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By presenting these articles and informational pages and subsequent, hoped for, weekly presentations, this endeavor will reach a wider audience and provide a means for dialogue.  For it is in and through the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that love, compassion and understanding may come about.  In saying this truth, it also means that we make another attempt to fulfill the ideal of why we are called "Christian" ...

Orthodoxy is not a religion.  It is CHRISTIANITY itself! To a true Christian, the events taking place through out the world and locally in the USA today is important because of how it may (and in some instances has) affected our religious rights and freedoms here in the U.S.A and in some other Western World Countries already.

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Christopher Herman 5:19pm Oct 14
"If the allegations are true, and if this was an attack authorized by the Iranian government, Iran hawks are in the odd position of focusing on a plot that undermines their usual over-hyping of the threat from Iran. After all, the case for a major “Iranian threat” isn’t just that the regime has hostile intentions, but that it has the capability to threaten the U.S. If true, the plot suggests that the threat from Iran to the United States is even less significant than skeptics previously thought it was. Note that it is the skeptics of the plot arguing that it doesn’t add up because everyone assumes the Quds Force is much more lethal and competent. Iran hawks are reduced to admitting that the threat from Iran is effectively smaller than the one skeptics of this plot are willing to acknowledge.
This should go without saying, but the plot has no implications for how we should think about Iran’s nuclear program or Iran’s status as a “rational actor” where nuclear weapons are concerned. If the plot is true, sponsoring an assassination of a representative of an avowedly hostile government on foreign soil would be provocative and reckless, but it tells us nothing about about Iran’s willingness to build, much less use, a nuclear weapon. Nothing has been revealed in the last week that makes taking military action against Iran or Iran’s nuclear facilities any less disastrous and unwise. Nothing that we have learned in the last week changes the reality that regime behavior becomes more moderate after a state acquires nuclear weapons. If there are elements inside Iran who would like to see U.S.-Iranian relations deteriorate further, that should make us think twice before giving Iranian hard-liners what they desire."
Eunomia » The Alleged Iranian Plot
Another salient feature of the plot as detailed by the Justice Department is that it appears to have...

Christopher Herman 4:48pm Oct 14
Ariz. Abortions Drop 30 Percent After Pro-Life Law
Arizona's health department has released statistics showing that, following implementation of pro-li...

Christopher Herman 4:18pm Oct 14
DOMA Repeal Moves Forward In Senate Judiciary Committee
WASHINGTON -- Next month, the Senate Judiciary Committee will be voting on legislation to repeal the...

Christopher Herman 4:18pm Oct 14
Obama sends military advisers to Uganda
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama said on Friday he was sending about 100 U.S. military ...

Christopher Herman 4:15pm Oct 14
"One criticism I’ve heard of the plan is that while it would be a tax cut for the rich, most people will pay higher taxes under Cain’s plan. This is unlikely to be true for people who are working, and spending less than their incomes. Those people would pay at most 9% of their incomes in income tax and 9% of their incomes in sales tax if they spent all of their incomes on sales-taxable items, for a total of 18% in personal taxes. But the employee and employer shares of the current Social Security Payroll tax is more than 15%, which is pretty close to the 18% in the 999 Plan. If people don’t consume their entire incomes, and don’t pay the whole 9% income tax (Cain deducts charitable contributions from taxable incomes, and would have additional deductions for those in “empowerment zones”) they would pay less than 18%, and today anybody who pays federal taxes beyond the Social Security tax already pays more than 15%. That criticism only appears to hold water for people who are consum...
Herman Cain’s 999 Plan by Randall Holcombe
Essentially, the plan is to replace the current federal tax system with a 9% Business Flat Tax, a 9%...

Christopher Herman 4:12pm Oct 14
Texas Tea Party Denounces Perry Sanctuary City Double-Cross
Tea Party Caucus of Texas October 13th Press Conference On Thursday the Tea Party Caucus of Texas he...

Christopher Herman 1:14pm Oct 14
Tea Party Presidential Election Primer: Paul v. Cain on Economics
How do Herman Cain and Ron Paul — the only frontrunner alternatives to Mitt Romney currently polling...

Christopher Herman 12:46pm Oct 14
"Let me correct something the press has almost universally gotten wrong about the Manssor Arbabsiar plot. He was not originally sent to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US in a spectacular bombing plot. According to the complaint, after Arbabsiar offered up his service to his cousin, Abdul Reza Shahlai, sometime in early spring, Shahlai asked him to find a drug cartel that would kidnap the Saudi Ambassador. Sometime between that point and July 17, the plot evolved into a kill or kidnap operation, and then a kill operation. But key details of how and when this happened rather curiously were not taped by the informant (whom I refer to as Narc). This raises the possibility that Narc suggested the most spectacular aspects of this plot, both the bombing attempt and the assassination, after he got approached to kidnap Saudi Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir. In other words, it is possible that Narc and his government handlers turned this from a kidnapping attempt into a terrorist plot complete with C4, which makes it a WMD plot."
How a Used Car Salesman’s Alleged Kidnapping Plot Turned into an International Incident | emptywhee
I’ve got a timeline below, but first, a few points.

Christopher Herman 12:44pm Oct 14
"Many manufacturers and agribusinesses support a new trade deal with South Korea, one reason President Barack Obama and his counterpart from that nation are heading to suburban Detroit on Friday to tour a General Motors plant where cars are being built with South Korean parts.

But the pact also will make it easier for South Korea to undercut some U.S. companies, leaving many workers leery of the deal — especially in economically struggling areas.

The trade deal Congress passed Wednesday has the support of the United Auto Workers and the United Food and Commercial Workers. Both say it will create jobs in the U.S. by increasing auto and beef exports. Textile and steel workers say it will cost jobs, and even the U.S. International Trade Commission acknowledges the textile industry is likely to be hard hit."
Auto, Steel Workers Split Over S. Korea Trade Pact : NPR
"The Korea trade deal is the largest offshoring deal of its kind since NAFTA...Even the official U.S...

Christopher Herman 12:40pm Oct 14
"“It has the ring of a far-fetched Hollywood thriller and even the senior law enforcement official involved in the investigation admitted to journalists that the alleged plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the US did not fit with what was known about the methods and practices of the supposed perpetrators, the Quds force of the Revolutionary Guards,” Julian Borger writes in the Guardian. Of the eight “unanswered questions” Borger raises about the affair, the final one is arguably the most pertinent:

Could the alleged plot be provocation by an outside agency seeking to start a conflict between Iran and its enemies? In that case, Arbabsiar is consciously misleading his interrogators or is being used by his cousin and his associates, who are working for this third party.

When it comes to outside agencies provoking conflicts, few in the mainstream media know the most likely culprits better than Borger. In a July 2003 special investigation entitled “The spies who pushed for war,” the Guardian’s diplomatic editor exposed the Israeli source of the false intelligence coming out of Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans in the Pentagon that bypassed the CIA and DIA to concoct a justification for toppling Saddam Hussein by force:

The OSP was an open and largely unfiltered conduit to the White House not only for the Iraqi opposition. It also forged close ties to a parallel, ad hoc intelligence operation inside Ariel Sharon’s office in Israel specifically to bypass Mossad and provide the Bush administration with more alarmist reports on Saddam’s Iraq than Mossad was prepared to authorise.

“None of the Israelis who came were cleared into the Pentagon through normal channels,” said one source familiar with the visits. Instead, they were waved in on Mr Feith’s authority without having to fill in the usual forms.

The exchange of information continued a long-standing relationship Mr Feith and other Washington neo-conservatives had with Israel’s Likud party.

In 1996, he and Richard Perle – now an influential Pentagon figure – served as advisers to the then Likud leader, Binyamin Netanyahu. In a policy paper they wrote, entitled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm, the two advisers said that Saddam would have to be destroyed, and Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Iran would have to be overthrown or destabilised, for Israel to be truly safe."
Is alleged Iranian plot a “provocation by an outside agency”? asks Guardian
"It has the ring of a far-fetched Hollywood thriller and even the senior law enforcement official in...

Christopher Herman 12:07pm Oct 14
The World from Berlin: Germany Playing Catch-Up in Scramble for Resources - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News -.
Chancellor Angela Merkel has signed a commodities deal with Mongolia during her visit to the Central...

Christopher Herman 12:07pm Oct 14
The Merkel Doctrine: Tank Exports to Saudi Arabian Signal German Policy Shift - SPIEGEL ONLINE - New
Berlin has said nothing about the reasons behind its decision to reverse decades of carefully consid...

hristopher Herman 9:00am Oct 14
"12. In Syria the same media has followed the same pattern of misreporting and disinformation. It has ignored or skated over the evidence of widespread killings by armed gangs. It has invited its audience to disbelieve the claims of government and believe the claims of rebels, often made in the name of human rights organisations based in Europe or the US. Numerous outright lies have been told, as they were told in Libya and as they were told ahead of the attack on Iraq. Some at least have been exposed. People said to have been killed by state security forces have turned up alive. The brothers of Zainab al Husni claimed she has been kidnapped by security forces, murdered and her body dismembered. This lurid account, spread by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiyya amongst other outlets, was totally false. She is still alive although now, of course, the propaganda tack is to claim that this is not really her but a double. Al Jazeera, the Guardian and the BBC have distinguished themselves by their blind support of anything that discredits the Syrian government. The same line is being followed by the mainstream media in the US. Al Jazeera, in particular, having distinguished itself with its reporting of the Egyptian revolution, has lost all credibility as an independent Arab world news channel.

13. In seeking to destroy the Syrian government the Muslim Brotherhood has a goal in common with the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia, whose paranoia about Shia Islam reached fever pitch with the uprising in Bahrain. Wikileaks revealed how impatient it was for the US to attack Iran. A substitute target is the destruction of the strategic relationship between Iran, Syria and Hizbullah. The US and the Saudis may want to destroy the Alawi-dominated Baathist regime in Damascus for slightly different reasons, but the important thing is that they do want to destroy it.

14. The US is doing its utmost to drive Syria into a corner. It is giving financial support to exiled leaders of the opposition. It has tried (and so far failed thanks to Russian and Chinese opposition) to introduce an extensive program of sanctions through the UN Security Council. No doubt it will try again and depending on how the situation develops, it may try, with British and French support, to bring on a no-fly zone resolution opening the door to foreign attack. The situation is fluid and no doubt all sorts of contingency plans are being developed. The White House and the State Department are issuing hectoring statements every other day. Openly provoking the Syrian government, the US ambassador, accompanied by the French ambassador, travelled to Hama before Friday prayers. Against everything that is known about their past record of interference in Middle Eastern countries, it is inconceivable that the US and Israel, along with France and Britain, would not be involved in this uprising beyond what is already known.

15. While concentrating on the violence of the Syrian regime, the US, European governments (especially Britain) have totally ignored the violence directed against it. Their own infinitely greater violence, of course, in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places, doesn't even come into the picture. Turkey has joined their campaign against Syria with relish, going even further than they have in confronting the Syrian regime. In the space of a few months Turkey's 'zero problem' regional policy has been upended in the most inchoate manner. Turkey eventually lent its support to the NATO attack on Libya, after initially holding back. It has antagonised Iran by its policy on Syria and by agreeing, despite strong domestic opposition, to host a US radar missile 'defence' installation clearly directed against Iran. The Americans say its data will be shared with Israel, which has refused to apologise for the attack on the Mavi Marmara, plunging Israeli-Turkish relations into near crisis. So from 'zero problems', Turkey now has a regional policy full of problems with Israel, Syria and Iran.

16. While some members of the Syrian opposition have spoken against foreign intervention, the 'Free Syrian Army' has said that its aim is to have a no-fly zone declared over northern Syria. A no-fly zone would have to be enforced, and we have seen how this led in Libya to massive infrastructural destruction, the killing of thousands of people and the opening of the door to a new period of western domination.

17. If the Syrian government is brought down, every last Baathist and Alawi will be hunted down. In a government dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood the status of minorities and women would be driven backwards.

18. Through the Syria Accountability Act, and through sanctions which the EU has imposed, the US has been trying to destroy the Syrian government for twenty years. The dismantling of unified Arab states along ethno-religious lines has been an aim of Israel's for decades. Where Israel goes, the US naturally follows. The fruits of this policy can be seen in Iraq, where an independent state in all but name has been created for the Kurds and where the constitution, written by the US, separates Iraq's people into Kurds, Sunni, Shi and Christian, destroying the binding logic of Arab nationalism. Iraq has not known a moment's peace since the British entered Baghdad in 1917. In Syria ethno-religious divisions (Sunni Muslim Arab, Sunni Muslim Kurd, Druze, Alawi and various Christian sects) render it vulnerable in the same way to the promotion of sectarian discord and eventual disintegration as the unified Arab state the French tried to prevent coming into existence in the 1920s.

19. The destruction of the Baathist government would be a strategic victory of unsurpassed value to the US and Israel. The central arch in the strategic relationship between Iran, Syria and Hizbullah will have been destroyed, leaving Hizbullah geographically isolated, with a hostile Sunni Muslim government next door, and leaving Hizbullah and Iran more exposed to a military attack by the US and Israel. Fortuitously or otherwise, the 'Arab spring' as it has developed in Syria has placed in their hands a lever by which they may be able to achieve their goal. "
Truth and Falsehood in Syria
Online news magazine and journal about Palestine, Israel, the Arab world, and the Middle East. Pales...

Christopher Herman 7:17am Oct 14

hristopher Herman 6:54am Oct 14
"The American government wants the whole unsuspecting world to believe that the general of the IRGC, which is a very complex and very sophisticated operation in Tehran, which is more important than their armed forces, they have intelligence operations all over the world... They are going to sub-contract a hit – mafia style killing – to a failed Corpus Christi, Texas salesman with a record of bad checks, and he's going to contact somebody posing as a member of the Zetas Mexican drug cartel, and boast that 'I can give you 1.5 million dollars and you're going to hit the ambassador at his favorite restaurant in Washington... I can provide you with tons of opium if you want to do business with my contacts in Tehran.'

In a script conference in Hollywood this thing would go to the garbage immediately. Problem is it's being paddled by the Attorney General of the United States."
Absurdity of Iranian Assassination Allegations: If This Was a Hollywood Script it Would Go In the Ga
As more details, or lack there of, emerge about the purported assassination plot of the Saudi Arabia...

Christopher Herman 6:48am Oct 14
"Since the tragedy of 9/11, numerous crazies and low-level copy-cats have engaged in criminal behavior which they hoped would result in the deaths of innocent Americans and somehow advance the cause of jihad. If you ask the leadership of the FBI, most of whose field agents are tireless, dedicated, Constitution-supporting professionals, it will tell you that it has foiled about seventeen plots to kill Americans during the past ten years. What it will not tell you is that there have been twenty foiled plots; and of them, three were interrupted by members of the public. The seventeen that were interrupted by the feds were created by them.

We all remember the three that were foiled by diligent Americans: The shoe bomber, the underwear bomber, and the Times Square bomber. In all of these cases, the crimes charged were those of attempting to kill and conspiring with others to do so. In all three of those cases, alert Americans on transcontinental flights on or the streets of New York told authorities of bizarre behavior, or actually subdued the threats themselves. There was no foiling by the FBI. The plotters were – thankfully – bumbling fools who had poorly planned their criminal behavior, and who ended up harming no one. All three are serving life terms.

But the more curious cases are the remaining seventeen for which the federal government has taken credit. They all have a common and reprehensible thread. They were planned, plotted, controlled, and carried out by the federal government itself. In all of these seventeen cases – from the Ft. Dix Six to the Lackawanna Seven to the Portland Parade Bomber – the feds found young men of Muslim backgrounds; loners who were bitter at America. They befriended them, cajoled them, and persuaded them that they could change the world by killing Americans. In all these cases, agents worked undercover and portrayed themselves to the targets as Arabs of like un-American mind. In some cases, the federal agents used third parties to act as middlemen. The third parties are typically persons who have been convicted of crimes and who, in return for leniency at their sentencings, were willing to work with the same feds who prosecuted them in order to help entrap whomever else those feds are pursuing.

Thus, in all seventeen of these cases, because of the command and control of federal agents, no one was ever in danger, no one was harmed, no bomb went off, and no property was damaged. But in all those cases, the losers whom the feds targeted each believed that they were interacting with real plotters who would really bring them cash and bombs. As we know, sometimes the cash arrived, but the bombs never did. The defendants were essentially charged and convicted for playing a game with federal agents."
Government-Generated Plots by Andrew P. Napolitano
Does the government work for us or do we work for the government? Can the federal gov...

Christopher Herman 6:42am Oct 14
"You probably wouldn’t know it from what he’s saying now, but Limbaugh pretty much endorsed Romney when he ran four years ago. The big moment came as Romney was fighting for survival, fresh off a near-miss in Florida and needing a big day to prevent John McCain from running away with the GOP race. Limbaugh announced to his listeners that at the start of the campaign he hadn’t believed that any of the candidates represented the three legs of the conservative stool stool (nation security, social issues, and fiscal policy), but that he’d changed his mind:

I think now, based on the way the campaign has shaken out, that there probably is a candidate on our side who does embody all three legs of the conservative stool, and that’s Romney.

The important thing to note here is that Limbaugh said this even though RomneyCare and the individual mandate at the heart of it had been on the books in Massachusetts for nearly two years.

It’s funny when you think about it. Limbaugh is currently pleading with his listeners not to be fooled by Romney’s claims that his law is different than Obama’s. On yesterday’s show, he played clips of one of Romney’s healthcare advisers explaining why the laws are essentially identical, then told his audience, “This issue is not going to go away.” But Romney’s law was well-known in 2008, when Romney didn’t exactly shy away from promoting it, and yet it didn’t keep Limbaugh from pronouncing Romney the embodiment of conservatism.

This illustrates perfectly how irrational and hysterical much of the right’s response to Obama’s presidency has been. The individual mandate is actually a concept with deep conservative roots, one that numerous congressional Republicans touted as an alternative to Bill Clinton’s reform proposal in 1994. This is why Romney had no trouble finding a representative of the Heritage Foundation to join him on stage when he signed his law in 2008. And it’s why that law just wasn’t a big deal to Limbaugh and most other conservative opinion-shapers back in 2008 — and why it only became a problem for Romney when Obama embraced it at the national level.

It’s not that hard to imagine an alternate universe in which Romney somehow won the White House in 2008, then muscled through a national version of his Massachusetts law — with Republican support. But it was Obama who won, and when he tried to do the same thing, virtually every Republican in America accused him of destroying capitalism. As Jonathan Bernstein put it, it seems that to the right the Affordable Care Act isn’t socialism but that Obamacare is."
Mitt has a Rush Limbaugh problem
... and it tells us an awful lot about the evolution of right-wing politics in the Obama era

Christopher Herman 6:37am Oct 14
"America faced this situation in 1992, when Senator Paul Tsongas, declaring himself to be cured of cancer, gave Bill Clinton serious competition for the Democratic nomination. A President Tsongas would have died just before the end of his first term.

Just as with Cain’s flimsy record, this threat would disqualify a white candidate. But since men of color are apparently above criticism, it makes the selection of the Vice Presidential candidate crucial. A President Cain is not likely to make it through two terms.

Peter Brimelow has pointed out Michelle Bachmann seems to be running for Vice President. A Cain nomination runs the very serious risk of low white turnout, since he is de facto as much a member of the East Coast Big Business elite as Romney. Furthermore, the flyovers have to deal with Affirmative action beneficiaries in their work places and schools: the experience is negative. Bachman appeals to precisely the excluded demographic most likely to see a Cain nomination as an insult.

What the Establishment will want, of course, is Rubio. That way they could send their true message."
Why Herman Cain Might Be The Best GOP Candidate
Cain-Bachmann in 2012? Hmmm. The Cain Mania seems to be building so it is time to look on the bright...

Christopher Herman 6:33am Oct 14
Stakelbeck comments: "Our government's response to Christians being mowed down in the streets by Islamists and the Egyptian military."
Madness: The Obama Administration Calls on "All Sides" to Show Restraint in Egypt

Madness: Obama Administration Calls on 'All Sides' to Show Restraint in Egypt

CBN News viewers know all about the church burning and riots--driven by Muslims who attacked peaceful Coptic Christian protestors--that resulted in the deaths of some two dozen Egyptian Christians in Cairo last weekend.

Well, according to the Obama administration, those besieged Christians must show "restraint" as they are being massacred and maimed by Islamists and the Egyptian military: two factions, ironically enough, that the Obamis empowered when they threw Hosni Mubarak under the bus and pledged support for the so-called Arab Spring earlier this year.

Really, you can't make this stuff up. Here's more, from Keith Koffler's White House Dossier:

President Obama has responded to the Egyptian military’s massacre of Coptic Christian protestors in Cairo Sunday with a pointedly even-handed statement that calls equally on Christians and the military to show restraint.

“The President is deeply concerned about the violence in Egypt that has led to a tragic loss of life among demonstrators and security forces,” Obama said in a statement released this week. ”Now is a time for restraint on all sides so that Egyptians can move forward together to forge a strong and united Egypt.”

Incredibly, Obama is not only equating the deaths of peaceful protestors and their killers, but he is suggesting that Egypt’s increasingly persecuted Christian minority should show as much “restraint” as their tormentors and refrain from vigorously objecting to the growing abuse.

More than two dozen people, most of them Copts, were killed as security forces attacked demonstrators protesting the burning of a church.

The Egyptian military has denied the killings, but news reports, eyewitness accounts, and videos posted to the Internet contradict the claims, with footage showing armed personnel carriers ramming through crowds of protestors and a soldier firing at them. The dead, according to forensic reports, were either crushed by being run over or were shot.

Three soldiers are also said to have died, but this appears to have occurred as protestors were fighting for their lives. There can be no mistaking that this was a slaughter of civilians.

The church burning was only the latest in an escalating series of attacks by Islamists against Christians and their churches.

Koffler notes that the Obama statement also calls for the rights of Coptic Christians to be respected. Hooray. This is similar to June 2009, when, at the outset, the Obama administration also essentially called on all sides to show restraint in Iran as the regime's thugs were mowing down unarmed protestors in the streets of Tehran.

With continuous feckless responses like this by the U.S. government to Islamist aggression, is it any wonder that the Iranian regime was bold enough to plot a terror attack on American soil?

Christopher Herman 6:25am Oct 14
Eddlem comments: "And he called Ron Paul supporters "stupid" on p. 154 of his new book."
Herman Cain Admits He 'Missed' Economic Crisis
Republican presidential candidate and former Godfather's Pizza CEO Herman Cain admitted to MSNBC's C...

Christopher Herman 6:24am Oct 14
Barely A Blog » Is A-Jad (Ahmadinejad) The Fall Guy for the AT (Attorney General)? Yes!
ILANA MERCER, libertarian author, columnist, blogger

Christopher Herman 6:23am Oct 14
"The only thing we don't know about these future victims is their names. But we know what will become of them as surely as we know that night follows day."
Caroline Glick :: A pact signed in Jewish blood
Posted on October 13, 2011 at 6:23 PM

Christopher Herman 4:00pm Oct 13
"As we reported earlier this week, Tony Perkins, the principal organizer of the Values Voters Summit derided his own group’s straw poll as irrelevant after Ron Paul won, dismissing the results as not being “truly reflective of where values voters stand.”
Speaking before the results were announced, Congressman Paul stated, “If I win, it wouldn’t be as important to the media than if I lose.”
Indeed, Perkins’ dismissal of the importance of the poll result continues the trend where straw polls are only deemed important if they are won by establishment Republicans.
When Michele Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll, the mainstream media gushed with enthusiasm and immediately classified Bachmann as a frontrunner, while completely ignoring Ron Paul’s strong second place showing less than 200 votes behind the Minnesota Republican.
However, when Ron Paul won a big victory in the California straw poll just weeks later, the corporate press all but blacklisted the story.
Both CNN and Fox News have also...
» GOP Strategist: Ron Paul Could Win Republican Nomination Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on fo
Republican Strategist Jack Burkman told Fox Business host Judge Andrew Napolitano that “Ron Paul cou...

Christopher Herman 1:28pm Oct 13
"Much of America's military spending constitutes a perverse form of foreign aid. American taxpayers (and their creditors) pay for the defense not just of America, but also dozens of European countries, Japan, South Korea, and a number of other allies and client states. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, like his predecessor Robert Gates, is currently hectoring our NATO allies to beef up their spending. But they would be stupid to spend their own money when they know we will spend for them."
America's Military Spending Is Foreign Aid — Cut It | Justin Logan | Cato Institute: Commentar
Author: Justin Logan, Published: 2011-10-12, Type: Commentary

Christopher Herman 11:33am Oct 13
"One could speculate that the Rothschilds – maybe the richest and most powerful family in the world – have decided to wind down the EU experiment. One would like to think so anyway ...

We believe the Rothschilds are perhaps the chief central banking family in the world, with tremendous, almost unfathomable clout. In the mainstream press, however, it must be noted that the Rothschilds are portrayed as family whose great wealth has been dissipated and that they have no more power than numerous mid-level banking dynasties. Yet in our view, based on an overall pattern of financial activities past and present, the Rothschilds have enormous power, far more than the mainstream press ordinarily acknowledges, probably for obvious reasons.

Such "central banking families" (though chiefly the Rothschilds) are likely behind the EU, not the Germans or "socialists" or any other group ordinarily mentioned. The great Anglosphere banking families and their enablers have spent a lot of time trying to c...
The Daily Bell - Rothschild Banker Calls for End of Euro
Lamont was chancellor under John Major; in fact, he had been a key supporter of Major after Margaret...

Christopher Herman 11:27am Oct 13
"The cover-story "Chiedi chi era quel" «Beatle» for the July 15 2009 issue of Wired Italia, the Italian edition of the US magazine Wired, describes the analysis of the McCartney conspiracy theory conducted by two Italians, Gabriella Carlesi and Francesco Gavazzeni. Their purpose for analyzing this conspiracy theory was to provide indisputable, scientific evidence that would put an end to the persistent rumors that Paul McCartney had died in a car accident in 1966. However, the results of their analysis surprised them. Instead of putting an end to the rumors, their analysis provides scientific evidence that the Paul McCartney of today is not the same man as the Paul McCartney prior to 1966."
The Daily Bell - Lennon-Mania and the Growing Problem of Elite Credibility
John Lennon is acclaimed a genius in yet another hefty tome even though there are credible accusatio...

Christopher Herman 11:06am Oct 13
The Daily Bell - Top Journo Matt Taibbi Weighs in on 5 Demands to Fix Wall Street
Famous Rolling Stone writer Matt Taibbi has weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street movement once more ...

Christopher Herman 10:37am Oct 13
"The Ecumenical Patriarch condemned the attitude of the deniers of the dialogue "with the heterodox", stressing that "holding the truth" in the Orthodox Church allows us to not fear "any deduction or counterfeiting of our holy faith," but he will continue the dialogue "to persuade the well-meaning of those who dialogue with us.""
MYSTAGOGY: Ecumenical Patriarch Addresses Extremist Attitudes Among Some Athonite Monks In His Visit
"On the whole, the dialogue may appear at a loss. Divine Grace however attracts to the truth those w...

Christopher Herman 10:28am Oct 13
The Ticking Euro Bomb: What Options Are Left for the Common Currency? - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Inte
Politicians have maneuvered their countries into an unparalleled situation in the euro crisis. And t...

Christopher Herman 10:28am Oct 13
Slovakian EFSF Opponent Sulik: 'The Greatest Threat to Europe Is the Bailout Fund' - SPIEGEL ONLINE.
Only two countries, Malta and Slovakia, have yet to ratify the expansion of the euro bailout fund. I...

Christopher Herman 10:27am Oct 13
Our World: The forgotten Christians of the East
It is unclear what either Western governments or Western churches think they are achieving by turnin...

Christopher Herman 10:11am Oct 13
Ruling Implies That Espionage Act Could Cover Unclassified Info | Secrecy News
A court ruling that interpreted the term “national defense information” expansively to include uncla...

Christopher Herman 10:10am Oct 13
"Last Friday, White House officials made at least two public references to Presidential Policy Directives (PPDs). PPD 1 was cited in a new executive order on computer security and PPD 8 was cited in a White House blog posting on disaster preparedness. Each Directive is a significant expression of national policy. Neither one is classified. And yet neither of them — nor any other Obama Presidential Policy Directive — can be found on the White House website."
Presidential Directives Withheld From White House Website | Secrecy News
The White House decision not to make these documents available is a stark reminder of the incoherenc...

Christopher Herman 10:10am Oct 13
Interview with Germany's Justice Minister: 'This Software Can Do Things Forbidden by the Constitutio
A Trojan horse that can provide German investigators with unconstitutional access to targeted comput...

Christopher Herman 9:59am Oct 13
"When most people think of the conflict in the Middle East, they naturally enough imagine Israeli Jews fighting Middle Eastern Arabs and Muslims. But non-Jews from the Muslim, Druse, and Christian communities in Israel serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) alongside their Jewish peers. After completing their basic training, these soldiers swear fealty to the state of Israel on a copy of the Quran or the New Testament instead of the standard Hebrew Bible."
Minorities in the IDF » Main Feature » Jewish Ideas Daily
A recent documentary film, Ameer Got His Gun, explores the decision of one eighteen-year-old Arab-Is...

Christopher Herman 9:38am Oct 13
"Sixty-four years ago, in August 1947, the United Nations Special Committee on Palestine presented to the General Assembly a startling and unexpected report, calling for an end to the British Mandate of Palestine and division of most of the territory into two independent states, with the Jewish state occupying the majority of the land. What came next, of course, is well known — a vote in the General Assembly on Nov. 29, 1947, in favor of partition, and the war that immediately followed. The decision is viewed in the Arab world as “the great crime,” and Palestinian leaders, including the current president of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, regard it as the original sin that led to the catastrophe, the nakba, that befell their nation — a disaster they now want the General Assembly to remedy. What is not widely known is how a possibly pro-Arab committee, or at least one that was supposed to be neutral, came to issue a report that led directly to the establishment of the state of Israel. What happened on that committee’s trip to Palestine, and how were the minds of its members changed in a way that so radically altered history?"
A State Is Born in Palestine
How the U.N. was persuaded to alter the course of history.

Christopher Herman 9:36am Oct 13
"Hamas despises Abbas. He is not allowed to visit Gaza, whose 1.6 million residents he claims to represent.

To implement the unity agreement, Hamas has demanded that Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, an Abbas appointee who is favored in the West and has led successful Palestinian institution-building and economic growth, be replaced. The stalemate over creating a new Palestinian Cabinet and setting a date for elections has, in effect, cancelled the effort at Fatah-Hamas reconciliation.

With the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, the Hamas barrier has been even more detrimental. Days before Abbas left Ramallah for New York, Hamas spokesmen adamantly pointed out that the PA president does not represent Gaza. "Because nobody consulted us, we, Hamas, do not take this issue seriously,” Ahmed Yousef, the deputy foreign minister in Gaza, told Al Jazeera.

OTHER HAMAS leaders were clearer. Salah Bardawil, a Hamas member of the Palestinian parliament, warned that Abbas’s UN bid “will cement the Palestinians’ recognition of Israel’s right to exist.”

Haniyeh, Abbas’s Hamas partner, not only condemned the UN gambit but declared that he seeks a Palestinian state “without giving up an inch of Palestine or recognizing Israel.” The Hamas leader confirmed again that for his organization the occupation began not in 1967, but with the very creation of Israel in 1948.

Ironically, Hamas found itself aligned, if for totally different reasons, with Israel and the United States in openly opposing Abbas’s strategy to secure UN recognition."
On My Mind: Ignoring Hamas impedes peace
Rather than deal with troubling Palestinian realities, world leaders seem to pay attention to Gaza o...

Christopher Herman 9:32am Oct 13
"The arson attack against a mosque in the village of Tuba Zanghariya in Northern Israel has been widely condemned throughout the world. Israel’s government and the Jewish state’s president also condemned the despicable incident, which has garnered wide attention in the international press, and both of its chief rabbis have gone to the mosque to express their sorrow.

But a Jaffa synagogue that was struck by a Molotov cocktail on Saturday after Arab protests against the Netanyahu government cannot expect the same solicitude. Nor should we anticipate a similar outpouring from Palestinian Authority figures after swastikas were painted on the Jewish shrine of the Tomb of Joseph in Nablus last week.

The willingness of a tiny minority of Israelis to engage in violence against Arabs is reprehensible. The so-called “price tag” assaults on Arab targets in the West Bank are an outrage and have rightly engendered a full-scale effort from Israeli police and military officials to find and prosecute the perpetrators. But the fact Arab violence against Jewish targets is not considered worthy of much indignation is of great concern.

Part of the problem is the bigotry of low expectations. Since Israelis and Jews are considered to be too civilized to engage in primitive acts of violence and vandalism against Muslims, these acts are treated as atrocities to be deplored. There is nothing wrong with anger about such incidents. On the contrary, Israelis and their friends should be angry about actions that sully the country’s good name and offend the values of the Jewish state.

But why are Palestinians not held to the same high standard? If a case of arson by a Jew is deemed worthy of international outrage, why not a fire bomb thrown at a synagogue? If “price tag” vandalism in Arab villages is troubling, why aren’t the same people troubled by swastikas daubed on a Jewish holy place, especially when hatred at the spot has already bubbled over into deadly violence against Jews earlier this year?"
Which Matters More? Vandalism Against Mosques or Synagogues? « Commentary Magazine
Given the non-stop flow of anti-Semitic incitement that pours out of the Palestinian Authority’s off...

Christopher Herman 9:28am Oct 13
Art Spiegelman’s Genre-Defying Holocaust Work, Revisited | The New Republic
“A quest for ersatz verisimilitude might have pulled me further away from essential actuality as I t...

Christopher Herman 9:18am Oct 13
"When reports about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives "Operation Fast and Furious" initially surfaced, Americans learned that an agency within their own government was attempting to cover up details about a covert program to provide Mexican drug cartels, through straw purchases, with thousands of automatic weapons, in a bid to trace those weapons back to top cartel figures. Only, from the outset BATFE agents were never really able to track those guns very well - that is, until those guns started showing up at crime scenes, one of which involved the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry in 2010."
'Fast and Furious' scandal grows as tone-deaf White House facilitates Justice Dept. denials
Now come reports that a series of emails indicate top Justice Department officials - up to and inclu...

Christopher Herman 9:17am Oct 13
Five short videos from Jeffrey Smith provide sharable introduction to GMOs for your friends who need
These short videos tell powerful, hard-hitting stories about GMOs in just two or three minutes, and ...

Christopher Herman 9:16am Oct 13
Hidden sources of food coloring chemicals in your diet
The toxicity potential of synthetic food colors is complex and controversial.

Christopher Herman 9:14am Oct 13
Court documents reveal LA County prosecutor Kelly Sakir used infiltration agents, hidden cameras, ex
The depth of this evidence reveals that LA County has spent millions of dollars conducting the most ...

Christopher Herman 9:12am Oct 13
Stop the Walgreens flu shot harassment! Employees rewarded with iPads for meeting vaccination recrui
Accounts are pouring in to NaturalNews that Walgreens customers feel they are being verbally harasse...

Christopher Herman 9:10am Oct 13
Jerry Brown legalizes 12-year-old children giving 'consent' to Gardasil vaccine injections, but bans
If Jerry Brown is saying that 12-year-old children are old enough to make such major decisions about...

Christopher Herman 9:08am Oct 13
"One huge problem is the tax fails to distinguish between industrial junk foods and natural whole foods. Any food containing 2.3 percent or more saturated fat is included in the tax plan. The new tax targets commonly recognized junk foods like snack cakes and candy bars, but it also hits what many consider to be healthy foods, such as avocados, coconut oil and organic cheese and eggs. Organic whole milk, cod liver oil, and certain nuts and seeds also make the list."
Denmark taxes avocados, butter, eggs, nuts, chocolate and coconut oil
Denmark taxes avocados, butter, eggs, nuts, chocolate and coconut oil

Christopher Herman 9:07am Oct 13
Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children
Study: Unvaccinated children far less prone to allergies and disease than vaccinated children

Christopher Herman 9:06am Oct 13
Hundreds of brave dentists speak out against water fluoridation
Hundreds of brave dentists speak out against water fluoridation

Christopher Herman 9:05am Oct 13
"We need a theology that will answer the atheist position about evil, about the process imputed to God since Jean Paul Richter, Nietzsche, and Dostoevsky (think, for example, of the arguments presented by Ivan in The Brothers Karamazov). We must abolish once and for all that image of a "diabolical God" who, from all eternity, controls everything and thus appears as the only source of evil. "
MYSTAGOGY: Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew: On the Origin of Evil
Through suffering - and the worst is to discover how much we make others suffer - man reaches repent...

Christopher Herman 8:52am Oct 13
"Who analyzes power elite memes better than almost anyone? And then suggests FDR’s failed policies are the solution?

We interviewed Lyndon LaRouche long ago and were struck then (as now) with his cogent analysis of the problems of money power and the statist nature of his solutions. He is perhaps the world's biggest fan of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, one of America's most intrusive and warlike presidents. Our interview is entitled, "Lyndon LaRouche Explains the Collapsing Western Economy and How the World Really Works" and appeared on June 20th 2010.

Lyndon LaRouche suggests all sorts of statist solutions to the problems he eloquently analyzes, as noted in his enthusiastic support of FDR. The Occupy Wall Street movement seems to be doing the same thing. Occupy Wall Street in a sense could be declared the “Return of Lyndon LaRouche" (to mainstream culture anyway).

As we pointed out yesterday, the elite-controlled Adbusters magazine is behind Occupy Wall Street, along with pseudo anarchist David Graeber. They are the ones that provided the pseudo anarchist “direct democracy” meme, lifted at least in part, it seems, from Muammar Gaddafi's little Green Book.

But the movement goes back farther than that, to Anonymous and David DeGraw and AmpedStatus – groups and individuals that were agitating for Wall Street demos as early as March of last year.

We’ve had questions about Anonymous in the past and we have little idea of exactly who David DeGraw is in terms of his real background, though we’ve mentioned him before. We do know the current Occupy Wall Street movement is modeled in part on the Arab Spring movements that are evidently and obviously controlled by the State Dept., CIA, AYM, etc. That doesn’t mean DeGraw is part of such controllers, of course.

But even allowing for a broad movement with numerous different ideologies, the solutions being suggested by the Occupy Wall Street crowd all seem to focus on statist paradigms."
The Daily Bell - Washington Post: Occupy Wall Street Is Controlled Opposition, Maybe LaRouchite?
The Washington Post is often an editorial pivot point for US intelligence, revealing the aggregate t...

Christopher Herman 8:47am Oct 13
"Recycling the tried-and-true "GOP equals racist" narrative, the Post composters published a second Stone-gate piece on Tuesday claiming that unidentified "minority legislators" had a problem with Perry's "complicated record on matters of race."

Perry appointed the first black Texas Supreme Court justice, hired several top minority aides and "enjoys warm associations with many black leaders," according to the Post. So what's "complicated"? Unidentified minorities don't like his "embrace of the tea party movement" (which currently favors black GOP candidate Herman Cain, but never mind that). They, whoever "they" are, also seem to be upset that he featured race-hustler Jesse Jackson (you know, the demagogue who called New York City "Hymietown") in an old campaign ad.

You don't have to be a Perry supporter (and I am most certainly not) to spot the Post's boulder-sized double standards. These rubble-rakers vetted the origins and whereabouts of a painted-over inanimate object with far more investigative zeal than they did with any of the actual living, fire-breathing race-baiters Barack Obama consorted with before and during his first presidential run."
The Macaca Media’s Attack On Rick Perry: Squeezing Blood from Stone
The Washington Post's stoning of Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry is journalistic malpractice. Instead of c...

Christopher Herman 8:30am Oct 13
The 6 reasons why Herman Cain (supposedly) can’t win
How can we be so sure that Herman Cain, who has just taken the lead in another new poll, has no chan...

Christopher Herman 8:09am Oct 13
"As for Anwar al-Awlaki, the real question is this: given that the only reason that Awlaki was ever considered a citizen is because of the birthright citizenship misinterpretation of Fourteenth Amendment, can we stop talking about him as if he was just like us?

He was born to Yemeni parents visiting New Mexico, he went back to Yemen when he was 7, and in subsequently returning to the United States he would sometimes use his nominal American citizenship (to get in) and sometimes tell people he was a Yemenis (to get benefits available to foreign students.)"
The Fulford File | “Ashland Man” Ferdaus? “American Citizen” al-Awlaki? American’s Emerging Assimilation
It’s usually very hard to find out if the citizen perpetrator of a terrorist outrage is a naturalize...

Christopher Herman 8:05am Oct 13
Pat Buchanan describes here how the objections to the assassination of Awlaki are nonsensical...
Was Awlaki an American?
Do we have a right to target enemy propagandists who do not carry out acts of mass murder but encour...

Christopher Herman 7:53am Oct 13
Evangelical, Orthodox, Catholic Chaplains United in Refusing “Gay Marriage”
More than 2,000 military chaplains have joined their Catholic colleagues in refusing to perform wedd...

Christopher Herman 8:48pm Oct 12
Is Obama Admin Fabricating Iranian Assassination Plot To Distract From Fast & Furious Investigation?
October 11, 2011 News Corp

Christopher Herman 1:56pm Oct 12
"The key to understanding just how fake this story is can be found in the New York Times report, which informs us:

“For the entire operation, the government’s confidential sources were monitored and guided by federal law enforcement agents, Preet Bharara, the United States Attorney for the Southern District, said in the news conference. ‘So no explosives were actually ever placed anywhere,’ he said, ‘and no one was actually in ever in any danger.’”

Translation: the whole thing is phony from beginning to end.

This is another one of US law enforcement’s manufactured “anti-terrorist” triumphs, where the feds set somebody up, fabricate a “crime” out of thin air, and then proceed to “solve” a case that never really existed to begin with. This has been the general pattern of our “anti-terrorist” operations in the US since the beginning – because finding and catching real terrorists is much too hard, at least for our Keystone Kops. Instead of going out and actually, you know, looking for the Bad Guys, and then apprehending them, they lure some unsuspecting Muslim immigrant into a trap, and spring it when the time is right."
Iranian Terror Plot: Fake, Fake, Fake by Justin Raimondo --
Fake, fake, fake – I’m talking about the latest anti-Iranian propaganda coming out of Washington...

Christopher Herman 11:50am Oct 12
Articles: The Obama Problem
The Obama Problem is simple to explain but impossible to solve. The problem is Obama himself, and m...

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