Norman "Francis" Scott, Jr. - Anathema

The Church has always been about Repentance, Forgiveness and providing a means whereby one can truly show forth fruits of repentance.  And, although this man claims he didn't ask, he certainly said and did all manner of things to insinuate his desires.  Thus, he was, in fact, accepted into through the various and appropriate rites appertaining to becoming Orthodox Catholic.  And as the following will show, our Metropolitan +Joseph Thaddeus who is known and called the "Bishop of last resort" gave this man all manner and means to truly show forth fruits of repentance.  His failure and refusal to do so, along with his allowing his daughter, within the four walls of their very house to do some of the things she complained about at different times to not only one of the neighbors, but to Bishop Matthias and then to the Metropolitan; neither complaints having been a part of the confessional for neither her father nor she would do those things pertinent to his required acts and actions for all who are truly Orthodox Catholic and his being 'head of household'.  No weekly confession, no confession at all, no voluntary attendance for Divine Liturgy, no involvement in the daily practice of true spiritual and material prayer service except when the Metropolitan was visiting.  The actions of this household under the leadership of Norman Francis Scott as head of household were void of true spiritual pursuits for one who claimed to be a "Reverend Father Deacon".  And thus the involvements to allow immoral acts and actions within the household carries many understandings of unspoken consents regardless of one's adult age. 

Additional Notes: A Registered Sex Offender in Columbus (Not in Deming since March 31, 2007), New Mexico

Additional Notes and Commentary:  In 2006-2007 Mr. Norman Patti Scott and his 40 plus daughter whom he was convicted of child molestation when she was younger; made friendships at one time with a neighbor named "Star" who later, turned on him.  It is alleged and believed that his turning against "Star" with comments (which were overheard by two reliable witnesses) that she should be torched out... says much for reasons shown further.  Later on during 2006, the Scott's renewed their false friendship with "Star". Then something happened....

In March 2007, both the Metropolitan Archbishop and Bishop Matthias were torched out of their residence.  Oddly as it seems, no sooner had the prelates made a new abode in Columbus, NM but what within two to three weeks Norman Scott and his daughter also moved to Columbus, NM ... Rather interesting.  They reside at this time in Columbus New Mexico.  Yet the New Mexico Sex Registry does not accurately reflect this information even though the Luna County Sheriff's Office were notified in writing on several occasions of the error they made in their submissions to the New Mexico Sex Registry caretakers.... What political connections the Scotts have through "Star" and the publishers of THE LIBERTY PRESS only remains to be seen which has, it is alleged connections to the County Office Manager who takes his directions from the Luna County Commissioner's headed by its Chairman, Mr. Rick Holdridge a member of a very cultic protestant group and portrays himself in some of the information obtained as being something of a minister or pastor .... Rather interesting to say the least that now comes full circle the understanding of this county's ANTI-CATHOLIC (Roman and Orthodox) unless the Church (Roman Jurisdiction has vaults (proverbially speaking) of money and assets!  Rather interesting to say the least!

A comment received by an anonymous individual after this was posted said that he knew (and therefore alleges) that Mr. Norman Scott, his daughter, the Luna County Sheriff's office, County Commissioner's, Luna County D.A.'s office and several other Luna County government agencies will be brought into Federal Court for their corruption sometime in 2008 or 2009.  We were advised that other individuals such as the Beeman, the lady at Checker's and those publishing THE LIBERTY PRESS will be directly involved in being brought to justice as well... That's all speculation and allegation at this time but we'll see! 

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