KENNEDY, Brian Joseph, OSB

was consecrated 25 April 2001 by: Archbishop +Michael Damian Benedict (Palladino)

assisted by: Bishop +Martin-Benedict (Scott Lynn "Thomas" Tindall), OSB and Bishop +Brendan Nuadha (Brendan Donovan), OSB for ONLY the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Western Rite Metropolia.

>Made Stavrophore Monk:  24 April 2001 by Archbishop-Archabbot +Michael Damian Benedict (Stephen Palladino), OSB  - In 2004 this consecration was not only repudiated by a cross jurisdictional synod but Kennedy was, in fact, anathemetized on charges for flagrant lying, violations of Canons, and many other acts and actions against both the Canons but also against the OSB Rule of Life. Link

>Made Schema Monk: 22 February 2002 by: Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford) who later repudiated the ordination due to alleged deception and fraud.
Anthonite Benedictine Fathers ("Athonite" is used for those who are monks of Mt. Athos) it would therefore appear that the claim is a false claim of the

Monastery of the Holy Face of Jesus and numerous other monastery names - A Monastery of One (1) professed monk, himself and his alleged adopted half-brother (lover); both were adopted by the Kennedy family (considered to be very distant, distant relations to the honorable "Kennedy" family. 

Note: The monks on Mt. Athos, it is alleged, do not recognize him as Orthodox, but consider him a trouble-maker. Normally, the monks on Mt. Athos say very little, we are advised, about anyone in a negative light. 

The Most Rev. Brian Kennedy, O.S.B.
1703 Macomber St.

Toledo, Ohio 43606

Phone: (419) 810-5708 (from web site)

Religious Name: Brian Joseph Kennedy, (aka: Joseph-Ely (aka: Joseph O'Brien)
- Consecrated: Nov. 1999 by Bp. Paul Verhaeren and Bp. Wayne Moore Hay - Byzantine Anglican Church.

- Consecrated sub-cond. date unknown by: John-Rafael Sharif.
Note 1: On the Verhaeren-Hay consecration: On 24 Aug. 2001 Bps. Verhaeren and Hay stated by email that Kennedy's"consecration by us was invalid" since J-E (BJK) had not been properly excardinated by his prior bishops Mark Miller and John Raphael Sharif.  This information was, at one time, validated as true.  On information and belief it is alleged that +Mar Mark (Miller) the other consecrating bishop, had, at one time, stated that Kennedy never obtained valid excardination. Thus any act or action of ordination and/or consecration is thereafter by Code of Canon Law, invalid.
Note 2: On the Verhaeren-Hay consecration: Kennedy vigorously states that the Verhaeren-Hay statement above is not true, and that he (Kennedy) had been properly excardinated.
Note 3: This web site notes Bp. Hay's change of heart merely as a courtesy to him. Remember, for best results: investigate three times, think twice, lay hands once!

Note 4: Has been noted as being in working relationship (Union and Communion) with KIRKLAND, Michael Dwight  as is reflected by State of Ohio Document date 21 August 2000 in which "Kirkland" signed on as one of the Board of Directors of another of "Kennedy's" church names (See: Kennedy)

Note 5:  Kennedy claims on his web pages that his jurisdiction or church is in resistance to those who use the titles of "Primate," "Patriarch," and other titles, etc.  but maintains the corporations as above wherein Archbishop +Kirkland calls himself "Patriarch".  There actually has been no "Patriarch" elected by a full synod of Orthodox or Pan-Orthodox Synods for the United States of America (USA).  This title is self-assumed or gained only for those who serve under him and has no applicability upon or to any other jurisdiction whatsoever according to the ancient epitome of the Canons.

Advisory:  Has maintained a history of questionable conduct when interacting with other jurisdictions and clergy:

>  What had been thought was his "dying" to the world and rising to Christ as an ordained member of the clergy by which one assumes a religious name (in this instance "Joe-Ely), we are advised that it has been alleged he "faked" his own death and held a "fake" funeral to obtain ordination to the priesthood  by a Bishop who was, it has been alleged, to of been +Maelruain (Ohio) but that he would not lay hands on Kennedy due to Kenndy's "Episcopal" fever.  Thus the +Verhaeren and +Hay consecration.

> Was made a Schemamonk in February 2002 but this was repudiated by the consecrator in April 2003. Click Here.

> Originally Posted in May 2004:  1   Then, due to a vacate request of the information -  those who had discontinued their associations and communions with Kennedy involving alleged blackmail attempts... withdrew the information at the time.  Since, the associations and communions of Archbishop Michael Damian Benedict (Stephen Palladino), et-al. while in New Mexico, the bishop reaffirmed they were still linked  to Kennedy but not to the former parent AOC "Mother Church" out of California that Kennedy was anathemtized from in 2003 and again in 2004. 

>As of June 7, 2005, we were advised, Bishop Michael and those with him have fully separated from Kennedy due, in part, to Kennedy's actions to make postings under the names of other bishops even though he has removed those postings at this time, etc. & due to Kennedy's continued action to claim that Michael Damian Benedict (Palladino) had repudiated Met. Arbp. Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford's) consecration which is the same as making false claims about what another had done....  However, it is also noted that one of their members remains in contact with Kennedy which suggests they are indirectly in communion and/or union with Kennedy. 

>We are also advised that Kennedy has, without individual or specific authorization, used the digital signatures of others to the State of Ohio filing of incorporation papers.  Notice that some of the signatures do appear rather similar as though by the same hand.

>It has been said and opined that Kennedy, as late as May 2005: is said to have changed his jurisdiction's names (after incorporating each one's nomenclature) with the Ohio Secretary of State:  1 ), and has changed his consecration papers to suite the corporation he claims he was consecrated for.  You will notice his adopted half-brother (Lover) another adopted Kennedy (who is Roman Catholic, not Orthodox, is signed on as an incorporator - Board of Director Member...  Are those kind of actions outright deception,  fraud or misrepresentation?  Does this evidence support the opined belief that he alters other documents and things not originally credited to people who have made those statements or authored articles?  It is opined that his hostile action(s) to do those things alleged, to be vengeful against those opposed to his un-christian acts and actions to destroy the parent AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH (California) the "Mother Church" that he was deposed and excommunicated from in 2003 "by his own doings" and "anathematized" in May 2004  for violating the Seven Ecumenical Councils and those canons of the AOC herself.  It is further opined that he makes use of a questionable mentally challenged married man in Michigan and his family as a means to act against another valid and respected bishop without care or concern for the safety of that family and their children and grandchildren so long as Kennedy obtains his desired goals. 

> Claimed he had anathematized Archbishop +Joseph Thaddeus in 2003, but the dating does not coincide with fact even though he issued a document which is apparently back-dated in order to convince his UOC-WRM consecrator who equally states that such an action does not fit in with Kennedy's actions of the past and present, therefore it would be more appropriate to accept the understanding that Kennedy, again, is committing spiritual fraud in claiming something that he did not, in fact, do except as an after thought.

>In 2004-2005 he did, in fact, e-mail copies of another one's past conviction record to city wide residents and officials in order to stop a ministry.  When he was apprised of what his actions would do to one who (then) was under him... his reply, it is alleged, was "SO WHAT!" and when he was apprised of what his actions would do against an Anglican Priest who had been renting out his church for use, again his reply was "SO WHAT!"  When it was reported to him that he is not "Athonite" and that those on Mt. Athos discredit him... Kennedy's reply was... "they are full of S - - - ".  This is alleged proof that he, it is opined, is so full of such hatreds and a revengeful heart and soul that he cares less about those who have supported him as parishioners and clergy alike, by using them to gain his desired goal(s).

>Advisory: It is also interesting to note that on more than one occasion, several in fact heard  +Brian Joseph Kennedy repudiate Anglicans (meaning all who are Anglican) as NOT being of the Orthodox Catholic faith and that they do not have valid orders or lines of succession, especially those who follow and are accepted by the actions of the Moscow Patriarchate during the life of St. Tikhon.  This seems to be a contradiction considering his initial consecration as shown above was by the ANGLICAN RITE BYZANTINE ORTHODOX CHURCH under +Verhaeren and Archbishop W. M. Hay.

>Other Documents:

May it be noted that the information provided to the left, is based on documentation and first hand knowledge of persons involved either directly or indirectly and therefore the information will not be removed because it is historical and educational that will not be subjected to removal by threats as has happened in the past.


We pray for this man who had been once upon a time a strong advocate for Orthodox Truth, but who has been motivation by his own personal ambitions which is not of the Holy Spirit for a monk, but that of the evil one.



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