What is the Opposite of Truth and Truth Itself?


Truth is a power and reality in life; it is not a principle of the intellect or mere speculation. The reality of good is a moral element of truth. A good thing or condition is the ex­pression of truth in reality. Good is the mirror in which the truth is reflected. The quote, "that which all things aim at," links good with happiness, and is in Aristotle's "Ethics." St. Augustine in the 4th century continues the teachings of Aristole by saying since human beings desire happiness, it can only be found "where man's chief good is loved and possessed." There is only one way to attain one's goal: the pursuit of God, which brings to one's soul virtue and wisdom. "The perfection of all are good things and are our perfect good in God."

People should seek the real truth from a source which is beyond the reach of people and their rational ability. The human being is led to seek that which is beyond reach, beyond law of cause and effect. This denotes that there is nothing within one's reach that is independent from oneself. Independence is to be found in the unmovable Mover, in the First Idea; in a Supreme Being from Whom everything originates and not in the human. It derives from a Supreme Being Who is Spirit beyond place, time and variation; Who is Almighty, All-love and All-holy. Consequently, the Source, which is beyond man's reach is this Supreme Being in Whom we move and live and have our being (cf. Acts 17:28). In searching and investigating the truth the human being will always be the seeker of truth, not necessarily the possessor of the whole truth.  Inquiry will lead one to knowledge that demands the search for sources beyond and above one's natural capacities.  Therefore, the human being searches and cries aloud for the possession of the Truth!

Yet, there are always those who, in their own endeavors for self... obtain the truth, but pervert the truth for their own selves in order to influence others unmitigatingly.   


The opposite of truth is falsehood, which is an exploitation of honesty. By using cleverness to hide itself, it signifies a corrupt character in the person. Throughout history laws and regulations have been created against falsehood and lying.

In recent times, especially today, corrupt efforts have been established to legally protect falsehood by perversion of laws and regulations of the State. This gives the appearance that falsehood is a legitimate function in people's lives and civilization itself, thanks to clever manipulation and misrepresentation of civil law. Falsehood penetrates all fields of endeavor today. It corrupts one's ability to search for and find the truth. This is seen in a society that has legalized corrupt, unethical and immoral conduct.

The State cannot control the forces of falsehood and corruption, because it often is governed by persons who possess these weaknesses. The State bends to their corrupt desires, accepting all the legal loopholes, instead of fighting against exploiters of these weaknesses. Many immoral and unethical practices — gambling, betting, lotteries, abnormal sex, lusts, abortion, nudity, pornography, drugs, fraudulent activities of many kinds including lying, and worse — are become more and more a legalized norm today. The communications media unfortunately often use methods which distort normal standards of living for the sake of money. Some business methods give false impressions of products and services, even the electronic news media which is supposed to be a source of 'truth'. These are but a few of the evil forces which use falsehood to overshadow the truth.  And those who make use of such information, with foreknowledge of its incalculable and twisted form of truth... are those in every sector, every walk and talk of life including, and sometimes especially... clergy. Some of those clergy misuse and abuse historical data for self gain (self-image, taking advantage of those less educated and those who often claim they haven't time to search for truth but rely on others, believing 'others' are not going to lie, cheat or steal from them).  Some of those clergy persons are more like politicians out of character of the commission and charge to which they obligated themselves to when ordained or consecrated, if they were truly and honestly ordained or consecrated at all!

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