A Native American Indian and His God...

A note from the composer of this article Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford)

    I come from upstate New York (East Rochester) and according to my mother, when she lived, had said that all three of us (my brother and sister) were inheritors of Indian blood from her side of the family. On doing research when I was young, and talking to other relatives, it would seem that indeed we have a bit of mixed Indian (various North Eastern and Canadian tribes) blood dating back to the founding of the United States of America. But I can not prove it anymore for that was when I was just a youngster... Since then I've always been fascinated with American Indian culture. I've had various friends who were full blood native American Indians, who are (at this age of my life) no longer with us. One of them was for a time... a room mate when I resided in California during my early days... Another was a room mate with me in the U.S.A.F. And we got along great!

    However, Inasmuch as I've been invited by an Indian Shaman and Medicine woman to move onto an American Indian Reservation, of which I have accepted... I have become even more involved in researching things that I've known from my youth, from what I learn and could find, the following is presented with the help of Bobbie Red Hawk, re-named by one Shaman to another Shaman.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford)

American Orthodox Church and the North American Orthodox Church


    Regarding our Native American Indian (N.A.I.) brothers and sisters... and food for thought to those who may consider themselves “Christian” (meaning FOLLOWERS AND DAILY PRACTITIONERS of the Life and Teachings of JESUS the CHRIST...

    In the Lakota and Cherokee way of life, Wakan Tanka [1][2] (Standard Lakota Orthography: Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka) is the term for "the sacred" or "the divine". This is usually translated as "The Great Spirit". However, according to Russell Means, its meaning is closer to "Great Mystery" as Lakota spirituality is not henotheistic.[3] Before their attempted conversion to Christianity, the Sioux used Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka to refer to an organization of sacred entities whose ways were mysterious: thus, "The Great Mystery".[4] It would seem to appear that they had already, with consideration of their culture, been Christianized by Jesus the Christ Himself and that it had begun at the beginning of Jesus' 40 days after His Resurrection. They tried hard to say it: Chee-Zoos, God of the Dawn Light, but could not. Many may not want to accept this thought or idea of understanding because of the abuses either they or others have gone through by our own white people. I cannot blame them and neither should you.

    For some N.A.I. Tribes and people Wakan Tanka... is their God who, by some legends is Jesus the Christ. And the N.A.I's POW-WOWS are another powerful way of expression of prayer, practices and teachings that early American White people never wholly understood, except as “Pagan” and it must be understood by both N.A.I's and Christian people, they are NOT PAGAN at all... There is a history, partially recorded in some Canadian and North American caves, north east and south.... which tells a story of TRUTH and is HARD EVIDENCE (proof) of what is said here. And is titled below as: Excerpt of the Man from God - The five Nations ...

    N.A.I's, on this continent, were the first to learn of Our Lord and Savior but have, over the centuries forgotten a whole lot but were somehow able to preserve basic history of the connective teachings and life of who can no doubt be Jesus the Christ...

    The rites and rituals or Pow-wow's are the special ways of not only teaching but praying and practicing the ESSENCE of that which is very much in tune, each with the other, of our basic Christian religious beliefs...



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Excerpt of the Man from God

To The five Nations

    In Michigan, according to Decoodah, was the center of the Giant Cross of Waters. The Prophet was known to travel this trail. No tribe was too far, too small, too poor, too war-like. If He heard of a war, He went there. He would call all the chiefs together, divide the lands, give seeds and show how them how to garden.  He would teach them His principles. "Do not kill unless you are hungry, and then ask the animal's forgiveness, and explain your great need to him before ever you pull the bow-string." This was one rule that Native Americans ever violated. Before hunting, each tribe would hold a prayer-dance.

    He was always called the Feathered Serpent or Eeseecotl among the
Algonquins. They tell that He always wore a long white toga, with black crosses embroidered along the bottom, and had golden sandals. Every new town He would arrive in would have a new garment waiting for Him. They would keep the old ones, treasuring them, saying that to touch them would bring healing. During the visits He would train twelve disciples, with one to be their leader, who would take His place when He left to "...go about My Father's Business." After He would leave, the grieving people would carve His sign upon the walls of canyons-a-hand with a T cross in it.

    While visiting the Chinooks, the Prophet pointed to a plain laying below them, stating that He saw through the cycles of time a great city spread across this plain, named Tacomah. It was to be a white man's city. The Chinooks were confused as to why the white man would name a city after Him, Tacomah. He explained that they would use the name of the mountain named after Him, but they would not understand the meaning of the name.

As told by: Bobbie “Red Hawk (renamed by one Shaman to another Shaman) ” - re: The Sacred Sun Dance

    The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced by some Indigenous Peoples of North America and Canada, primarily those of the plains cultures. After contact with European colonists, and with the formation of Canada and United States, both countries created laws banning ceremonies and even outlawed Indigenous people from speaking their native languages. Those that continued to practice their culture were imprisoned or even killed for doing so. As a result and in order to preserve Indigenous culture for future generations most ceremonies went underground and were practiced in secret.

    The Sun Dance Is a religious dance – the telling of what the Great Spirit which was Jesus Christ on His 40 days after He was crucified, died, descended into Hell and arose again.... That His coming here to talk to the Native Americans. The Sun Dance is what He taught and told them about their rising up again, in spirit, being greater and happy with plentiful lands and everything.

    The way the White Man understood it, they thought it to be a war dance. It was not! It was a prayer! The White Soldiers, errantly believing it was a “war dance” forbid the native American Indians from performing their various dances as well as forbidding them from speaking their languages ... and when the White Soldiers would see it being done, they would go in, errantly believing it was the precursor to an Indian uprising, catching them doing the sun dance, then massacred all of them; women, children and men alike. Their are War Dances, but the Sun Dance is a prayer, not a war dance, and is not threatening to anyone. The Sun Dance was to honor, praise and pray to Wanken Tanka (Jesus the Christ) for the promises He had made. It is a prayer to thank Mother Earth for the things she has given us, The Sun Dance is totally religious for Native American Indians. More than thousands of our people; children, women, and men have been massacred because of this misunderstanding that has persisted over the centuries and decades...

    I was told of these things by my Grandmother who was a Shaman and Medicine Women who had been taught by those before her stretching back so many, many years ago.


    The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced by some Indigenous Peoples of North America and Canada, primarily those of the plains cultures. After contact with European colonists, and with the formation of Canada andUnited States, both countries created laws banning ceremonies and even outlawed Indigenous people from speaking their native languages. Those that continued to practice their culture were imprisoned or even killed for doing so. As a result and in order to preserve Indigenous culture for future generations most ceremonies went underground and were practiced in secret.

In contemporary cultures:

    In very general terms, there are features common to the ceremonies of the sun dance cultures, such as dances and songs passed down through many generations, the use of a traditional drum, a sacred fire, praying with a pipe, fasting, and in some cases the ceremonial piercing of skin. Certain native plants are picked and prepared for use during the ceremony. Natural medicines are used for health and well being, as are traditional foods. Wood is harvested for a sacred fire, and a firekeeper must tend the fire that burns for many days and nights.

Typically, the sun dance is an agonizing ordeal for those who participate in it. According to the Oklahoma Historical Society, young men dance around a pole to which they are fastened by "rawhide thongs pegged through the skin of their chests."[1]


    Although not all sun dance ceremonies include dancers being ritually pierced, the object of the sun dance is to offer personal sacrifice as a prayer for the benefit of one's family and community. The dancers fast for many days, and the ceremony takes place over a four day period. The ceremony is held outside in the summer time, in the open air, not fully sheltered from the wind, sun, or rain. Some groups use the same site each year, while others will move from place to place.

    At most ceremonies, family members and friends stay in the surrounding camp and pray and support the dancers. People camp at the site for many days, with some arriving from far away places. In preparation for the sun dance, wood, food, and medicines are gathered in the traditional manner, the site is set up, offerings made, elders consulted, and feast food prepared. There are sweat lodges and other ceremonial preparations. Much time and energy by the entire community is needed for the sun dance to work. Communities plan and organize for at least a year to prepare for the ceremony. Usually there is one leader or a small group of leaders in charge of the ceremony, but many elders help out and advise. A group of helpers do many of the tasks required to prepare for the ceremony.

    There is a reluctance to talk about the subject in any great detail. Those who know a lot are not willing to share with someone who might abuse the traditional ways. There are concerns about the ceremony not being passed along in the right ways. The words used at a sun dance are often in the native language and not translated. There is a great attempt to have the utmost respect for the ceremony, and this is often done with speaking few words about it. The detailed way a respected elder talks, teaches, and explains is unique and not easily quoted or intended for publication.


    In 1993, responding to increasingly common desecration of the sun dance and other Lakota sacred ceremonies, "the Lakota Summit V, an international gathering of US and Canadian Lakota, Dakota and NakotaNations, about 500 representatives from 40 different tribes and bands of the Lakota unanimously passed a 'Declaration of War Against Exploiters of Lakota Spirituality'."[2][3] In 2003, the 19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota asked non-Native people to stop attending the sun dance (Wi-wanyang-wa-c'i-pi in Lakota); he stated that all can pray in support, but that only Native people should approach the altars.[4] This statement was supported by bundle keepers and traditional spiritual leaders from the Cheyenne, Dakota, Lakota, and Nakota Nations, who issued a proclamation that non-Natives would be banned from sacred altars and the Seven Sacred Rites, including and especially the sun dance, effective March 9, 2003 onward:

    The Wi-wanyang-wa-c'i-pi (Sundance Ceremony): The only participants allowed in the center will be Native People. The non-Native people need to understand and respect our decision. If there have been any unfinished commitments to the sundance and non-Natives have concern for this decision; they must understand that we have been guided through prayer to reach this resolution. Our purpose for the sundance is for the survival of the future generations to come, first and foremost. If the non-Natives truly understand this purpose, they will also understand this decision and know that by their departure from this Ho-c'o-ka (our sacred altar) is their sincere contribution to the survival of our future generations.[4]

Cheyenne sun dance gathering, c. 1909.

In Canada:

    Though only some Nations' sun dances include the piercings, the Canadian Government outlawed that feature of the sun dance in 1895. It is unclear about how often this law was enforced or how successfully, and, in at least one instance, police gave their permission for the ceremony to be conducted. Many ceremonies were simply done quietly and in secret. With better understanding of and respect for Indigenous traditions, the government has ended its prohibitions. The full ceremony has been legal in Canada since 1951, and in the U.S. since passage of the 1978 American Indian Religious Freedom Act.[5] The sun dance is practiced annually on many reserves and reservations in Canada.

Although the Government of Canada, through the Department of Indian Affairs (now Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada), persecuted sun dance practitioners and attempted to suppress the dance, the ceremony itself was never officially prohibited. Regardless of the legalities, Indian agents, based on directives from their superiors, did routinely interfere with, discourage, and disallow sun dances on many Canadian plains reserves from 1882 until the 1940s. Despite this, sun dance practitioners, such as the Plains CreeSaulteaux, and Blackfoot, continued to hold sun dances throughout the persecution period. Some practiced the dance in secret, others with permissions from their agents, and others without the piercing aspects. At least one Cree or Saulteaux Rain Dance has occurred each year since 1880 somewhere on the Canadian Plains. In 1951, government officials revamped the Indian Act and dropped the legislation that prohibited the practices of flesh-sacrificing and gift-giving.[6]


    In most sun dance cultures, it is forbidden to film ceremony or prayer, so few images exist of authentic ceremonies. Many feel that when money or cameras enter, the spirits leave, so any photo taken does not depict an authentic ceremony. However, in Alberta, the Kainai Nation permitted their sun dance to be filmed in the late 1950s. The result was the 1960 National Film Board of Canada documentary Circle of the Sun.[7][8]Manitoba archival photos clearly show that the ceremonies have stayed quite similar since at least the early 1900s.

To protect, honour, and keep the ceremony sacred, there is a reluctance to relate many details about the event. Decades of disrespect and ridicule are partly to blame. In some cases the elders think that the whole process is best experienced instead of described with mere words. There are too many details to fully explain the whole process in a proper way. Some experience is needed to fully understand what the ceremony is about, what it means, and how it takes place over many days. Greater respect and protection is required to preserve the traditional ways, places, native plants, languages, and to not abuse what was passed down over many generations.


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    It is sometimes difficult for me to understand why the Native American Indian is often disrespected by people of other colors (White, brown, Black, etc.)...even, sometimes, their own, but it does happen all to often and it is happening even as I write or compose this for you, the reader. For such disrespect even by our government is incomprehensible to some of us.

    There exists some tribal reservations that have become the tribe of cast-offs, even by their own people. The reasons are many... and the causes are just as many too.

    I will be one of them I guess as I move to one tribal reservation in the State of Washington... http://www.yakamanation-nsn.gov/programs.php


    Your suggestions and thoughts for continuing this writing of and about N.A.I's can only be accomplished by your input to me...


  Blessing you and yours with good thoughts and prayers, I say, "Wakan Tanka Kici Un"; I am


Metropolitan Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), O.S.B., SSJt., Ph.D. – Primate

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