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ZABOROWESKI, Robert Ronald John was consecrated on 28 January 1972 by:
Francis Ignatius M. Boryszewski
assisted by Joseph Maurice Francois Giraud
Aloysius Friedrich Burns and
Joseph M. Nevilloyd

ZACHARIAH, Rev. Father. M.   Priest: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

          Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Fr. Zachariah serves at the Altar of St. Thomas Church located at:


4120 South Deframe St.

            Morrison, CO 80465-1424

Res. (303) 697-2943

ZAKARIAH, Rev. Father P. M. Zakariah - Assistant Vicar: (No picture or ordination information available

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

            Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Clergy serving at the Altar of Greater Orlando St. Paul Orthodox Church Inc., located at:

137 Walls Street

Orlando, FL-38810

ZAHARAKIS, George Michael was consecrated on 25 November 1976 by:
Lewis Stuart Keizer

ZAMPINO, Philip C. no information

ZANEY, Isaac Kodzo was consecrated on 28 May 1983 by:
Sten Hermon Philip von Krusenstierna
assisted by Gerrit Munnik and
Robert McGinnis

ZAWISTOWSKI, Joseph K., no information

ZEBLO, Karol was consecrated on 10 March 1946 by:
Henry van Arsdale Parsell
assisted by Marcus Allen Grover and
James Toombs

ZECHMEISTER, K. J. was consecrated by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez

ZEIGER, Robert Gerald John Schuyler was consecrated on 1 July 1961 by:
Peter A. Zhurawetsky
assisted by: Hubert Augustas Rogers
Julian Lester Smith and
James Hubert Rogers

ZENDIJAS, Jorge B. Martinez, no information

ZEWELL, Manfred Damaso, was consecrated on 20 April 1976 by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral
and Francis Bernard Sandler

ZHURAWETSKY, Peter Andreas was consecrated on 15 October 1950 by:
Joseph Klimovicz
    assisted by Konstantin Jarosevitch
        Nicholas Bohatyretz
        Josef Zielonks
        Peter M. Williamovicz and
        Paolo Miraglia Gulatti
ZIELONKA, Josef was consecrated on

            16 November 1913 by: Paolo Miraglia Gulotti

ZIERENBERG, Karl Heinz was consecrated on 8 November 1981 by:
Helmut Echternach

ZIMMER, Robert William was consecrated on 14 January 1965 by:
Kristofer Rado

ZOLLINGER, Walter James was consecrated on 8 June 1947 by:
John Theodore Eklund
assisted by Buenaventura Jimenez

ZOTIQUE, Jonathan was consecrated on 12 September 1976 by:
Grosvold, Boniface

ZUCKSCHWERDT, Alfred Tarsicio, was consecrated on 22 January 1977 by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral
and Camilo Estevez Puga

ZUK, Joseph A. was consecrated on 7 February 1932 by:
Abdullah Aftimios Ofiesch
assisted by Sophronios Bishara

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