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Disclaimer and instructions: Those listed in this Directory may not necessarily be acceptable as true and valid clergy or be accepted according to the norms of the Seven Ecumenical Councils prior to the schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church (1054 A.D.) being the Undivided Church Catholic East and West.      


The accuracy of the information about any individual clergyman must be updated or corrected by that individual with verifiable documentation in support of their claim if any correction or update is to be made whatsoever. To update or correct, you must also supply: YOUR E-Mail address, complete secular name, complete religious name, jurisdiction, residence or verifiable mailing address and phone number must be accompanied with the information and documentation submitted with the claim where applicable. Send to the U.S. Mailing Address:  Clergy Database Management,  61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951 , U.S.A. Allow for 30 to 90 days for changes to take effect in order to obtain verification of claims made.  E-Mail to may not necessarily be sufficient for updating or correcting information. 

In order to ensure a more fair role in providing information and ascertaining Truth, we shall only place a symbol in the photographic area of either "+" or "-" of which both may be included in some instances... to show that there are positive and negative information to that individual or jurisdiction.  What this means is that they have gone through the fires of testing for adherence to the faith accepting the fact of the Statement of the Apostles that all have fallen short of the mark of being considered, in the eyes of God, as 'holy' in this life!  If there is neither a "+" or a "-" symbol, it indicates that not enough information is available at this time.


By this sign you shall know them as being true to the  Catholic faith, East and West (Orthodox and Roman) according to information received.


Regarding photographic images... Before taking any kind of action, it is requested that you return to the main Clergy Database Entry page and read the notice about clergy photos or images. A notice to other webmasters and individuals is a MUST READ for instruction and verification of images used or obtain and posted in this clergy database.


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KAHNE, Karl August line of succession is unknown



KAICHEN, Troy A. line of succession is unknown



KAMINSKI, Stanislas

was consecrated on 20 March 1898 by: Joseph Rene Vilatte



KANABY, Donald line of succession is unknown



KANSKI, Franciszek Viktor Maximillian

was consecrated on 22 January 1923 by: Frederick Ebenezer John Lloyd



KANYILES, Daniel James Augustine

was consecrated on 2 July 1972 by: Ice Walter Mbine
assisted by Albert Khanyisa Sumbane


KAPATAK, Rev. Dn. Prokopy   Serves at the Altar of St. Seraphim of Sarov Church:

PO Box 57
Dillingham, AK  99576

Spouse: Genevieve
Home Phone: 907-842-3596
Diocese: OCA-AK




KARRAS, Mark Athanasios Constantine

was consecrated on 17 July 1966 by: Peter A. Zhurawetsky
assisted by Joachim Souris


KAHEVAROF, Rev. Andrew T.

Serves at the Altar of St. Innocent Cathedral:  

c/o 6724 E 4th Ave
Anchorage, AK  99521

Spouse: Alexandra
Home Phone: 907-332-1265
Diocese: OCA-AK


KASHEVAROF, Rev. Dn. Andronik  Serves at the Altar of St. George Church:

PO Box 961
St George Island, AK 995910961 

Spouse: Elekanida
Home Phone: 907-859-2235
Diocese: OCA-AK


KEAR, Michael Ray no information



KEATING, Arthur C.

was consecrated on 27 September 1998 by: David Charles Thomson



- Presbyter/Priest: 1977.
- Incardinated into the United Catholic Church, 2001.
Consecrated: 2001 by Bp. Robert M. Bowman, Bp. John Reeves and Bp. Chuck Leigh.
The United Reform Catholic Church International (URCCI) (Protestant based theology)
The Hawaiian Reformed Catholic Church
Order of the Culdee (OC)
The Most Rev. M. J. Kimo Keawe, OC, S.T.L, D.D, D.Min, M.Th.
46-001 Kam Hwy # 215,

Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744-3732 USA
Phone: (866) 233-8722 (from Internet)
Fax: (808) 247-8805 (from internet)
Phone: (808) 247-2717 (from internet)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor:
United Reform Catholic Church of Honolulu, Honolulu, HI.
Current Internal Ministries:
- Bishop, Hawaii Diocese of the United Catholic Church.
- Member, College of Bishops, Hawaiian Reform Catholic Church.
Born: 1954
- Doctor of Divinity, 1984, Ministry of Salvation Church. (Protestant)
- Masters in the Academic Studies of Theology, St. Luke Evangelical School of Biblical Studies. (Protestant)
- Doctor of Ministry, 2001, Sanctus Theological Institute.
- Sacred Theology Licentiate, Sanctus Theological Institute.

+ -


KECK, Herman, Jr.

was consecrated on 8 October 1978 by: John K. Lee
assisted by Y. C. Fucy, Austine E. Victor, William James and Lai Shu Hlung




was consecrated by: Christopher Contrageorge



KEEVIL, Archibald R. L.

was consecrated on 11 June 1944 by: George Marshal


KEIZER, Lewis Stuart                                        

was consecrated 14 April 1975 by Bp. Herman Spruit.

  •  sub con., July 1993, by Bp. Tess Popper, Bp. Leila Boyer, Bp. Marie Lumazar, and Bp. George Boyer.

 The Home Temple
The Most Rev. Lewis Stuart Keizer, M.Div., Ph.D.  Born: 1941 
P.O. Box 3816

Santa Cruz, California 95062 USA
Phone: (800) 909-7069 access code 00 (from web site)
Fax: (831) 466-3516 (from web site)
Faith of Origin: Episcopal.
- M.Div., 1968 Episcopal Divinity School, Cambridge, MA.
- Ph.D., 1973 Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, CA.

His Wife:


Consecrated Bishop by Bp. Lewis Keizer ?
The Home Temple
The Most Rev. Willa Esterson Keizer, C.C.H.
P.O. Box 3816

Santa Cruz, California 95062 USA
Phone: (800) 909-7069 access code 00 (from web site)
Fax: (831) 466-3516 (from web site)

+ -


KELLER, Charles William

was consecrated on 16 November 1934 by: Arthur Wolfort Brooks
assisted by Victor Alexander de Kubinyi and Cornelius Nicholas A. Smit



KELLY, Aldan A. no information



KELLY, George I. line of succession is unknown



KELLY, John T. no information



KELLY, Joseph

was consecrated on 28 November 1959 by: Hubert Augustus Rogers



KELLY, Martin Pius

was consecratedon 3 September 1999 by:Michael Patrick O'Connor Cox



KELLY, Thomas D. no information


KELLY, Raymond F.

was consecrated on 17 February 1996 by: Donald J. Buttenbusch
assisted by: Joseph E. Hladney, Michael J. Pugin and Willard Schultz

Presbyter: May 1989 by Bp. Dean Bekken

Holy Trinity Pro-Cathedral, Reston, VA.

The Catholic Apostolic Church in North America (CACINA)
The Order of Saint Benedict (CACINA)
The Most Rev. Raymond F. Kelly, OSB
12017 Cheviot Drive,

Herndon, Virginia 20170-2702 USA
Phone: (703) 787-9477 (by request)
Current Public Ministry:


+ -


KELLY, Ted Duke

was consecrated on 17 March 1988 by: Orlando Jacques Woodward
assisted by Karl Pruter



KELP, Patrick line of succession is unknown



KENDRA, John Mary

was consecrated on 6 May 1968 by: Colin James Guthrie
assisted by Bartholomew J. Cunningham




was consecrated on 26 September 1981 by: Francisco Pagtakham
assisted by Sergio Mondala and Lope Rosete



KENNEDY, Brian Joseph, OSB     -     

(aka: Joe-Ely - aka: Joseph O'Brian)

Is reported and alleged to be in retirement from active ministry





KENNELLY, John Joseph

was consecrated on 12 Jaunaury 1979 by: Howard V. Fris




was consecrated on 20 May 1989 by: James F.Mondok;
assisted by Robert Ostile, Michael Hembee and Frank Wm.Van Deventer;


KERSEY, Mark "Simeon John"

Consecrated Bishop by Vladimir II.
The Charismatic Orthodox Church
The Most Rev. Mark D. Kersey ("Symeon John I") Born: 1964 
St. Augustine, Florida USA
Phone: (904) 797-6050 (from web page)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor
Holy Cross Church, St. Augustine, FL.
Faith of Origin: Jehovah's Witness.

+ -


KESSLER, Gerard J.

was consecrated in December 1979 by: Joseph J. Raffaele
assisted by Patrick Gonyo



KETT, Peter Anthony

was consecrated on 16 June 1979 by: Michael Bertiaux
assisted by Forest Ernest Barber



KHIMCHIACHVILI, Robert line of succession is unknown



KHOR, Joannes line of succession is unknown



KICAK, John Francis line of succession is unknown



KILARSKY, Michael Edward

was consecrated on 26 February 1989 by: Robert James Cash



KING, Anthony

was said to have been consecrated about 1945 by: Walter Wilman


KING, Cowan line of succession is unknown



KING, Franzo

was consecrated on 6 May 1984 by: George Duncan Hinkson
assisted by Doctor Ajari



KING, Frederick Charles

was consecrated on 19 May 1963 by: Emmet Neil Enochs



KING, Geoffrey Peter Thomas Paget

was consecrated on 5 June 1960 by: Hans Heuer



KING, George

received a mystical consecration 23 July 1958 from Master Jesus and a similar consecration on 5 December 1978 from Lord Buddha.



KING, James

was consecrated in 1965 by: Walter Myron Propheta
assisted by John Arthur Chiasson



KING, Patrick Herbert

was consecrated on 5 June 1993 by: Francis Peter Facione



KING, Robert

was consecrated by: Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau



KING, Robert

was consecrated on 26 September 1915 by: Frederick Samuel Willoughby



KINGSLEY, Bruce Gordon

was consecrated on 27 May 1931 by: Lowell Paul Wadle



KINZELL, Walter line of succession is unknown



KIRBY, Jay Davis

was consecrated on 19 September 1970 by: Herman Adrian Spruit
assisted by Stephan A. Hoeller, Neill P. Jack and Forest Ernest Barber


KIRKLAND, Michael Dwight

was consecrated on 20 September 1986 by: Peter A. Zhurawetzky
assisted by Nikolaus Ilnyckyj and David Baxter

- Presbyter/Priest: by Bp. Michael Shaheen of The Antiochian Orthodox Archdiocese.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Archdiocese of Columbus, Ohio and Dependencies (part of The Orthodox Church of Canada)

Note 1: In working relationship (communion and union) with Brian Joseph Kennedy (aka: Joe-Ely, aka: Joseph O'Brian) as is attested to by State Ohio Document dated 21 August 2000 in which "Kirkland" signed on as one of the Board of Directors of another of "Kennedy's" church names (See: Kennedy) (See: document)
The Most Rev. Michael Dwight Kirkland
4636 Commons Park Drive

P.O. Box 687,

New Albany, Ohio 43054-0687 USA
Phone: (614) 939-9946
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic
- Attendance, St. Mary's Seminary and University at Baltimore, Maryland.  
Previous Affiliations:
The Ukranian Autocephalous Orthodox Church of America and Europe.

Note 2: According to findings, in 1989 Kirkland was deposed by Nicholas.  A conviction is not necessarily cause for one to be defrocked and deposed or excommunicated, depending upon what the conviction is.  And, it must be reminded that unless good cause, such as Seals of the Confessional are involved, a conviction by itself is not sufficient.  But if an actual conviction is based on physical evidence, it is sufficient for the action to be taken.  May we remind you of the (Click Here).

- +




KIRKMAN, Michael Frederic

was consecrated on 15 December 1979 by: Viktor Ivan Busa




was consecrated on 6 February 1969 by: Donald William Garner
assisted by Benedict Peter Distin



KIVUVA, John no information



KLEEFISCH, Henry Joseph

was consecrated in 1917 by: Ivan Nikolaevich Stragorodskij
assisted by Raban Ortinski




was consecrated on 29 June 1952 by: Hubert Augustus Rogers




was consecrated on 13 October 1969 by: Helmut Norbert Maas
assisted by Henryk Marciniak and Jakob Rokitta



KLEPPINGER, Thomas James

was consecrated on 22 December 1974 by: Russell Grant Fry, Jr.



KLICHOWSKA, Honorata line of succession is unknown




was consecrated on 14 October 1930 by: Constantine Kuryllo



KNAGIN, Rev. Alexei         Serves at the Altar of St. Michael the Archangel Church:

Box 8576
Kodiak, AK  99615

Spouse: Nadezhda
Home Phone: 907-486-2576
Diocese: OCA-AK


KNAUTH, Anthony

was consecrated by: Brion Christian Adrian Marae de Marigny de Fousenel



KNIGHT, Albion Williamson, Jr.

was consecrated on 2 June 1984 by: C. Dale David Doren



KNIGHT, William Stanley McBean

was consecrated on 28 February 1925 by: Ulric Vernon Herford



KNILL-SAMUEL, Melville Peregrine

was consecrated on 14 April 1952 by: Harold Percival Nicholson



KNUTTI, Frank Russell

was consecrated on 12 January 1980 by: Charles Dale David Doren
assisted by William Fracis Burns, James Orin Mote and William Lewis




was consecrated on 25 May 1980 by: Steven A. Kochones
assisted by Saul Partida, Terril D. Littrell and Leon Ralph




was consecrated on 18 May 1980 by: David Madison Baxter



KOERNER, George John

was consecrated on 13 January 1957 by: Hubert Augustus Rogers



KONOPKA, Matt no information



KOORAN, Paulose Kadavil

was consecrated on 4 December 1876 by: Boutros Ibn Salmo Mesko
assisted by Mar Gregorius Abdhullah and Mar Dionysius Joseph



KORTENHOF, Floyd Anthony

was consecrated in 25 May 1991 by Karl Julius Barwin
Robert Lane

- Presbyter/Priest: 1978 by Bp. Robert W. Lane.

The Old Roman Catholic Church, English Rite
The Most Rev. Floyd Anthony Kortenhof
1722 North 79th Avenue
Elmwood Park, Illinois 60707 USA
Phone: (708) 583-0334 (by request)



KOSHY, Rev. Father Mathew - Priest: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base;

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


Fr. Koshy serves at the Altar of St. Thomas Church located at:


1146 Smith Street

Clarkston, GA-30021



KOSHY, Rev. Father P. John - Priest: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base;

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


Fr. John serves at the Altar of St. Gregorios Church located at:


4600 St. Charles Ave

New Orleans, LA 70115

Res. (504) 340-7392



KOWALSKI, Johann Michael

was consecrated on 5 October 1909 by: Gerardus Gul;
assisted by Arnold Harris Mathew; Johannes Jacobus van Thiel, Josef Demmel and
Nicolas Bartholomacus Petrus Spit


KRAMER, Jon Thomas line of succession is unknown



KRISTOS, Gabre Mikael

was consecrated in 1962 by: Abuna Basileos



KRIVACEK, Charles line of succession is unknown



KRONEBERG, Hans Bjoern

was consecrated on 9 November 1979 by: George Michael David Voris
assisted by Chrystalos Voranakis Engel and Lewis McFall



KRUSENSTIERNA, Sten Herman Philip Von

was consecrated on 1 January 1958 by: Lawrence Wilfrid Burt
assisted by Charles Dunbar Tatham Shores



KUANG, Frederico Yao Kuan line of succession is unknown



KUBIAK, Edmund no information



KUBICKA, Melania line of succession is unknown



KUBINYI, Victor J. Alexander De

was consecrated on 9 October 1918 by: Joseph Rene Vilatte




claimed Melkite episcopal status with the Eglise Chaldeene Latine circa 1899



KUOLT, Richard A. no information



KURTZ, Katherine

was consecrated on 24 March 1990 by: Carlos Florido


KVERNO, Trod Hans Farner, [Johannes Ephrem]

was consecrated on 4 October 1998 by: Donald William Mullan -Christ Catholic Church International (CCCI)

- Deacon: 1975 The Lutheran State Church of Norway (for Music Ministry).
- Deacon: sub cond., 1993 by Bp.Stefan Georgius (now inactive) The Orthodox (Free) Church of Norway.
- Presbyter/Priest & Protopresbyter: 1996 by Bp. Stefan Georgius (now inactive) The Orthodox (Free) Church of Norway.
- Presbyter/Priest: sub cond. 1998, by Bp. Donald Wm. Mullan, CCCI.
Religious, The Order of St. Sunniva (OSS)
The Most Rev. Trond Hans Farner Kverno ("Johannes Ephrem"), OSS     Born: 1945
Jarhaug, N 2750 GRAN Norway
Phone: +47 61 32 75 37 (from internet)
Cell: +47 98 63 11 68 (from internet)
Web Site:
- Professor of Church Music and Head of The Board of Admission and Equivalence
The Norwegian State Academy of Music and a Church Music Composer.
Internal Ministries:
- CCCI Auxiliary Bishop for Scandinavia.
- Archbishop's Vicar General for Europe.
- Superior for The Order of St. Sunniva (OSS).
- "Degree in church music"1967 The Oslo Conservatory of Music.
- "Degree in music theory and choir direction" 1968.

- +



KYLE, Eugene O. no information

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