control and never could!  She uses scare tactics by divulging the past of persons involved, pasts that have nothing to do with the honorable fight against Ordinance #37....This diversionary tactic is primarily an attempt to take the heat of her from the fact that she was caught in the act, so-to-speak, of being a RAT in the organization... So, she attacks those of religion, religious life, etc.  She made several mistakes in her publishing material with photos attached and taking things off the Internet that could and might land her in jail and possibly to a lawsuit that could cost her and her family losses of immeasurable proportions. 


How does all this relate to the Church?


We have ensured that we DO NOT preach, teach or push our beliefs onto those who are not Orthodox Catholic, Roman Catholic, etc.  We let our immediate actions be the message.  When questioned about our wearing apparel, our faith, etc. then we do reply as one should.  But this auto parts store female has taken her attacks, her blackmail, to the degree of pushing her idea that 'religious' should leave their 'robes' without knowing (although she was told truth) or understanding (although she said she understood) because of her own questioning at various times in the past... that one in religious life wear what they wear just as much as a soldier wears what they wear 24/7, 365 days a year unless exceptions arise.  Her ability to twist truth to suite her own aims, ends and goals to destroy because she has been rebuffed by numerous members of the group has even caused her to establish a group of her own using a similar nomenclature.  For some of you - you may well recall a no-more bishop in another state who did the same thing after he was deposed, defrocked and excommunicated... sound familiar?  Well, this female auto parts store worker is not of the faith, but has cultist views and ideas that she promotes to such a degree that can see that she's taking actions against a people of faith while attacking only one person.  Yet, she has been claimed to of said, after she's run this one individual out of town, she'll go after another individual.  True or not... we intend to fight against hellish lead by Satan stand to be in control of that which she has neither the abilities or capabilities as well as lacking in having "forgiveness" about her and a respect for people of faith through her attacking.


What do these things say to you about what has happened in the more "political" arena of your area and through out the country?  It says that many of leaders past and present who claim to be Christian have missed the mark, fallen away and are leaders by an elected who have opened the doors for Satan to step in even further into the affairs of Caesar and those who claim to be "Christian" but are, unbeknownst to themselves, "Anti-Christian" in spirit and truth!


While we can look at the nomenclatured denominations of Protestantism, viewing their theologies, dogmas and doctrines which cause for their being branded as "Anti-Christian" and "Heretic",  but we have to really look at the actions and ideas being espoused by the indvidual(s) and it is that to which we must use discernment as to who or what is "Anti-Christian"... for many of us know of people who belong to what we know are heretical denominations of Protestantism and they are not only very good people, but honest people in their own heart and mind with their interaction with those who are members, parishioners and a part of the congregation of the parishes and jurisdictions of the "Catholic" Church being either Orthodox Catholic or Roman Catholic; the root and branch of Christianity which those who are considered by all that is Holy, to be 'heretical' (against) the ancient faith, the Seven Oecumenical Councils and Patristic Fathers which they separated from (separating from the Roman Jurisdiction, initially)...





+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


October - November 2006


To all my spiritual children in the faith

of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and the

Most Holy Theotokos, and to all

who view this message... Blessings,

Greetings !!!


I have made no postings since July because of on-going activities which have affected our overall endeavors locally (Deming, New Mexico) and enriched our lives by the power of God's Love.  Unworthy that I am and those with me in spirit and truth; we are blessed in many, many ways both seen and unseen.  For all the damage that has been done against us, we call the names of those whom we have known did the damage with intent and forethought... calling their names to remembrance before the Lord our God asking and entreating they be forgiven as we forgive them; including those whom we do not know by name.  Yet, we also find that we cannot leave out those of the various denominations who call themselves "Christian" when, in fact, they are much like those described by St. Paul, the Apostle, regarding the Corinthians. 


These modern day Corinthians go under a variety of "Church" names without being one in, and of, the faith handed down through time and history to the present day.  All they know and believe is that anything "Catholic" must be "Roman" and that all things "Catholic" come from the Romans without knowledge and forethought.  They do not listen or research FACTS or TRUTH and thus they must be prayed for.  As a result, they only know one thing... their confusion which begets confusion and furthers the aims, ends and goals of the Evil One, the great deceiver, Satan!  This is also true for many of those who call themselves "Independent"... even those who call themselves "Independent Benedictine".


They all fail and refuse to recognize or understand historical fact and Christian TRUTH that the Orthodox Church (Church = "Faith") is not a 4-cornered building.  They are mildly literate, obstinate to the core and as a result of the much publicized scandals of the Roman Jurisdiction's sex scandals, the furtherance of these cults and their cultic (Mormon, Pentecostal, Jehovah's Witness, Church of Christ, some Methodists and yes... a few Baptist groups... including those of the "Independent" groups) error... the FAITH is no longer in them from the times of Jesus Christ.  Of course, when was it?  There was a time they could have been corrected and some of their people were open to studying FACT and TRUTH of history and Biblical writings.  But less are they who are willing to cross the proverbial borders which separate them from FACT and TRUTH... for they have entrenched themselves further into the errors as false christs.  The Spiritual eyes and ears they had are no longer for 'holy' things, for they are under the sway of a most horrible of all entities of the celestial sphere, the spiritual world.


There are those who talk about the "traditions of men" and that there is only one tradition, Biblical! 


Unfortunately for these misguided Protestants and now, in these times, some who call themselves "Catholic" (be it Independent and otherwise), most of them are unaware of the "Oral" tradition and know only the "Written" tradition which they erroneously attempt to reinterpret as though they have been guided by the Holy Ghost (Spirit)... and of that mix of individuals, only a very small number of them may truly be under the guidance of the Holy Ghost (Spirit) while the remainder of them are actually under the sway of the Great Deceiver who, himself, is an UN-HOLY SPIRIT who can and does appear as an angel of light (for "Lucifer" means "Light Bearer" before he was cast down from Heaven). Thus all that is contained in Heaven is equally counterpart (duplicated) in the great chasm, hell! The 'counterpart' is the forgery, a deception...


Back to the "Traditions" referred to above.


The definition of the word "tradition" is precise.  In its literal sense, the word means that which is 'passed on'.  "Holy Tradition is, therefore, that which is passed on and given over within the Church (Faith) from the time of Christ's disciples right down to the present day... Tradition is the very life of the Church itself as it is inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit (Father Thomas Hopko, 1971.. The Orthodox Faith: An Elementary Handbook on the Orthodox Church. Volume I, Doctrine, New York: The Department of Religious Education The Orthodox Church of America. P12). 


What, therefore is Holy Tradition? Holy Tradition is the experience of the Church (faith of the people) passed down from one generation to the next.  It is something that we employ and practice daily in our very lives if we are true strugglers in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  No longer do we employ the Old Testament attitude and idea of "... eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth" for to do so says we have not attained the faith and practice as true "Christians" in spirit and truth!  This tradition is lived, as said, and the expression of our understanding of all things revealed in the faith even though it may not be written down in Holy Scripture is our way of life according to our individual nature and degree of understanding from within.  Remember, it has been said that if all that Jesus Christ said and did were to be written down, it would fill volumes that would encompass the world itself and then some.  Therefore the Holy and Living Tradition of the Orthodox Catholic Faith, the very root and branch of the Church herself is lived daily according to one's nature and degree of understanding. 


The variety of Independent Catholics, Protestants, especially those of the cultic congregations, would reply that this does not yet explain why Holy Tradition was not written in Holy Scripture.  It was Jesus Christ who pointed out to us that there were some things that would not be accepted by the populace because they did not have spiritual eyes and spiritual ears.  Thus He spoke in parables. 


It is often said by both Independent Catholics, many Protestants, Orthodox Catholics and those of the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church... that if one is walking in the Commandments they will not err.


Walking in the Commandments


To know Christ and God is first of all to be walking along the path of discipleship in obedience to His commandments: "If you obey My commands, you will remain in My love, just as I have obeyed My Father's commands and remain in His love" (Jn.15:10). To walk in God's commandments means to set aside the traditions of men: "You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!" (Mk.7:9).


Let us briefly say that ever since the time of the Holy Scriptures which came after the Church was established by Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles and even until now, the true Church has lived in a manner in which She speaks very little about holy matters.  Holy matters are to be lived, rather than endlessly spoken about.  The Church is not a realm for study whereby we might carry out research, or dialectical and intellectual discussions.  


Holy matters are not to be subject to quarreling, arguments, and contesting.  What most Independent Catholics, some present day Orthodox, Protestants and their cultic offspring do not understand is the word HOLY.  It signifies that these matters should be approached in the utmost reverence, awe and sobriety.  But they are unable to do so or even maintain respect for those who do because they lack spiritual and material understanding of the Faith itself while yet claiming that they are "Christian" and believe in those things written in the Holy Bible.  What the real truth is... is that they cannot and do not understand with spiritual eyes and ears that which they read and hear from Holy Scripture because they do not even understand the word, term and use of "HOLY" which is one of the primary causes for their present day Entertainment Mentality approach to worship, a worship to Satan (unbeknownst to themselves) as they have allowed themselves to become sheep and false Christs amidst a world heading toward its destruction as prophesied in Holy Scriptures.


We say "false christs" because anyone who holds the title of "Rev." "Reverend," etc. are supposed to be carriers of the faith handed down through time and history from Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers.  Most of them do not these days although their message(s) often call upon "Christ".  Yet, these are false Christs even though they do not out rightly say they are Christ.  A Priest is the alter ego of Christ if they serve under an Apostle (Bishop) in a long line of succession from previous bishops (apostles). 


There are several articles already available at this web site which one, who may be a serious struggler in this life for the life to come, can read to obtain more understanding.  We propose the following:

The above are only the proverbial "Tip of the Iceberg" for those who are serious strugglers in Faith of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church and those of the various Independent, Orthodox, and Protestant persuasions, along with the cultic ones; if they are serious that is in calling themselves "Christian".


It is at the very instance when the Church's int9imate and awfully holy matters become widespread with the proliferation of printed materials thanks to the printing press, and later the radio and then the television and Internet; that they intersect with other foreign ideas and the result is a sullied, unpreserved, alloy which superficially resembles the faith of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.  Do not be mistaken for a romanticized remembrance of a reality, diminished with time, distant in the pure and untainted past.  This is not so, for surely the early Church faced much strife and struggle.  However, note that the main purpose here is to point out the result of our age's negligence.  The mass proliferation and propagation of the Christian faith without that essential lived and effective spirit, is the cause and the result is the effect one sees today in those various congregations and parishes which has seriously and grievously infected the Roman jurisdiction of the Catholic Church that has taken it further away from the root and branch of Christianity itself being the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers prior to it's 1054 schism.


The early Church was different in times past than what we see today.  The Church pragmatically lived through these holy matters, but did not speak them.  For it was the difference between praxis and mer knowledge/theory which is important.  Praxis is that important element of practical application and practice which is favored by the Orthodox Church.  Praxis affords a necessary silence which in turn allows grace and mystery to partake in the experience of the Church. 


It is for these reasons that if one who is not an Orthodox Christian or not even Christian at all, and comes to a Parish... during Divine Liturgy ... what would you do?  We will invite this person into the Parish and offer him or her a liturgy book so they might be able to follow along (and we will be happy that we had added a number to our congregation).  But what will this person hear in the liturgy and read in the liturgy book?  Our visitor will hear talk of bread and wine becoming the Body and the Blood and will become completely befuddled and leave the service in a state of confusion. This visitor comes from a place and level where these things do not make sense; not yet being ready to hear these things or having come from another so-called congregation, has taken these things imperceptibly of the reality of their significance and what such requires of the penitent... This is why the early Church did not allow this to happen.  When a visitor came to the Church she or her was not allowed entrance.  It is so with us at the Monastic Community of St. John Maximovitch and the Holy Theotokos.  We do not permit entrance by them from other places for this very same reason. 


When a visitor came to the early Church, she or he were not allowed entrance because "This is not your place, you may not enter for it is our private house of prayer".  The visitor may often say something that equates to, "I have come to your house, with all my baggage and I will live with you"  It is this very baggage is important because it stresses the importance placed by the early Church on the necessary catechetical process which is the shedding of past ideologies and understandings (ie: baggage) and the acceptance of the revealed faith. 


It is therefore our responsibility and necessity to respond with, "No... I am sorry, my home is a private space and requires certain adherences that I must preserve in my intimate home life."  For it is that the Church, the Parish is a "home" for true strugglers in the faith who understand the very importance of its creation by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ Himself and not by those of man who claim to have built it for Jesus Christ... There is the difference! 


Be on guard.  Watch what you do and whom you invite in for the very devil himself walks into many of these modern day (so-called) churches without anyone being awake in them.


Pray for me and those with me... for it is indeed that I find myself an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard....


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



September 23, 2007


Blessings to you, and to all my Spiritual Children;


With the fall months just around the corner, Thanksgiving in the U.S.A. coming up upon us in November; there are many things that come to mind that begs for each of us to ponder, to consider, and to reflect upon.


One question that has apparently been boggling the minds of numerous people, questions asked in different ways but they all boil down to the same question... "What is the Church for in these present times"???


The answer is the same as it was in the beginning of the Church, continuing to and through the centuries to present times, that being: to preach, to teach, to worship God in both spirit and truth; we must also carefully consider what is happening through out the world and in our own country.


The U.S.A. is a very Protestant Country.  Actually it has become and is becoming, more and more, a very cultic protestant country.  As such the End Time Delusions and more are on the minds of many with false teachings brought by those very same cultic Protestants, their heresies which the Orthodox do not and cannot accept.  Yet, those who are Orthodox Catholic in spirit and truth are often assaulted by those heresies promoted in the electronic news media daily. 


Might we suggest your read:

Contemporary Signs of the End of the World


If Satan could trick Christians, would he?  If the deceiver could lie to Christians to get them to withdraw from the battle for earth, and just wait for the Protestant idea of a rapture into Heaven, would he? 


He would, if the "Rapture" theory were true... and then we'd have to say "Yes!"  But, one must be careful about the "Rapture" theory!  For that is just a Protestant theory not founded and grounded in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ whatsoever. 


The rapture theory is an invention of Protestant cultists, to say the least.  Yet the answer applied is not sufficient enough!  One needs to understand scripture from both the material and more especially from the spiritual aspects and there is no place where this can be done in these times except through the writings of the Patristic Fathers of the Orthodox Catholic Christian Church for most Protestants believe in their heresies and are unwilling, incapable and unable to separate the flack from the fall-out! 


The same is true about their often heard of statements that "all are going to Heaven."  Shall we say that those back-woods theorists, are literalists who do not and in many instances cannot fathom the spiritual because they are afraid of such spiritual truth as it may place a responsibility upon them that has to be reflected in the material life.  As for "going to Heaven" - May be!  But not right now! 


While in this life, we have to struggle out of pain of heart in order to make ourselves ready to enter into the blessed life of Heaven.  We can, after all, end up in hell.  Therefore, our daily words and actions must, according to our nature and degree of ability, become one with our faith in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ... and not let the cultic Protestants continual bombardments cause for us to slip and fall into their hellish (shall we say, unbeknownst to many of them) hellish ways led by their God, the Deceiver, the Evil One, Satan!


I watch, as you do, the mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who loose their loved ones to gangster attacks.  The result of many of those un-necessary deaths is because they have entered into the glorification of Entertainments, of drugs, sex and worse - - - shall we say, a glorification which has become something akin to glorifying those things as one glorifies God? 


Gangsta's and their territorial disputes as to who is going to sell drugs or control "my turf" is what its all about.  Little gangsters compared to the governments who are the real gangsters... Yet, someone always gets hurt. 


In the case of parents and siblings who loose a son or brother to shootings, we are often viewing on the electronic news media where the mother or father or someone is saying something like, "Oh, he was such a good boy.  I know he's in Heaven with his uncle now!" or something like that.  Well, they apparently haven't heard of Hell.  They didn't learn the lesson that God takes only those who truly struggle out of pain of heart in this life for the life to come. 


Not a one of us can say with truth that a loved one has been allowed to enter into Heaven!  No - - - no one can say that and claim to be a "Christian" which is the following and PRACTICING of the Life and teachings of Jesus Christ!  That is something the cultic Protestants do not or have not considered, and they most certainly do not want you to consider it for to do so might mean they would loose most of their so-called avid followers... We are talking about those of the "Church of Christ" - the Pentecostals, the so-called Evangelicals and "I'm Saved" people among the many of them.


Where is the love involved when a young man or girl gets in with a gang?  Where is the love involved when a young girl dresses in short skirts, wears other clothing to strut her "stuff" in front of youth?  Where is the love involved for the parents who raised them when these youths sell drugs to others, knowing that the drugs will most likely fall into the hands of youngsters, minors ... Such actions and activities are a form of Child Molestation which many adults in these times (especially in Luna County, New Mexico) have been and are involved in but they often use their official capacities and involvements in such so-called patriotic groups to make the public believe they are saints... when they are actually sinners whose lies will eventually catch up with them when it becomes a fact of truth that they, like the gangsters, incited others to cause devastation and destruction to those whom they consider their enemies - enemies who have done nothing against them whatsoever except to bring the message of God's Love concerning the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ?  Torching, Gun shots, and worse continues....  These are the adults who act no differently than the major city gangsters!  So who is really going to heaven. 


If we listen to the rantings  of those so-called "Christians" - they are going to Heaven no matter what they have done or do because their preacher's interpretation of the Holy Bible (without any spiritual knowledge of it themselves) say so!  So they believe they, like the gangsters, can go on their mini-rampages without being held accountable, in their minds!  Many a politician is guilty of this, as they portray themselves as a so-called "Good Christian" (usually having established a ministry or foundation under a "Christian" ideal) while themselves are involved in an authoritative way for bringing in, under color of law, such that deprives people of either their land or house/home and often, their personal possessions.  Isn't such duplicitous action(s) no different than the Sanhedrin or the Pharisees?  Or, as the American Indian would sometimes say, "They speak with forked tongue."


The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church is seemingly incapable of aiding with your need to know both spiritual and material truth for it has most assuredly lost its way with its Bishop of Rome, and the clergy under them, having bedded down with those same heretical bastions of iniquitous heresies.  Having allowed itself to become over bloated with its own self-image and magnanimousness, it is almost as though it cannot, through its hierarchal leaders and clergy under them in most countries, see the forest for the trees.  Of course, when viewing its historical self-view as in relation to the Catholic World which it has held in captivity... one must ask when do the lies stop and see its return to the fullness of Orthodox Catholic Christian Truth that it separated itself from which began around the 800's A.D. with its official schism from the Church built upon the Blood of Jesus Christ.  The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in 1054 A.D. ceased from being true brothers in the vineyard of Jesus Christ and and became one in the vineyard of Satan's making by its continued acceptance of false heresies, if not .... aiding in the creation of many of the false heresies that are unacceptable to true Catholicism based on Orthodox Catholic Christian Truth.  While those words are harsh, they are true! 


The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church, especially in the United States of America and Canada; having been assaulted by the numerous sex scandals; it has, through its American Cardinals and Bishops, attempted to distance itself from those things that would answer questions about their faith and its clergy who have been found 'guilty' by man's laws... yet, fail or refuse to answer the most significant questions about clergy who have been forced, by their bishops, to accept false charges... even going so far as to distance itself from one of the very pillars of the church, the Seals of the Confessional - - - even refusing to stand strong in respecting them as regards those clergy (of their own jurisdiction and other jurisdictions) who may have taken a conviction to protect them... What does this tell you about the so-called faith of the Roman Jurisdiction? 


As a result, the Protestants (more especially the heretical cultic Protestants) have had a very significant sway over them.  This is proven by the very fact that decades ago, those cultic protestants were able to bring political pressure to bear upon the American Roman jurisdiction to rid itself from wearing Crucifixes (cross with corpus), doing away with wearing their cassocks and habits which were the outer signs of the armor of their faith... 


The Cultic Protestants' prejudice had more to do with their political sway which, when added with the sex scandal... raises one more important question:  Why have the various Protestant Churches been over-looked, skipped, or the information minimalized as to their sex scandals which are very numerous... why?  Because of their intrinsic hold over secular politics in these United States of America... And it is to them and their atheistic partners that God has been removed from schools in spite of what they publicly have said, and why American Roman clergy no longer wear their cassocks and habits, why prejudice, hate and a systematic denigrating of anything "Catholic" has grown so profoundly that many of the faithful of the Roman Jurisdiction have left in droves... their faith was not sufficient for them... as it is apparently not for the Roman Clergy either as their own arrogance and elitist attitudes become more entrenched against all other "Catholics" especially "Orthodox" unless those "Orthodox" belong to and are under a "Patriarch" which is not always necessary when a toma (decree) had been issued.... "Prejudice" leads to hatreds and then  to physical assaults of various kinds....

One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!

+ Joseph Thaddeus


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

We can ask more questions about the Roman Jurisdiction, but the answer will always be the same.  They shall never really return to the root and branch that they schismed (separated themselves) from, but continue the same as most of their heretical Protestant children.  Something worthy of reading about the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church's link to "Mad Cows and Madder Men" may astound you....


When we look at people through out the world, as individuals; we cannot necessarily fault them for there are many wolves in sheep's clothing, such as exists in many of the Protestant heretical churches and even now, more than ever, in the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.  Thus, it is not people we are against!  It is the heretical teachings that have led those people astray that we are against.


All of these things bring us back to the deceiver, to Satan who was once the "Light Bearer" and was known as "Lucifer".  His ways are always changing because he keeps pace with the changing times.  Thus, deception upon deception occurs on a more grandiose scale. 


The Entertainments with the sports, the sex, the delusions, etc. are all a part of the deceptions.  And, what is more, our various governments (in the U.S.A. - being City, County, State and Federal) are all involved in the deceptions of what is going on that lead you into a false sense of hope for times to come. 


These are the very ones, led by people of the heretical denominations who bring, unknowing to themselves, their false religious teachings into the office, that makes your life either a blessings or a living hell with their 'rubber stamping' of those documents you have to apply for in order to receive services or obtain licenses and permits.


Overcoming Satan, Lucifer, the Deceiver...

One cannot, by himself, over-come or defeat Satan and his demons... But one can ward off the attacks until they give up for a time....


Without love to animate it, even the most eye-catching and impressive deeds are dead, even though they might have the outer semblance of virtue (1 Cor. 13:1-3). It is only the Spirit who can give rise to a love that runs through the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5-7), a love always patient and kind, never jealous, never conceited, never rude or selfish, that is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes UCor. 13:4).

The movement of love is centripetal: when it arises from the Spirit within and is expressed in life by one's words and actions; it intensifies the Christ-life in men. John argues that a person who hates his brother whom he sees cannot love God whom he does not see: anyone who loves God must also love his brother (1 Jn. 4:20-21). For the love of brother is the measure of one's love of Christ, »ho identifies himself in his brethren (Matt. 25:31-46; see Jn. 15:1-11).  Do the Cultic Protestants do this?  Superficially, may be!  But in truth, NO!  Here in Luna County, New Mexico, this is born out by the actions of a small group of people who publish a so-called "Constitutional" newspaper called "The Liberty Press" ... It is born out by the Commissioners of Luna County whom they work for (directly and/or indirectly)... and what they have done to people's property and possessions... It is even born out by the antics and actions (or non-action) of the primary two local Roman Parishes and its priests. Remember the "arrogance" and "Elitists" we said before.

The perfect communion prayed for by Christ (Jn, 17) will not be achieved before his second coming. Nevertheless Christians are on their way to meet him, for good or for bad. The steps they must take are those of love, or, in Paul's words, "love upbuilds" (1 Cor. 8:1) if they are true spiritual strugglers for the faith once and for all delivered by Jesus Christ. When faith, through which we now lay hold of a hidden reality (Heb. 11:1), will brighten into the vision of God, then we shall see face to face (1 Cor. 13:12; 1 Jn. 3:2), and hope will become possession, then love will abide forever (1 Cor. 13:8) to cement the communion that is also the consummation.

Take a quick look at Psychiatry and Psychology in general.  It is not our friend!  As a former Psychiatrist - one admitted that the practitioners of psychiatry and psychology are no longer your friends but the very instruments of Government manipulation. 

Those are just two of many responses that need to be considered as to what is really going on in our schools, in psychiatry and psychology today... One who is informed cannot necessarily rely on those professions to truly aid and help any one, but to question their motives and who they are really working for. 


"Bullies in school, sexual assaults, and other abominations are, and have been, on the rise, not necessarily by those who were convicted, but by people who have yet to be caught".  Why?  Because our government is too involved in the affairs of its citizens.  Why?  Said one high official... "... to bring about control of one's mind by letting the horrendous actions take place where the people will want their government to get involved.  And that is exactly what has been happening.  As a result, the government's subtle actions to destroy 'religion' especially 'christianity' is a MUST in order for it to re-invent 'religion' - the 'religion' of government, of the One World Order, the One World Government, the One World Church.  To encourage children into thinking only one way, by providing them with the fruits of entertainments, less individual deductive reasoning skills, less individual creative skills; all of these things are the agenda of today's governments.  Why do you think we have NAFTA - the bringing together of Mexico, the U.S.A. and Canada... all because the aim of government in North America is actually working.... Government's goals are being met with such military precision that no one has time to stop and think!" - Anonymous (name withheld - due to the individual's high standing in the field of Psychiatry and Government)


Surely the true Church, the Orthodox Catholic Christian Church established by Jesus Christ has much to consider today because IF we rely on those statements as being true... then our very own CHRISTIAN RELIGION is certainly under greater assiduous attacks than ever before thought possible, as motivated by the great deceiver himself, Satan. 


Satan, the deceiver has implanted all the harmful ideas and motivated the actions of "Caesar" (Government) [and the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church] to such horrendous acts against citizens and faithful that goes beyond anything Emperor Nero could have ever devised against the citizens and Christian faithful of his time!  Many of today's Orthodox Catholic Patriarchs are making movements toward the Roman Jurisdiction in such ways that have to be considered, a turning away from true Orthodoxy for the materialism of what the Roman jurisdiction can bring them!


Therefore, the remainder of the true Church must act in a manner, form and way, whereby she continues with her primary purpose but add to it, in a more up-front means, such that aids those who continue to hold to the unadulterated Life and Teachings of Jesus (spiritually and materially) ... to be imbued with the solid rock of faith as was Peter and Paul!  It means to bring into action such that will attempt to provide, in this material world, a means to band-together whereby the faith once and for all delivered can be strengthened by numbers which will provide the means to teach and preach more than what is presently being done, those things so necessary for survival after the One World Church and One World Government takes more dominant control over your lives, as it has begun!


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



September 4, 2007


Blessings and Greetings to All my Spiritual Children and

To all who are visitors….


Here in the U.S.A. we have just celebrated "Labor Day" also known as "Memorial Day".  It causes for one to pause and consider many things of the past and present, both spiritual and earthy, physical or material.


There are heavy times ahead of us in the United States of America and for that matter, the whole North American Continent covering Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico.


We’ve been told many things, heard many things, seen many things; all regarding some impending activities regarding the possibility of a horrible event that may cause for our President in residence to declare something akin to, if not outright, “Martial Law”. Thus far, that hasn’t happened (as yet)!  Now it’s the financial crisis of the stock market of which it has been said the government is pumping in money to keep it bolstered, as other countries are supposedly doing.  


I know all of this sounds a bit doomsday like for our own spiritual children and the nation as a whole.  But the truth is that with all things taking place in these present times, it is nothing but doomsayers and event prognosticators attempting to get their questionable message out about the Evil on-going and growing worse in these Times.  Yes… all these things are possible and, we might add, a bit probable.  “With September 11th anniversary coming up, the infamous ‘911’ – we are sure that something is going to happen which will be blamed on some far outreach group who it may be claimed "...have snuck into the U.S.A. to do us damage,” said one group of people. Another have said it will be the stock market which will cause for the implementation of the newly created and special martial law provisions regarding a crash of the stock market,” said another group.  Then there may be some other action that might come about too.  Who knows?  And, some people do not really care because they are not being counted among the level of those who no longer are employed and who have run out of unemployment benefits while others have lost their homes (in many instances, illegally) and the list goes on.  These may be horrible times, but I assure you – we haven’t seen anything yet on North American soil!


We’ve heard of foreign soldiers being trained in countries to the south of the U.S.A. and ready to come into the U.S.A. from the south entry points to take over parts of the country when, and if, martial law is declared.  We’ve heard of mass armaments and foreign troops are being situated in those very same countries to the south, but nothing seems to show up as bona fide fact.  Will these things happen?  Can they happen? 


All these things are possible.  With our country’s indebtedness to China and other countries who are unforgiving while we have forgiven their debts to us in times past; it only stands to reason that we are living in a world of Evil where it is becoming a nation, no… a world of people whose only aim and goal are to achieve the best possible position in world affairs through what, I personally believe, is akin to the old “One-Up-man-ship” tactic. If these things continue to take place it only stands to reason that the U.S.A. will eventually be greatly impacted as a result of the manipulation by top moguls of world financial affairs, far more worse than we’ve seen since the stock market crash and world wars of the last couple of centuries.  In these present times, one only has to take a look at China to see how they have gained much from the actions of last two to three U.S. presidents who have allowed for our technologies and various companies to go over to it, along with our country’s indebtedness to cover the costs for the war in Iraq.  Isn’t the material picture clear to you as to what is possibly on the horizon?  If we withdraw from Iraq now… there will be much lost, and not necessarily oil.  The growth of the satanic religion of Islam will then make enormous strides as well as other devastating effects world-wide.  While oil seems to be the reason in the minds of most people, the truth is that there are far greater reasons for the situation we have becomes ensconced in.  That is not meant as a defense of the war… Hardly!  Any war is just as devastating as any other when just one life is taken.  We have the war on our own soil with gangs, with the government over its lack of maintaining educational strengths in the schools which are resulting in our youth being ‘dummbed down’ – failing to learn critical thinking skills, and more. That is a war that must be fought on our soil too. The impoverished, the theft of houses and land by local governments and worse is a war!


Now when looking at the New Testament, especially the Apocrypha or Book of Revelation, we can assuredly place some things into perspective.  These things were predictable in part.  And even when viewing many things of the Old Testament, placing them in comparison to the New Testament’s Book of Revelation; here again we should be able to see a bit more of the things we’ve been warned about time and again, as to what the future holds.  Yet, even history is ignored and the human race is doomed to its repeated failure for its lack of honoring and worshiping in a right manner, with correct understand of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.


The President of our Country may not necessarily be his own man.  When reviewing his father’s actions when president - and other presidents before him since the 1940’s – there is much to be alarmed about. 


When taking a look at the controversial subjects having to do with the world’s money moguls who have had centuries of involvement in world affairs having to do with Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper, etc. as well as the printed money trails… we could learn much too. 


Some have said, and it would not be difficult to learn the truth, about whether or not the U.S.A. no longer has a stockpile of those metals which money had been based upon and secured by.  Oh, I almost forgot… we are no longer on any “Gold Standard” and it is said the Federal Reserve is not really controlled by the government of the U.S.A.  And that what metals we had are all in Britain.  Would that mean that once again we are under British sovereign Rule?  Well, take a look at the manner our laws have been quietly implemented, the manner with which Judges are off “common ground” in a court room, the re-designed Flag of the USA which has been turned into the flag of Puerto Rico, a flag and justice system that looks upon you, the citizens, as a CORPORATE entity and many other things.  Do these things have anything to do with us who are spiritual strugglers on the path to a heavenly life?  Yes!


While in this life, we must, with such mental and spiritual struggle – keep our wits about us or we shall fall into the arms of the Evil One without knowing it!  We must test every designing spirit that come to us under color of law… man's law and/or spiritual! 


Scripture tells us how in subtle ways, Jesus Christ used parables.  The lives and writings of the Patristic Fathers who had emulated the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ tell us much more.  Jesus Christ Himself, while walking the earth, showed us the way!  For He is the Way, the Truth and the Light!  There is no other way He tells us.  That is the way our Patristic Fathers, down through time and history, have been attempting to direct us toward.  Few listen, few read or learn because they are caught up in the materialism and the disease of scholasticism with all its attendant man-made psychology and pop culture.


Those who opt to coax you into praying with heretics such as those who believe that our God is the same as the god of Islam (Muslims) are doers (whether they know it or not) of Satan, the Evil One, Lucifer (Light Bearer) who had been cast out of Heaven and who has been the harbinger of Evil in this world. The simple truth of the god of Islam, called “Allah” – is that we learn that Allah is a moon god!  A pagan god!  A god of War not of peace! "Allah" the god of "Islam" is not peaceful and therefore "Islam" - as has been proven by their extremists who operate similarly as some of the so-called Evangelicals and so-called "Fundamentalists" of Christianity that are neither "Evangelical" or "Fundamental" as compared to the early Church's "evangelicalism" and "fundamentalism". 


There are those through out the world who believe in a time of “tribulation” which thinking and theology is of Protestant origin because of their misguided and unfounded understanding of scripture.    The Rapture, the Tribulation, the End Times… is mostly driven by Protestant heresies and especially by those of the Cultic brand led by the Evil One such as most Pentecostals, Church of Christ, some Baptists, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons and others.


Yet, take a moment and read what Father Jim of another Orthodox Jurisdiction has had to say and a response from an Orthodox Catholic Christian parishioner…. 


Father Jim provides a glimpse of what is a more correct attitude and understanding.  Do you?  Other related subjects on these issues should also lead you to further understanding.  Read: Missionary Conversations with Protestant Sectarians. Sola Scriptura - In the Vanity of Their Minds, ABOUT CALLING NO MAN FATHER Also See:, About Forgiveness and the Seals of the Confessional ECUMENISM -- A PATH TO PERDITION, and many other articles at this web site.


If you do not read, you do not learn – no matter how lengthy articles may be for some.  For some of you, I can only say – ‘Get off your lazy duff and read! Make time to read and learn’ 


In order for the faith of the Church to be enduring while in this life, one must Read and learn. It may be uncomfortable because of eye trouble, but life is not always comfortable no matter how sick you may be.  You haven’t crossed over to the next life so keep on reading and learning no matter how difficult, or how lengthy, or even how hard it is become for you! One must pray, meditate and recognize what salvation truly is.  Jesus Christ did not say it would be easy!  He did not say he came to bring peace either. 


The manner with which not only this country, but the whole world is heading as it has for these many, many decades (if not centuries) – would seem to appear to be into oblivion!  But, even so, given all that you know, your task is to read, learn and heed that which is true, right, and correct in both faith and faith practices on a daily basis in what you think, what you say and most especially in what you do (or fail to do). 


While there are many people who have left the true Church established by Jesus Christ for those wolves in sheep’s clothing (see: ECUMENISM -- A PATH TO PERDITION, Awake You Who Sleep and Is Christianity Collapsing?) we can only say that those who have left the true Church, were weak in their faith because they looked at the inter-religio-politics of clergymen which abound in all churches and so-called churches.  The Church is not about politics and the antics of men, but about the faith that has always been based, root and branch, in that which is known and called Orthodox Catholic Christianity.


One last thought - I read earlier in one of the yahoo groups where a so-called "Deacon" of an Independent Catholic group claimed the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church is a "Denomination".  This is wrong!  The Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church is just that... a valid Jurisdiction, albeit a very messed up one with its growing synchrestic ecumenical garbage - is one of the main five Patriarchates established by the early Church.  Just because the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church separated from the true Church established by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles; it certainly does not diminish the fact that it is a part of that which is the foundation of the Church herself. 


While the Romans consider itself as being the only valid "Catholic" Church, that is very untrue and a false teaching brought on by its centuries of psychological-political actions to mesmerize the world.  The Romans are not a "Denomination" whatsoever! They are a "Jurisdiction". 


The Independent Movement also known as the "Independent Catholic movement" are all nothing more than mere Denominations in themselves because most of them have opted to accept many of the false and misleading Protestant heresies. 


The American Orthodox Church and the North American Orthodox Church are a part of one Jurisdiction with autocephalous and autonomous: (the now St. Tikhon of Russia issued a Toma also known as a decree) granting us the standing as a "Jurisdiction," not under a Patriarch and therefore we are not part of any "Independent Movement" or  "Independent Catholic" movement!


Let's get the facts first before making such outlandish and untrue statements. 

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



July 26, 2007 - Thursday


Blessings to all of you and especially to

my spiritual children in the vineyard;


Amazing as it may seem to some, dreams are a doorway to the reality of one's spiritual and material concerns, sort of a reality check.  There are those who would say that dreams are matters for psychological review by one who is truly a psychologist because of the problems associated not only with their interpretation, but because dreams can shape a person toward some personality disorder.


Psychology is the invention of man, a science to be sure, but again the invention of man that is not perfected and never will be because it is not of God.  And depending upon who the psychologist may be, the individual can be discerned in error as being the most horrendous person on earth.  Psychologists often have been used in trials by the prosecution to give strength to a prosecutor out for "blood" when may be the individual on trial is not the most horrendous individual in the world and may not even be guilty of the crime charged.  How often psychologists are found to be in disagreement each with the other when they don't know each other but have evaluated a person who is either on trial or preparing to be released from prison.  Psychology, no matter how well versed they may be in the standards used to explain certain mental traits, they do not always agree one with the other and the one to loose out or win is the one being evaluated or treated.  Psychologists are human beings whose personal, faith beliefs (believe it or not) and political agendas as well as their personal ones (and they do have them) can and often do affect the good or bad of an individual's life.  Again, psychology is a man-made science that is still flawed to a very severe degree when it is used so often to determine the value and worth of a human being on trial or being reinstated from an institution into society.


Psychologists, for many of them, look upon (more the result of their training) those with strong faith beliefs as some sort of twisted perversion because it seems to go against strong character in an individual's life.


The fact of the matter, as far as I'm concerned, is that dreams are the reality check for those who have unfinished issues in their life and no psychologist can aide you with the fullness of spiritual need as prayer and mediation can, along with those things involving true repentance, seeking forgiveness through confession to a (true) priest, followed by partaking of the Bread of life and the Cup of truth which is the Body and Blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Again, dreams are a most significant means by which one can realize a reality check of the condition of their soul, their spirit.


As we grow older, we may often be assaulted by dreams involving persons from our past. 


Sometimes those people in our dreams may cause us, if we remember a dream, to reflect more strongly upon our past, our need for deeper repentance.  Sometimes, because of the nature of the dream itself, it can be discerned whether or not we are going in the right direction in our spiritual and material journey.  They are not just warnings but can also be blessings if we listen or come to "know" the dream with spiritual discernment. 


The degree to which an individual from our past appears in a dream, can mean the difference in determining more than just a direction in real life (spiritual and material), but can be a guide given by God for us to take stock of ourselves in such a way that life itself may be made more worthwhile, the direction we are going, signs and signals as to what to avoid or what we might be able to accept.   There are many ways we can look at dreams, but one thing is very clear. 


Our dreams, no matter how distorted people from our past may appear in them; dreams can be a guide to self-discovery about our spiritual and material present or our need for more deeper repentance.  They can be warnings or blessings. 


The key toward interpreting their meaning lies within us but only when prayer, repentance, confession, partaking of the restorative qualities granted by Christ through Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass) and Communion is undertaken more often.


The Holy Bible tells about the dreams of other personages and those who interpreted them for the one who had the dream.  Dreams are surely portents of things to come unless we alter, modify or change our ways in many areas of thought, speaking and acting.  Sometimes, dreams are a way in which the spirit (which speaks with the Divine, and yes, can also speak with the un-holy) can apprehend many things good or bad. 


If you have gotten lost in a dream, for some of you; it means you are lost in your spiritual or material quest and you may then need the strong guidance by a priest or monk who has been given a gift by God to aide you.  To be given a direction in a dream can be interpreted as a sign of your going in the right or wrong direction in your spiritual or material pursuits. 


Yes, dreams are a fascinating thing which is a gift by God.  They also can be a horror story that may even come from the Devil Himself!  Here too be careful for the Devil (Lucifer, Satan) can appear as a Holy person, an angel of light to deceive you, and it is for this additional reason you are strongly encouraged to partake of the Holy Mysteries often: repentance (true repentance, not just by word, but with inner tears of real repentance), confession, participating in Divine Liturgy (Holy Mass) and Communion which is the Bread of Life and the Cup of Truth (the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ) not for condemnation but for the effectual healing of the soul and body!


Yes... I am reminded of the fact that sometimes dreams are the creation of our own self's self-image.  Be careful when you recognize certain traits in a dream that do this because it can be caused by just plain bodily functions that impact us while we sleep.   That is one of the reasons why it has always been suggested that you do not eat for at least an hour or two prior to your going to bed at night.


Try to train your mind toward memory recall of your dreams.  Write them down in a Dream Journal and examine them with the guidance of either a true monk or priest...  All of this takes time, not in a day, nor a week or month necessarily, but repeated attempts through deep prayer and mediation.


Be careful as to whom you select to reveal your dreams to for they can become, in the wrong hands, your worst nightmare in the physical world, in the waking state where government can impact your life to a severe degree.  Under the laws of some states in the U.S.A, certain things you say are required to be reported to authorities by psychologists and psychiatrists even though there is supposed to be "Confidentiality".  The only true and sure "confidentiality" that can be maintained are those provided by the "Seals of the Confessional".  And even here, be very careful for it is coming to light in some areas of other jurisdictions who are not true "Orthodox Catholic" that information you provide could fall within the purview of authorities because a so-called "priest" seeks self-image or himself suffers from fear for his physical life with less for the condition of one's soul and the hereafter.


A true priest will suffer going to prison or even death (as history has shown time and again) to protect the Seals of the Confessional because of his concern more for his covenant with God and ordination in service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


June - July 2007


Holy Things for Holy People....

Blessings to all of you and especially to

my spiritual children in the vineyard;


If you have kept pace with unfolding developments, many of which are posted in our DAILY NEWS SECTION, you will find important news that will eventually affect all of us; our way of living, our very life and most importantly, what we can or can not do in our religious approaches as we struggle in spirit, and in truth.


Interesting as it may be to some, I have accepted some individuals as Oblates in the Society and Holy Order of St. Jude Thaddeus (commonly known and called the THADDEAN COMPANIONS, under the tutelage of the Thaddean Fathers). Those individuals may come from different faiths and walks of life with little to some understandings of our faith beliefs.  The purpose for this, as they well understand, is because we are in need of people who are willing to help other people, along with those who are willing to learn our faith more diligently but at their own pace, not ours. 


Eventually, we hope, there may be one or more who will eventually want to invest their time in taking the WOTI courses too which could lead them into further spiritual pursuits.   In order to do this, I feel, one must understand what we mean by Holy Things... It is not easy and what I've put together may not be enough but a very poor start for those who view these pages.  ]


I must, mentally, bow low before the images I hold in my mind of our dearly beloved brother in the vineyard who resides in Canada, Archbishop +David Francis (Wigley) and our Corbishop Abbot +Gregori in the Rochester, NY area as I also hold the same of our Brother in the Vineyard out of Arizona, Archbishop +Karl (Barwin) and our brother in Florida, Archbishop +Mark (Hakes); for all of these spiritually beautiful men have been my guide on this spiritual and material path that I attempt to walk.  And, if it were not for them, in tandem with what I've most importantly gained from the now sainted Metropolitan Archbishop - Saint +John Maximovitch and Blessed (Sainted by some) Father Seraphim Rose; I most certainly would not have been motivated in the spiritual aspects of our Orthodox Catholic walk.


Yet, for so long as we breathe in this life... we are still prone to the demons of the air and thus are all the more hard pressed to avoid sin.  Yet, we do!  And it is for this that we must ask mercy from our Lord and Savior. 


I ask each of you to feel free to contact my unworthy self or anyone in this jurisdiction with your non-confrontational questions so that we may hopefully aide you in your struggles on the path toward the next life that we all pray will be blessed by the Lord. 


With the multitudinous incursions of many of the heretical cultic Protestant thinking, along with their negative actions... we become more inundated with those things we must struggle against for it has seeped not just into the fabric of this country's government, but society as a whole which is all the more seen in the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church whose ambitions are humanistic and SYNCHRESTIC in their approach toward fulfilling their earthy goals which is a ONE WORLD CHURCH under their control.  Yet, the Protestant dominated World Council of Churches who have ensnared many Orthodox Catholic jurisdictions via deceptive means without any desire to understand, grasp and inculcate Orthodox Catholicism which is the font and root of Christendom itself; shows us that the Evil One has most certainly been moving forward. 


As a result, it becomes all the more important for you and each of you to constantly come back to www.apostle1.com, click on the DAILY NEWS SECTION as a means to keep abreast of what is happening through out the world and in our U.S.A.  Equally so, I would ask that you read the various articles that we have been posting for more than just our seminary students of WOTI as a part of our CIVICS articles as shown Including:


The lives of monks consist of a podvig [(spiritual) exploit] of repentance and of withdrawal from the world. They flee from judging their neighbor in his moral falls, considering themselves to be sinners and the worst of all men. But, when it is demanded of monks and other clergy, that they remain humble and indifferent to questions of faith, then do they cast off humility and obedience. It is demanded of them, by the conscience of the Church, the faith in and for the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles, Martyrs, Patristic Fathers, the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils - - - that They rise up when the truth of Orthodoxy is threatened. They are supported in this by a living conscience and by a sense of responsibility for that faith for which our forebears-martyrs and confessors alike-sacrificed everything, even their very lives.  As a result we have opted to present to you the story about "Modern Day Ecumenism and its horrors" along with various links to who just a few of these Synchrestic Ecumenists are which threatens true Orthodox Catholic Christianity (Both Orthodox and Roman)!



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The Alex Jones Web Sites and Radio Shows



Before I close this massive missive (Yes... I know... I sometimes talk too much) ... I pray that each of you truly take to heart and mind something I hesitate, but am motivated by my own conscience to say... that is within the next eleven months there may be worsening things happening in these United States of America, Canada and even Mexico; for all three countries are becoming more and more linked together in ways that a lot of people are not fully cognizant of.  The affects of that linking will have very grave and serious affects upon us in the United States of America, in spite of what the people (legal citizens) desire, even though most of them will do little to nothing to take control of their Constitutional rights in lessening or preventing some things from happening. 


As a result of what I've said, I recognize (and I hope I am wrong) that it will become most needful for those of you who are true strugglers on the spiritual path in your various areas ... where you are seemingly alone ... that you will find the need to relocate and come into direct living contact (residence) with others of like mind, heart and soul as a means to strengthen not only our faith in community, but our goals to be able to pass on to others (of like mind and goals) that which we are clinging to in spirit and truth.  Again, I can only hope and pray that I am wrong concerning what is suspected will happen in the next eleven months or thereabouts... 


We have been granted permissions to use this nine acres of land for the needs of achieving our goals in part. 


Arming yourselves now as we are trying to do, regardless of whether or not what is perceived may happen or come about in eleven months (even if it happens in two years or more...) - - - the need to thwart, for ourselves, that which has been prophesied by our Holy Fathers in times past... requires our taking action NOW!  Alarmist?  Theory?  No! 


Practical mindedness is a reality of heart and spirit to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear...


Those things that have been prophesied in times past which have been coming about in these present times shows this unworthy repentant one that not a one of us... not even the Protestants... know the time nor the hour... And, what is more... what is perceived about how things will happen is not the way in which they happen... even though they do happen.  They happen in ways never expected! 


What you and me have been witnesses to, as many of you have stated in this last year... is such that shows that prophesy is being fulfilled and taking place although not in the manner with which many had ever expected.  It is therefore a warning of sorts that each and every one put on the whole armor of light, the shield of faith and more!  And, it requires that we also include physical action too if we, our families and our friends (be they of the true faith or not) have a means and a place to come together in community.  If it should happen here, which is prayed for; I shall be stepping down as Primate of this Jurisdiction so that I can devote more of my time to the needs of the local area. 


Inasmuch as we are very slowly growing locally, we also are growing in other areas too. Should it be, by the Will of God, that our community may become more solidly formed on site... on location than exists at present... we shall have need to devote our time and energy in preparation for that which is to come in due time.  You may be one of those who have a desire to join with us in this spiritual and on-site spiritual struggle in community... An exacting struggle out of pain of heart for the faith once and for all delivered causes for us to extend our hands, hearts, minds, body and spirit to you regardless of who or where you are now...


Praying for each and every one of you who are known to me, an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard, I ask for your prayers for the needs of this Jurisdiction, this small community and the health of our spiritual pursuits in this life before the next life to come.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


June - July 2006


Blessing to you and each of you who view this page, and

To all who are my spiritual children in the vineyard…

A most disheartening and disturbing letter had come to us last month in which someone had written about the horrors of their life and their dealings with their Church.  They lamented on the problems inherent in their parish and the fact that it’s “Orthodoxy” is no longer what it was and that much is left to be desired.  On reading through the lengthy missive, we found that the problem was with the way in which many of the parishes of numerous ‘jurisdictions’ (East and West) have quietly opted for the tricks of this world’s offerings.  That is to say, the politics … the entertainments and more.

Those who aspire to the faith of Orthodox Catholic Christianity which is the root and branch Christianity; will be dealt very hard blows to their spirit and worse.

What kind of consolation is there for Christ’s followers whom the world is persecuting with the on-going slide toward Synchrestic Ecumenism in both the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church and that from which it schismed from?  There can be no consolation found in that jurisdiction since it has more completely taken steps to distance itself from the root and branch of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and the Seven Ecumenical Councils of ancient times.  Even worse yet is its obstinacy in continuing its departure.

However, we take look at what is happening through out the world is the growing number of Orthodox jurisdictions who are siding up and participating  in and with the Roman Jurisdiction’s departing slide downward to that described in the Book of Revelations; one finds many things amiss.  The spirit of the Church has changed.  It no longer continues with the kind of spirituality and piety that adorned the people and followers.  That which is seen is a façade.  The truth of this fact is seen in the eyes, faces, words and actions of its people after they leave Sunday’s Divine Liturgy.  They return to the ways of the World in which an “eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” is the norm.

The world is a society of very impious people who neither know nor love the truth of Christ or they would be living, breathing and speaking those truths!  For the Apostles this was first of all the Jewish World (cf. John 1:10-11, 7:7), and then the Jewish and pagan world combined (cf. 1 Cor. 6:2).  The impious world of today is just such a world whose leader is the prince of darkness, who is otherwise called the god of this world (II Cor. 4:4). 

Under this kind of present day influence we are finding more and more people who ‘hate’ others and even justify themselves in their hatred, blaming those whom they hate.  It is strange and fearful to encounter something as unexpected as this for some of you.  And so our Lord and Savior instills courage in His servants.  He asks us, “What is there to fear?  What is there to be surprised at here?” 

One can only recall to mind that our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ Himself, endured the world’s hatred before you.  And what kind of hatred?  The cruelest.  Yes, at the time the Lord was giving them this instruction the Apostles had not yet experienced such hostility from the world.  But they already knew from experience that the world was ablaze with malice towards their Mast and Lord.  In John 11:8 we learn, “Master, the Jews of late sought to stone Thee; and goest Thou thither again?”  The world’s malice against Jesus Christ was especially revealed during the last days of His earthly life.

So one can only ask … what kind of consolation is there fore Christ’s followers whom the world persecutes, in the fact that the world hated Him before us who attempt to follow our Lord? 

The first consolation is that through persecution the follower is placed in a situation conforming to that of Our Lord.  What more can we desire that that of our Lord whom we Love so much as to follow, according to our nature and degree of ability, Him who is our Hope and Salvation?  The world’s scorn should be an honor since the world despised our Lord long before us.  The very thought that since the world despised our Lord should be consoling to us because it frees us from doubts as to whether the world is right in persecuting us or whether we who are being persecuted are innocent. 

It is a known fact that the world, as it persecutes the Servants of Jesus Christ, does not consider itself guilty whatsoever, but rather tries to find the causes of its hostility in us whom it hates as it hated Christ. 

When we estrange ourselves from the dissipated and sensual life so much loved by the world, the world labels this as excessive strictness and wild obstinacy, if not lunacy or psychologically unbalanced for the world uses its man-made attempts to analyze the functions of the mind of man without seeking the heart, love and compassion of God.  Thus the world dismisses our simplicity, humility and commonness of soul. 

Because we know that the world said of Christ that “He  …  is mad” (John 10:20) and that His words are hard (cf. John 6:60); when we know that the world hated the Lord despite the fact that His life was filled with sanctity, purity, and wisdom; when we know that the world hated Him despite the fact that He did nothing but good for men… for mankind… then there remains no doubt but what the world vainly justifies itself for its hatred of Christ’s followers; that the reason for its hatred is its injustice and the fact that it neither recognizes the truth and righteousness nor loves them. 

The politics and schemes of the various jurisdictions of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is filled with men who have patterned themselves after the affairs of the world and not the affairs of God in Jesus Christ, although many there are who be deacon, priest and bishop.

If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you “ (John 15:19). 

Here is the reason for why the world’s hatred for followers of Jesus Christ lies in the world itself.  Blind self-love forces the world to hate them.  If they belonged to the world by their thoughts, their inclinations, and their life, the world would love its own.  It loves that in which it finds its own, and it loves itself.  It loves its rules, its habits, its way of thinking and its deeds.  Even if all this is unworthy of mankind’s best requirements – what of it?  The world loves its own and does not love what does not belong to it – its pride blinds it.  And its pride is grieved that the life of Christ’s followers, even without words, exposes and discredits that which the world sets above all things.  It cannot endure that, in the sight of everyone, they deride its favorite mode of thought and deed, and it takes revenge on those who venture to do this. 

Remember something that is certain.  Before Jesus Christ left the world, ascended to the Father, his followers had been a part of the world.  Before they were separated from the world by Christ’s call and teachings, they had belonged to all that which the world has been entrenched in.  They had been, as the Apostle testifies, foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lusts and pleasures (Titus 3:3) and the world had not persecuted them then.  In the same way, the world loves preachers of falsehood, for they belong to the world and they preach what the world loves.  Many of them are very Protestant while others are clergy and members of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church … even some are members of Orthodox Jurisdictions.  They (false teachers) are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them (1 John 4:5).  Some call themselves ORTHODOX, BENEDICTINE, INDEPENDENT, CELTIC and other nomenclatures.  Yet, they imbibe in things heretical and not truly spiritual.  They are OF THE WORLD while being so-called clergy.  They are the false preachers and teachers being warned of. 

It is not easy for our infirm nature to reconcile itself with the bitter lot of Christ’s followers, and it anxiously asks: Why does such a lot fall to the best of men?  The Savior gives a very profound reply: “But all these things will they do unto you for My name’s sake, because they know not Him that sent Me”. 

According to the Savior’s teaching, the worlds hatred, in persecuting the best men, persecutes the Lord Jesus Christ Himself, Who has united Himself with believers (practicing, believing, thinking and spiritually minded) in an inward, mysterious way, acting in their souls.  The world persecutes Him because it does not know God.  The world says in words that it knows God, but these are merely words and hot heartfelt convictions.  Profound knowledge of God is united with the same degree of knowledge of oneself.  Knowing oneself – one’s corruption, one’s guilt – it is impossible not to recognize the need for a Savior of the world.  Therefore, he who knows himself and God, receives with an open heart the Savior of the world Who was sent by God the Father. 

On the contrary, the world does not want to know about Jesus Christ.  It says: My God!  My Creator!  My Provider! O good Providence!  About Jesus Christ there is not a word, for conjoined to the name of Jesus must be the recognition of oneself as an unjustified sinner by one’s thoughts, one’s words and one’s actions.  With the world’s coldness towards Jesus Christ, it likewise cannot endure those who, by deed and in truth, revere that name, so worthy of veneration by one’s thoughts, one’s word’s and one’s action each and every day.  “Ye shall be hated of all men for My name’s sake” (Matt. 10:22), said the Lord.  “Yea, and all that wil live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution” (II Tim. 3:12).

Now that you have been given some understanding, you may be asking, “What can I do?”

First: You should consider participating in and receiving the Divine Mysteries after you go to Confession. 

Second: Speak no ill toward any one whatsoever.

Third: Daily prayer is a necessity.

Fourth: Consider the expanding dimensions of what is happening world wide, nationally and locally.

Fifth: Consider that this expanding crisis is not going to stop but get worse.  You may then ask yourself…  Where can I go?  Who can I see and speak with on this? 

Six: Read the Bible each and every day… Read it through from beginning to end, just a bit each day until you get to the end and restart it again. 

While the world thinks our weakness is our very faith... they do not understand that our weakness is the world itself and all that belongs to it for it detracts from the very thing which we aspire to while in this life according to our very nature and degree of ability, for the life to come.

For my unworthy self I can only ask your forgiveness for this long missive.  If you have further questions, you know how to reach me.  The letter that initiated this lengthy missive has been replied to… and to you too!

Pray for me, an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard who prays for all of you, both known and unknown….

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

2006 Message Archives of the Primate

2004-2005 Message Archives of the Primate


April - May 2007


Greeting in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

and the Most Holy Theotokos;


As each of you know, Pascha (Resurrection Day) known as Easter in many parts of the world is over with. But for others, it has only begun, while for some of us it is a continuing process.


It is difficult to imagine the void that separates those who really do not know Jesus Christ but claim themselves to be "Charismatic" and "Evangelical".  There are many who walk through daily life thinking that because they go Church on Sunday and clap their hands, sing songs and hear sermons that they are saved!  And many of their ministers, pastors and, I'm sorry to say some priests, who claim "...they save souls!"  What a crock!  No one can save your soul... No minister!  No pastor!  and certainly No Priest!  Only Jesus Christ can save souls!  All ministers, pastors and priests can do is to lead you, strengthen you in your daily walk in the faith.  But the one who really leads you, is yourself!  If you listen to what is said and stated both in the Bible and through Sermons, not just "hearing" but digesting what is said so that the words take root in the bosom of your being... then you are on the way toward being saved!


Far to many of the various Protestants these days have psychologically manipulated the masses into believing that if they just claim Jesus Christ as their personal savior, their soul is saved, they are saved!  Again, I say... "What a Crock!" 


I can claim that I own something.  But what happens when I die?  I no longer own it!  That is just a very simplistic example.  But let's face facts!


You claim Jesus Christ as your personal savior from now until doom's day and you may still find yourself at the very gates of hell itself.  Why?  Because you have to not just believe, you have to put that belief into practice in your thoughts, your words and your actions.


There are very many today who claim they are "Christian".  They claim themselves by such statements of, "I'm Christian" when you ask them what denomination they belong to.  They say... "I'm Christian" and "I don't belong to a denomination" and "I attend a non-denominational Church" - etc.  Well, again, "What a Crock!"


There is only ONE Church and that is the one established by Jesus Christ upon which the gates of hell shall not prevail.  That One Church is the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic, Apostolic Church which embodies the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  What this means is that the sacraments of that Church is the only valid sacraments for they were ordained by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles which has come down to us through time and space.  History is the record keeper.  All who have schismed from the Church, as described, are not truly CHRISTIAN!  That is a fact!  The One, Holy, Orthodox and Apostolic Church is the true CHRISTIAN Church established by Jesus Christ!  It is not a denomination!  It is the Church!


When these things are brought forth for all to know, there are some who take umbrage against the message and instead of truly doing their spiritual and material homework, they shoot the messenger (so-to-speak).  Many of these people are members of various Protestant cultic churches who are very, very ANTI-CATHOLIC not recognizing that when they say "CATHOLIC" they have the misbegotten belief that all who are CATHOLIC are ROMAN.  What is worse, most of them don't know what an ORTHODOX CATHOLIC is and again jump to conclusions to make the mistake of believing it must be ROMAN!  Their ministers and pastors feed their flocks with half-truths and sometimes lies as a means to protect their silver and gold income. They are afraid, in some instances, to tell their flock that the Roman Jurisdiction came out of that which today is called "Orthodox" by various nationalistic names.


These things came home to roost more poignantly on April 8th of this year.  Read: A Fire of Hate, Prejudice, intimidation & Fear run amuck!  While we pray for forgiveness of those whose hate surpasses their claimed belief as "Christian" and that, albeit, a stunted form brought on by the Evil One, Satan... it is necessary that the investigation go forward for it is out of our hands.


And for those who cannot stand a hand blessing in the form of a cross, they too shall have need of prayer as they go willy nilly about their daily business in the streets, in the flea market selling their sometimes ill-begotten wares of trade on Saturdays and Sundays, along with their stunted form of belief in a power less than Jesus Christ.  And those who are either Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Pentecostal, Church of Christ and others... we pray for you because amongst your people there are some very good people.  You see, we are not at all against the people of those denominations as we are against their heretical and cultic forms of belief far removed from that which was handed down to us through time and space by Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles. 


One more thing, lest we forget.  The "CATHOLIC" Church is not and never was a "denomination" and never will be.  It is both Eastern and Western, Roman and Orthodox... It is the true Church, although the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church has fallen so far away in these present times that it is becoming one with those denominations who are faster promoting that which was prophesied in Holy Scripture concerning the End Times, the One World Church and the One World Government.


Repent and be saved.  But know what true repentance is all about for saying the words is not enough! "I repent!"  Click here for more information.


According to your nature and degree of understanding, I am truly a repentant sinner in the vineyard who prays for you too.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



Lenten Message


Religion of the Future


True meaning of Lent




March 26, 2007


Blessings to each of you who view this message...

Blessings to all my spiritual children in the vineyard...


With Pascha (Easter) approaching and on reviewing all things done in the past year as alluded to in previous message (below)... we have found ourselves having to deal with continued hate mongering by those who think they are wise in their own conceits.  In their actions to make contact with other clergy who are not a part of this jurisdiction, some who were deposed, defrocked and excommunicated by cross jurisdictional pan-orthodox bishops; it is interesting to see how far those who are supposed to abide by the same civil laws as our unworthy selves... they continue to break them time and time again. 


Most of what we have been witness to is the result of the New World Religion attitude of approach which some parts of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church have been and are doing.  The same is becoming all the more glaring true of the various Orthodox Jurisdictions of the Catholic Church as well.  Most, if not all the Roman Jurisdiction's Protestant daughters have already opted for the New World Religion which is re-inventing Christianity by alteration and fabrication.   This is alarming to some, and yet, it should not be since we call to mind the numerous prophetic messages of our Orthodox Catholic Holy Fathers including St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai & San Francisco as well as his beloved spiritual son, Father Seraphim Rose who, by some accounts, is considered already a Saint (of which we too would most assuredly agree).


There always has been and will continue to be those people and persons who cannot accept TRUTH... but their own idea of what TRUTH is, even when TRUTH is documented they cannot receive it but reject it.  Some of them in these times alter and fabricate their own brand of truth! 


The question all of this raises is what will you do?  What will you accept?  Do not be fooled into accepting error.  Check all things out.  Go to the source!  Do not necessarily rely on second and third parties to provide you with such truth unless you know with certainty that they are honorable people who, even if it is against themselves, will show you TRUTH as it was originally provided.  Yet, here too... may it be understood that when truth is provided either from the writings of the Holy Patristic Fathers, it is not uncommon for commentary or inserts to be placed as a means to give impetus to the meaning of a sentence or paragraph... which is as it should be... with notations appropriate.


I have had an experience involving our home in Deming, NM, U.S.A. being "torched" along with a few people's actions to reassert in their e-mails and postings on a yahoo group such that is of the past... all of this has opened old wounds within me because of the devastating destruction to the spirit of others that I see on-going in these present times and I am therefore compelled by my faith to re-assert my Lenten Message of last year.  


May you find it as a guiding light for re-examination of one's past and present and become a beacon for the future.  It is difficult, I know, to abide by all that is contained within that message.  Even I, an unworthy repentant sinner, find myself often referring to it time and again.  Taking my own dose of spiritual medicine is what it means to be a spiritual physician as provided by our Lord, Savior and Master, Jesus Christ, who is the Head Spiritual Physician for all souls and even those who are truly His servants in the vineyard.


In some of those postings, one individual asserts that we are the responsible persons for burning ourselves out.  What is the gain?  What is the object?  Insidious hate mongering is becoming a national epidemic it would seem.  And those who have instigated their hate mongering are the culprits for inciting others as far as we are concerned.  For by their incite-full words and lies, they show themselves as being workers for Satan.  And in the doing incite others to further harmful actions.


For all of them, it would truly be wise for them to read the Lenten Message and take heed.


Pray for me, an unworthy repentant one in the vineyard who continually prays for each of you in spirit and truth.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



Lenten Message


Religion of the Future


True meaning of Lent


February 19, 2007


This is an addendum to my earlier message of February 15, 2007


I am sorely affected by the mental and spiritual warfare on-going by those in our local area who feel they are the purest and truest of Christians, for even my own unworthy repentant self make no identity or identification with being pure or true, so much as stating, as I have always, that I, like those with me; are all spiritual and material strugglers in the vineyard on this side of the veil that separates us from Heaven or Hell... which ever awaits us. 


Authentic religion must never be a pretext to fuel conflicts, hatred and violence in all its varied forms. Humanity expects from believers gestures of peace and solidarity, and credible words of hope, not using civil and legal political means to thwart those who are also strugglers on the ladder of Divine Ascent.  But that is exactly what we have been experiencing here by those who have called us "blasphemers" and worse. 


These are the same ones who believe that a person convicted by a civil tribunal is always a convict in spirit and truth!  They manipulate others to do their dirty-work for them much like the Sanhedrin and Pharisees did with Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ!  So, too, there are those in these times in which we live who believe themselves "better" and more "knowledgeable" in their cultic protestant heresies and actions.  They do not believe in the Seals of the Confessional.  They have gone to such extremes as to have others make telephone calls which have threatened our lives and our daily right to be in peaceful surroundings.  They have manipulated bits and pieces of information, letters, some documents and other things to cast a pall of hate mongering in such a way whereby they expose themselves for their true identity as lovers of Satan and worse. 


Again... we can only say that true and authentic religion must never be a pretext to fuel conflicts, hatred and violence no matter what form the conflict, no matter what degree their hatred is, but their violence is through words and such acts that are indirect for they hide in the shadows of believing themselves above reproach. 


We sent a letter to the New Mexico State Attorney General's Office and the FBI with hopes we would see some investigations taking place... and they may have begun for all we know.  But now comes the U.S. Attorney General's Office we are advised... all because we fought a fight against a local Ordinance #37 and it was passed because some who had been with us, sold out not only our unworthy selves, but the very people of Luna County, New Mexico. 


Those who sold us out and created the hatred, the violence, the intimidation and other forms of violence are the most despicable of people who consider themselves (along with those who are with them) as being some sort of "Christian".  To truly be a "Christian" one must struggle to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, not Satan as the Sanhedrin and Pharisees did in those times past. 


The hand of Satan through his Synchrestic Ecumenism is truly alive and doing well here in Luna County, New Mexico through these modern day Sanhedrin and Pharisees.  And those who are a part of him and them are those who are more concerned for their earthly prizes, ego, self-esteem and more!  They are at your flea markets, your auto parts store, they sell you out while selling dead wood artifacts of some sort.  They are homophobic in part and truly live in a way that is arrogant, elitist, sit in high places of local government and more.


We say "homophobic" only because we do not "hate" anyone, regardless of their lifestyles, so much as desire to bring them to the font and spring of God's blessing in and through Jesus Christ. 


These modern day Sanhedrin and Pharisees are people who belong to Church of Christ, River of something or other, Pentecostal, Mormon, Jehovah's Witnesses and other so-called "non-denominational" churches.  These are the modern day Satanists, and cultic creatures of demonic religions. 


Jesus Christ died for our sins... He died to save us one... and all!  Yet, He also gave us spiritual understandings for these times in which we live... May it be that you explore some of the Daily News items being posted now... as well as the Daily Commemorations Page for a degree of enlightenment and strength.


What we are experiencing; we have found many of you are also experiencing in other States of the U.S.A. and other Countries.


We have heard recently, without knowing the validity of its reality... that one of seven major persons involved in the Hate campaign against us here, was arrested for a Hate Crime.  We are exploring the reality of this information as we know that the FBI do not give out information but only receive or take in information.  It may be that, as we have been advised, the information is true but that it is to early for the truth of it to be made known until the charges are formally levied against the individual in a civil tribunal (Criminal?).  If it is true, may God be praised!


Stay strong... read the Gospels and Epistles through out the Lenten Season and be strengthened by the words of the Holy Bible and then take into consideration that which you have been provided through the many Oral teachings that are based on Holy Writ.  The Patristic Fathers do not lie!  They provide much food and ammunition to thwart the Evil One and those who are his workers in both the spiritual world as in the material world of which we are a part. 


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



Lenten Message


Religion of the Future


True meaning of Lent



February 15, 2007


To you who view this page

and to the many who are my

spiritual children in the vineyard,

be blessed in the Name of the +Father,

the +Son, and the +Holy Ghost....


With Lent close at hand, I ask each of you to review the True meaning of Lent.  For my unworthy self, it is rather sobering to do so every so often as it awakens the spirit within to the reality around us and what is happening to not only the County we each live in, but the State, the Nation and the world too.  Then, it awakens a question as well


What is happening? 


Well... I recalled that we had posted a most important article by Rev. Father Damascene concerning the writings of Father Seraphim Rose who is, by some, considered a Saint now!  Blessed be!  Yes... His articles brought about the writing entitled Religion of the Future.  A most important article to read during lent.


After reading the True meaning of Lent you may ask how does it have anything to do with Religion of the Future


If you thoroughly read the first (True meaning of Lent), you would have recognized that you are affected by what goes on around you, not only the environment you live in, but the politics being played out locally, in the State and the nation. 


You would also recognize little 'shifts' that take place in both the political sphere of daily life do affect the various so-called 'churches' even those of the Roman and Orthodox Catholic parishes.  Music, eating habits, reading, television watching... everything affects and has affected your daily and spiritual outlook.  You may even ashamedly seethe within for having allowed yourself, as I too take stock... of all that we are daily affected by that has diminished our spiritual and material (earthly) life's goal to come closer to God in the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ.  Thus, we do things both minor and major that are truly sinful.  Our Christian principals of life and living, our daily acts and what we speak, even what and how we believe the way we do are greatly affected in so many subtle ways.  A chipping away at the fabric of our faith, our spiritual struggle.  Like a hammer chipping away by a child banging on a piece of what was once beautiful furniture... so is the root and branch of the tree of life in Jesus Christ. 


We are affected by the second article (Religion of the Future) because it impacts our daily life as to the content and conduct of others in our lives no matter how well we try to be good to others of other so-called denominations and faiths without rancor.  We've become anesthetized by society by turning our eyes from the truth of what is happening!  The lessened and lessening of "Love" for all is now an anesthetized "Love" that has no root and foundation.


On reading Religion of the Future we learn how so very many have left or are leaving the root and branch of the Christian faith, the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ!  Haven't you even wondered why there have been so very many assaults on the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church concerning improprieties?  The Evil One exposes, in the first place, while preventing exposure of those so-called churches of Protestantism very own because they have slipped under evil's own umbrella whom the dark angel protects... Now the Roman Jurisdiction is slipping too, if it hasn't already. 


The faithful are not to blame, but their leaders are! 


Even in our various "Orthodox" Churches, we see the playing out of the chipping effect! 


We have all made horrible mistakes in our past.  Sometimes we also make mistakes in the present.  When we try to re-direct others and ourselves onto the path that leads to the time honored and valued truth, we are rebuffed by those who do not want to be pricked in their heart and they become all the more belligerent and, often times, hostile to a very serious and negative degree.  They do not want to be pricked within themselves and thus take action against the source, if they can, and there ceases to be love for truth but the bending of it to where it no longer is truth at all!


It says that I have had to awaken to the fact that I too have made horrible mistakes of the past and yet, by this awakening, I am not only alarmed but am convicted by the message of Jesus Christ to get back on the path that leads to Holy Righteousness while I may have time. 


Now there is one last thing I would ask of you... read also the Lenten Message....


Far too many people do not take the time to read anymore.  They're to busy.  Their schedules prevent them from even downloading or copying and pasting pages for later reading.  This is one of the primary reasons why a good many people have left the Christian faith altogether!  They are either looking for a softer path while desiring some kind of spiritual contact... but I would ask them with what kind of spiritual contact are you looking for?  There is only one answer that comes to mind... for they do not recognize or realize that NOT ALL RELIGIONS and NOT ALL DENOMINATIONS lead to the Path of Holy Righteousness in and through Jesus Christ.  None of them will lead you to the Creator of all things visible and invisible unless and until you struggle in the faith established by and through Jesus Christ.  For no faith other than a Christ-centered - - - root and branch  - - - will lead you to the Creator of all!  That is what is today termed and call the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith!  It doesn't mean the political arm or jurisdiction of "Roman" or "Orthodox" which, by the way, is truly the Church established by Jesus Christ and the Holy Apostles themselves...  I said faith... meaning the root and branch of true Christian belief!


All others will either entertain you, make you 'feel good' - tell you about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and speaking in 'tongues' for reasons that are far removed (for most of them) from the reality of what such speaking was intended and meant.  There are those other religions that

will impose a strict adherence to a daily set plan of acts and actions, but they do not lead you to God the Creator... but to the God of devils and foolishness!  Once you become one with them, you might as well be a puppy dog with a collar and leash to be lead around... but may be that is what these people really want... Not having to struggle out of pain of heart for the true faith of Jesus Christ which came from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and all the Holy Prophets.  Those who have opted for other things have become no better than that depicted in the lives of "Cain" and "Able". No matter what one does in belonging to other religions, there is no substitute for the root and branch of a Christ centered life. 


It is a hard to even make a comparison, but the facts stand true!  What has been happening to the U.S.A in that our nation has been and is being 'sold out' - - - our jobs and manufacturing companies have been sent overseas and to the south, so to is "Christianity" being turned inside out!  In each scenario, the country is being weakened from within, so too is our faith!  Where there is no true Love, there is no true faith! 


Regardless of what kind of past one has had... regardless of what has done in life no matter who he or she may be, only Jesus Christ, His Life and Teachings along with true worship, right thinking and true belief will, with struggle out of pain of heart, lead you to the fullness and life in Christ.


+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate



Lenten Message


Religion of the Future


True meaning of Lent


A Message From our friend Joseph Saraceno:


For those of you who can not attend Divine Liturgy or Mass every day during lent. Nothing can match spiritual reading any better that of reading the Epistle's and Gospel every day during lent.  It will bring you into the heart and soul of lent and show you the relationship between the Old and New Testaments.

On Iraq, we should bear in mind one other consequence of losing the Iraqi war would be the Hundred of Thousands of Refuges headed for America, as with Vietnam.

In Christ, Joseph Saraceno



January 15, 2007


Blessings to all of you who are my spiritual children

in the vineyard and to those who visit our web site;

blessings indeed in the Name of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior

 and the Most Holy Theotokos...


We have entered the New Year and faced with many issues which may seem insurmountable, but they are not!  They are what some might call as "hiccups" along the way in our spiritual struggle in this life for the life to come.


As many of you have already known, we are faced with problems here in Deming, New Mexico, U.S.A which are equal to some of the problems you are faced with too.


Some here claim that we have a "local" website, not realizing or thinking that we do not have a "local" Website, but operate the International Communication Headquarters of our Orthodox Catholic Jurisdiction.


Then, they have made the mistaken claim that we are inviting all sorts of Convicts and others to this supposedly "Conservative" area.  This too has been distorted by those who are opposed to anything and everything "Catholic" for they believe and errantly think that "Catholic" is Roman controlled! 


The sun and moon does not rise and set on the mandates and definitions of the Roman Jurisdiction of who is or is not "Catholic".  The history of the Roman Church versus that of Orthodox Catholicism is covered in miniscule ways at our web site.


To be "Conservative" does not mean one is prejudiced where "Hate makes prisoners of the hated and the hater".  Conservative means something totally different and allows for the inclusion and inculcation of those people who have recognized they are sinners!  The Church (Faith of the People) is a hospital for sick souls where repentance is mandatory as much as and equal to what it means to walk in "forgiveness"... Are we dealing with "Conservatives" just on this small definition alone? 


They have made the mistake of thinking that we hate anyone who believes differently than ourselves.  We don't hate anyone, we may dislike some people... as is common among all people... but we don't hate, not even those of other beliefs.  The fact is that we love many who come from other beliefs but dislike and hate the adulterations and alterations or distortions that the heretical theologies may teach.  But as for the people who may believe in them, we find many who are very hard working people with a sincerity of faith that often is remarkable. 


No!  What we are dealing with is a few people who are Anti-Catholic and Anti-Christian because they cannot, will not or won't accept the truth of true Christianity from the very root and branch that it sprung from which is founded by our Lord and Savior, His life and Teachings which is both oral and written, not one without the other or it is not wholly true or holistic in spirit and truth!


These people who are attacking, take advantage of and use through others what we have opined as being small minds who do not want to take the time to read and understand.  These are a few people who do not or cannot learn what "Faith" really means and requires.


These are a people, few in number, who are to busy to take the time to come to grips with what it means to be truly CHRISTIAN in spirit and truth!  They hold to the attitude and idea that all pastors, ministers, priests and monks must be pure and Lilly white or unblemished with clean and neat backgrounds while forgetting that Jesus Christ chose those who indeed were sinners and had not, as yet, attained the nature and degree of sainthood we understand in these times.  In fact, these people of today who have been using others to attack us through the use of civil courts, make use of questionably unstable people to promote a campaign of 'hate'.


Such people and those who they use, suffer, like us too, from the afflictions of man.  And what, basically are those afflictions?


There are eight basic explanations of why God requires Saints to endure affliction... and a few others we might add too.


 The first is to guard against their great works and miracles resulting in their developing too high a self-esteem.


The second is so that others may not take them to be gods instead of men.


The third is so that the power of God might be made more evident through the efforts of men who suffer.


The fourth is so that their sacrifices demonstrate to others their dedication to the service of God and their undiminished love for Him, even in the midst of suffering so many evils.


The fifth is to help reinforce in men the belief in the doctrine of resurrection.  To see a just and virtuous man die in bondage, without earthly reward, strengthens in men a belief in an afterlife, when men receive just reward for their labors.


The sixth is to encourage all men to accept their suffering with patience, as they realize that far more virtuous and worthy persons than they have experienced even greater suffering.


The seventh is to remind us that the Saints were men like ourselves who shared in all our human frailties and faults; mental, emotional, physical and spiritual which encompasses all things from first having come to the faith of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, having gone through the trials and tribulations of the flesh which include the lusts, the passions and more.   So, if they who shared in our mortal frailties, still could endure such suffering for their beliefs, we should be no less able to do so too.


The eighth is to help us to distinguish between those whom we call blessed as opposed to those who are not blessed.


There are those who, as unbelievers themselves in the fullness of the faith, claim that God permits such suffering among his servants because he is not capable of delivering them from persecution and danger.  But Paul said that the travail of the Saints more strikingly demonstrates the power of God. 


Saint Paul shows us that in the midst of tribulation, the power of God is most clearly proclaimed: "My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is perfected in weakness." 


Those who are attacking us here in Deming, New Mexico like to bring out all that is the worse of us who, as human beings, had gone through trials to protect the Seals of the Confessional.  They have gone much further by using a questionable woman who lives alone near us and whose mental, emotional and spiritual trials are being tested because she admits she is not "Christian" but believes in those things of the American Indian.  She equally does not believe in celibacy or that anyone can be so.  Her struggles in this life are severe in part, but such a gauntlet that she is running through in this life has caused for others to take advantage of her weaknesses in such a way as to boost her ego with such things to embellish her pride, vanity, ego and more.  As a result, they have embolden themselves with self-conceit to make others believe that they (through this woman) have caused for us to come to civil court when it was the woman only, not them.  Yet, this too is open to discovery....


These are the same people who believe they were fighting against the deprivation of the rights of people, the elderly, the disadvantaged, the disabled American Veteran, and others.  But, in their hurriedness to pat themselves on their own backs, they forget much and claim they are against child molesters while having two among them who have done horrid things while attacking this unworthy one's past without stating truth, but a twisting of truth which shows their un-christian attitude and approach.  If they are Christian at all, they are most assuredly cafeteria christians.


They claim in one of their flyers that this unworthy one is a "self-proclaimed" Metropolitan Archbishop which shows their total lack of knowledge and understanding altogether while they are alleged to have even violated the HIPPA (Privacy Act) having to do with my Father Confessor and companion here who helps to keep me on track.  As already said, they do not know or understand what CELIBACY is about or, if they do, cannot comprehend its full meaning and keeping in line with the faith.


Their actions are alleged to be a "Hate Crime" and we are pursuing every avenue to bring it to a halt through whatever legitimate means are available while they use what is opined as ill-legitimate means to continue in their un-holy war (jihad) with their leader, the Anti-Christ as their God, while calling themselves in part "Christian" - as shown by their actions to stir the consciousness of many who do not read, do not have understanding and knowledge of the root and branch of Christianity.   


While having obtained a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against us under false pretense through the one woman whom we described above, they fail to observe it for themselves by doing everything they don't want us to do as required by the same TRO. 


These people are a true scandal to the community and those who call or even consider themselves as being Christian whatsoever.  Yet, we trod on and persevere...


So, for you dear brothers, sisters and my spiritual children in the world... you have much to ponder. 


While the goal of those locally is to destroy, to cause and bring about hate under false and misleading pretenses, one has to ask themselves from within, is it worth the fight to continue? 


The answer is obvious!  YES!  Not to give in - - - for to give in is to deny the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Saints... For to give in is to say that our ways of belief and worship is nothing and that the false and phony who call themselves "Christians" have won which is to say the Anti-Christ has won locally...


Please, keep us in our prayers as we pray for you each morning, day, and at night when we serve Divine Liturgy in our humble abode.  Send us your photos so that we can line our wall with remembrances of those whose names are before us in both spirit and truth! 


Candace, you and your son's troubles are not forgotten but being called to mind in prayer each time we pray...

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                    Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

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From Our Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot and Primate, +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.


A Fool For Christ who believes

"Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater"

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Apostle1.com, Apostle1.org and Apostle1.net

We are an educational, News-informational and research Web Site dedicated to providing such as befits those who seek things pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith and life.


Also Know that:


We, at apostle1.com do cause for "Point" and "Counterpoint" discussions at our web site.  This is sometimes the same way in which authors and writers do in order to bring about both sides or arguments in discussions or about some issues affecting the Church as a whole.  Abbot +Gregori and our Metropolitan Archbishop do this from time to time.  What part of celibacy does one not understand?


However, it has come to our attention that un-named individual(s) think it wise and not harmful to start attacking by taking copyrighted materials to use in their own web site without permission, per se: as for an example, the subjects pertaining to "Homosexuals" and "Homosexuality in the Church," etc. for the purpose of advancing their own causes to start their attacking of other(s) which is not bound in and with the Church, but with a personal agenda of self-image because of anger, hate, fear and worse.  They are Roman in attitude and practice, but not Orthodox, although calling themselves "Orthodox" even "Celtic". 


It is understood, according to information and belief, that three of his/her/their websites may have been closed by former service providers due to complaints against him/them for internet terrorism, spewing "hate" and causing for an individual whom he/they discuss, to be exposed to potential physical harm which happened in the early part of the 2005 when they thought themselves wise in their own conceit, for things of more than 13 years in the past.  What part of "Hate" - "Exposing another to threats of losing life" - "Internet Terrorism" does he/they not understand? Now, under other domain names, the same/similar hate messages re-occur against the same individual. 


We find them to be un-orthodox and un-Christian in spirit and truth for they continue to argue things of the past that is not a part of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, and (in fact) go against the very commandments of Jesus Christ!  And those who do such are, it is opined upon investigation and in most instances, the very one(s) who had been or are under ban as excommunicated individuals posing as duly ordained clergy who had been a part of this jurisdiction (and so many numerous others) in times past.       

Apostle1.com's NOTE:  A few have sent inquiries as to why we post information and/or articles relating to what might be considered as political and sometimes from other Protestants .  And the reply is much the same as it states on the entry page....  We Are:

A Non-Profit Religious Hosting Service


an Educational, News, Informational and Research Web Site dedicated to providing such as befits those who seek things pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith and life for various

Traditional Orthodox Jurisdictions

While the answer and question above is not sufficient for some to understand, we take the view (which we believe is ORTHODOX) that all things pertinent to life and living affects, and has an effect upon not just our belief (Orthodox), but (for many) the way in which we act in accordance with our belief, our very faith. 

Because this is a highly Protestant Country in which we live, having an effect upon the laws of the land, we should know something of what is on-going and where efforts by those denominations may affect and have a intrinsic effect on our very laws, for such does have an effect upon our daily lives as Orthodox Catholic Christians. 

If one is not cognizant of the real events happening both locally and in the world, although many are removed from the world... one will not know what to expect or what to do, or how one can or cannot act which might betray one's faith and accrue the wrath of civil authorities as laws change.  Yet, we are also reminded that these things must happen and it was for that which there exists many early Christian Martyrs and Saints. 

While we can remove ourselves from the world, we still live in it.  And for the faithful, theirs is a struggle for knowledge and understanding.  All things are pertinent to the Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith which is the very foundation of Christianity.  As such, we can not abandon them and leave them blind to events and happenings. 

What we post as related to those things similar to various articles which might have a political theme or non-Orthodox Catholic Christian content, of sorts, does not mean or imply that we are supportive of, or against something articulated in an article, so much as it is NEWS and our faithful should be made aware, for such may be the very thing that will impact their day-to-day life. 

Remember, not all Protestants, especially hard core cultic groups such as "Charismatic" - "Evangelical" "Promise Keepers" "Church of Christ" "Methodism" "Pentecostals" "Jehovah's Witnesses" and other people are not so generous in their viciousness toward anyone and anything that appears "Catholic" whether of the Roman or Orthodox jurisdictions, for they do not know or want to learn that which makes them "different" in their walk and talk as being far from the roots of Christianity. 

Remember, it is the Roman jurisdiction which has more outwardly shown that it can be one of the most vicious toward those who are not Roman but are very much "Catholic" - for the sun and moon does not rise and set on the Vatican (Latin or Roman) jurisdiction as to who is or is not "Catholic" for the Roman jurisdiction split (schismed) from the roots of "Catholicism" which is founded in what is termed and called today as "Orthodoxy".

Any good article or piece of information will be considered so long as it is not defamatory or slanderous toward an individual when not based on TRUTH or FACT, or which is altered out of context from its original publishing by recognized sources.

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

“I prefer a defeat accompanied by humility to a victory accompanied by pride.”

                                                                               --An Elder

    Yes, our Metropolitan Archbishop, +Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. strongly defends the Seals of the Confessional for such leads to true Repentance in thought, word and deed whereby the penitent is required to make amends, where possible, to seek forgiveness of those harmed by his actions whether real or imagined, and to give his forgiveness to those who have harmed him before taking the Holy Body and Blood in the Eucharist, Jesus the Christ.  The reality of this understanding is bound up in and with the findings for which cause he, himself, had been character assassinated by his detractors who claim the courts prevented him from breaking the Seals of the Confessional which is not the truth at all.... Click here to see what another bishop's findings are...


    The workings of Holy Spirit will not be daunted by those who attempt to cause disruption!  It is for these and other reasons that you are urged to read what true repentance and forgiveness means for real "Christians".


   "It would be better to have ten (10) true repentant X-felons who ask for and give true forgiveness than it would be to have one (1) non-x-felon or common person whose self-righteousness exceeds even the Pharisees, Sadducees, the gossip mongers, slanderers and un-repentant; for the repentant x-felon understands the true meaning of the Church's purpose as being the spiritual hospital." (siq) +Joseph Thaddeus, OSB, SSJt., Ph.D., Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate


Yes... "Prejudice Makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater..." (1992-Fr. Alan Stanford)


One can ask, "What part of 'Prejudice' and 'hate' do you not understand?  Are you a complacent person?  In light of the saying, examine yourself!  You may be surprised if you are honest with yourself for your soul may convict you before Jesus Christ convicts you in the times to come!


"When tested by some trial you should try to find out not why or through whom it came, but only how to endure it gratefully, without distress or rancor."

St. Mark the Ascetic.

Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, And in whose spirit there is no deceit." Psalms 32:1-2

    For further information about how spammers, hackers and those who are angry with you can or will attempt to do damage, we offer the following link as regards some of the computer - internet problems:



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