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Disclaimer and instructions: Those listed in this Directory may not necessarily be acceptable as true and valid clergy or be accepted according to the norms of the Seven Ecumenical Councils prior to the schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Orthodox Catholic Church (1054 A.D.) being the Undivided Church Catholic East and West.      


The accuracy of the information about any individual clergyman must be updated or corrected by that individual with verifiable documentation in support of their claim if any correction or update is to be made whatsoever. To update or correct, you must also supply: YOUR E-Mail address, complete secular name, complete religious name, jurisdiction, residence or verifiable mailing address and phone number must be accompanied with the information and documentation submitted with the claim where applicable. Send to the U.S. Mailing Address:  Clergy Database Management,  61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951 , U.S.A. Allow for 30 to 90 days for changes to take effect in order to obtain verification of claims made.  E-Mail to may not necessarily be sufficient for updating or correcting information. 


In order to ensure a more fair role in providing information and ascertaining Truth, we shall only place a symbol in the photographic area of either "+" or "-" of which both may be included in some instances... to show that there are positive and negative information to that individual or jurisdiction.  What this means is that they have gone through the fires of testing for adherence to the faith accepting the fact of the Statement of the Apostles that all have fallen short of the mark of being considered, in the eyes of God, as 'holy' in this life!  If there is neither a "+" or a "-" symbol, it indicates that not enough information is available at this time.


By this sign you shall know them as being true to the  Catholic faith, East and West (Orthodox and Roman) according to information received.


Regarding photographic images... Before taking any kind of action, it is requested that you return to the main Clergy Database Entry page and read the notice about clergy photos or images. A notice to other webmasters and individuals is a MUST READ for instruction and verification of images used or obtain and posted in this clergy database.


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ABBINGA, Herman Philippus
consecrated 13 October 1946 by: Arthur Wolfort Brooks [Mar John Emmanuel]
assisted by: Charles William Keller, Harold F. A. Jarvis and John More-Moreno.

  • also on 28 November 1946 by Hugh George de Willmott Newman assisted by: Charles Leslie Saul and Richard Kenneth Hurgon.

  • ABBINGTON, Carr Gordon
    +Rt. Rev'd Carr Gordon Abbington, Andorra Anglican Manse Synod, Andorra 8. Tel: 376.836980
    Lines of Succession Unknown

    Tom Abel


    We are not sure as to who his consecrators were.



    ACTIVE, Rev. Sergie 

    Serves at the Altar of St. Nicholas Church:

    PO Box 8026
    Nanwalek,  AK,  996036626 

    Spouse: Tatianna
    Home Phone: 907-281-2258
    Diocese: OCA-AK


    ABDULLAFI, Basilius III
    consecrated on 13 June 1943 by: Mar Jacobus of Selsey

    ABOUR-OKOH, Jonathon
    +Most Rev'd Jonathon Abour-Okoh, Orthodox Catholic Church of Nigeria, P.O. Box 1730, Lagos, Nigeria

    Lines of Succession Unknown


    ABRAHAM, Rev. Father Philip  – Priest:  (No picture or ordination information available)

    Indian Orthodox Church Clergy Data Base

                Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church

    Fr. Abraham serves at the Altar of St. Mary’s Church located at:


    17808 Maplehurst Place

    Canyon Country, CA 91351

    Res. (714) 632-7325


    ACKER, Richard Colburn
    consecrated on 1 May 1977 by: J. E. Burns,
    Assisted by: E. H. Marshall, and John Trealeaven

    ACQUA, Samuel
    no information

    ACUNA, Jose Basileo
    consecrated on 7 February 1937 by: Charles H. Hampton
    assisted by: Ray Marshal Wardall.

    ADAIR, Gregory R. P.
    consecrated in June 1958 by: John More-Moreno

    ADAIR, John
    consecrated in June 1958 by: John More-Moreno


    ADAMS, Jack C.
    consecrated on 6 February 1871 by: Walter Myron Propheta
    assisted by: John Arthur Christian

    +Jack C. Adams, Old Episcopal Church, P.O. Box 2424, Mesa, AZ 85204-2424

    ADAMS, George
    consecrated in 1939 by: L. W. deLawrence
    also on 22 December 1967by Marc-Antoine Lully

    ADAMS, Judy Carolyn Catherine             "Synchrestic Ecumenist"
    consecrated on 20 August 1993 by: Martha Terese Shultz
    Assisted by Dale Shultz and Elizabeth Michael Thompson

    Mission Episcopate of Christ Pantocrator, P O Box 333, Lincolndale NY 10540-0000

    Website:  Tel: 914.248.7102.

    ADAMS, Raphael John
    consecrated on 3 February 1989 by: Francis Peter Facione,
    assisted by: James H. Rogers,  John J. Humphreys and Theodore J. Rematt

    ADAMS, Ralph
    consecrated by: Edward Michael Stehlik

    ADAMS, Walter Hollis - In Memorium
    consecrated 22 October 1972 by: William Eliot Littlewood
    assisted by Frederick Littler Pyman and Larry Lee Shaver
  • also on 23, 1972 by Herman Adrian Spruit
  • also on 15 June 1973 by Frederick Littler Pyman assisted by: Larry Lee Shaver
  • also on 26 September 1981 sub conditione by Francisco Pagtakhan assisted by: Sergio Mondala and Lope Rosete


    ADHEMAR, Carlos
    consecrated on 24 June 1959 by: Hector Francois Jean-Maine

  • also on 2 November 1959by Robert Ambelain
  • also on 15 August 1960 by Robert Joseph Bonnet

  • ADHEMAR, Michael Henri D'
    consecrated in both 1836 and 1868 by: Paul-Pierre de Marraga
  • also on either 24 June or 8 December 1836 by Ferdinand Chatel
  • also in 1868 by Manuel Lopez de Brion.
  • also on 1 January 1880 or 1881 by Joseph Antoine Boullanin a mutual exchange of consecrations.

  • ADLER, Randolph             "Synchrestic Ecumenist"
    +Most Rev'd Randolph Adler, Primate, Charismatic Episcopal Chruch, 107 W. Marquita, San Clemente, CA 92672-0000.
    Voice: 714.366.9999. Fax: 714.492.7238. E-mail:

    Lines of Succession Unknown

    ABO-HOTAB, Rizkallah
    consecrated on 11 September 1927 by: Abdullah Aftimios Ofiesh
    assisted by Arsenius Chagovtsev and Theophilus Pashkovsky

    ADROT, Maxime
    line of succession unknown


    +Aftimios II - The Most Rev.  See: [Leslie C. Sinclair]

    Lines of Succession Unknown

    4696 South East Horseshoe Ct.,
    Salem, OR 97301-0000. Tel: 503.375.6175. E-mail:


    AGLIPAY, Gregorio
    consecrated on 7 April 1948 by: Norman S. Binsted
    assisted by Robert Franklin Wilmer and Harry Shernbourne Kennedy

  • also consecrated sub conditione on 15 August 1948 by Leon Grochowski

  • AGUISANDO, Felicito
    line of succession is unknown

    AHMED, Nazarin B.
      +Bishop Nazarin B. Ahmed, Oratory of St. Ephrim, 574 Valley St., San Francisco, CA 94131-0000. Tel: 415.821.3366

    Lines of Succession Unknown

    consecrated 5 May 1984 by: G. Duncan Hinkson

    line of succession unknown

    AKAN, M.
    line of succession unknown

    ALAM, Khurshid
    consecrated on 4 July 1969 by: James Parker Dees

    ALCANTARA, Theophilus J.
    line of succession unknown


    ***ALEXANDER II, Lord

    +Lord Alexander II, BM 3254-27A Old Cloucester Street,  London WC1N 3XX. England

    Lines of Succession Unknown

    ALEXANDER, Daniel William
    consecrated on 11 September 1927 by: George Alexander McGuire
    Assisted By: William Ernest James Robertson and Arthur Stanley Trotman

    ALEXIE, V. Rev. Phillip -   Serves at the Altar of Presentation of the Theotokos Chapel:

    PO Box 6544
    Atmartluaq, AK  99559

    Spouse: Mildred
    Home Phone: 907-527-5027
    Diocese: OCA-AK

    ALIOTO, Thaddeus Bernard Joseph (Reposed)
    consecrated sub conditione on 22 May 1983 by: Wallace David De Ortega Maxey
    assisted by: Robert Ronald Ramm

    ALISAUSKAS, Joseph W.
    consecrated on 25 February 1969 by: William Henry Francis Brothers
    assisted by: Joseph MacCormack

    Presbyter/Priest, The Orthodox Catholic Church of America
    The Rev. Grover Alison-Price
    2330 Wilton Driver, Wilton Manors, Florida 33305 USA


    ALLARD, Walter C.
    consecrated on 22 October 83 by: Andre Leon Zotique Barbeau;
    Assisted by: Andre LeTellier and Jean Marie Breault

     +Walter Allard, 215-425 East 11th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5T 4K8. Canada. 604.874.0111

    ALEE, Clyde Ramon
    consecrated on 28 May 1988 by: Alan Maxwell Bain

     +Clyde Ramon Allee, Community of James the Just, Holy Orthodox Church, American Jurisdiction
     986 Cedar Avenue, Apt 5. Long Beach, CA 90813-4679.

    ALLEE, John
    no information


    ALLEN, David
    Presbyter/Priest, The Orthodox Catholic Church of America
    The Rev. David Allen
    12904 Marva Place SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87123-3812 USA
    Phone: 505.271.9277 (from web site)


    ALLEN, John
    no information

    ALLMEN, Robert - "Synchrestic Ecumenism"
    Bishop, The Reformed Catholic Church (III)
    P.O. Box 725, Hampton Bays, New York 11946-0607 USA
    Phone: 631.723.2012 (from web site)
            Faith of Origin: Roman Catholic
                - Deacon, c. 1975, Roman Catholic.
                - Presbyter/Priest, c. 1976, Roman Catholic.
                - Consecrated: 1995, by Bp. William D. Donovan.
    Personal Accomplishments:
    "Served as a Roman Catholic Parish Priest in New York on Long Island for seventeen years."


    ALPHEN, J. C.
    line of succession is unknown

    ALTENBACH, Conrad
    consecrated in 1984 by: George J. Musey

    ALUYA, Albert
    reported to have been consecrated in 1966 by T. Makeba [Mar Solomon]

    ALVAREZ, Antonio Francisco Xavier [Mar Julius I]
    consecrated 29 July 1889 by: Joseph Pulikottil [Joseph Mary Dionysos V]
    Assisted by: Paulose Kadavil Kooran [Paulose Mar Athanasius], Geevargjese Pallathitta, Chathuruhil [Geevarghese Mar Gregorius,  Paulose Murimattom [Paulose Mar Ivanius]; co-consecrator

    AMADEO, William F. Luke
    no information

    +Most Rev'd William F. Luke Amadeo, D.D., Diocese of the French Caribbean, Balin 97131 Petit Canal,
    Guadeloupe, FWI. Tel: 0590.24.45.28.

    thought to be consecrated by: Roberto de la Caridad Toca

    AMADO, Juan
    consecrated on 6 February 1976 by: Clemente Dominguez Gomez
    assisted by Manuel Alonso Corral and Camilo Estevez Puga

    AMADOU, Robert
    consecrated in 1944 by: Henri Meslin de Champigny
  • also on 28 January1945 by Victor Blanchard
  • also on 17 September 1988 by Bertil Persson

  • AMBELAIN, Robert
    consecrated in 1943 by: Henri Meslin de Champigny
  • also on 15 June 1946 by Roger Menard

  • AMES, Geoffrey  
    Presbyter/Priest, The International Council of Community Churches
    Franciscan Servants of the Holy Cross, Inc.
    The Rev. Msgr. Geoffrey W. "Francis John" Ames, FSHC
    40 Conant Street # 5, Danvers, Massachusetts 01923 USA
    Phone: 978.750.4590 (listed per prior request, also from web site)
    Current Public Ministry:

    - All Souls Prayer Ministry and Outreach (part of the FSHC). This ministry "focuses on intercessory prayer, spiritual guidance and informational resources for those seeking a greater, closer relationship with God."
    - Fully qualified and trained Chaplain Assistant (US Army Chaplain Center and School, Ft. Jackson, S.C.) serving currently with the Massachusetts Army National Guard.
    Entered the Autocephalous Movement: April 1999.
    - A.A. Law Enforcement.
    - B.A. Psychology.
    - "Diploma of Graduate of Biblical Studies from the Institute of Biblical Studies, Forest, VA."
    - Certificate program of the Apostolic Institute of Sacred Ministry of the Servants of the Holy Cross.
    - Doctoral studies at Genesis Theological Seminary/Bethel Center of Religious Studies of the CWACC in Canada.
    - Accredited distance graduate studies at the American Bible College and Seminary, Bethany, OK.
    Religious Professions:
    - "Incardinated into Servants of the Holy Cross (Old Catholic) in April 1999."
    Current Professional Credentials:
    - Certified/Registered Hypnotherapist with the American Board of Hypnotherapy, Irvine, CA (*please note - I do not practice or participate in "new age" modalities such as past life regression, etc., which promote "magical thinking" and are simply not constructive and as those paradigms of treatment conflict with my Christian Catholic beliefs.) Certified since 1996.
    - Oct. 1999, Nationally Certified Bereavement Facilitator, The American Academy of Bereavement, a division of Carondelet Health Care, Tucson, AZ.
    Professional Memberships:
    - The American Association of Christian Counselors.
    - The Military Chaplains Association of the USA.
    - Spiritual Directors International.
    - The American Academy of Bereavement.
    - Franciscans International.
    - Presbyter/Priest, Nov. 1999, by Bp. Paul Vahaeren per the mandate of Bp. Ronald Nowlan, Archbishop Irwin Young and the Msgr. Paul Levario-Young of the CWACC and the Servants of the Holy Cross.
    Personal Accomplishments:
    - Previously involved with non-denominational ministry since 1995 serving prison inmates and mentally retarded adults living in an institutional setting.

    AMURAO, Sofronio
    line of succession is unknown

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