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We believe that what is presented is a step in the right direction to bring our Orthodox Faith alive to all and a means to cure some of the ills that separate our Roman faithful from the root, ground and base of all things Christian: being Orthodox Catholic Christianity that began in the A.D. 800's and culminated in the official schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church from Orthodoxy in 1054 A.D. 

By presenting these articles and informational pages and subsequent, hoped for, weekly presentations, this endeavor will reach a wider audience and provide a means for dialogue.  For it is in and through the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that love, compassion and understanding may come about.  In saying this truth, it also means that we make another attempt to fulfill the ideal of why we are called "Christian" ...

Orthodoxy is not a religion.  It is CHRISTIANITY itself! To a true Christian, the events taking place through out the world and locally in the USA today is important because of how it may (and in some instances has) affected our religious rights and freedoms here in the U.S.A and in some other Western World Countries already.

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As Thou, Father, art in me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us. (John 17:21)

Christopher Herman 12:24pm Dec 29
"A divided Christian conservative base plays perfectly into the hands of Romney, who enjoys twice as much support in Iowa from non-born again voters than from born-agains. Obviously, Romney would like to win the state, and he may well do so. But he’d probably be just as happy to lose out to Paul as long as none of the would-be Christian right standard-bearers post breakout showings. Under this scenario, Romney would be able to pitch himself as the GOP’s last best defense against Paul, whose nomination would unnerve much of the Christian right (because of his stance on Israel and the Muslim world) and other key blocs.

And if Bachmann, Santorum, Perry and Gingrich all finish lumped together in the low-teens or high single digits, there’d be no easy way to determine who of them should go on and who should drop out — nor would it be obvious to Christian conservatives in other states which non-Romney candidate they should rally around. This would increase the likelihood of a potentially decisive Romney victory in South Carolina on January 21."
The Christian right’s self-fulfilling nightmare
How Iowa evangelicals may unwittingly assist the two GOP candidates they least like

Christopher Herman 12:20pm Dec 29
Obama administration secretly preparing options for aiding the Syrian opposition
As the violence in Syria spirals out of control, top officials in President Barack Obama's administr...

Smear campaign fails as Ron Paul keeps lead in Iowa — RT
Even as the establishments pulls all the punches it can to try to stop Ron Paul’s campaign for the presidency, the GOP hopeful is still the favorite among voters gearing up for the Iowa caucus.

Chavez discusses America's hottest export: cancer — RT
America has troops on the ready outside North Korea, has spy drones stationed to enter Iran and has God knows how many other secrets up its sleeves. What else could the US be up to?

What is Functional Medicine? - Dr. Krupka describes the Functional Medicine Philosophy, and explains how it differs from prescriptive medicine widely available today.

 "Why do men learn through pain and suffering, and not through pleasure and happiness? Very simply, because pleasure and happiness accustom one to satisfaction with the things given in this world, whereas pain and suffering drive one to seek a more profound happiness beyond the limitations of this world. Fr. Seraphim Rose"

Christopher Herman 6:28pm Dec 15
AUSTRALIA'S key trading region in the Asia Pacific is the most vulnerable part of the world to a sudden capital strike by global banks, a leading economic authority has warned. New research from the influential Bank for International Settlements shows emerging markets in Asia would be heavily exposed if there were a credit crunch.

– Sidney Morning Herald
The Daily Bell - BIS Promotes Asian Financial Crisis?
The secretive Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements has just warned that Asia is vulnerable...

Christopher Herman 3:17pm Dec 15
"In June, Hezbollah announced that it had captured two, perhaps three, CIA spies who had infiltrated its organization. Last week, the story finally made headlines in the U.S. press. According to some former U.S. officials, Hezbollah may have identified as many as a dozen CIA informants within its organization.

This is only the agency’s latest setback at the hands of a terrorist organization. In December 2009, an al-Qaida suicide bomber killed seven CIA officers at an American compound in Afghanistan. In April 1983, a Hezbollah car bomb destroyed the U.S. embassy in Beirut, killing 60 people, including 17 Americans, eight of whom were CIA employees. Given the agency’s track record, very few intelligence and Middle East experts were surprised by last week’s revelation that the CIA had been handed another loss in the region.

But the analysts have gotten it wrong on the bottom line. Though most experts and commentators are making this out to be bad for the CIA—and many current and former U.S. officials believe it is—it’s actually Hezbollah that comes out the big loser."
Hezbollah Is the Big Loser in the CIA Spy Story – Tablet Magazine
Fallible: Infiltrated by up to a dozen CIA spies, Hezbollah, the official party of God, is taking hi...

Christopher Herman 2:57pm Dec 15
A View From Israel: Democracy and Hypocrisy
The bills being debated in the Knesset threaten the Left – but that doesn’t mean they threaten democ...

Christopher Herman 11:36am Dec 15
IDF announces new 'depth' command for long-range military operations
New command to be headed by former chief of elite special forces squad Sayeret Matakl; unit to super...

Christopher Herman 11:20am Dec 15
How Ron Paul could give the GOP a heart attack
Sean Hannity and his fellow Republican elites are realizing they might have their own Jesse Jackson ...

Christopher Herman 11:07am Dec 15
'Justice Has Been Done': Former French Leader Chirac Guilty of Corruption - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News -.
For France, it's a sensation: Former President Jacques Chirac has been given a two-year suspended ja...

Christopher Herman 11:06am Dec 15
State-Sanctioned Theft: A Paradise for Car Thieves in Ukraine - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Internationa
In Ukraine, the government is allowed to sell or use cars that have been stolen in other countries. ...

How Could the U.S. Government Be So Wrong About Fats?
what you dont know about fats

Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World
Sweet Misery is a close examination into what many in the medical community have voiced over the last few decades on the safety of Aspartame sweetener. Is th... - TYT: Ron Paul Hate From Establishment Republicans
Ron Paul is hated by establishment Republicans. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks down how frightened the corrupt political establishment is with Ron Paul.

Natural Health Tip #5- Do Not Buy GMO Products
Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are becoming increasingly popular in today's culture. In this video, Dr. Gerhauser explains the dangers of using and co...

Christopher Herman 8:58am Dec 26
"Iran is an international belligerent beyond the level of Cuba when they were marching around Africa and South America until the collapse of the Soviet Union. With Iran's training and support of Hamas and Hezbollah, they have launched direct attacks on US allies, most notably on Israel in 2006. They threaten international shipping through the Straits of Hormuz and receive the wholesale support of neo-Marxists worldwide...

One tactic that both Marxist and some libertarians use is the "elected government" excuse, i.e., Gaza elected Hamas as their government, therefore Hamas can do whatever it likes. Well libertarians, I ask you, whatever it likes to whom? For one thing, the first acts the Gaza government did (after Israel gave the Gaza strip to them) was to refuse to acknowledge Israel as a legitimate government and then declared war on Israel. Somehow, the Ron Paul libertarians miss these little historic fact points and jump to the declaration that Israel is committing an act of war by enforcing a weapons blockade of Gaza. While it is laughable when Marxists invoke that excuse, since the occasional novelty of elected Marxist governments did not begin until around the late 1970s, it is tragic when people who say that they know history and value freedom use the free election excuse."
This is far from the only case where Dr. Paul has been historically or fact challenged and it fits i...

Christopher Herman 9:04pm Dec 23
Rep. Landry Offers Amendment to NDAA to Protect Civil Liberties
Rep. Jeff Landry (R-La.) has offered an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that wou...

Christopher Herman 9:01pm Dec 23
The discovery of a key historical document lays to rest one of the longest running debates on the 19...

Christopher Herman 8:35pm Dec 23
"The reemergence of the newsletters, and insistent questions about them by a CNN reporter, led to a widely reported walk-out by Rep. Paul from a CNN interview December 22. Paul supporters have reported that the phrases — which did appear in newsletters bearing Paul's name — had little connection with either the tone or substance of Paul's remarks on race — either in public and private — before, during, or since the newsletters were published. Moreover, Paul supporters have noted that he has long called Martin Luther King a political "hero" and stressed that the voted to create Martin Luther King Day as a federal holiday (while fellow GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich voted against the resolution) in a 1979 congressional vote.

USA Today ran with a headline alleging Paul "story changes" on the issue since 1996, but all the story revealed is that Paul had said in 2001 that he didn't admit in 1996 that he hadn't written the newsletters on the advice of campaign staffers."
Ron Paul and the Racist Newsletters
The Rep. Ron Paul newsletter scandal alleging racism may not do the Texas Republican any damage, as ...

Christopher Herman 8:27pm Dec 23
"If I had to limit my own library to ten out of those sixteen thousand Holocaust books, this would be one of them. And the next time graduate students ask me for help in grasping the often confusing diversity of the field, I shall urge them to read this book and to keep it within reach on the desk--or to bookmark the welcome electronic version the press has provided and equipped with an excellent navigation system."
Peter Hayes, John K. Roth, eds. The Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies. Corby: Oxford Universit...

Christopher Herman 8:26pm Dec 23
For years, the idea has seemed like a pipe dream. Now, China is poised to build a railway connecting...

Christopher Herman 6:07pm Dec 23
"The U.S. government acknowledges that U.S. military forces were involved in “armed conflict” this year in Libya, but it does not acknowledge that they were engaged in “hostilities.”

Earlier this year, State Department legal advisor Harold H. Koh attempted to parse these distinctions, which have significant legal consequences, and to deflect some pointed questions from members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. His responses to Senators’ questions for the record (pdf) from a June 28 Committee hearing were published last month. The full hearing volume is here (pdf)."
Libya and War Powers | Secrecy News

hristopher Herman 6:01pm Dec 23
Feinstein Introduces Due Process Guarantee Act
Senator Diane Feinstein introduced the Due Process Guarantee Act to preserve the right of citizens a...

Christopher Herman 5:58pm Dec 23
Kathleen Sebelius Destroyed Evidence to Protect Planned Parenthood in a Child Rape Case
These are the makings of a major scandal that should be plastered across the front page of every new...

Christopher Herman 4:58pm Dec 23
Dr. Erin Carr-Jordan, banned from entering the McDonald’s franchise near her home, details her horri...

Christopher Herman 8:57am Dec 22
"Time and time again, we see how Western concepts, when articulated through an Islamic framework, lead to results antithetical to the West. For instance, “democracy” and “elections”—which in the West suggest “freedom,” “human rights,” “liberty,” etc.—are today being used to bring Sharia law, the antithesis of Western law, to power.

In this recent video, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Dr. Safwat Hegazy, a popular preacher, talks about how he yearns to see Arab nations become “like the United States”—for them to unify into the “United Arab States.” While that may sound like an admirable (or at least neutral) goal, bear in mind what he is alluding to: the resurrection of a caliphate—which by nature exists to expand, including through jihad.

Moreover, Hegazy made clear that his interest in seeing the “United Arab States” has less to do with Arab solidarity (nationalism) and more to do with Islamic allegiance (religion). As he gushed about how wonderful it would be for Arab nations to unite into one bloc, the secular and skeptical host interviewing him reluctantly agreed, “so long as the capital is Cairo,” that is, so long as Egypt’s integrity remains. To this, Hegazy replied: “No, I say the capital is Jerusalem, Allah willing.”

Thus, just as that sacrosanct word “democracy” is being used to establish fascist rule in the Muslim world, so too is the notion of a “United Arab States” fraught with problems—from the elimination of Israel to the establishment of an expansionist caliphate on its remains."
Weblog about jihad theology and ideology, correcting popular misconceptions about Islam.

Christopher Herman 8:46am Dec 22
North Korean Killing Fields 1
North Korean Killing Fields 1 - A modern-day Mauthausen: Camp 22, North Korea, a hidden place of dea...

Christopher Herman 8:39am Dec 22
"The law, understandably, is not on Manning's side. This military malfeasant will, in all likelihood, face court martial. What is top-secret to some, however, is open-source for others. First-Amendment jurisprudence is just as clear-cut with respect to the great guerrilla journalism of WikiLeaks. WikiLeaks operators have committed no crime in publishing what is undeniably true, newsworthy information. Antsy America has no jurisdiction over a foreign entity (WikiLeaks) and its proprietor (Julian Assange).

The Wall Street Journal's Law Blog confirmed that US law looks upon WikiLeaks as "a passive recipient of the material." "Most First Amendment lawyers would say that preventing the publication of material is justified only where absolutely necessary to prevent almost immediate and imminent disaster. It's an extremely high standard," Jack Balkin, a First Amendment expert at Yale Law, told the WSJ."
Assange is us | Ilana Mercer
ILANA MERCER, libertarian author, columnist, blogger

Christopher Herman 8:08am Dec 22
"Either the president is a disappointment because he did what he did or or he's a disappointment because he didn't do enough. Given the long list of actions that usually gets attached to his name, I'm betting on the former."
Matt Damon: "We Bought a Zoo" Sez Country Would Have Been Off with a "One-Term President With Some B
The truly great actor Matt Damon (he's even good in Team America, fer chrissakes!) takes to the acid...

Christopher Herman 8:04am Dec 22
The New York Times Is Suing the DOJ Over the Assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki
Back in September President Obama had U.S. citizen Anwar al-Awlaki assassinated. When pressed on the...

Christopher Herman 7:17am Dec 22
Taking Heat: Ron Paul Walks Out Of CNN Interview
After frustration with CNN's continuing questions on his knowledge of newsletters published under hi...

Christopher Herman 9:33pm Dec 20
"A major reason is because the Texan advocates policies which are the exact opposite of his rhetoric. If you visit his website it indicates he supports many things he actually opposes."
The Case Against Ron Paul by Gregory Hilton
Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) says "If you have the inconsistency then you're not defending liberty."[1] Paul...

Christopher Herman 6:58pm Dec 20
So, how real is the concern over Congressman Ron Paul's position on Israel? Real enough that the Re...

Christopher Herman 12:35pm Dec 20
"Once I saw how the meat we were selling had been raised, and met the farmers who were striving to raise animals sustainably and ethically, I overcame my aversion to consuming meat. I realized I didn't have a problem with meat. I had a problem with the inhumane practices of the commercial meat industry. Once I saw how things could be done, I was happy to support the farmers who make our business possible and profitable.

This does not mean that any of us have shut our eyes to concerns about modern meat, dairy, and egg production. Industrialized agriculture raises chickens, turkeys, pigs, and dairy cows in dreary, crowded confinement, fed and watered by automated systems. Most are continually given antibiotics in their food or water to keep them alive and speed their growth. The federal Food and Drug Administration has reported that 80 percent of U.S. antibiotics are now used in animal agriculture. At their worst, intensive operations cram pregnant sows, egg-laying hens, and veal calves into cages so restrictive the animals can barely move.

But not all forms of animal farming should be painted with the same brush. And it's simply inaccurate to suggest that a vegan diet is necessary for optimal health."
Eating Animals
Collectively, we have lived 52 years vegetarian or vegan. Yet we no longer think vegetarianism is th...

Christopher Herman 4:47pm Dec 19
Why has the FDA ignored the fact that mercury, an element that is highly toxic in all forms, was fou...

Christopher Herman 4:44pm Dec 19
Gingrich: Send U.S. Marshals to arrest uncooperative judges
Judges who refused to appear before Congress to explain their decisions could face arrest, Newt Grin...

Christopher Herman 4:44pm Dec 19
Newt Gingrich says he'd defy Supreme Court rulings he opposed
Newt Gingrich says as president he would ignore Supreme Court decisions that conflicted with his po...

Christopher Herman 6:55am Dec 17

Christopher Herman 11:33am Dec 16
Earlier this year, I was part of a Constitution Day panel discussion on same-sex marriage at Rutgers...

Christopher Herman 10:05am Dec 16
Prison » Was The “Collapse” Of MF Global Premeditated? A Conspiracy Theory Thought Exper
Derivatives, unlike stocks where the equation has always been murky, are for the most part zero-sum ...

Christopher Herman 10:05am Dec 16
"I spent an unpleasant few hours watching Jon Corzine play a Congressional Committee like a Stradivarius. Here is a man with a stellar resume: Goldman Sachs financial genius and CEO, senator from NJ, governor of NJ; CEO of MF Global. The congressmen, bless their souls, had no idea what actually happened. Was the risk taken by MF Global excessive? Mind you, there is no agreed upon definition of "excessive." Well, the congressmen are sure that it must have been excessive risk, or else how could the firm go under?

Is the Dodd-Frank monstrosity at fault for being insufficiently strict? Nobody knows. Predictably, Democrats think so, and Republicans realize that it is just arbitrary rule-making by bureaucrats who hate anyone who earns money by investing. My own view is that Dodd-Frank is irrelevant in this case. By now, you would think that our congressmen would have educated themselves just a little bit about high finance. After you stop laughing, you might think that they had hired staffers who understood it very well. You would still be wrong. The regulators, whoever they are, obviously don't understand. Geithner and Bernanke lecture the world from a valley of ignorance and cronyism. Some of the go-to pundits on various financial shows have some idea, but they don't explain it coherently.

Here are just a few questions it would have been nice to hear from the honorable members:

What controls were in place to prevent improper use of customer funds?
Who had the power to override those controls?
How could commingling occur without being spotted within 24 hours?
Who was the senior risk manager of the firm?
What are his or her credentials for that job?
How much power did the risk manager have to veto transactions?
Can you supply copies of all official risk reports to you and/or the board of directors?
What sorts of risk reports did you routinely monitor on a daily basis?
How was the decision made on the amount of leverage to use on any particular investment?
Who loaned the firm money backed by risky collateral?
Were the shareholders apprised of the risks being taken by the firm?
Do you play golf? How often? (OK...let him take the fifth on that.)"
Articles: Criminal Negligence at MF Global
I spent an unpleasant few hours watching Jon Corzine play a Congressional Committee like a Stradivar...

Christopher Herman 10:02am Dec 16
Martin Kramer: "Prime Minister Netanyahu cold-shoulders the New York Times, which had asked him to submit an op-ed. His senior adviser replies to the Times with a stinging indictment of its Israel coverage and op-ed bias, ending thus: "With all due respect to your prestigious paper, you will forgive us for declining your offer. We wouldn't want to be seen as 'Bibiwashing' the op-ed page of the New York Times." Touché."

Christopher Herman 10:00am Dec 16
If the writer can so easily make the case that Gingrich practically supports amnesty, why is it that Bachmann can't, and instead reduces herself to accusatory mantras?
Articles: Gingrich's Citizenship Problem
After the November 22 Republican debate in Washington, D.C., many conservatives took issue with Newt...

Christopher Herman 9:52am Dec 16
According to Homeland Security News Wire, research teams from all across the United States are hard ...

Christopher Herman 9:51am Dec 16
Prison » Greenwald: It Couldn’t Be Any Clearer That The Indefinite Detention Bill DOES A
It is very worthwhile to briefly examine — and debunk — the three principal myths being spread by su...

Christopher Herman 9:08am Dec 16
"When the PPAHCA reduced Medicare "costs" by 21%, it cut Medicare payments (to providers). Thus, such cost-cutting actually cuts services to patients. As Robert Moffit of the Heritage Foundation testified before Congress, "you cannot get more of something by paying less for it."
Meanwhile, PPAHCA increased the costs of the federal healthcare bureaucracy by six whole new agencies, hundreds (perhaps thousands) of bureaucrats added to the payrolls, and many thousands of new rules and regulations. So the government controls and increases spending to/on itself while controlling and decreasing spending on patients.
Need proof? Of all the money spent on "healthcare" in 2010, 40% -- that is, over $1 trillion -- just disappeared. It went into healthcare but provided no health care. That statistic was before PPAHCA, which could raise the disappearing dollars to half (!) of all healthcare spending."
Articles: Actually, Health Care Costs Are Under Control
Health care costs are under control -- very tight control -- by Washington.

Christopher Herman 9:04am Dec 16
"Newt lacks both character and a conservative record. He has embraced just about every liberal big-government idea you can think of at some point in his career. He demanded government intervention to help control global warming, called for "Green Conservatism" and even co-sponsored an environmentalist bill with Nancy Pelosi, praised FDR in two of his books as "probably the greatest president of the twentieth century," and much more."
Articles: What Line Must Newt Gingrich Cross for Conservatives to Disown Him?
Yes, Newt is a brilliant individual with savvy debating skills, but is that a good enough excuse for...

Christopher Herman 8:22am Dec 16
"If you are as clueless as the Republican presidential contenders about America's labyrinthine visa programs – most of the candidates call for more special visas for highly skilled individuals – listen closely: There is no limit to the number of geniuses American companies can import through the open-ended O-1 visa program, which allows unlimited access to individuals with unique abilities.

H-1B visas, on the other hand, go mostly to average workers. In addition to their mostly ordinary abilities, the Indian H-1B intake is bringing with it an extraordinary antipathy for little girls. Chain migration means that each H-1B recruit brings in an extended family – all the better to help sustain the practice.

Empirical proof of these impregnable positions comes from the University of California, San Francisco. The UCSF conducted a "qualitative study of son preference and fetal sex selection among Indian immigrants in the United States." It showed that "Indian immigrant women are using reproductive technologies and liberal abortion policies in the United States to abort female fetuses." The study was published in Social Science & Medicine. Therein, the objects of observation are quoted as saying this: "There is such a thing as too many daughters, but not too many sons."

The current monomania over Muslims and their disdain for women conceals that the habits of Hindus are as horrible."
Importing monstrous morals

Christopher Herman 7:59am Dec 16
California regulators frame Organic Pastures and force raw milk shut down over fabricated E. Coli sc

Christopher Herman 7:56am Dec 16
"The complete list of the traitorous, criminal members of the House who voted YES on this bill -- all of which must now be arrested and prosecuted under the laws of the U.S. Constitution -- is available here:

Read these names well, because they will go down in history as the seditious elitists who betrayed the American people in their most desperate hour, unleashing total police state tyranny against the innocent."
Obama to fill Gitmo with Americans as NDAA law passes
Obama to fill Gitmo with Americans as NDAA law passes

Christopher Herman 7:37am Dec 16
"Ron Paul isn’t going to take 37.6 percent of the caucus vote, as Kerry did in 2004. But he has a better organization in Iowa than Gingrich and inspires more enthusiasm than Romney, making it perfectly possible that he could eke out a narrow victory. On Monday, before the latest round of polling, Tim Carney noted in the Washington Examiner that Gingrich’s support in the state is broad but shallow (“I don’t really like Gingrich,” one Iowan told Carney. “I was just told he’s the guy to beat Mitt”), while Paul’s support is narrow but deep. If Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann or even Rick Santorum gains a little more ground at Gingrich’s expense, Paul might be able to win the caucuses with less than 25 percent of the vote.

Should Iowa really come down to Paul versus Gingrich, the clash will make for a fascinating contrast. Physically, neither man resembles a classic presidential candidate (especially compared to Romney and Perry) but for completely different reasons. Paul is all bone and sinew and nervous energy – an Ichabod Crane or a Jack Sprat, hunched and herky-jerky in too-large suits. Gingrich is broad and self-assured and faintly decadent, with a Cheshire Cat’s face and a body that looks like it’s ready for its toga.

Neither man talks like a typical presidential candidate, either: They’re more verbose, less sound bite-ridden, more digressive and less embarrassed about displaying erudition. But again, their specific rhetorical styles are worlds apart. It’s useful to imagine both of them as the kind of eccentric uncle who talks your ear off at a Christmas party. Uncle Newt has an easygoing and expansive mien, the latest gadget on his belt, and a remarkably persuasive five-point case for why you should invest in his new business venture. Uncle Ron just wants to hector you about the evils of the Trilateral Commission.

Most important, they represent two very different endpoints for the Tea Party movement. Paul, for all his crankishness, is the kind of conservative that Tea Partiers want to believe themselves to be: Deeply principled, impressively consistent, a foe of big government in nearly all its forms (the Department of Defense very much included), a man of ideas rather than of party.

Gingrich, on the other hand, is the kind of conservative that liberals believe most Tea Partiers to be – not a genuine “don’t tread on me” libertarian, but a partisan Republican whose unstinting support for George W. Bush’s deficit spending morphed into hand-wringing horror of “socialism” once a Democrat captured the Oval Office.

Paul’s rigid consistency can be a vice, and Gingrich’s flexibility a virtue. (Its disastrous ending notwithstanding, his term as speaker included genuine accomplishments that wouldn’t have been possible without a willingness to deal and compromise.) But for a movement that conceives of itself as a rebuke to the grubby compromises of Washington business-as-usual, the Texan congressman should represent a beau ideal, and the former speaker of the house should represent the enemy."
Ron Paul Rising
In Iowa, it's not so much Gingrich vs. Romney as Gingrich vs. Paul.

Christopher Herman 7:35am Dec 16
"I see in Paul none of the resentment that burns in Gingrich or the fakeness that defines Romney or the fascistic strains in Perry's buffoonery. He has yet to show the Obama-derangement of his peers, even though he differs with him. He has now gone through two primary elections without compromising an inch of his character or his philosophy. This kind of rigidity has its flaws, but, in the context of the Newt Romney blur, it is refreshing. He would never take $1.8 million from Freddie Mac. He would never disown Reagan, as Romney once did. He would never speak of lynching Bernanke, as Perry threatened. When he answers a question, you can see that he is genuinely listening to it and responding - rather than searching, Bachmann-like, for the one-liner to rouse the base. He is, in other words, a decent fellow, and that's an adjective I don't use lightly."
[Re-posted from earlier today.] The Dish goes through the process of endorsing candidates in a prima...

Christopher Herman 7:25am Dec 16
"In a mostly brave, mostly sensible editorial posted Wednesday evening at National Review Online, the editors of the conservative movement's flagship magazine took an emphatic stand against the rise of Newt Gingrich, listing his specific character flaws, laying out how he has demonstrated them recently, and explicitly urging GOP primary voters to back a different candidate. Who? The editorial argues that Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman and Rick Santorum are all worth another look, meanwhile making brief cases against the remaining Republican candidates.

Rick Perry "has seemed curiously and persistently unable to bring gravity to the national stage," the editors argue, while Michelle Bachmann has demonstrated poor judgment with some of her rhetoric. And the brief against Congressman Ron Paul? Here's the whole argument: "Representative Paul's recent re-dabbling in vile conspiracy theories about September 11 are a reminder that the excesses of the movement he leads are actually its essence."

It nearly made me spit out my drink.

The implication is that Rep. Paul is a 9/11 truther -- you'd think, reading that one sentence, that Paul stated or implied the U.S. government either orchestrated or had foreknowledge of the attacks. In fact, Rep. Paul responded to the September 11 attacks by voting to authorize an actual war against its perpetrators; and as anyone who is even passingly familiar with his worldview knows, his controversial opinion is that Islamist terrorists attack the United States partly because they are furious about the quasi-imperial role America plays in their countries. The blow-back theory is itself controversial, but it is obviously different from 9/11 Trutherism.

As it turns out, the editorial was misleadingly alluding to something Paul said a few days ago in Iowa, when he was talking about the Iraq War and his fears that we're headed for a war with Iran. "Just think of what happened after 9/11," Paul said. "Immediately before there was any assessment, there was glee in the administration because now we can invade Iraq. So the war drums beat." Contra Paul, I don't think it's fair to attribute "glee" to the Bush Administration. I presume even the most Machiavellian among its officials were horrified by the attacks. It is nevertheless true that longtime proponents of invading Iraq exploited 9/11 to urge a war. The Project for the New American Century is not a conspiracy theory. Nor are quotes like this one, spoken by Newt Gingrich on September 19, 2001: "If we don't use this as the moment to replace Saddam after we replace the Taliban, we are setting the stage for disaster."

Vice President Dick Cheney certainly felt the same way.

Conservatives in general and National Review in particular are perfectly within their rights to find Paul's views about blow-back, non-interventionism, and the undue bellicosity of the establishment wrongheaded, and to argue against his libertarian take on foreign policy. In the editorial above, however, Paul's actual views are egregiously obscured, and the editors seem to reach the transparently absurd conclusion that the popularity his foreign policy message has found is grounded in a conspiracy theory about 9/11 rather than understandable disgust at the actual foreign policy decisions made in response to it.

The evasive treatment of Paul's views and popularity is of a piece with the general refusal among movement conservatives to logically rebut critiques of American foreign policy made by libertarians and paleocons. The crank card and the 9/11 card are often the extent of their response.

Dismissing the burgeoning number of Americans on the right who are suspicious of interventionism and hawkishness is intellectually suspect and unwise. A majority of Republicans now think that the Iraq War was a mistake. The general non-interventionist impulse on the right has never completely gone away. Paul is by no means the ideal vehicle for non-interventionism. But insofar as he plays a significant role in the GOP primary, it will be partly due to the fact that the legitimate concerns he articulates are taken up by no other viable candidate. One needn't be an ardent Paul supporter to suspect that National Review would rather that no viable GOP candidate spoke up to challenge the hawkish impulses on the elite right ."
Pretending That Ron Paul Doesn't Matter Won't Make Him Go Away
Like the mainstream media and Fox News, a dismissive National Review refuses to engage his arguments...

Christopher Herman 7:35pm Dec 15
2011 Top Ten Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Slurs – according to the Simon Wiesenthal Center
Click here for the pdf from the Simon Wiesenthal Center 1. “I come before you today from th...

Christopher Herman 7:20pm Dec 15
IDF soldiers: Problem in West Bank isn't Palestinains, it's Jews
'Our purpose there is to protect the Jews, but they generate many of the problems. It's very confusi...

Christopher Herman 7:03pm Dec 15
"Did you know that Norway is one of the strongest economies in the world? People in Norway certainly don’t. Norway is richer than Bahrain and, yet, austerity measures are imposed on the Norwegian people with cuts in their welfare system. In fact, Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live for food, housing, and general necessities.

Yet Norway has an estimated 3.1 trillion crowns in her Oil Foundation. That equals more than 533 billion USD. That’s about 106,640 USD for each person in Norway. Now, I'm not a number geek, but this is a lot.

Did they actually think that the Elite wouldn’t target this kind of money? Think again. Well, the Matrix can't start a war on the grounds of "implementing democracy" in Norway, because they kind of have one already (but why again is there Royalty in democracies?), so they have to snatch it with other strategies. So the money is placed in a construction called The Government Pension Fund. Clever name, their Minister of Finance Sigbjoerg Johnsen set it off about 15 years ago.

What has all this to do with the Crown Prince? A lot. At the Bilderberger meeting he will find sweet, sweet relatives such as Queen Beatrix of Holland -- who put the Royal in Royal Dutch Shell. Be-a-matrix, is one of the richest people in the world, and has a heart for the people and countries she exploits -- about as warm as an ice cream stand on the North Pole.

I really don’t know how the Matrix succeeded, especially in Scandinavia and The European continent, to convince the public that Royalty doesn’t own a nickel. That’s the opinion of the media and what is presented as truth to the struggling public. In the UK they at least know (well some do) that The Queen owns 1/6 of the planet's surface based land, that’s approx. worth £17,600,000,000,000. And still she’s apparently so poor that she applies for poverty help to shine up her palaces! In Denmark, where I live, we are not granted insights into The Royal Family’s fortune -- that’s against the law. Very democratic indeed. So I guess that Royalty has to be in on the scam one way or another."
Activist Post: The Norwegian Bilderberger Scam

Christopher Herman 7:01pm Dec 15
China's epic hangover begins - Telegraph
China's credit bubble has finally popped. The property market is swinging wildly from boom to bus...

Christopher Herman 10:58am Dec 15
"Many factors help explain official Britain's less-than-fraternal attitude toward the Jewish state, but no such inventory would be complete without recalling the bad blood spawned by the Mandate, particularly the violent struggle waged against British rule by the Irgun and the underground group Lehi—Freedom Fighters for Israel, or FFI, a/k/a the Stern Group or the Stern Gang. Nations have interests; they also have long memories."
Terror Out of Zion » Main Feature » Jewish Ideas Daily
A new book by Zev Golan, Stern: the Man and His Gang, brings fresh focus to the nasty fight waged by...

Christopher Herman 10:56am Dec 15
"Thus, over the 20th century, the phenomenon of a separate Palestinian identity came into existence. Its positive aspects were vague. Its core and bedrock was the negative; "muqawama," or resistance—to the British, the Jews, Zionism, and other Arabs. The Palestinian educational and cultural program became committed to the proposition, as Fayyad put it, that Palestine and Palestinians have existed from the "very beginning." In Hobsbawm's terms, the notion of Palestinians as integrated with antiquity was a tradition invented to imagine the Palestinian nation into being, provide it with authenticity and legitimacy, and support its claim that there was only one—Palestinian—nation, "from the river to the sea.""
Newt and the Palestinians » Main Feature » Jewish Ideas Daily
After the war, nationalist leaders indeed worked to create an identity based primarily on the negati...

Christopher Herman 10:37am Dec 15
Gemach Offers Loans Without Profit in Jewish Tradition
As the economic downturn drove up the number of middle-class Jews struggling to make ends meet, an A...

Christopher Herman 10:32am Dec 15
"In the Middle East, the world’s attention has been diverted by the threat of Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the turmoil of the Arab Spring turning into winter in the Arab Muslim heartland. However, another conflict is rapidly emerging over development of vast natural gas fields offshore in the Levant Basin of the Eastern Mediterranean, which could transform Israel into a major world energy producer and change the geo-political landscape."
Will Israel Win the Energy Prize in the Levant Basin? > Jerry Gordon

Christopher Herman 10:30am Dec 15
Agnieszka Holland’s Important New Holocaust film, ‘In Darkness’ – Tablet Magazine
Tunnel Vision: Agnieszka Holland’s new Holocaust film, In Darkness, is a quietly moving take on a su...

Christopher Herman 10:10am Dec 15
Mark Oppenheimer: Why Are American Politicians Always Switching Religions? | The New Republic
If Newton Leroy Gingrich becomes the Republican candidate for president of the United States, then t...

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