A "Hate Crime" being perpetrated

(Updated: February 19, 2007 and January 14, 2008)

We have received advice from a variety of friends, angels and others who reside locally in Deming, New Mexico (Luna County).

A female who works at a local auto parts store in Deming, New Mexico has taken upon herself to entwine others of questionable mentality in her defense for having been caught in the fight against Ordinance #37 (and corruption) which was recently passed (2006) by vote of the three County Commissioners.  Her tactics to use others of various cults, protestant denominations and atheists to aide her is believed to be well known. She is an admitted of several, publishers of THE LIBERTY PRESS, along with her cohort, Gordon Mast with the aide and assistance it is alleged of a man known as the BEEMAN who frequents many of the Luna County Commissioner's meetings and was responsible for obtaining some of the California court records relating to the plea bargain taken by Rev. Father +Thaddeus as a means to protect not only the Seals of the Confessional but one of the victims and those in residence at the time at the HIV/AIDS facility in Sonoma, County, California. After obtaining the some (not all) of the court records, he and they went further to purposefully and intentionally make contact with the now older young men, using self-image of the oldest of the two purported victims whereby he now (and again) recants his testimony that he gave to the court in 1990; allowing for the young man who supposedly no longer resides in the U.S.A. while his family members reside in California, to write articles aimed to intimidate, harass, cause hate and fear about his alleged perpetrator; a family who has a history of entwining themselves in other solicitous sex scandals and activities (See: Stanger Dangers than a Stranger) .

She was caught as an infiltrator of the "Luna County Freedom" (c) and Truth organization which was gaining headway to thwart and rid this county of Ordinance #37 and hopefully other corruptions on-going.  However, her actions showed that she and those with her were in favor of Ordinance #37 by their having published a rather nasty Newsletter called the "Bugle" in which they related the County Commissioners and their wives to that of Nazis and called for them to wear Swastikas among other things.

This female Ordered the then elected Chairman of the true "Luna County Freedom" (c) group to Print their publications which he refused to do as it was backed up by the membership of the legitimate "Luna County Freedom" group.  The female had shown in 2003 that she was ANTI-CATHOLIC (Roman and/or Orthodox).  This is no different than those of cultic groups who are actually anti-Christian under the guise of being "Christian" as promulgated by the Devil himself. 

She has attempted to do damage by diverting Public attention from her devilish antics and from the fact that she was caught being  a SNITCH or RAT as some have opined for the Luna County Commissioners.

Her latest endeavor (we'll call her "Meryna" and her other conrol freak female who was attempting to become the Manager of an adult RV Park, "Nova" who had since been evicted due to the belief and alleged belief that she was somehow, in some manner or method involved, at least, in inciting other(s) in the torching of the priest and those with him) along with their having gained the use of some mentally challenged people, along with the antics of two Sex Offenders who had, at the same time, resided in the same place as Nova (but were, like Nova, evicted for their antics) - to pass out flyers concerning a Priest, an Archbishop (Rev. Father +Thaddeus) whose past clearly shows and proves that he intentionally took a "Nolo Contendre" plea bargain in a trial by Judge, not jury... in order to protect both the Seals of the Confessional and others who were threatened, during the State Elections (and County elections) in Sonoma County, California in the very late 1980's and early 1990's.  The Archbishop was threatened by the local (California - Sonoma County) District Attorney handling the case, that all persons of the convent (residence for the HIV/AIDS hospice) would be arrested and charged with the same charges he was faced with, knowing there was no money to provide for a proper defense.

On the Witness Stand, the oldest so-called victim testified that he and his brother were threatened by the D.A.'s Office and he made not only a written notarized record of his statements, but testified the same on the witness stand that "I know Father Alan is not defending himself because he won't break the Seals of the Confessional".  But, alas, self-image is a horrible thing as now with this female we are discussing and her cohorts in these spiritual and alleged material quesitonable criminal activities, publish now THE LIBERTY PRESS and gained the use of the name of the so-called oldest boy (victim) who have created a column that was known as STRANGER DANGER (a reply to that column series).

The Newspapers in California at the time of the Plea Bargained conviction to protect the Seals of the Confessional carried the story as news media do, with their slanted spin during the county elections on-going at a time when no one, not even the Archbishop or others in his defense, would not speak to the electronic news media.  The only one who spoke to the electronic news media was the District Attorney's Office and a lone Roman Priest who was in a conflict of interest because he, and as later found out, the judge in the case, were in a definite Conflict of Interest because the Judge, as an attorney and his law firm, represented the Roman Priest and his parish which had owned the convent prior to the residency of the Archbishop and those with him.  Interesting that the same Roman diocese was later involved in the same charges similar to that of our Orthodox Catholic Archbishop.

Now, after more than 15 years... "Meryna" the female auto parts store worker in Deming, New Mexico and "Nova" who attempted to take over the "Luna County Freedom" (c) group, have divided memberships based on the previous self-accepted plea bargain of the Archbishop to protect the Seals of the Confessional, have decided they knows best.

On November 8, 2006 at a County Commissioner's meeting she (the female auto parts store worker) passed out a letter in which she stated and basically said, in writing, that if the Archbishop did not tear or close down his website, she would pass out 5,000 flyers about his past. 

Those who are with her, such as 'Nova' and the two sex offenders, along with another (now publisher of THE LIBERTY PRESS) and one who had been kicked out (deposed, defrocked and excommunicated) of this Orthodox Catholic Jurisdiction, have decided for themselves that although they were threatened with a lawsuit from the County Commissioners for their having printed, published and distributed a newspaper called the "Bugle" as well as a Cartoon about the Commissioners (dirty pool to say the least), that they had best do what they can to prevent themselves from being sued or loosing their own properties because they were not in compliance of the very Ordinance #37 they had aided in bringing about. 

So, they, along with the auto parts store worker, "Meryna" and "Nova" along with another publisher of their rag sheets have joined with the commissioners.  They did join, directly and indirectly, with the commissioners which is the selling out of the people, the citizens of Luna County, which caused for the passing of Ordinance #37.  These are not members of the true LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM group, but those who use the name while not being a part of the true LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM, INC. (a Non-profit 501(c)3) organization.

The Church is about many things, primarily it is a spiritual hospital for sinners, sick souls and those who know they are repentant sinners. 

"Meryna" and "Nova" (and most of those with them like another publisher of THE LIBERTY PRESS who had previously published the defunct "Bugle") are not Catholic (be it Orthodox or Roman) and they have the brassiness to ORDER the Archbishop to do what "Meryna" says.  The fact of the matter is that her demands are not demands or threats.  In Fact it is BLACKMAIL, otherwise known and called under New Mexico State Statutes as EXTORTION.  "Meryna" told him (face-to-face) that if he wouldn't do what she wanted, she would do everything and anything possible to run him not only out of town, but out of the county (Luna County, New Mexico) along with those who are with him.  Well, THE LIBERTY PRESS is attempting to do just that since they are its publishers who are using a so-called 'victim' from the Priest's past as stated already above.

In 2003, "Meryna" lived at trailer park, the same as where the Archbishop had once resided, along with "Nova"... Although "Meryna" and "Nova" didn't know each other at that time.  But "Meryna" stated, while residing there, when she questioned the Archbishop about his "Catholicity" that she didn't know the difference between "Roman" or "Orthodox" because, as she said, "All Catholics, especially clergy, are evil, satanic and it doesn't matter if they are Orthodox or Roman for all of them are the same".

"Meryna" since moved on... along with her husband.  Then in August of 2006, when the fight against Ordinance #37 began, there she shows herself.  She stated in front of many members that she had no problems with the Archbishop's involvement or his past and flatly REFUSED to view any of the documents brought forward by the Archbishop who wanted to ensure that everyone had a chance to vote on whether he should or should not continue as a member.  Everyone in attendance, voted to accept him. 

Then, when both the then Chairman and the Archbishop would not follow "Meryna's" authority or approve of the publication of the "Bugle", she and those with her began her hate campaign, including those who (ie: Gordon Mast and a Mr. Rick Albright) refused to accept the membership's decision to not be involved with the publishing of the "Bugle" or any of their off-color news about the Commissioner's.  So, they quietly, with stealth and secrecy, created their own group of a similar name.  By then, though, what is known as the LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM, INC. had it's own web site hosted by the Church of the Metropolitan Archbishop.  The other group created their now known LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM (as a council) of some sort, refusing to accept the fact that their use of LUNA COUNTY FREEDOM is a violation of State Law, Copyrights, etc. since it was incorporated by the original group from which they split.  But since then they have created and publish THE LIBERTY PRESS a part of  LIBERTY NEW MEXICO/LIBERTY ARIZONA on-line and available through a variety of places such as a Smoke Shop, Gas Stations, and other places in Deming, New Mexico which, according to sources, are opined to be under investigation for their connections to the MINUTEMEN out of Arizona and a Mr. Rick Albright. It is also alleged that the organizations they belong to and are supporters of, may be considered as subversive groups against the government.

It is the opinion of some people, including myself, that where ever you find Gordon Mast, Myra Coyer and a Beeman; there too you may find such as "Liberty" and "Freedom" such as FREEDOM PRESS, FREEDOM NEW MEXICO or LIBERTY PRESS, LIBERTY NEW MEXICO, even FREEDOM ARIZONA OR LIBERTY ARIZONA and such other names along with a Mr. Rick Albright who are believed and opined to be members of the notorious (alleged subversive) MINUTEMAN or MINUTEMEN organization under intensive investigation we are advised by the FBI. Luna County Freedom, INC. is NOT ONE OF THEM, thank God!  One can only wonder if there is a connection between the Luna County Commissioners, the Luna County Sheriff personnel and those other organizations by the personalities at the the head of THE LIBERTY PRESS and their alleged connections to the MINUTEMEN being investigated? If this should be true then it only stands to reason, in the opinion of some people, that the businesses where THE LIBERTY PRESS can be obtained might even be linked members of one sort or another and involved in being accomplices to possible Hate Crimes too...?  I get it!  Don't you? 

And if these things have any degree of truth, even the smallest bit of truth, then it only stands to reason that it is possible that therein lays the answer as to why the BLACKMAIL letter of Meryna was able to be passed out at the 2006 Commissioners meeting. (Note: If you do any shopping in Deming, New Mexico for mechanical parts like auto or other mechanical parts, do your shopping at Napa Auto Store or Auto Zone.  The other one, "Checkers Auto" should be avoided at all costs for the time being. 

While some of what I've said may be a slight stretch, it is found that almost anything can be true here in Luna County since Father +Thaddeus and those with him were, in March 2006, TORCHED out by someone who was alleged to have caused for the torching.  This goes to show the depth of how those nefarious people, as believed or opined, use psychological and other stealth tactics to incite fear and other things.  It is interesting how they have access to a variety of technologies, especially questionable telephone technologies to confuse I.D CALLER information when and if they should call you.  But doesn't the MINUTEMENT also have the same?  What other sorts of items do they have in the arsenal?

I don't know about you, but after reading the article STRANGER DANGERS THAN A STRANGER posted at www.lunacountyfreedom.com I got to thinking.  Those people named as possible and probable members of, or having links to, the MINUTEMEN and Mr. Rick Albright could be linked to other extremist organizations too.  Take a look at the "Skinheads" and such as those who are "White Supremists".  They all have a lot in common with the Muslim extremists who launched a "Jihad" (Holy War) against the United States of America and their allies.  If one considers themselves a true Patriot one can only wonder how they, individually and collectively, can even consider themselves anything akin to being a true "Christian"?  They all have one thing in common.  Doing damage to the Government first and others such as Rev. Father +Thaddeus and those with him which, because of the TORCHING in March 2007, may make them accessories or at least, it is believed, accomplices to charges of attempted murder of two people.  If those people are MINUTEMEN by linkage alone, then they are not Christian, but cultic Christian for they have not the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ in them nor do they struggle out of pain of heart (as Rev. Father would say) to be one in spirit and truth with Jesus Christ.  Thus, again, we are visited with the thoughts that those who promote THE LIBERTY PRESS may also be investigated, including the local Sheriff's office and the Commissioners for their links to those questionable organizations too. Fanatics are a dangerous people who can and sometimes do cause for loss of limb and life as history shows.  Aren't these kind of people more close to what is termed as possibly being Cultic Christians?     

Then the pirated group began their smear campaign against members of the Incorporated group (Luna County Freedom, Inc.), harassing telephone calls, altering information and documents concerning the Archbishop's past and even obtaining information about the so-called victim's of the Archbishop's past... again, altering information and documents, getting others to make harassing telephone calls to all sorts of people in the local area with misinformation and disgusting stories.

They have copied and printed bits and pieces of information from our Church web site, out of context of its meaning, creating flyers in such a way whereby it appears that something is amiss or being done illegally or otherwise by the Archbishop and those with him. 

During all of these antics, it was not enough for them.  Their hate, as promoted by "Meryna" has caused for one of questionable mental stability, "Nova," to do all manner of things on the 'legal' side of the coin by filing documents in a court action to further defame and bring trouble upon the Archbishop and those with him.

The Church will accept, as it always has, those who are repentant sinners, those who may have had a past of some sort but have served their sentences and want to move on with their lives to become a part of society in such a way where their spiritual health can be improved. 

Some have relied on those electronic news media accounts of the past concerning the Archbishop in such a way as to twist the FACTS as a means to distort TRUTH. 

If one is truly a good and honorable Christian, they normally do the honorable thing and ask non-confrontational questions directly before accepting anything negatively said about another. 

"Meryna" along with those who are with her including the other who aide and assist in publishing THE LIBERTY PRESS have attempted an un-holy Muslim like Jihad (Holy War) against us and all who are a part of us, primarily the Archbishop.

We invite only those to move to this area who are truly repentant sinners.  There are many living locally whose pasts are tainted in one way or another, even those with crimes of murder and worse, if their is anything worse than murder.  But, to be one with us, we cannot and will not just blatantly accept an individual as clergy or for consideration to be incardinated, so much as "vet" them over a period of time.

We do not push or preach our Orthodox Catholic beliefs upon anyone but will respond to non-confrontational questions as we have always done. There are several religious organizations or groups who are a part of this Jurisdiction, the American Orthodox Church. Some are, a Prison Outreach group, Holy Orders, Monastic communities and other religious groups.  What this female, "Meryna" and her counter-parts such as "Nova" and others who are not truly "Christian" are attempting to do, is destruction of the very fabric of the faith as we've seen with the World Council of Churches, the National Council of Churches... leading into that which has been prophesied about the coming ONE WORLD CHURCH and ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. 

Oddly enough, these are the ones who have opted to join in and with the CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY and LIBERTY NEW MEXICO as well as THE LIBERTY PRESS.  It can only be wondered as to how long that group will maintain stability in the local area with their members like "Meryna" and those with her?

As for ourselves... We surely do not have a building which many believe one must have in order to be a bona-fide "Church".  The word "Church" has always meant and means, "Faith of the people".  And Christ, Jesus, reaffirms our faith when he said "Where two or more are gathered in my Name, there also am I."  This teaches us that a four-cornered building does not make a "Church" no matter what they may be called by their denominational nomenclatures.  The fact of the matter is that those who are "Denominations" (for most of them) are not truly of the Christian faith, but pseudo-christian at best, even out of sincerity of heart! 

The American Orthodox Church and the NORTH AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH is not a "denomination" but one of those Orthodox Catholic Jurisdictions which belong to the root and branch of Christianity. It is a traditional faith, a traditional Church, one where priests and monks do keep to the old time religion of Orthodox Catholic Christianity and are required, where possible, excepting health issues, to wear that which is the armor and uniform of Christ the same as a soldier wears his or her uniform, or doctor his or her uniform, or law enforcement wear their uniform.  A priest, a monk, a nun who are true to their faith and vows, wear their uniform 24-7, 365 days a year.  Mrs. "M" and Ms. "R" have attempted to cast negativity and doubt where there should be none.  They have attacked the faith, the fabric of belief, the Church herself!  This is a hate crime against those of religious belief. 

In fact, the American Orthodox Church / North American Orthodox Church is considered by some to be what the Roman Church was before their own sex scandals.

Yet, before we close, we must admit that because this female auto parts store worker has been using her place of employment as a means to meet people to advance her mental, satanic-spiritual and violent attitudes, to gather and disseminate materials pertaining to her personal endeavors having nothing to do with her employment, it is surprising she has not been fired!  And, what is more, we must admit that her actions has only caused for one and sometimes two people to telephone or meet with us.

I am one of those who has been welcomed into the fold who was raised Roman Catholic who went over in earlier years to the Pentecostal denomination and has seen the damage being done by Un-Christian people such as this female auto parts store worker who was caught working for the commissioners (either directly or indirectly) while claiming she and those with them were against the very thing being fought against. 

For some of you who may wonder or think that while we were fighting against CORRUPTION and Ordinance #37 here in Luna County that I was somehow preached to, forget it!  Never was I approached by the Archbishop or any of his people in this fight against the Ordinance and corruption which are depriving those of the poor, the disabled, veterans and the elderly... never was I preached to at all.  I went out of my way to ask questions.  I liked what I heard and seen and I was told to explore the website for other answers, not only about various denominations but to compare the answers with Spiritual and Material truth! 

I knew some of the answers because of my own experiences and my past upbringing.  I liked what I heard and saw, even knowing that his past, by some accounts, are tainted because the Archbishop did in fact protect the Seals of the Confessional and many who would have also been charged with a false crime.  I saw more than the meager documents that are available about his past not only at this website, but at others. 

I am aware of and know that telephone calls were made, supposedly being from one of the so-called "victims" of the Archbishop's past.  But what they did not count on is the fact that higher authorities are involved.  And they do not know that my own background has access to things that showed me that many of those telephone calls could not have been from the person(s) they claimed to be or that some of the documents the so-called woman and those with her are purporting to be from, are alterations and fabrications. 

What others have posted are only bits and pieces as a means to thwart Christian unity, especially the same kind of Orthodox churches who are truly of the Orthodox Catholic faith, but are afraid to stand up to be counted as protectors of the Seals of the Confessional, and those who are ethnic oriented because they will not accept and show respect for those who do not need to be under a "Patriarch" due to the time honored autocephaly and autonomy given by the Patriarch of Moscow, in times past, St. Tikhon. 

As of this writing and subsequent updating, it appears we may gain another individual to our fold.... One from the Northwest, a Bishop, and another from Nigeria as well another from Pakistan.  Thank God.  Yet, we are finding, since I have been provided discretionary allowance to review all things pertaining to both this Jurisdiction and the Metropolitan Archbishop; I do maintain an advisory capacity and have the authority to not only examine but take action against those who thwart this jurisdiction's right to exist and be active in the Faith. 

We have called this female auto-parts-store-worker "Meyrna" along with her cohort from the former RV Park, "Nova" and those with them; and say that they have been doing us more good than harm after all, including those who are aiding them, their two other sex offenders (one a rapist and one whose daughter he was convicted of molesting and now living with him as she is in her 40's)...

Even though "Meryna" illegally used County Government property to pass out her BLACKMAIL flyers in 2006, along with another one who we shall call Ms. "R" who has made false statements to the local law enforcement; knowing that one of the more powerful County Commissioner's is well aware of what's going on, knowing that s/he/they will be held accountable... which, by their lack of actions to uphold the law, only adds evidence to all that has been said about them as violating Constitutional Rights while errantly calling themselves "Constitutional" activists of some sort since they have joined with the CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY, begun their LIBERTY NEW MEXICO and the publication of THE LIBERTY PRESS to take the place of their former "BUGLE". 

"Meryna" and "Nova" apparently think they can make false incident reports and claims to the local Luna County Sheriff without foundation in FACT!  The Luna County District Attorney and Luna County Commissioners show by their actions the degree to which this county has become less "Luna County" but more "Deming County" and it would appear, as some of us are of the opinion; that there is no law but their own law.  Their lack of action is a sanctioning of the very things alleged, "Intimidation" "Harassment" "Blackmail/Extortion" and worse.

"Nova" sees things in the night it is alleged, seeing illegal immigrants coming over her fence when others who had kept watch for three sleepless nights, saw nothing but very heavy fat cats chasing and being chased. 

"Nova" is much like "Meryna" ... They want attention, to be in control... to be something in the eyes of everyone that they are not even worthy of.  "Meryna" even used one of her alleged 'closest' friends as a 'fall-person' by blaming her for things done when it was "Meryna".  What does this tell you?

I was in this fight at the very beginning and had gone to the so-called "other side" which is headed by "Meryna, " her side kick whom we will call "Godzilla" and involves "Nova" now, including a few others who play diversionary tactics when the group was split. 

I learned the truth.  I've watched the Archbishop pray with others and for others of various cults and protestant denominations.  He and those with him, including myself, are not against people of other beliefs so much as being against heresy and that which is leading to the One World Church and the One World Government which was prophesied in Holy Scripture. 

"Meryna" has shown me and several others that she and "Godzilla" are local leaders of their pirate group, leading others down the wrong path to destruction both spiritually, by saying the Archbishop raised the issue of "Religion" in this fight against Ordinance #37, when no such thing can be laid at his feet, but it can be laid at the feet of "Meryna" and those with her as a diversionary tactic to throw off from themselves the fact that they are, either directly or indirectly, working for the County Commissioners, the County Manager and other officials in one way or another, in addition to their ANTI-CATHOLIC attitudes.

Remember one thing... The Church is and always has been a Spiritual hospital for repentant sinners... But "Meryna" and "Nova" along with "Godzilla" and those with them, have little to no conception of the New Testament Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, for if they did and their belief were true, their actions would most certainly not include what they are doing now.

In Christ, Jesus, all things of the past are in the past... But not by the actions and statements of "Meryna" and "Nova" or "Godzilla" along with their minions and cronies who have been or are passing out flyers to various businesses, smoke shops, department stores, gas stations and more in their attempt to further humiliate, disparage, demean a people and a person of true faith as shown by his actions of the past to take a prison sentence. 

Wouldn't you, if you are Catholic (Roman or Orthodox) want to have your confession heard before an honorable priest who is willing, if necessary, to take a prison sentence for you than to do what mankind wants by civil law which goes against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ even though this is supposed to be "Christian Nation"?.

"Meryna," "Nova," and "Godzilla" have been doing more than just spreading malicious, unfounded rumors about "stalking" and "young boys" and other things.  Those are lies and rumors from what I can only call mentally unstable people who have one aim and goal, self-image, attention, vengeance and revenge for being caught as "Snitches" to the alleged County Commissioners, "Rats" because they seemed to have told others what the real fighters planned to legitimately do in their fight against Ordinance #37.   These are the ones who brought you the salacious "Bugle" a Cartoon - as a means to disparage the County Commissioners and their attempt keep people from knowing that there are no contaminated wells in Luna County, amongst other things.  These are the people who now say that Luna County doesn't need to do anything to rid itself of Commissioner "Holdridge" or others... They even say no one need do anything to attack Ordinance #37 since they have joined the CONSTITUTIONAL PARTY formed the LIBERTY NEW MEXICO GROUP and begun publishing LIBERTY PRESS to replace their former "BULE" which they might have been sued over !  What!  Yup!  That's what they are spreading. 

May God bless each of them for their Anti-Christian actions. The God whom We worship in spirit and truth will surely punish those of you who have become the extension of the ANTI-CHRIST, the Anti-Christian leader of Anti-Christians and Anti-Catholics (Roman and Orthodox)!

With permission of the Archbishop, I have made this posting several months ago and as of February 2007, I update it... And I did say this was lengthy... Sorry folks... I had to get it out and explained to the Archbishop how and why I feel this posting is important.... I hope those of you who read it, have read it thoroughly for Truth cannot be held back for very long.

Father Deacon Fred (a former Roman Catholic gone Pentecostal who has returned to the root and branch of Christianity which is ORTHODOX in spirit and truth!).

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