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Disclaimer and instructions: Those listed in this Directory may not necessarily be acceptable as true and valid clergy or be accepted according to the norms of the Seven Ecumenical Councils prior to the schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church (1054 A.D.) being the Undivided Church Catholic East and West.      


The accuracy of the information about any individual clergyman must be updated or corrected by that individual with verifiable documentation in support of their claim if any correction or update is to be made whatsoever. To update or correct, you must also supply: YOUR E-Mail address, complete secular name, complete religious name, jurisdiction, residence or verifiable mailing address and phone number must be accompanied with the information and documentation submitted with the claim where applicable. Send to the U.S. Mailing Address:  Clergy Database Management,  61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951 , U.S.A. Allow for 30 to 90 days for changes to take effect in order to obtain verification of claims made.  E-Mail to may not necessarily be sufficient for updating or correcting information. 

In order to ensure a more fair role in providing information and ascertaining Truth, we shall only place a symbol in the photographic area of either "+" or "-" of which both may be included in some instances... to show that there are positive and negative information to that individual or jurisdiction.  What this means is that they have gone through the fires of testing for adherence to the faith accepting the fact of the Statement of the Apostles that all have fallen short of the mark of being considered, in the eyes of God, as 'holy' in this life!  If there is neither a "+" or a "-" symbol, it indicates that not enough information is available at this time.


By this sign you shall know them as being true to the  Catholic faith, East and West (Orthodox and Roman) according to information received.


Regarding photographic images... Before taking any kind of action, it is requested that you return to the main Clergy Database Entry page and read the notice about clergy photos or images. A notice to other webmasters and individuals is a MUST READ for instruction and verification of images used or obtain and posted in this clergy database.


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was consecrated on 25 June 1977 by: Francis Joseph Ryan
assisted by James Edward Burns and Holmes Bennett Dayhoff



DA COSTA, Gordon Albert

was consecrated by: Charles Dennis Boltwood



DA CRUZ, Jose Aires

was consecrated by: Carlos Duarte Costa



line of succession is unknown



  -  +

DAIGNEAULT, Michael Sherwood       

was consecrated on 23 April 1989 by: Herman Adrian Spruit
assisted by Meri Louise Spruit andJanice McLouth-Frederick


   - +

DAHL, Daniel
Consecrated: Oct. 1996, by Bp. Christopher Fitzpatrick

Bishop, The Inclusive Orthodox Church
The Most Rev. Daniel James Dahl
1750 Kalakaua Avenue, No. 3-183, Honolulu, Hawaii 96826-3795 USA
Phone: (808) 941-0360 (from web site)
Fax: (808) 955-8889
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor, Archangel Sanctuary, Honolulu, HI.
Secular Occupations: Author, speaker, counselor.
Born: 1944
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic.
- Deacon, 1975.
- Presbyter/priest, 1976.

  • also on 13 December 1994 by Mark Steven Shirilau

- Former Marianist (Society of Mary).
- Past Vice President:
Bank of America.
- Past guest on CNN.
- B.A. Liberal Arts, Jesuit's University of San Francisco, CA.
- Some graduate coursework.

-  +


DAHL, Newton Arnold

was consecrated on 8 June 1947 by: John Theodore Eklund
assisted by Buenaventura Jimenez and Ernest Whitfield Jackson




was consecrated by: Herman Adrian Spruit



DALE, Jon Michael  (James Simmons)

was consecrated on 19 November 1975 by: Mark A. C. Harding
assisted by Mark Hakes and Mar Iakov



DALETH, Gerard

was consecrated on 14 August 1984 by: Morris Saville



DALEY, Robert P.

was consecrated by: Donald J. Buttenbusch,
assisted by: Joseph E. Hladney, Michael J. Pugin, and Willard Schultz



DALMER, Friedrich

was consecrated in March 1967 by: Friedrich Wiechert




was consecrated 18 January 1976 by: Johannes Peter Meyer-Mendez



DALRYMPLE, Francis A. C.

was consecrated in 1973 by: Herbert Francis Wilkie
assisted by Joseph M. Nevilloyd



DALTON, Vincent Calixto

was consecrated on 27 November 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga



DALY, Thomas

was consecrated by:Michael Patrick Cox



DALY, William Rufino

was consecrated on 13 August 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alsonso Corraland Camilo Estevez Puga



DAMIAN, Benedict  (Michael Damian Benedict - Palladino)





was consecrated on 30 June 1957 by: Henry Engel Plantagenet


DANIEL, Rev. Father George - Priest: (No picture or ordination information available)

Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base;

             Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church


Fr. Daniel serves at the Altar of St. Thomas Malankara Church located at:


3721 North East 13th Ave.

Oakland Park, FL-33334

Ph. 954-630-0887


Daningburg, Roger

(See "Thaddeus, Joseph")



DANYEL, Jean Pierre

was consecrated on 5 May 1957 by: Charles Irenee Maria Joseph d'Eschevannes
assisted by Julien Erni and Euguene de Baczyna-Batchinsky



DANYLO, Bishop (?)

no information



The Rev. Mickey Danyluk
Winsdor Locks, Connecticut USA

Sacred Hearted Independent Catholic Church

Telephone (860) 623-4143
Current Public Ministry:
On call for Sacraments, Chaplaincy to the unchurched in nursing homes, private homes, heath care;

Member Church - International Council of Community Churches (I.C.C.C.)
- Recreational therapist, "working with alzheimer's patients".
- Presbyter/priest, Oct. 1995, by Bp. Richard Cardarelli, The American Apostolic Catholic Church.


  -  +

Danzey, Kevin                                      
The Rev. Kevin R. "RevKev" Danzey                            

Phoenix, Arizona USA
Phone: (623) 849-5853 (not sure if it still works - from web site)
Personal Web Site:
Entered Autocephalous Movement: c. 1992
- c. 1992, Ordained Unity Metaphysical Minister.
Other Information:
- Translator of Aramaic.


   -  +

DARIN, Bobby ("Peter")
Presbyter/priest: July 1998 by Abp. Michael Seraphim Melchizedek at the express request of Bp. Tedi Weber.

Presbyter, Church of the East, aka The Order of Antioch
The Rev. Robert A. Peter Darin, O.A.
209 Twin Ridge Drive, Bellevue, Nebraska 68005-1283
Phone: (402) 291-0956 (from web site)
Other Information:
- Past professor of Computer Science, Las Vegas Community College, Nevada.

-  +


DARTT-Quinn, Brian
The Apostolic Christian Church of the East.
The Most Rev. Brian Dartt-Quinn
2214 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, California 95814 USA
- Bishop, Jan. 1996, consecrated by Bp. George Hadrian Israel



DATESSEN, Christian Marie

was consecrated on 10 September 1981 by: Andre Maurice Alexandre Enos




was consecrated in 1959 by: Willaim Hall



DAVIES, A. Donald

no information




was consecrated on 7 April 1933 by: Jose Joachin Perez y Budar



DAVIS, Charles Truman

line of succession is unknown



DAVIS, George F.

was consecrated on 22 April 1950 by: Francis Michael Donahue



DAVIS, John Shelton

was consecrated on 12 July 1979 by: Peter Wayne Goodrich
assisted by William Henry Dawe and Joergen Koch Larsen



DAVIS, Roy Benton Jr.

was consecrated on 26 August 1989 by: Harold Lawrence Trott
assisted by Robert Q. Kennaugh, Forrest Ogden Miller, Jose M. Delgado and LaFond LaPoint




was consecrated by: Edward C. Payne



DAW, William Henry "Harry"

was consecrated 2 October 1955 by:
Edward Murray Matthew



DAWE, Robert Vincent Bernard  (reposed in 1999)

was consecrated on 16 March 1980 by:
    Peter Wayne Goodrich
        assisted by William Henry Dawe
        Donald L. Jolly and
        John Shelton Davis


DAY, Daphne P. A.

was consecrated 22 October 1977 by: Roger Caro
assisted by Patrick Lebar and
Roger Loubet



DAY, Donald Peter

was consecrated on 7 August 1965 by: Roger Regnier



DAYHOFF, Holmes Bennett

was consecrated on 2 April 1977 by: Francis Joseph Ryan



DEAK, Vidor

was consecrated on 11 September 1949 by:
Adriaan Gerard Vreede



DE ALBUQUERQUE-CAVALCANTI, Joachim Arcoverde Cardinal

was consecrated on 26 October 1890.

From here the succession goes back through the Vatican to Apostolic times.




Lines of Succession Unknown

The Most Rev. Dr. Jean (Ioannes) de Balbian
Secular Occupation: "retired academic, scientist".



DE BRULE, Joseph

no information



DECATANZARO, Carmino Joseph

was consecrated 12 April 1980 by: Lope Rosete
assisted by Francisco Pagtakhan, Sergio Mondala, Willaim F. Burns, Robert S. Morse, William O. Lewis, James O. Mote, William Rutherford and Peter F. Watterson




no information



line of succession is unknown



DE JONG, Gisbert

was consecrated on 7 November 1805 by: John James Van Rhijn, Prince, de LANDAS-BERGHES et de Rache, Rudolphe Francois Edouard,

was consecrated on 29 June 1913 in Great Britain, by: Arnold Harris Mathew



DELANEY, Richard

was consecrated 6 February 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga



DELGADO Jose Manuel

was consecrated on 7 October 1988 by: Gerald Wayne Craig
assisted by Harold Lawrence Trott, Forrest Ogden Miller and James Amos LaFond LaPointe



DE MATIGNON, James Goyon

was consecrated in 1693 by: James Benign Bousset


DENNIS, James Abdul Mikhaelovitch

was consecrated secretly on 17 December 1979 by: Mikhanel Francis Augustine Itkin

  • also was multiply consecrated on 28 November 1980 by Mikhael Francis Augustine Iktin, Walter Henry Breen, Harold Freeman, Joseph Vredenburg, and George Michael Zaharakis


DENNISON, Francis E.

line of succession is unknown



DENSKI, Kenneth

Presbyter/Priest on Feb. 1998 by: Bp. Allen Jimenez, OC Church of Utrecht, Mathew Succession
The Old Catholic Church of Utrecht, Mathew Succession
The Rev. Ken L. Denski, Sr.
Southampton, Pennsylvania 18966 USA
Phone: (215) 396-9373
Current public ministry:
- Part-time Geriatric Ministry, serving Phila. area Nursing Homes.
- Part-time family ministry.
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic
- St. Joseph's University.
- St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia, PA.
- Deacon - May 1987 Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia.


DE OLIVEIRA-CINTRA, Sabastiao Leme Cardinal

was consecrated on 4 June 1911 by: Joachim Arcoverde De Albuquerque-Cavalcanti



DE ORTEGA-MAXEY, Wallace David

was consecrated on 2 January 1927 by; William Montgomery Brown,
assisted by: William Henry Francis Brothers, Albert Jenan, Joseph Zielonka,



DEPEW, Pamphile Cyril

was consecrated on 15 December 1929 by: Carmel Henry Carfora



DE ROSSO, Antonio Mario

was consecrated on 18 November 1978 by: Pietro Michele Tana
assisted by Giorgio enrico Verga and
two other bishops



DERRICK, Norman Alfred

no information



DERRICK, Nicholas Augustas

was consecrated on 30 July 1967 by: Mark Athanasios Constantine Karras
assisted by George F. Ehrline




was consecrated on 31 May 1959 by: Robert Ambelain



DES ESSARTS, Leonce Eugene Joseph

was consecrated in 1892 by: Jules-Benoit Doinel du Val-Michel




was consecrated 22 January 1977 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga




was consecrated on 6 May 1986 by: Robert Laskey



DES LAURIERS, Michael Louis Guerard

was consecrated on 7 May 1981 by: Pierre Martin Ngo-Dinh-Thuc



DE SOTO, Miguel

no information


DE TRALIA, Timothy A.

no information



DEVAN, Anthony

line of succession is unknown


DE VOY, W. Edwin

no information



DEVULDER, Servan Edgard Joseph

line of succession is unknown




was consecrated on 10 April 1944 by: Abdullah Basilius III and others.



DE WITOW, Theodotus Stanislaus

was consecrated on 29 November 1936 by: George Winslow Plummer
assisted by Ignatius William Albert Nichols



DEYMAN, Joseph Phillip

was consecrated on 9 January 1988 by: Louis Wahl Falk
assisted by William O. Lewis, James Orin Mote, William Francis Burns, Michael Dean Stevens and Alfred Woolcock.


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