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Disclaimer and instructions: Those listed in this Directory may not necessarily be acceptable as true and valid clergy or be accepted according to the norms of the Seven Ecumenical Councils prior to the schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church (1054 A.D.) being the Undivided Church Catholic East and West.      


The accuracy of the information about any individual clergyman must be updated or corrected by that individual with verifiable documentation in support of their claim if any correction or update is to be made whatsoever. To update or correct, you must also supply: YOUR E-Mail address, complete secular name, complete religious name, jurisdiction, residence or verifiable mailing address and phone number must be accompanied with the information and documentation submitted with the claim where applicable. Send to the U.S. Mailing Address:  Clergy Database Management,  61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951 , U.S.A. Allow for 30 to 90 days for changes to take effect in order to obtain verification of claims made.  E-Mail to may not necessarily be sufficient for updating or correcting information. 


In order to ensure a more fair role in providing information and ascertaining Truth, we shall only place a symbol in the photographic area of either "+" or "-" of which both may be included in some instances... to show that there are positive and negative information to that individual or jurisdiction.  What this means is that they have gone through the fires of testing for adherence to the faith accepting the fact of the Statement of the Apostles that all have fallen short of the mark of being considered, in the eyes of God, as 'holy' in this life!  If there is neither a "+" or a "-" symbol, it indicates that not enough information is available at this time.

By this sign you shall know them as being true to the  Catholic faith, East and West (Orthodox and Roman) according to information received.


Regarding photographic images... Before taking any kind of action, it is requested that you return to the main Clergy Database Entry page and read the notice about clergy photos or images. A notice to other webmasters and individuals is a MUST READ for instruction and verification of images used or obtain and posted in this clergy database.


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TADDEI, Giovanni was consecrated on 1 December 1957 by:
Jan Frederik Nico Blom van Assendelft-Altland
assisted by Johann Hubert Bonjer
Jean Rene Angel Malvy and
Roger Caro

TALARCZYK, Simon Eugene was consecrated on 20 November 1971 by:
Ivan Benner
assisted by Roman Paul Maykowski and
Hugh Michael Strange

TALAMO, Joseph A. II. no information

TANA, Pietro Michele was consecrated on 13 May 1973 by:
Maurice de Vent

TANCIBOK, C. Alexis no information

TANEDO, Ob line of succession is unknown

TARDIF, Joseph no information

TATEM, Colin R., no information

AYLOR, Donald Henry was consecrated on 12 September 1976 by:
Boniface Grosvold

TAYLOR, Eric Scollick was consecrated on 26 May 1977 by:
Sten Herman Philip von Krusenstierna
assisted by Ernest James Burton
Adriaan Herman van Brakel
Andre Lhote and
Willy de Rijk


TAYLOR, James A. J. claimed consecration by an unnamed Liberal Catholic bishop

AYLOR, Patrick no information

TAYLOR, Richard was consecrated on 29 Agust 1974 by:
Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau
assisted by Andre LeTellier and
Maurice Langlais

TEALL, Dennis was consecrated in 1969 by:
Walter James Williams

TEGTMEYER Patrick Gervasio, was consecrated on 22 January 1977 by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral
and Camilo Estevez Puga

TERRASSON, Raymond Maurice, was consecrated on 18 March 1976 by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral
and Camilo Estevez Puga

TERRY, William David was consecrated on 24 June 1950 by:
Richard Kenneth Hurgon
assisted by Albert St. Denis Fry

   +  -  +

TESTART, Pierre was consecrated on 4 July 1983 by:
Joseph Vredenburgh
assisted by Harold Freeman
Walter Henry Breen and
Michael G. Zaharakis

TETTEMER, John Moynihan was consecrated on 23 May 1926 by:
Charles Webster Leadbeater
assisted by Irving Steiger Cooper and
George Sydney Arundale


THADDEUS, Joseph, O.S.B., SSJt., Ph.D.

consecrated on 10 May 1981 by: +Wallace David de Ortega Maxey
        assisted by: Archbishop +Francis Jerome Joachim,

                            Archbishop +Michael Francis Augustine Itkin and

                            Bishop +James A. M. Dennis

  • also consecrated by Richard Morrill in 1983

  • also consecrated in 1989 by Robert Vincent Bernard Dawe

  • consecrated in February 2002 by Brian Joseph Kennedy, O.S.B. who left the faith in 2003 (anathematized in 2003, 2004)

  • Consecrated Metropolitan Archbishop by Michael Damian Benedict in 2004.

Some History: Birth name ROGER ALAN HARRIS, adoption name DANINGBURG, secular professional (nome de plume) name ALAN STANFORD and religious name JOSEPH THADDEUS are correct, true and legitimate. Took over the operations of the AOC for the then Primate, +David Mark Johnson (who reposed in 1982-1983) in 1975.

Background work: Investigative news reporter having worked on developing and authoring news article concerning an individual priest (Earl Raymond Allen - aka: "Rev. Ray Broshears") in San Francisco who was closely associated with the bi-sexual man Lee Harvey Oswald of the POTUS, John F. Kennedy assassination; established a self-help legal aide program for indigent people with assistance of former attorneys from various states; former social worker and investigator for the beginning phase of "Operation Grass Roots" in a Northern California area, initially inaugurated by the now reposed John F. Kennedy when he was a Senator and during his Presidency.

Elected and confirmed as a representative of one of seven districts for the Police Community Relations - Civilian Arm- by the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Police Community Relations then under the San Francisco Police Chief Cahill in 1974-75.

One of thirteen founders St. Jude's Halfway Houses in the U.S.A. in 1974-1975, founding the first of numerous St. Jude's Halfway House in San Francisco, California, U.S.A. - Closed in 1983 due to national economics.

One of initial members and paid staff of the Community United Against Violence (CUAV) in 1980 -1981 which came under the temporary direct control and administration of the San Francisco District Attorney's Office.

Received Doctorate in Psychology: 1979 - St. John Chrysostom University (Successor is Western Orthodox Theological University).

Elected and confirmed President of the Western Orthodox Theological University in 1983.

Monastic Profession: Benedictine June, 2001 - Stavrophore Monk (Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul), Brian Joseph Kennedy, OSB (later repudiated by Thaddeus [Stanford].

Elected Archabbot of the Benedictine Abbey House of St. John Maximovitch in February 2002 as confirmed by the Confederation of Orthodox Benedictine in Ohio, U.S.A.

In November 2016, +Thaddeus stepped down as PRIMATE of the AOC / NAOC and became Primate-Emeritus after 40 years as it's head.

         > Regarding rumor of prior repudiation: Click Here  Be sure to hit your "back" button to return to this page....




THAKORE, Jai Singh was consecrated on 16 October 1977 by:
Walter Hollis Adams
assisted by Thomas Kleppinger
John Hollister Perry-Hooker and
Michael Dean Stephens

THATCHER, James Charles Hedley was consecrated on 8 January 1982 by:
Geoffrey Peter Thomas Paget King

THECKEDATH, Mar George was consecrated on 7 September 1991 by:
Karl Pruter
assisted by Frederick P. Dunleavy and
Roger D. Gelinas

THEODORE, Archie, no information

THERIAULT, Serge A., no information

THIESEN, Josef Maria was consecrated as chor-bishop on 17 April 1949 by:
Aloysius Stumpfl


THOTTUPURAM, Very Rev. Father Kurian Ph.D. Corepiscopa: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


Very Rev. Archimandrite Thottupuram serves at the Altar of St. Mary's Church located at:


6801 West 96th Street

Oak Lawn, IL-60639

Res. (773) 237-4845


THOMAS, Cecil line of succession is unknown

THOMAS, Franklin, J., was consecrated on 30 June 1936 by:
Cecil F. Thomas

THOMAS, Illtyd was consecrated on 20 May 1979 by:
Walter James Williams

THOMAS, Rev. Father M. K.  - Vicar: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

Clergy serving at the Altar of Greater Orlando St. Paul Orthodox Church Inc., located at:

137 Walls Street

Orlando, FL-38810

            THOMAS, Rev. Father M. K. Ph.D. - Priest: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


Fr. Thomas serves at the Altar of St. Gregorios located at:


1125 N. Humphrey Ave

Oak Park, Illinois-60302

Res. (708) 848-4120

THOMAS, Rev. Father V. T. - Priest: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


Fr. Thomas serves at the Altar of St. Thomas Indian Church located at:


805 Glenn Park Way

Hollywood, FL 33021

Ph.(954)964-8870 Fax.(954) 964-6070


THOMAS, J. Morrison was consecrated in 1942 by:
Frank Dyer

THOMAS, Robert J. was consecrated on 18 October 1987 by:
Joseph Gabriel Sokolowski
assisted by Norman Richard Parr and
Antonio Rodriguex


THOMAS, Steven R.

Consecrated: Oct. 1987 by Bp. Joseph Gabriel Sokolowski, Bp. Jorge (?)

assisted by: Bp. Norman Richard Parr, and Bp. Antonio Rodriguez.

The Romano-Byzantine Orthodox Catholic Church (formerly named The Mercian Orthodox Catholic Church, then, The Occidental Orthodox Catholic Church)
The Most Rev. Stephen Robert J. Thomas
5907 Grand Avenue, Duluth, Minnesota 55807 USA
(and PO Box 16201, Duluth, Minnesota 55816-0201)
Phone: (218) 624-0202 (from web site)
Fax: (218) 624-0240 (from web site)
Other Ordinations:
- Deacon, Jan. 1976, The Greek Orthodox Church (Ecumenical Patriarchate), in Chicago, IL.
- Presbyter/Priest, Jan. 1976, Greek Orthodox Church (Ecumenical Patriarchate), in Chicago, IL.
Previous Jurisdictions:
- The Anglican Catholic Church.
Media Information:
1991.02.09, 1991.11.11, 1992.05.23, 1993.07.17, 1993.12.18, 1993.12.23, 1994.07.20, 1994.08.14, 1995.12.19
Advisories: Fled to Minnesota to avoid alleged criminal arrest in Colorado, 1998, for running an unlicensed diploma mill
[Read]. We learn, according to news article(s) that "Thomas" was actually arrested in Colorado [Read].  


THOMAS, Yosif Emmanuel II was consecrated on 24 July 1879 by:
Patriarch Petrus Elia XIV Abu-Al-Yunan

THOMPSON, G. John no information

THOMPSON, Richard, no information

THOMPSON, William Carson was consecrated by:
Albert J. Fuge Sr.

THOMSON, David Charles was consecrated on October 9, 1988 by:
Rematt, Theodore Joseph
assisted by: Ritchie, Robertand
Bushnell, William Hamilton

THOMSON, John Ross was consecrated on 18 May 1924 by:
Chalres Webster Leadbeater
assisted by Frank Waters Pigott and
Irving Steiger Cooper

THONDANATT, Anthony was consecrated on 17 December 1862 by:
Maran Mar Rowell Shimun XVII

THORNE-COLEY, Francis was consecrated on 18 October 1981 by:
Robert Vincent Bernard Dawe
assisted by Robert Williams

THORNE, John Bradshaw was consecrated on 29 January 1950 by:
Robert Arthur Valentine

THORNE, John Harper was consecrated on 22 May 1983 by:
John Shelton Davis

THORPE, Charles H. line of succession is unknown

THUC, NGO DINH, Pierre Martin, was consecrated a Roman Catholic Bishop on 4 May 1938 by:
Antonin Drapier
assisted by Isidore Dumortier
and Dominique Ngo Ngoc Can

TICHY, Jan Francis was consecrated in October 1905 by:
Antoni Kozlowsik

TIKHON, Charles, no information

TIMLIN, William was consecrated on 19 November 1976 by:
John Chaisson
assisted by Archbishop Maththaios and
Andrei Prazky

TIMOTCHENKO, Boris was consecrated on 30 April 1970 by:
Michel Raoult

TIMOTCHENKO, Erwan was consecrated by:
Boris Timotchenko

Tindall, Scott Lynn "Martin"

was consecrated by:


TISCH, Joseph Lesage was consecrated on 14 February 1987 by:
Lawrence J. Smith
assisted by Raja E. Watson and
Robert S. McGinnis

TOCA, Roberto De La Caridad was consecrated on 15 September 1982 by:
Herman Adrian Spruit

TODD, William was consecrated circa 1975 by:
Peter Gilbert Strong

TOLLENAAR, D. L. Thomas was consecrated on 8 January 1950 by:
Charles Leslie Saul

TOLSON, Joseph Jonah was consecrated on 16 June 1984 by:
Colin James Guthrie
assisted by Robert Schuyler Zeiger

TOMCZYK, Joseph, was consecrated on 18 October 1993 by:
John F. Swantek
assisted by Thomas Gnat

TONELLA, Peter A. was consecrated on 30 June 1968 by:
Coline James Guthrie
assisted by Robert Schuyler Zeiger
Bartholomew J. Cunningham and
Daniel L. Smith

TOOMBS, Roy C. was consecrated on 30 January 1944 by:
Stanislaus De Witow

TOOTE, Frederick Augustus was consecrated on 25 November 1938 by:
Arthur Stanley Trotman

TORRES, Gaspar was consecrated by:
Ignacio Alfonso Ramon Munio y Quintero

TOUSSAINT, Armand Ghislain was consecrated on 1 June 1963 by:
Roger Deschamps

TRAMNITZ, Helmut Paulus was consecrated on 27 November 1977 by:
Helmut Echternach
assisted by Karl August Kahne

TRAUTWEIN, George J. line of succession is unknown

TREALEAVEN, John was consecrated on 2 February 1980 by:
James Edward Burns

TREES, Douglas no information

TREMBLAY, Gilles was consecrated on 4 June 1989 by:
Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau
assisted by Andre Letellier
Jean-Marie Breault

TREMBLAY, Jean Gaston was consecrated on 25 March 1962 by:
Michel Collin

TRIELLI, Jacques was consecrated on 17 April 1981 by:
Roger Caro
assisted by Maurice Auberger and
Jean-Paul Charlet

TRIVOLI-JOHNSON , Gary Stephen was consecrated on 6 June 1978 by:
John R. Quinn
assisted by Thomas R. Carson and
Edgar Ramon Verostek

Reposed on 10/25/2004.

TROTMAN, Arthur Stanley was consecrated on 10 September 1924 by:
George Alexander McGuire
assisted by William Robertson

TROTMAN, Dudley, no information

TROTT, Harold Lawrence was consecrated on 13 June 1971 by:
Denys A. G. Rankilor

TROTTWEIN, George line of succession is unknown

TROY, Howard R. was consecrated on 14 February 1981 by:
Herman Adrian Spruit

TRUCHEMOTTE, Guy Patrick was consecrated on 6 April 1970 by:
Robert Joseph Bonnet

TRUMP, Harry Frederick Van was consecrated on 15 December 1929 by:
Carmel Henry Carfora

TULABA, Antoni Fliks was consecrated on 6 August 1939 by:
Johann Michael Kowalski

TURKINGTON, Brian Glenn was consecrated on 2 February 1980 by:
Harry Edwin Smith

TURNER, Paul Tyler was consecrated on 12 November 1939 by:
William Albert Nichols
assisted by George Winslow Plummer

TURNER, Leslie William no record of any consecrations

TURNER, William Handsworth was consecrated on 15 December 1955 by:
Charles Brearley

TUZ, Matthew, no information

TWEEDIE, David Morton was consecrated on 14 May 1932 by:
Charles Leadbeater

TYARKS, William Frederick was consecrated on 12 February 1928 by:
George Alexander McGuire
assisted by Daniel William Alexander and
Arthur Stanley Trotman

TYRE, Patrick line of succession is unknown

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