A Life In between?

Bishop "Matthias" known as

Rev. Father +Jeffery Hammons

Who passed away at 2:00 A.M. on February 4th in St. Alphonsos Hospital in the arms of Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford)

The Following was written on February 2nd and 3rd of 2010

And last UPDATED; February 20, 2010

Father +Jeffery "Matthias" Hammons life in short synopsis is written below...

February 5, 2010 - Friday:  Someone called me since his passing and said, "You've got to let go!" in the conversation.  The truth of the matter is that I don't want to let go!  He was special in supporting me through our many, many years in this life more especially so is this true during my own moments of having crisis of faith over the years and facing the adversities of a world gone made via vigilante actions and negative attitudes by ecclesial politicians over the years.  I shall be posting quips and bits of more information from time to time for those of you who may wish to know more of his life and our experiences as we walked to the end of this life with each other in ministering to a variety of people. 

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    There he stood (second from the right) between Athena and the former Sister Marie with Athena's husband holding their newborn baby after she had been baptized by Father +Jeff in May, 2009, when we resided in Deming, New Mexico. 

    Even then, Father +Jeff (known as Bishop +Matthias) was having real problems due to the stresses that the area has caused and continued to cause him because of the vigilantly attitudes that prevail there. 

I knew then that at some point in time we would have to relocate and get Father +Jeff to the area in which his remaining family members resided.  I had made a promise to him some time ago and I knew the time was coming closer. 

    Father +Jeffery Hammons was born on December 2, 1958 in California.  He was ordained to the priesthood by my unworthy repentant self in 1984.  On May 22, 2003 The Most Reverend Mark (Hakes) consecrated Father Jeffery as Bishop +Matthias (Hammons) to the episcopacy. 


 The then Sister Marie, Father +Jeff and Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus.  The photo was taken at Father +Jeff's graduation (3 different degrees) at the Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) in Monterey, California - - - 1998-1999.  It was a great time for him, even though he was also dealing with the effects of full blown AIDS... but master and deal with his learning disability... he did... he struggled so very hard according to his very nature and degree of ability!  This was several years before his consecration to the Episcopacy (being made a Bishop) by the Metropolitan Archbishop +Mark of Florida on May 22, 2003 in Toledo, Ohio.  

    In July 2003, we moved to New Mexico.  We had come to this part of New Mexico because of several individual's who had prior visions of our moving from Monterey County, California (Seaside) to a place where there existed three mountainous peaks, like a pyramid and another mountainous area where an Indian woman was lying on her back with hair flowing behind her.  Well, in July of 2003 we did indeed find such a place.  Even without knowing the area or place, the then Sister Marie in 1998-1999 had drawn a charcoal of such a place.  Well, when we finally arrived in Deming, NM; on the second day I had stepped out of our mobile home and saw the "Pyramid Mountains" that everyone else had said we would find if we were to leave California.  Then, when I turned around to go back into the mobile home, there also was the Indian lady.... Father +Jeff, I recall, said... "Yup... we've arrived!" after he too went outside and saw for himself. He was very much alive and vivacious with the thoughts of our desired endeavors to grow...

    Later in the months ahead we found ourselves saddled with headaches and heartaches with the arrival of some monks who shortly thereafter started causing trouble with their romanistic tactics... It was not nice.  But Father +Jeff persevered through this and kept me on course both spiritually and materially in spite of our many faults and frailties, even after the then Sister Marie left us after almost 20 years as she also left her religious beliefs behind for a cultic protestant man who edged the antics of the other monks as a means to destroy anything "Catholic" be it Roman or Orthodox... But, while we cannot deny that the then Sister Marie was a blessing to us during her sojourn in life with us... we have to move on from there for all of  those things are in the past...

    Here we are in 2010 now... Father +Jeff is lying in a hospital bed in a semi-comatose state as he had slowly gone into yesterday (February 2, 2010)... The horrible disease was reaching out in him to do their work... but all is not yet lost and there is hope that he will, by the Grace of God, recover to enjoy many more months here in Idaho. 

    Yes, we left New Mexico in November of 2009.  As I indicated, Vigilantism is alive and well in Luna County, New Mexico and its impact on Father +Jeff has been devastating for him and all of us...

    Father +Jeff is responsible for having pulled me out of several "crisis of faith" moments over the years.  Those moments were horrible and, to be honest, devastating.  When he was more alert and able to read, understand and yes, even write although limitedly because of his embarrassment in having a learning disability, he was the one who pulled me through my crisis of faith moments.  He studied and read and talked with me several times about life, living, faith and more... He helped me to stand strong and stay in the spiritual and material Struggle of this life for the faith and the life to come!

    I've just heard from the hospital.  He's still in a non-responsive condition. They are hoping that his system will evacuate all the medications an that his ammonia levels will reduce to where he can become more alert.  His vital signs are strong which is a good thing.

    Yes. Father +Jeff, a quiet one.  A humble one!  But don't get his temper up. 


    I recall Sister Elaine (Deming, NM) having said that Father +Jeff is so quiet and speaks so softly that his humbleness comes through even though she had trouble listening to him because of her own hearing problems. 


    Sister Renee (Rev. Dr. Renee), a bastion of strength has said of Father +Jeff that his quiet humbleness affects everyone who meets him.  She has said that she has felt a strength from him when he's been around her, a strength of faith and a strength for life and living. 


    As the disease spread it affected his mental well being.  He too has had his moments where he was in a crisis of faith and he had talked about that too with others who would tell me he doesn't know what he believes.  But I know the truth!  I've had benefit and experience of a strong faith in him for it was he who would help me to stand strong in spirit and in truth during my own moments when I have had a crisis of faith!  Yes, the disease affects the mental molecules of an individual as it has done to him over time. 


    He is now skin and bones... Yet, he breathes... He still is in this life and it is hoped God will allow him several more months of life with mental faculties that he had had prior to his recent hospitalization. 

    Last night at the hospital I was told by one of his brothers that all "Catholics" are going to hell and that he could have saved his brother by witnessing to him.  I told him that surely I have not said "No" but Father +Jeff who said "NO" when his one brother wanted to "witness" to him for Father +Jeff remembered those moments when he was strong in the faith although he couldn't explain his faith now due to the advancement of the disease upon his physical well being, primarily his brain cells, he understood then as I know he understands now, what is happening to him. 

    As I, a most unworthy repentant one write this to you the viewers, I ask for you prayers... He lays now in a state of unconsciousness from which he could recover if certain things happen within his body.  The doctors have all said that his vital signs are very strong.  But the whole matter is 50/50 and now in God's hands...

    Where there is hope and prayer, there is also the possibility of his recovery.  Please, would you please take time to pray for Father +Jeff ("Matthias") Hammons?

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford) the Unworthy repentant one and fool for Jesus Christ in the vineyard of this life!

Addendum:  Please, now pray for his soul as he has gone to his final repose... for our prayer before his passing was, as follows:

O'Lord, as we lay our heads and bodies down to rest and repose this night,

We ask that you spread your hands of Love, Compassion, Understanding and healing over us,

Protect us, Guard us, Guide us and keep us united in spirit and truth during our sleep

so that upon waking in the morning, whether in this life or the next

we may find we have indeed been drawn closer to Thee

In the Name of the +Father, the +Son and the +Holy Spirit

                                Amen!        Amen!        Amen!      

You may send E-mail to me, personally at: thaddeus@apostle1.com should you wish... Thank you!

The following is an addendum follow up to what has already been said thus far:


My Father Confessor, My Brother, My Friend, My 27 Years Life Partner in celibacy and much more in the vineyard of this life for the life to come.

For many of you who may not be either Roman or Orthodox Catholic (and there is very much a big difference between Roman or Orthodox) but of another religion or of one of the various Protestant Denominations...  the root, Ground and Base of all things Christian began with what is known and today called “Orthodox” or “Orthodox Catholic Christianity” realize and try to understand something very, very important:

When Thomas (Sainted Apostle of the chosen 12) who was chosen by Jesus Christ… When St. Thomas laid his head upon Jesus Christ as it states in Holy Scripture… His was a love that surpasses all understanding and is oddly enough very much minimized amongst all Churches and Jurisdictions of our Holy Faith.  There was not physical acts or actions as often many jump to think when such happens between two men, especially clergy these days… But such a love does exist, can exist, has existed and will exist among men (and women)… It will involve holding of hands, hugging, even (as it does in many European and Asian Countries… kissing… A kind that is misunderstood by Western countries… The same would also hold true for females as well, but is more easily and readily accepted by those in Western countries than seeing two men.

The Love that we had for each other was of the same kind described above… Love can and does exist that goes far beyond most human’s abilities to comprehend!  Such a love is a love that lasts for an eternity.  It can, and sometimes does initiate through physical encounters not really acceptable by most, and can turn into something more that embraces celibacy as a true Christian… of which such (Celibacy) should practiced by all unmarried individuals no matter what age they may be…

I cannot tell you enough but what such a Love is the Love that is the Eleventh Commandment which encompasses all the other 10 Commandments of the Old Testament … Far too many cannot understand this Commandment given by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… for it exists  -  -  -  Read - John 13:34-35

Before closing I wish for each of you to pray for the members and pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church (their pastor: Reverend Renee McCall and Deaconess Judy Cross) of Boise, Idaho - - - for if it were not for their erstwhile efforts in assisting this unworthy repentant one in obtaining funds and funding, Father +Jeff’s remains would still be lying in the cold of the funeral home who have equally assisted us in their efforts. 

It was this particular MCC group that Father +Jeff wished to explore as he had talked with some of their members by telephone a week before his passing.  We had planned to attend their services but it was too late by the time this unworthy repentant one attended along with Father David.  The desire to explore this forthright honest, intellectual, and spiritually struggling group was for more than several honorable reasons to assist in their spiritual struggles as well as furthering friendships of those from the past who had once resided in California. However, for Father +Jeff, his desire was not meant to happen.

After Father +Jeff's passing, It was this particular MCC group which one of Father +Jeff’s family members (a brother and his wife) were adamant in not wanting to go to for a memorial we had begun making arrangements with in memory of Father +Jeff.  This says much about stunted and errant forms of theologies and following the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ by family members where they had already pre-made their judgments… and their attitude about what would Father Jeff want? which was to honor Father +Jeff in his demise. But unknowingly their actions showed more about what they wanted to honor... neither God, not Jesus Christ's Life and Teachings, but themselves more it would seem to appear.  I am being very harsh I know… and forgiveness I shall need for saying such, but truth is truth!  I shall not cover over that which is truth! 

For all who believe in Jesus Christ wholly and totally, set aside their own personal differences, prejudices and attempt to heal the splinters that separate us when others willing enough to go out of their own way to accommodate understandings different from their own, open their very doors to us… yet those within a family who oppose anything of such an understanding which is an opposition to Jesus Christ’s Holy Life and Teachings in both spirit and truth are not true Christians but followers of the Anti-Christ whether they know it or not!

This was the same family member of Father Jeff's who shouted in the lobby of the hospital that all Catholics were going to hell and he wasn't allowed to "Witness" to his brother to save him from going to hell.  His children (just barely teenagers) yelled in unison what their step-father and father said, "yup, going to hell..." while their mother stood there and did nothing to put them in their place. 

Before the above incident took place...before Father +Jeff's mind became more seriously affected by the horrible disease he contracted in the 1980's from a blood transfusion, he knew he had been very. very strong in his faith and he remembered having such strength in present times, even though he couldn't say why... but said during a lucid moment before his passing; "Why would I even want to be 'witnessed' to since I am strong in my faith... it seems he (name excluded) is trying to save himself than anyone else." And, it would seem to appear that this particular brother and his family, had outright lied to his sick brother, but yet wanted to "Witness" to Father +Jeff.  How can one of any denomination "Witness" to a person to whom they have outright lied to? Especially someone, such as his sick brother who already belongs to the true Church established, founded and grounded on the very Apostles and the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ. 

It would seem that by Father +Jeff's brother's action and what was said, that a form of blasphemy to the Holy Spirit has occurred! It would be best that Father +Jeff's brother witness first to himself and seek true repentance before doing anything else.  And, it would further seem to appear that this particular brother and his family, from what Father +Jeff had said in months previous to his passing... "...says to me that my brother's self-image, ego is more at stake than true belief or he wouldn't even be associated with such nonsense as the cultic group they are members of...." and, "...since he's lied to me, how many others has he lied to?" Before his passing... Father +Jeff asked me to, "...forgive (named)... my brother and his wife... as well as the rest of the family... as I have forgiven them...."

Of the two brothers of Father +Jeff's... the other one and his girlfriend were supportive of Father +Jeff only to the degree of showing deep and profound respect for Father +Jeff's beliefs even though the 'girlfriend' also admitted she pretty much holds to similar beliefs as the other cultic brother we have thus far described.  Yet, a wonder women who struggles according to her nature and degree of ability in spiritual and material pursuits, although synchrestic ecumenistic that they are which are not of the root, ground and base of all things truly CHRISTIAN in spirit and truth!

Father +Jeff would try to avoid saying anything negative about people unless he was really mad which took a lot for him to become angry or mad.  Yet, he did not like for this particular brother of his to lie to him, which he felt his brother had done in months gone by since his and another brother's visit to Deming, NM long before we moved...

May you who read this, be blessed with the compassion, love, and understanding, not of man, but of and in Jesus Christ, not the anti-Christ who some are today unknowingly are following in spirit and truth!

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