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Disclaimer and instructions: Those listed in this Directory may not necessarily be acceptable as true and valid clergy or be accepted according to the norms of the Seven Ecumenical Councils prior to the schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church (1054 A.D.) being the Undivided Church Catholic East and West.      


The accuracy of the information about any individual clergyman must be updated or corrected by that individual with verifiable documentation in support of their claim if any correction or update is to be made whatsoever. To update or correct, you must also supply: YOUR E-Mail address, complete secular name, complete religious name, jurisdiction, residence or verifiable mailing address and phone number must be accompanied with the information and documentation submitted with the claim where applicable. Send to the U.S. Mailing Address:  Clergy Database Management,  61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951 , U.S.A. Allow for 30 to 90 days for changes to take effect in order to obtain verification of claims made.  E-Mail to may not necessarily be sufficient for updating or correcting information. 

In order to ensure a more fair role in providing information and ascertaining Truth, we shall only place a symbol in the photographic area of either "+" or "-" of which both may be included in some instances... to show that there are positive and negative information to that individual or jurisdiction.  What this means is that they have gone through the fires of testing for adherence to the faith accepting the fact of the Statement of the Apostles that all have fallen short of the mark of being considered, in the eyes of God, as 'holy' in this life!  If there is neither a "+" or a "-" symbol, it indicates that not enough information is available at this time.


By this sign you shall know them as being true to the  Catholic faith, East and West (Orthodox and Roman) according to information received.


Regarding photographic images... Before taking any kind of action, it is requested that you return to the main Clergy Database Entry page and read the notice about clergy photos or images. A notice to other webmasters and individuals is a MUST READ for instruction and verification of images used or obtain and posted in this clergy database.


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BAAS, Edward
consecrated on 7 May 1797 by: John Claggett

consecrated on 15 June 1946 by: Roger Menard

BACON, Francis Herbert
consecrated in 1911 by: Arnold Harris Mathew

BACON, Frank David
consecrated on 1 August 1943 by: Dorian Herbert

->also on 12 January 1946 by Hugh George De Willmott Newman
assisted by Charles Lesile Saul and William John Eaton Jeffrey


BACON, Leonard I.
line of succession is unknown

BACON, Verna
consecrated on 12 February 1981 by: Shepherd Harold Freeman

consecrated on 7 May 1955 by: Nicholas Urbanovitch
assisted by Efrem Maria Mauro Fusi.

line of succession is unknown

BAIN, Alan Maxwell,
consecrated on 16 June 1982 by:Robert Vincent Bernard Dawe;
Assisted by: Persson

->also exchanged consecrations on 28 May 1983 with Nils Persson

BAINES, John Leslie
consecrated on 13 April 1952 by: William Hall

BAIR, Ronald
consecrated in June 1981 by: Harry Edwin Smith
assisted by Fonzy Joseph Broussard.

BAIRD, Augustine
no information

line of succession is unknown

BAKER, Alvin Lee
consecrated on 9 March 1980 by: George W. S. Brister

->also on 24 April 1982 by John R. Schwartz assisted by George W. S. Brister

BAKER, Edward James
consecrated by: Joseph L. Vredenburgh
assisted by Herman Adrian Spruit, Brian Glenn Turkington and Harold Freeman.

BAKER, William
line of succession is unknown.



Lines of Succession Unknown

Bishop, Independent Byzantine Catholic Church
The Most Rev. John Balbian
Ville neuve, Le Quiou 22630, France


BALL, Donald John
consecrated by: Peter Gilbert Strong

BALLARD, Marlin Paul Bausum
consecrated on 15 August 1965 by: Mikhael Francis Augustine Itkin

consecrated on 11 July 1955 by: Newton Arnold Dahl
assisted by Buenaventura Jimenez and Walter James Zollinger.

BALLEW, Richard                               "Synchrestic Ecumenist"
and other church leaders decided to consecrate each other, becoming [non-apostolic] bishops

BALOSTRO, Goffredo Angelo
consecrated on 15 October 1961 by: Giovanni Taddei
assisted by George Reichard

BAMBARA, Abed-Negro
line of succession is unknown

BANKS, Harry Hirst
consecrated 9 June 1946 by: Lawrence Wilfred Burt

BANKS, James Batholomew,
consecrated in 1924 by: James Willoughby

BANNISTER, Christopher
consecrated on 16 July 1972 by: Sten Herman Philip von Krusenstierna
assisted by Charles Clifton Wicks and William Gilchrist Hill.

consecrated in January 1989 by: J. R. Schwartz

line of succession is unknown

BARBEAU, Andre Leon Zotique
consecrated on 14 May 1968 by: Charles Brearley

>on 26 July 1973 by Garry Robert Armstrong

>on 8 August 1976 by Robert Schuyler Zeiger and Gordon Albert Da Costa

>on 19 August 1976 by Josef Maria Thiesen

>on 12 December 1976 by George Bellemare

>on 25 May 1980 by Patrick McReynolds and Andre LeTellier and Jacque LeTellier

BARBERINI, Antonio Cardinal,
consecrated in 1655.  From him the Apostolic Succession goes back through the Vatican to Apostolic times [St. Peter].

BARBER, Forest Ernest
consecrated 7 March 1965 by: Homer Francis Roebke

BARBERIO, Jeffrey P.
no information

BARCLAY, Jacob James Joseph Levi
was consecrated on 8 September 1979 by: Richard Kenneth Hurgon
assisted by Donald William Garner and Illtyd Thomas

consecrated in June 1982 by: Herman Adrian Spruit

consecrated in June 1982 by: Herman Adrian Spruit

BARKER, Melville Edgar John
claimed to have been consecrated on 6 August 1947 by:Anthony Wilson [or King] also on 4 March 1956 by Victor Alexander Palmer Hayman

BARKER, Timothy Michael                             "Synchrestic Ecumenist"
consecrated by: Herman Adrian Spruit
assisted by Meri Louise Spruit and Janice McLouth-Frederick

BARON, Claude Roger
consecrated on 4 June 1988 by: Luis Fernando Castillo-Mendez
Assisted by Josivaldo Pereira de Oliviera, Walbert Rommel Codlho,  Galvao Barros and Melquiades Rosa Garcia

BARREIRA, Manuel T. Benito
consecrated on 13 February 1977 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga

consecrated on 5 August 1951 by: D. L. Thomas Tollenaar

BARROW, Reginald Grant
consecrated on 8 September 1925 by: George Alexander McGuire
Assisted by: W. B. J. Robertson, and A. S. Trotman, A. S.

BARRY, Odo Acheson
consecrated on 29 July 1946 by: Charles E. Hampton
assisted by: Lowell Paul Wadle
Antoine Joseph Aneed, Hugh Michale Strange and Henry J. Kleefisch

- also on 3 October 1948 by Lowell Paul Wadle



BARTLETT, Hedley Coward
consecrated on 18 October 1931 by: William Stanley McBean Knight

on 20 May 1945 he engaged in a mutual exchange of consecrations with Hugh George de Willmott Newman, John syer, Francis Ernest Langhelt and George Henry Brook.


BARWIN, Karl Julius
consecrated 29 September 1984 by: Mark Robert Hakes
Assisted by James Simmons and John Thomas Kramer.

>also on 5 August 1989 by Bertil Persson assisted by Emile Federico Rodriguez y Fairfield, Arthur J. Garrow and Paul G. W. Schultz.

Editorial Note:  Archbishop Barwin, who now resides in Arizona, has become far more Old Catholic and closer to Orthodoxy than any in the movement.  He is a Holy Man, a man whose pain of heart struggles endears him to any one who comes to know him. 


Reposed 2009



BASCIU, Giovanni

consecrated on 11 May 1961 by: Giovanni Taddei
assisted by George Reichart.

>also on 12 January 1975 by Maran Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII

>also on 23 April 1982 by Archbishop Cyprianos.

BASHIR, Anthony
consecrated on 19 April 1936


BASKIN, Martin
Presbyter/Priest, The Orthodox Catholic Church of America
The Rev. Martin Baskin
424 Colonial Street, Ft. Worth, Texas 76111-4706 USA
Phone: 817.838.0076 (from web site)
1160 Downing Street, Denver, Colorado 80218-2916 USA
Phone: 303.832.2285 (from web site)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastoral Associate, St. Mary, The Holy Theotokos, Church, Dallas, TX.

no information

consecrated by: Walter Myron Propheta


BASSETT,  Samuel

consecrated 13 July 2000 by: Ernest Caswell;
Assisted by: Emile Rodriguez y Fairfield; and Joseph Vellone;
     (It is the opinion of some that t/he/y left the faith by his/their diametric opposition to the commission and charge of his/their initial consecration(s) and opposition to the Seven Ecumenical Councils by his/their subsequent consecration(s) of individual (males and females) in addition to several others in opposition to the requirements for holding off such consecrations when election notice had been opposed by calling a synod which involved those (whether or not of the same jurisdiction) to submit evidence to support opposition to consecration(s)...) It is alleged that this individual has admittedly taken no responsibility, being unrepentant, for his conviction which was known to all who consecrated him.

     It is the opinion of many that this man has repented and become responsible and worthy from an "Anglican" view.  He was appointed and succeeded Abbot Donald Pierce Weeks as head of the ACSB out of California.

"Synchestic Ecumenist"

Bishop, The American Catholic Union

American Congregation of St. Benedict
The Most Rev. Samuel Bassett
Oakland, California USA

Personal web site:
Advisory: Unrepentant - Criminal conviction c. 1994


BATESON, Kenneth Bernard John
consecrated on 9 July 1977 by: Hugh George De Willmott Newman
assisted by Ignatius Peter Smethurst and Illtuy Michael Raoult.

BATLEY, James York
in 1945 claimed to have been raised to the priesthood and episcopate [in 1940] by Ralph Whitman.

>Before all this was made public Ernest O'Dell Cope consecrated him on 2 August 1942 secretly.

consecrated on 8 October 1988 by: Luis Fernando


BATTUCCI (or Batticci), Michael

Formerly with an Old Roman Catholic Church out of California... Excommunication

(Luna County, New Mexcio)

consecrated on 17 June 1976 by: Armand Whitehead
assisted by Thomas Sargent.

BAUMLER, Thomas Jude
consecrated on 23 August 1974 by: James Colin Guthrie
assisted by John Martin and John M. Kendra.


  - +

BAUTE, Paschal

Presbyter/Priest, The Independent Catholic Church of America (ICCA).
The Rev. Dr. Paschal Bernard Baute, Ed.D., DABPS, DACFE
6200 Winchester Road, Lexington, Kentucky 40509-9520 USA
Phone: (606) 293-5302 (from web site)
Fax: (606) 293-5300 (from web site)
Current Public Ministry:
- Co-founder and co-facilitator of the
Spiritual Growth Network of Kentucky.
- Moderator,
The Spiritual Gifts List.
- Moderator,
- Moderator,
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic
Entered the Autocephalous Movement: 1990?
Secular occupation:
- Industrial psychologist.
- Forensic examiner.
Professional/Clerical Memberships, Licenses:
- Psychologist License, Kentucky State Board of Psychology.
- Fellow, American College of Forensic Examiners.
- Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Specialties.
- Member, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychologists.
- Presbyter/Priest, Roman Catholic.
Personal Accomplishments:
- Former RC Benedictine monk.

- +




BAWDEN, David "Pope Michael I"

Bishop-Elect, The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church
The Most Rev. David Allen Bawden (Pope Michael I)
P.O. Box 74, Delia, Kansas 66418 USA
Second Web page:
Born: 1959
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic.
- "In September, 1977 David entered the Society of Saint Pius X seminary at Econe Switzerland; transferring to their seminary at Armada, Michigan in January of '78. He was dismissed without cause on December 15, 1978."
- Elected pope in 1990, but not yet consecrated.
Advisory: Possible break in apostolic succession.




BAXTER, David Madison
consecrated on 12 October 1969 by: Walter Myron Propheta
assisted by John Arthur Chiasson, William O'Neil and Foster Gilead.

BAXTER, John Martyn
consecrated on 15 August 1964 by: Ronald Powel [Richard J. C. dePalatine]
assisted by George William Boyer.

BAXTER, Walter
line of succession is unknown

BAYACA, Gerardo
line of succession is unknown


   - +

BAYMON, Timothy Paul

Bishop, The Holy Christian Orthodox Church
The Most Rev. Timothy Paul Baymon
207 Main Street, Indian Orchard (Springfield), Massachusettes 01151-1107 USA
Phone: +1.413.543.6094 
Born: 1960
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor,
The Grand Cathedral, Indian Orchard (Springfield), MA.
Current Internal Ministry:
- President,
World Bishops Council.
Faith of Origin: COGIC
Entered Autocephalous Movement: Aug. 1999.
- "two earned Doctorates in Philosophy (Human Services and Religious Education".
- Bishop, Aug. 1999, by Bp. Carl Jimenez, Bp. Peter Brennan, Bp. James Lagona, and Bp. Joseph Grenier.

NB: Initiator WORLD COUNCIL OF BISHOPS which is Synchrestic Ecumenism... as is the World Council of Churches...

- +



BEADLE, Cyril G. A.
no information

BAZILSKY-BRENNAN, Andrei Shawn Patrick (Also See: Brennan, Shawn Patrick "Andrei")
was consecrated in 1996 by: Boniface Grosvold
assisted by Matthew Price

BEADLE, Cyril G. A.
no information


BEAGLE, Harvey

Deceased 2014

History & Ministry as of 2011-2013:

Accepted under the personal Omophor of the Metropolitan Archbishop-Primate

American Orthodox Church - North American Orthodox Church

in Concurrence with Archbishop David-Francis (Wigley) in 2011

Ekonomia ordination: 18 October 2013

Consecrated Bishop: 19 October 2013

Assigned: Diocese of Washington State, Mission of St. Peter the Aleut - Yakima, Washington


Past History:Presbyter/Priest, The Old Catholic Church of Antioch
The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Harvey L. Beagle
Lakewood, Washington USA

Past Public Ministry:
- "Bro. Harvey ran a small street ministry and was involved in Dual Recovery Anonymous. This ministry worked mostly with street people and students who are in need because of mental, alcohol or drug abuse, shut-ins and the aging. Bro. Harvey was always available for pastoral care." (from web site)
Born: 1942
Faith of Origin: Lutheran
Entered the Autocephalous Movement: c. 1994
- Presbyter/Priest, The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch and the American Orthodox Church as well as North American Orthodox Church under the then Primate, Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford).




Rev. Father Harvey Beagle


Bishop +Harvey Beagle consecrated 10/19/2013


Bishop +Harvey Beagle & Metropolitan Archbishop-Primate, +Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford) - Consecration on 10/19/2013


BEALE, Herbert Ignatius
consecrated on 13 June 1910 by: Arnold Harris Mathew

BECKET, John Michael Point
line of succession is unknown

BECKLES, John Thomas
consecrated on 27 January 1927 by: Samuel Durlin Benedict
assisted by Edwin Wallace Hunter.

->also on 30 April 1933 by William Frederick Tyarks

->also on 14 April 1935 by Antoine Lefberne

BECKMAN, Thomas J.                                "Synchrestic Ecumenist"
consecrated on 12 July 1986 by: Julian Gillmon
assisted by Rita Ann Gillmon and James Ishmael Ford

BECKWITH, Edwin Burt
consecrated on 18 July 1926 by: James Ingall Wedgwood
assisted by Irving Steiger Coper and Frank Waters Pigott.

no information

consecrated in 1987 by: R. McKenna


  - +

Presbyter/Priest, autocephalous
The International Council of Community Churches
The Very Rev. Tony Begonja
PO Box 451342, Garland, Texas 75045-1342 USA
Phone: (214) 566-3936
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor,
Fullness of Life Community Church / St. Oscar Romero Orthodox Ministries, Garland, TX.
- Chaplain for a Boy Scout Troop.
- Maintaining and other Christian web sites.
Secular Occupation: AVP, large bank, Senior systems administrator/ system programmer (hpTandem).
Family: married, Fran; six dachsunds, Carmella, Missy, Paploo, Toby, Rosie & Taffy.
Born: 1958
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic.
Entered the Autocephalous Movement: August 1991.
- Minor Orders, Dec. 1991, by Bp. Wm. R. Furst, The Charismatic Catholic Church of America.
- Deacon, June 1992, by Bp. Wm. R. Furst, The Charismatic Catholic Church of America.
- Presbyter/Priest, June 1996, by Bp. David C. Strong.
Eucharistic Bread-Baking As Ministry, 1991, 110 pp., ISBN 0-89390-200-4, Resource Publications.
- ITUG (International Tandem Users Group).
Personal Achievements:
- Eagle Scout BSA, 1976.
- Past music director, St. Thomas More RC parish, Manalapan, NJ (3 years) -- and other extensive experience in Roman Catholic liturgical and charismatic music ministry.
- Served for 1 2/3 years as a Weekend Associate Pastor for Holy Trinity Community Church, Dallas, TX, and almost 4 months as Interim Co-Pastor.
Languages: English, tiny bit of Spanish, rusty bits of Latin and German.
- Attendance, Fundamentals of Healing Ministry I & II, 1994,
ICM, Shoreline, WA.
- A.A.S. Computer Science, 1983, Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ.
- Coursework (Math & Religion), Carleton College, Northfield, MN (1 - 2/3 years).
- Coursework (Spanish), Richland College, Dallas, TX (2003).
Favorite Forms of Prayer and Spiritual Exercises:
- Charismatic prayer meetings.
- Mass (The Eucharist).
- Office of Readings.
ICM-style healing prayer.

NB: Operates the Independent-Movement Website

and often uses "Hate" as the main theme for those who show his opposition to the ancient teachings.



Synchrestic Ecumenist

Ordains Women

Memberships and proclaimed "healing" disenfranchises him from the true One, Holy, Orthodox and Catholic and Apostolic Faith ... has, in times past, departed from and professed a non-belief in the Seven Ecumenical Councils to which he is in serious violation of.

BEINE, James
line of succession is unknown

BEINECKE, Gary Melquisedec
consecrated on 15 September 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga

BEINECKE, James Michael Moises
consecrated on 13 February 1977 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga

BEINECKE, Vernon Cornelio
consecrated on 15 September 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga

BEIZER, Lance K.
line of succession is from Gnostic bishop (San Jose, Ca.)

BEJENARO-QUESADA, Alvaro Ernest Andres
consecrated by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez

BEKKEN, Dean Everett
consecrated 30 September 1979 by: Joseph Edward Neth
assisted by James Pickford Roberts, Jr.

BELL, Albert Dunstan
consecrated 25 August 1935 by: William Henry Francis Brothers

>also sub conditione on 25 November 1936 by Carmel Henry Carfora assisted by Vincente Linan and Hieronymos Maria Bonaz.

>also reportedly consecrated in 1935 by Erwin Kreutzer.

BELL, James Arran
is reported to have been consecrated on 7 October 1914 by Arnold Harris Mathew

no information


BELL, John

No Information available at this time


BELL, Todd
The American Old Catholic Church
The Rev. Todd Bell
156 Pelican Cove Drive, Rockwall, Texas 75087 USA
Phone: +1.972.771.1378 (from web page)
Current Public Ministry: Pastor,
St. Matthias Catholic Community, Rockwall, TX.
Born: 1968
Faith of Origin: Episcopal
Secular Occupation: Works for a major hospital.
- Presbyter/Priest, 2000, by Bp. Michael Bergman.
Previous Jurisdictions:
- The Old Catholic Church of Antioch.
Research Notes:
- Fr. Bell wishes to stress that he and Bp. Bergman parted company Dec. 2001.

consecrated on 26 June 1976 by; Roger Caro
assisted by: Maurice Aubergter and Patrick LeBar

->also on 12 December 1976 by Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau in a mutual exchange of  consecrations.

->also again by Roger Caro on 25 June, 1978 assisted by Guilio Rondini and Maurice Auberger

consecrated by: Herman Adrian Spruit

BELZ, Eugene
consecrated on 27 June 1937 by: Gotthilf Haug


  - +

BENEDICT, Michael Damian-Benedict (Stephen Palladino), OSB 
consecrated 17 January 1999 by: Metropolitan Archbishop +Yuri Spaeth  assisted by Archbishop +Matthew (Ronald McCarthy)

     Sub-Conditione Consecration on 9 May 2004 as Archabbot by: +Joseph Thaddeus, +Thomas (Tindall), and Matthias (Hammons) 

400 Granite

Deming, NM 88030

>      Became embroiled in controversial actions in Deming, New Mexico, instigated by his former colleague, Brian Joseph Kennedy (aka: Joe-Ely) in 2004-2005, whom he had consecrated in 2001, and subsequent actions against another prelate of a jurisdiction not a part of this "Monastic" community, formerly "Benedictine".

>    Consecrated in April 2005 Bishop John Lula Sebastian who was appointed to become their leader (Archabbot).

>  Claims to have left the "Benedictine" and is becoming a "Franciscan" of another order out of San Francisco, California as brought about by +John Sebastian Lula.


Last known Residence: El Paso, Texas


Former law enforcement/Investigator

- +


BENEDICT, Samuel Durlin
consecrated in 1921 by: Carmel Henry Carfora

consecrated on 29 September 1968 by: Roman Paul Maykowski
assisted by Hugh Michael Strange

BENNETT, Edmund Robert
consecrated on 13 October 1929 by:  George Alexander McGuire
assisted by William Ernest James Robertson and Frederick Alexander Garrett

BENNETT, Murray L.
consecrated on 11 May, 1941 by: James Christian Crummey

consecrated on 30 September 1973 by: Walter Hollis Adams
assisted by James Hardin George and Orlando Jacques Woodward.

->also on 16 October 1977 again by Adams assisted by John Andrew Hollister Perry- Hooker and Larry V. Parker.

->also on 26 September 1981 by Francisco Pagtakhan assisted by Sergio Mondala and Lope Rosete

BENSLEY, Thomas John
consecrated in 1914 by: Francis Herbert Bacon

BENT, John Michael
consecrated 16 May 1965 by: Robert Schulyer Zeiger
assisted by Colin James Guthrie

consecrated on 13 June 1987 by: Denis Mary Michel Garrison

BENTLEY, Trevor D.
no information

BERAN, Ignatius
consecrated on 17 July 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga


BEREZKIN, Rev. R. George   serves at the Altar of St. Sophia Church:

PO Box 2806
Bethel, AK 99559

Spouse: Donna
Home Phone: 907-543-7187
Diocese: OCA-AK   


BERG, Theodore
consecrated by: Ralph Adams

consecrated on 6 April 1986 by: Denis Mary Michel Garrison
assisted by: James Chester Bryan and Carey Leopold Presson

BERGHE, James George
line of succession is unknown

BERGHE, Walter Joseph Hendrik Van Den
consecrated on 2 September 1956 by: Hugh George De Willmott Newman
assisted by Robert Gustave Lutgen and Charles Dennis Boltwood

BERGHOFER, Josef Xavier Gregor
consecrated on 6 January 1978 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
assisted by Maurie Revas and Andres Dombrosky

->also on 10 December 1978 by Helmut Norbert Mass assisted by Carl Ludwig Heigel and Edward Tadeusz Wajrot


BERGMAN, Michael
The Old Catholic Church of Antioch
The Most Rev. Michael Gene Bergman
2913 Eindborough Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado 80525 USA
Phone: (970) 229-0723 (from web site)
Emergency Phone: (970) 691-3068 (from web site)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor,
Guardian Angels Parish/OCCA, Fort Collins, CO.
Born: 1949.
Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic
- Deacon, Mar. 1996, by Bp. Frank Adams, "Russian Orthodox Church".
- Presbyter/Priest, Aug. 1996, The Catholic Apostolic Church of Antioch.
- Bishop, Aug. 2000, by Bp. Ronald D. Nowlan.
In the Media:
Advisory: Criminal conviction, 2001.

BERGMAN, Michael
no information

BERGMANN, James George
line of succession is unknown

consecrated on 15 February 1987 by: Joris Rueter
assisted by Dominic Mark Pyle-Bridges, Arend J. A. Materman and Reginal Gilbert Brough

no information

consecrated on 30 April 1978 by: Joseph W. Alisauskas

no information


  - +

BERNHARDT, Louis "Tex"
The Anglican Rite Old Catholic Church
The Internet Catholic Church
The Rt. Rev. Louis "Tex" N. Bernhardt, Jr., OSA
PO Box 5787, San Antonio, Texas 78201 USA
Phone: 210.699.9124 (from web site)
Secular Occupation:
- Professional ambulance service owner and operator - 30 years.
Professional / Ministerial Memberships:
- Executive Director of the San Antonio Minister's Service.
Served in law enforcement, and as an elected Texas constable.

- +


BERNOWSKI, Richard Vincent
consecrated in 1974 by: Joseph John Skureth
assisted by Francis Peter Facione


BERRY, Andrew
consecrated 6 August 1978 by: Boniface Grosvold,
assisted by Donald Henry Taylor and William Vincent Paul Haines-Howard

Bishop, The Old Roman Catholic Church in North America, Wexford Jurisdiction
The Most Rev. Andrew Berry



BERRY, Donald Mitchell
consecrated 6 June 1971 by: William Henry Daw
assisted by John Henry Vincent Russell

BERSEZ, Jacque-Marie
consecrated on 25 November 1984 by: Roger Caro

BERTIAUX, Michael Paul
consecrated on 15 August 1963 by: Hector Francois Jean-Maine
assisted by Carlos Adhemar and Lopez de Brion

->also on 18 January 1966 again by Jean-Maine assised by Jose Marraga y Adhemar

->also on 10 August 1967 by Rolland Merritt Shreves

->also on 25 December 1967 by Marc-Antoine Lully

->also on 31 August 1968 by Pierre Antoine Saint-Charles

->also on 29 June 1973 by Hector Francois Jean Maine assisted by Carlos Adhemar and Jose Sanchez y Marraga

->also on 16 June 1979 by Forest Ernest Barber

->also on 14 November 1985 by Jorge Rodriguex y Fairfield

BERUBE, Albert J.
no information

BESSLER, Ronald I.
consecrated by: James Griffis

consecrated on 8 June 1959 by: William Hall

BETA, Hymenaeus
line of succession is unknown

no information

consecrated on 7 February 1987 by: Gerrit Munnik

consecrated by: Michael Collin

also on 17 May 1975 by Josef Maria Thiesen

BILECKY, Adam A. Bolzy
consecrated by: Uladyslauy Ryzy-Ryski

BILLET, Grant Timothy
consecrated 25 December 1950 by: James, Earl Anglin
assisted by Charles Dennis Boltwood


    -  +

BILLINGS, David Joseph
consecrated on 11 December 1999 by: Dominic Martin
assisted by Timothy Paul Baymon, David Strong and Herbert Cannady

- +

consecrated on 3 December 1928 by: John G. Murray
assisted by John McKim and Henry St. G. Tucker.


BISHARA, Shphronios
consecrated by: Afitimos Ofiesh
assisted by: Rizhkallah Abo-Hotab, Elias II and Sidon


BISHOP, Robert Francis
consecrated on 20 February 1966 by: Walter Xavier Brown

BITTER, Martin
Presbyter/Priest, The Orthodox Catholic Church of America
The Very Rev. John Bitter
1220 N. Colorado, Indianapolis, Indiana 46201-2356 USA
Phone: 317.356.9345 (from web site)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor, Holy Eucharist Parish, Indianpolis, IN.

line of succession is unknown

BLAIR, Ronald
line of succession is unknown


BLALACK, Richard
Bishop, Christ Catholic Church International
The Rt. Rev. Richard Blalack
220 Cold Spring Road, Wayside, New Jersey 07712 USA
Phone: 732.542.1370 (from multiple web sites)
Current Public Ministry:
- Pastor,
Holy Chalice Old Catholic Church/CCCI, Eatontown, NJ.


   - +

BLANCHARD, Victor Alfred                               
consecrated 5 May 1918 by: Jean Bricaud

also was consecrated by the occultist/magician Gerard Encausse


BLANCHETTE, Charles Alphonse
consecrated 21 September 1928 by: Carmel Henry Carfora

BLANCO, Urbano A.
line of succession is unknown

BLEILE, Manfred
consecrated on 9 September 1971 by: K. I. Zechmeister
assisted by Alvaro Ernest Bejenaro Quesada

BLESS, Jurgen
consecrated on 4 January 1986 by: Paul G. W. Schultz, Jr.
assisted by Carroll Lowery, Howard van Orden, Arthur J. Garrow and Daniel Lawrence Schultz

consecrated in 1972 by: Joseph Hohn Skureth
assisted by Joseph G. Sokolowski


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BLEVINS, Gregory Ned
Presbyter/Priest, The Antiochian Catholic Church in America
The Rev. Gregory Ned Blevins
140 N. Means Street, Ridgeway South Carolina 29130 USA
Phone: (803) 337-3761
Email: (from web site)
Personal Web Site:
Current Public Ministry:
- Priest-in-charge,
St. Felicity's Antiochian Catholic Mission, Columbia, SC.
- Executive Director, Scriptorium, Inc., a non-profit medical transcription training agency run under the auspices of St. Felicity's Mission.
Current Internal Ministry:
- Ecumenical Representative for the Antiochian Catholic Church.
Born: 1957, Plentywood, Montana.
Faith of origin: Evangelical/Holiness/Pentecostal. "Born again" at age 7, "baptized in Holy Spirit" at age 14; "Jesus freak."
Other previous religious affiliations and experience:
- baptized and confirmed Roman Catholic in 1977; received into Episcopal Church USA in 1984. Served as choir member, lector, student peer minister, eucharistic minister, and vestry member at various times while affiliated with these bodies.
Entered Autocephalous Movement: 1994 (after more than a decade of observing it.)
Family: Married, Susan - two daughters.
- Graduated Scobey High School, Scobey, Montana, 1976.
- Attended Marquette University, Milwaukee WI.
- Episcopal Theological Seminary, Lexington KY.
- Trident Technical College and College of Charleston SC.
- US Navy Hospital Corps "A" School, San Diego CA.
- Attended many inservice and OJT educational experiences.
- Deacon, Sept. 1994, by Bp. Victor Mar Michael Herron, ACCA.
- Presbyter/Priest, Aug. 1995, by Bp. Victor Mar Michael Herron, ACCA.
Personal Accomplishments:
- Eagle Scout BSA, 1974.
- Relevant previous secular positions: radio broadcaster/reporter (several positions); Navy medic; volunteer suicide prevention telephone hotline counselor/shift supervisor/trainer; residential counselor with developmentally disabled adults; houseparent with adolescents in residential placement; volunteer student activist; electrician's helper, industrial construction.
People Fact:
- Spent a week at a Christian Ashram in Montana in the early 70s with Peter Gillquist as preacher. Then an Evangelical/Charismatic, Gillquist is now a prominent Eastern Orthodox priest, as are many of the men with whom he was associated at that time.

Wife also Ordained to prieshood... as Susan-Allen Blevins

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line of succession is unknown

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consecrated in 1966 by:Francis Everden Glenn

BLUMBERG, Joel Francis
consecrated on 6 February 1972 by an unknown person

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line of succession is unknown

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