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Disclaimer and instructions: Those listed in this Directory may not necessarily be acceptable as true and valid clergy or be accepted according to the norms of the Seven Ecumenical Councils prior to the schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church (1054 A.D.) being the Undivided Church Catholic East and West.      


The accuracy of the information about any individual clergyman must be updated or corrected by that individual with verifiable documentation in support of their claim if any correction or update is to be made whatsoever. To update or correct, you must also supply: YOUR E-Mail address, complete secular name, complete religious name, jurisdiction, residence or verifiable mailing address and phone number must be accompanied with the information and documentation submitted with the claim where applicable. Send to the U.S. Mailing Address:  Clergy Database Management,  61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951 , U.S.A. Allow for 30 to 90 days for changes to take effect in order to obtain verification of claims made.  E-Mail to may not necessarily be sufficient for updating or correcting information. 


In order to ensure a more fair role in providing information and ascertaining Truth, we shall only place a symbol in the photographic area of either "+" or "-" of which both may be included in some instances... to show that there are positive and negative information to that individual or jurisdiction.  What this means is that they have gone through the fires of testing for adherence to the faith accepting the fact of the Statement of the Apostles that all have fallen short of the mark of being considered, in the eyes of God, as 'holy' in this life!  If there is neither a "+" or a "-" symbol, it indicates that not enough information is available at this time.


By this sign you shall know them as being true to the  Catholic faith, East and West (Orthodox and Roman) according to information received.


Regarding photographic images... Before taking any kind of action, it is requested that you return to the main Clergy Database Entry page and read the notice about clergy photos or images. A notice to other webmasters and individuals is a MUST READ for instruction and verification of images used or obtain and posted in this clergy database.


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FABRE-PELAPRAT, Bernard Raymond

was consecrated in 1803 by a bishop name Arnal


FACIONE, Francis
Consecrated: - Bishop: 30 Nov. 1974 by Bp. Andrew G. Johnston-Cantrell.

Bishop: The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America, Ultrajectine Tradition
The Most Rev. Francis P. Facione, Ph.D.
1207 Potomac Place

Louisville, Kentucky 40214 USA
Phone: (502) 368-0871
Fax: (502) 361-9782
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor,
St. Mark's Old Roman Catholic Church, Louisville, Kentucky 


FAIR, Louis (reposed)
Ordinations/Consecrations: Alleged to have been consecrated by Archbishop Bernard (Robert Vincent) Dawe and unknown other(s)

Considers himself as a Bishop, Religious, Hermit
The Most Rev. Dr. Louis W. Fair, Ph.D., M.B.A.
PO Box 731

Mountain View, Hawaii 96771-0731 USA
Personal Web Site:
Secular Occupation:
- Retired university professor.
Previous Jurisdictions:
- Formerly served with The American Orthodox Catholic Church, Pacific Synod USA - not having any connection with the INTERNATIONAL Headquarters of the American  Orthodox Church or the American Orthodox Catholic Church: the AOC/NAOC do not recognize this individual whatsoever as being legitimately of the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church of Jesus Christ, nor having maintained valid lines by his diametric opposition to the requirements of the commission and charge thereof.



was consecrated on 15 August 1954 by: Stephen M. Corradi-Scarella

It is the opinion of some that he left the faith by his participation in the 13 July 2000 consecration of an individual clergyman, by his diametric opposition to the commission and charge of his initial consecration,  the Seven Ecumenical Councils, subsequent consecrations of individual(S) in opposition to the requirements for holding off such consecrations when election notice had been opposed by failure and/or refusal to the calling of a synod which would have involved those in opposition (whether or not of the same jurisdiction) whereby they would have been able to submit evidence to support opposition to consecration(s)...


FALANCE, Laurence Gaetan is said to have been consecrated by John J. Humphreys, but Humphreys denies this.



FALK, Louis Wahl was consecrated on 14 February 1981 by:
James Orin Mote
assisted by William O. Lewis, William Burns, and William Rutherford



FALLOWS, Samuel was consecrated on 17 July 1876 by:
Charles Edward Cheney
assisted by William Rufus Nicholson



FALLS, Thomas B. was consecrated in 1979 by:
Francis Jerome Joachim


FANLO, E. line of succession is unknown


FARIA, Jair Ferreira De line of succession is unknown



FARINAS, Federico Jose was consecrated on 23 August 1936 by:
Frank Waters Pigott
assisted by Charles H. Hampton



FARON, Wladislaw Marlin was consecrated on 30 January 1930 by:
Francis Hodur
assisted by Leon Grochowski and John Zenon Jasinski



FARRELL, Michael Joseph was consecrated on 13 June 1981 by:
Emile Federico Rodriguez y Fairfield
assisted by John J. Humphreys



FARRELL, Murray B. was consecrated on 17 March 1986 by:
Francisco Pagtakhan
assisted by Forest Ernest Barber and Bayani M. Mercado



FARREZE, Claude was consecrated on 25 August 1973 by:
Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau



FATOME, Marco Marie Paul was consecrated on 4 September 1939 by:
Michael Maria John Kowaleski



FAYOLLE, Marcos was consecrated by:
Constant Martin Chevillon



FEARSON, Vincent Josaphat was consecrated on 1 February 1976 by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga



FEDECHKO, Michael no information



FEDTSCHENKOW, John Athanasievich

was consecrated on 10 February 1919



FEISTER, Ronald E.

was consecrated on 2 September 1995 by: James F. Mondok
assisted by: Robert J. Ostlie and Frank W. Vandeventer

Bishop of Western Orthodox Church in America (WOCA)

St. Nicholas Parish, Columbus, Ohio



FEKETE, Imre Joseph was consecrated by:
Stephen de Nemeth



FELLAY, Bernard was consecrated on 31 August 1988 by:
Marcel Lefebvre



FERETTE, Raimond was consecrated on 6 June 1866 by:
Ignatius Peter III



FERGUSON, Sydney James was consecrated in 1968 by:
James Francis Augustine Lashley



FERGUSON-BELL, Herbert is reported to have been consecrated on 18 November 1939 by: James Arran Bell



FERNANDEZ, Oscar was consecrated 2 December 1967 by:
Jose M. Machado



FERNANDIS, Richard Subiron was consecrated on 13 February 1976 by:
Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga



FERRANDO, Manuel was consecrated on 12 November 1912 by:
Charles Edward Cheney
assisted by Samuel Fallows and Robert L. Rudolph



FERRAZ, Salomon was consecrated on 15 August 1945 by:
Carlos Duarte-Costa



FERRETTE, Raimond was consecrated on 2 June 1866 by:
Ignatius Peter III



FESI, John Dominic was consecrated on 30 June 1974 by:
Joseph William Damien Hough
assisted by John A. Skikiewicz and Joseph G. Sokolowsik



FEUSS, Thomas Edward was consecrated on 23 October 1966 by:
James Pickford Roberts, Sr.
assisted by William Henry Daw and John Henry Vincent Russell



FINNEGAN, Dennis no information



FICK, Frederick G. no information



FISHER, David line of succession is unknown



FISHER, Stanley Sprott was consecrated on 20 August 1939 by:
David Morton Tweedie



FISHER, Rev. Dn. Vasily    Serves at the Altar of Holy Resurrection Cathedral:

414 Mission Rd
Kodiak, AK 99615  

Spouse: Olinka
Home Phone: 907-486-2758
Diocese: OCA-AK

FISHER, Rev. Dn. Yakov Fisher, Sr.

Serves at the Altar of St. Nicholas Church:

Box 27
Kwethluk, AK 99621

Spouse: Lubova
Home Phone: 907-757-6223
Diocese: OCA-AK


FITZPATRICK, Christopher W.

was consecrated 11 November 1995 by: Paul W. Seese

Assisted by Paul Diederich, William Bollinger



FJELLANDER, Karl Sigfrid Johannes

was consecrated on 27 October 1957 by: Otto Emil Viking
assisted by John Balfour Symington Coates, Augustus Willem Goetmakers and Adriaan Gerard Vreede


  -  +

Flaherty, David
Ordained: Presbyter/Priest 09/14/2002 by Bp. M. J. Kimo Keawe.

Presbyter/Priest: The United Reform Catholic Church International
The Rev. David B. G. Flaherty
1125C Charles View Way

Towson, Maryland 21204 USA
Phone: (410) 583-7626 (from web site)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor,
St. Sebastian United Reform Catholic Church, Baltimore, MD.
- B.A. Philosophy, 1986.05, Wadham's Hall Seminary-College, Ogdensburg, NY.
- Pastoral year, Diocese of Syracuse, NY.
- 3 credits CPE, 08/1986 - 06/1987.
- M.A. Theology, 05/1998, St. Mary's Seminary-University, Baltimore, MD.
- One year of a two-year Ph.D. Lit. Studies, Catholic University of America, Washington, DC.
Other Ordinations:
- Deacon: 11/18/2001, by Bp. Robert M. Bowman.

-  +



FLEIGE, Alfred Paul Siewert

line of succession is unknown


   + -

FLORIDO, Carlos A.

was consecrated on 19 August 1983 by: Lewis Stuart Keizer

Assisted by: Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D. of the American Orthodox Church (AOC)

  •  Sub cond. May 1998 by Bp. Orlando Lima and Bp. David Dolence.

Bishop, The Orthodox Catholic Church
The Order of Saint Francis (OSF)
The Most Rev. Carlos A. Florido, OSF
410 Park Place Drive, Petaluma, California 94954-6647 USA
Phone: (707) 775-3977 (from web site)

Born: According to Ward, 1949 in Havana, Cuba.

  • KURTZ, Katherine was consecrated on 24 March 1990 by: Carlos Florido

+  -



FLYNN, William W

was consecrated by: Earl Anglin Lawrence James


FLYNN, Terry
Consecrated: 09/28/2001 by Bp. Bruce Simpson. 

Bishop: The Ecumenical Catholic Church of the UK
The Most Rev. Terry Andrew Flynn, STB
32, Hodgsons Road, Godre'r Graig,

Ystalyfera, Swansea, SA9 2DL (Wales) U.K.
Email via ICQ:
Current Internal Ministry:
- Moderator:
Federation of Catholic Churches
- Presbyter/Priest - Roman Catholic.

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