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Issue #1                                                                                  Vol. #1

For: November 1st, 2008


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We are what you once were.
We believe what you once believed.
We worship as you once worshiped.
If you were right then, we are right now.
If we are wrong now, you were wrong then.
A Canonical Orthodox Church of World Wide Orthodox

Francis of Assisi?

The wide Path to hell is paved with the bones of Bishops and Priests ... Speaking to One of his Disciples... Read More >>>

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Dear Reader:

The Vine & Crossroads Newsletter is a new endeavor which will be sent out through e-mail for those who we hope will be receptive to our endeavors to bring you information & news concerning not only our Orthodox Catholic Christian Faith, but concerning all that may have to do with your Religious, Civil and Legal Rights to worship and daily practice your faith. 

Some who may be affected by what is happening in the USA, North, and South America as well as around the world are more than just faithful parishioners of this Jurisdiction (as we are scattered), but clergy from all walks of life and churches too! This is for them as well, even if they are not part of our Jurisdiction or even our faith!

We feel that when informed, you can make better decisions toward maintaining your rights of religious bearing as well as, hopefully, your civil rights too.  Yet, depending on the country in which you reside, even if it be a State or Province of that country; you may find you will eventually be limited from worshiping and speaking about your faith!

So, this struggle that we present as our first newsletter is one out of pain of heart for the faith once and for all delivered by Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers.

Inasmuch as the American Orthodox Church and the North American Orthodox Church is one Jurisdiction of World Wide Orthodoxy; we believe that since our dioceses and parishes are scattered; you need to know what is going on. 

Our Vladyka +Thaddeus (Metropolitan Archbishop) has granted us permission to provide this endeavor for you to review and comment on with hopes that you will join with us in providing current information and news...

Volunteers Sought - - -

Queue editors: We need more help in the queue. That's where articles go when writers submit them. Volunteer editors evaluate, edit, clean up and accept or reject articles. 

Transcribers: we need help transcribing recordings of interviews I do on my radio show and otherwise (the "Otherwise" means other programs not associated with our own efforts). We have a team and you take a share of a recording.

Subject/Area Editors:  are you passionate about an area? Volunteer as an editor and help find articles to post, writer to recruit to cover the area.

Article assignment writers: passionate about an area? Volunteer to accept assignments on specific areas.

Graphic artist: help us with art, layout, design for the site.

Website developer/programmer:  give use counsel, feedback advice on old and new features and functions of the site at and other websites we maintain.

YOU are the most valuable and important aspect of this newsletter.  We may need to redesign the newsletter as we explore how we can present our viewers, faithful parishioners, and clergy with the information and news so necessary to stay up-to-date.

Included in our newsletters will include information taken from our Western Orthodox Theological Institute (WOTI) and other areas to aide and reaffirm your spiritual and material understandings. 

Life itself is a religious experience whether or not you go to church on Sunday or stay at home... even if you do not believe in the root, ground and base of all things CHRISTIAN (follower of Jesus Christ) which is established in Orthodox Catholic Christianity itself ... you may find article and information important or interesting to your areas of life and living.

Religious News, Environmental News (about the earth and saving our planet's resources), Electronic,  digital or computer news pertaining to those who want to know what to do to keep their computer bug free and spam free. 

Those are just some of the areas we will cover... But that doesn't end there... There's more to come!  So, subscribe!  And offer an electronic copy to your friends by forwarding them a copy too... 

Monk Michael (Sweet), Managing Editor


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Saving the Environment May be Our Best Hope for the Economy -- Election Guide  


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How the Economic Crisis Will Affect the Environment





Combat Self Defense Systems is about the elderly and youth defending themselves.  Did you know, JESUS WAS A MAN... are you a man or woman who needs uplift and understanding in your life so you can defend yourself spiritually and materially?  Learn more >>>>

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St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai & San Francisco warned us of coming events... He was prophetic back in the 1950's and during the later part of his life as are the writings of his spiritual son, Father Seraphim Rose of reposed memory who should be canonized! Our Vladyka Thaddeus personally knew both of them in real life... Read More >>>

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Who are the Thaddean Fathers!

The Orthodox Cross is used because we are strugglers for the faith, a belief that is fully Orthodox without the... Read more »

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A Message From the our Spiritual Father

Like soaring eagles we can rise above ourselves and do good or bad for...Read more »

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