For August-September 2008 - a Continuation of a Message from Our Metropolitan Archbishop, Vladyka +Thaddeus

Theology must be lived according to one's nature and degree of ability no matter who they are or where they reside.  Monk, Nun, Priest, Deacon, Parishioner: all are accountable in the eyes of the Lord.  More especially is this true when they are provided TRUTH and such undeniable evidence to shake the very foundations of the errant ones. 

The following is an an example which provides some food for thought on this subject.  It was a response or reply to a very angry man who is a part of the Roman Jurisdiction.  It is suspected and believed that he holds much anger toward those who attempt to correct words and their usage.  Such as many a Protestant unconvincingly use such phrases as though they have not yet learned that the sun and moon do not rise and set on the Roman Jurisdiction as to who is or is not CATHOLIC, failing to understand historical truth which prove that the Orthodox Church is the root of all things CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN, not Rome!  And when such is provided, some take issue and become rather angry themselves with backlashes that reaches proportions yet to be seen or heard.  While the actual message which brought about the following reply is not shown... it should be evident as to what must have happened.

The following comes from a reply to a message from someone whose devotion to all things of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church says much in itself as to the deceptions that both people (parishioners) and Clergy have fallen for, in part:

  Sometimes we read in to a message things that aren't really what they seem... For instance my message was something I actually didn't  mean to be offensive and I apologize.  That is why I sent another follow up message afterwards, explaining about our Moonsoon storm that was heading our way from the affects DOLLY.

  However... by the manner of what you had initially said I was not sure of what you did or did not know and therefore in replying to the "I don't know what to call you" is part of why I responded...

  As to the news you rec'd from the Nuncio... I realized you were elated by the information you rec'd and the news item you forwarded with it that you also rec'd says much in itself and I didn't think it needed a reply except to point out that we would use the news item for posting over this weekend.  I apologize for not responding in a manner more appropriate to the sharing of information.

  As for your "Well Sir, you really came across like an angry man in answering my reply!" was not intended whatsoever.  I assumed that you would understand it was not intended as a "Launch into" but a way in which to provide Orthodox understanding in both the SPIRIT and in the material (earthy or earthly) areas of life and living.

  The manner with which you wrote suggested your understanding about other than the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church might have been somewhat limited for you used the word "denominations" which made it appear that you understood all others to be "denominations"... It was why I pointed out that we are not a denomination but the root and base of all things both Orthodox and Catholic.  That was what I was attempting to bring out and I guess when you rec'd it, it wasn't rec'd in that manner. 

  As much as we may believe the Lord wants the two jurisdictions to heal, I do not believe it will happen in the manner we all desire.  This, I believe, is because the departure from the roots of theological (or dogmatic theology) is so pervasive that it will be the rub in the ointment (so-to-speak) that rubs like sand is in the ointment.  I do believe that the "Faith" of Parishioners in the Roman Jurisdiction is not, of itself, wrong - but that the faith provided as a result of theological errors will be the rub.  There will be, as the Patriarch of Constantinople has already shown by action (and somewhat by word) moved toward such a "healing" that there will be a few Orthodox jurisdictions who may move toward Rome's outstretched arms... but for the True Orthodox jurisdictions, it will come only when Jesus Christ Himself returns... and then all will be made whole.  That is a very sad thing to say and I mean no disrespect by it... but it is a matter of truth that exists.  For example: the Patriarch of Constantinople's action to allow the Bishop of Rome (Patriarch of the West) to enter onto the grounds of Mt. Athos on which reside many of the Old Calendar Monks and their True Orthodox Catholic Faith... was a slap to the face of what some might consider the "Old Time Religion" which is a religion based on theological issues that have stayed pure from ancient times.  For hypothetical reasons, should their be a WHOLENESS or HEALING of Orthodox Catholics with Roman Catholics; it will be one where the world will surely be more severely punished for errors allowed that never existed prior to the schism of the jurisdictions.  Either one will have to accept all the theologies of the other or the other will have to publicly correct errors made and return to the ancient theology that has been held sacro sanct even up to these present times. 

  No I was not angry when I wrote... I was hoping to provide what I thought might be missing, but I gauged wrong... Again I apologize... If I recognize that I am angry from a message, I do not respond whatsoever until I've gained composure through meditation and prayer... No, I was not angry by your message whatsoever when I responded and felt relieved that you are being replied to for the problems you face in the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church.

  The mind-set between the two jurisdictions (Orthodox and Roman) are a part of what exists as a problem which require more introspection from time to time and I guess I missed that understanding as I was hoping to provide some spiritual food for thought as well.. And there to, I guess I missed the mark as well. 

  I am sorry you haven't been feeling well lately and hope it subsides... You are not alone and should never feel alone when the Lord is with those who suffers in spirit and other areas for prayer brings the balm that relieves. 

  This should be a lesson for both of us in part I believe and may be that is a good thing too? Time will tell as we move on from here and continue, hopefully, in sharing information and discussions as time moves forward.... Blessings to you and those with you in spirit and truth.
+Thaddeus the Repentant Unworthy one and Fool For Christ!