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September 10, 2011 - Saturday's note, opinion and commentary: 

We thank Deacon Christopher Herman, the son of our former spiritual father, Vladyka Michael Peter Herman of reposed memory for providing us the articles and their various links.

We believe that what is presented is a step in the right direction to bring our Orthodox Faith alive to all and a means to cure some of the ills that separate our Roman faithful from the root, ground and base of all things Christian: being Orthodox Catholic Christianity that began in the A.D. 800's and culminated in the official schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church from Orthodoxy in 1054 A.D. 

By presenting these articles and informational pages and subsequent, hoped for, weekly presentations, this endeavor will reach a wider audience and provide a means for dialogue.  For it is in and through the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that love, compassion and understanding may come about.  In saying this truth, it also means that we make another attempt to fulfill the ideal of why we are called "Christian" ...

Orthodoxy is not a religion.  It is CHRISTIANITY itself! To a true Christian, the events taking place through out the world and locally in the USA today is important because of how it may (and in some instances has) affected our religious rights and freedoms here in the U.S.A and in some other Western World Countries already.

Initially we had begun by "Subject" but found that by "DATE" is a better format.  Thus, the former entitled "Concerning" below are a form of archival resources while the remainder is by dating. 

As Thou, Father, art in me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us. (John 17:21)

Christopher Herman 1:14pm Sep 10
Super Committee Senator Rules Out Military Spending Cuts -- News from

Though it was assumed that the Super Committee would have to look at the record military budgets if

Christopher Herman 9:31am Sep 10
“The truth is I wish it were a much more interesting story than that, because I don’t even recall the moment that that was occurring and I don’t remember exactly what he said. We didn’t have any cross words,” he said. “So I’m sorry about that.”
Paul responds to confrontational debate photos with Perry

Texas Republican Rep. Ron Paul responded to a series of confrontational pictures with Texas Gov. Ric

Christopher Herman 9:12am Sep 10
"Which countries will be aging most rapidly in 2025? They won't be in Europe, where birth rates fell comparatively gradually and now show some signs of ticking up. Instead, they'll be places like Iran and Mexico, which experienced youth bulges that were followed quickly by a collapse in birth rates. In just 35 years, both Iran and Mexico will have a larger percentage of their populations over 60 than France does today. Other places with birth rates now below replacement levels include not just old Europe but also developing countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, Lebanon, Tunisia, South Korea, and Vietnam."
The World Will Be More Crowded -- With Old People - By Phillip Longman

Demography is not destiny, as is sometimes claimed. The human race could be wiped out by a plague or

Christopher Herman 8:57am Sep 10
"They may be octogenarians now, but pick up a copy of the Tofflers' most famous books -- Future Shock (1970) and The Third Wave (1980) -- and you will quickly wonder why anyone bothers to write the redundant meta social and political commentaries that drown us today. These books, written when we were children, contain such stunning and prescient insights, encapsulated in elegant yet racing prose, that they ought to be essential reading four decades onward. Indeed, you couldn't be blamed for thinking they had just been published this year.

Terms and concepts that are on the tip of everyone's tongue today leap off the pages: the crisis of industrialism, the promise of renewable energy, ad-hocracy in business, the rise of the non-nuclear family, technology-enabled telecommuting, the power of the pro-sumer, sensors embedded in household appliances, a gene industry that pre-designs the human body, corporate social responsibility, "information overload" -- and yes, right there on p. 292 of The Third Wave, the phrase Wired magazine can't get enough of today: "DIY Revolution." No wonder the book has been dubbed the "classic study of tomorrow." (Of the very few things they seem to have gotten wrong, or at least not yet right, is widespread polygamist communes.)

In person, the Tofflers were just as insightful, making connections between America's congressional deadlock, Asians' obsession with high technology, and the inertia of Mideast politics. But what's so extraordinary about the Tofflers is not what they told us in that restaurant, but their long-ago insights about today's society that seem so relevant now, especially considering that many were not at all obvious at the time. Where conventional wisdom of the era saw mass industrialization turning common citizens into straitjacketed "mass man," the Tofflers saw stratification and functional differentiation generating a superindustrial society with a "quilt-like" diversity. And where the public was either ignorant or complacent about the far-reaching effects of advanced communications technology, the Tofflers foresaw telephony and virtual worlds that would force us to devise ever more creative ways to avoid overstimulation and preserve our privacy. From the vantage point of a present in which overexposure to the Internet is labeled an addiction, it seems quite an observation on their part to recognize that even diseases would be technologically generated. The Tofflers' "future shock" is at once a sickness and a way of life."
Technology Will Take on a Life of Its Own - By Ayesha and Parag Khanna

It was the double date we had looked forward to more than any other. Just before sunset on a hot Aug

Christopher Herman 8:37am Sep 10
"Islamist terrorists worry that things haven't worked out as planned. Acts of terrorism have not led Muslims to revolt. Leading terrorists regularly complain: Why aren't more Muslims resisting the onslaught of the West? What more provocations do they need before they heed the call to arms?"
Why Is It So Hard to Find a Suicide Bomber These Days? - By Charles Kurzman

...if there are more than a billion Muslims in the world, many of whom supposedly hate the West and

Christopher Herman 9:01pm Sep 9
"In 2010, Germany itself saw a dramatic increase in cyber attacks against the government and administrative networks, the Interior Ministry stated in December. A spokesman said 1,600 such attacks had been reported between January and September of 2010, a large increase over the 900 reported during all of 2009. Consulting group KPMG issued a report in September estimating that malware and attacks against companies result in upwards of €10 billion ($14 billion) in economic damage in the country each year."
Fighting Internet Threats: Germany Arms Itself for Cyber War - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - International

The German government is responding to an increase in Internet threats with a new Cyber Defense Cent

Christopher Herman 8:32pm Sep 9
"Through exclusive interviews with attendees of the most prestigious of all informal transnational networks – Bilderberg – this book provides a unique insight into the networking habits and motivations of the world’s most powerful people. Moreover, it demonstrates that elite consensus is not simply a product of collective common sense among the elite group; rather, it is a consequence of subtle power relationships within the elite circle. These relationships, which are embedded in the very fabric of elite institutions and interactions, result in a particular brand of enlightened thinking within the elite community."
Bilderberg People: Elite Power and Consensus in World Affairs (Paperback) - Routledge
Bilderberg People explores the hidden mechanisms of influence at work in the private world, and pers

Christopher Herman 8:30pm Sep 9
Schlafly - A Choice Not an Echo - The Inside Story of How American Presidents Are Chosen 1964

Scribd is the world's largest social reading and publishing site.

Christopher Herman 8:21pm Sep 9
Daily Kos: Rick Perry's college grades released.

Rick Perry graduated from Texas A&M in 1972 with a 2.2 GPA. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in

Christopher Herman 8:14pm Sep 9
“Mr. President, if that’s what you want there is only one way to get it. That is to make a personal appearance before Congress and scare the hell out of the country.”
— Senator Arthur Vandenberg’s advice to Truman about how to start the Cold War. On 12 March 1947 Truman did exactly that. From Put Yourself in Marshall’s Place, James P. Warburg (1948); in 1941 Warburg helped develop our wartime propaganda programs.
Cyberwar: a Whole New Quagmire. Part 1: The Pentagon Cyberstrategy cyberspace, the best defense is a strong defense. In fact, if you think about it for a few min

Christopher Herman 7:53pm Sep 9
MYSTAGOGY: Elder Paisios: On Canons and Penances

If the Spiritual Father uses Canons of the Church as if they were loose military cannons - and not w

Christopher Herman 7:52pm Sep 9
MYSTAGOGY: On the Monastic and Married Way of Life

What Basil the Great says is also characteristic: "We people, monks and married, are all required to

Christopher Herman 7:50pm Sep 9
Top Secret America: The Rise of the New American Security State

The top-secret world that the government created in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks has becom

hristopher Herman 7:21pm Sep 9
"Superstar radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh has, with characteristic bravado, championed a take-no-prisoners approach. In late July, as the debt-ceiling debate built to its climax, he understandably exhorted House Speaker John Boehner to stand strong and rightly praised the tea party for "putting country before party." But then Mr. Limbaugh went further. "Winners do not compromise," he declared on air. "Winners do not compromise with themselves. The winners who do compromise are winners who still don't believe in themselves as winners, who still think of themselves as losers.""
Peter Berkowitz: The Myth of Conservative Purity

Peter Berkowitz writes in The Wall Street Journal about the myth of conservative purity, saying that

Christopher Herman 7:17pm Sep 9
"Through several more years of "careful, quantitative measurement" at CERN, Mr. Kirkby predicts he and his team will "definitively answer the question of whether or not cosmic rays have a climatically significant effect on clouds." His old ally Mr. Svensmark feels he's already answered that question, and he guesses that CERN's initial results "could have been achieved eight to 10 years ago, if the project had been approved and financed.""
Anne Jolis: The Other Climate Theory

In The Wall Street Journal, Anne Jolis writes that Al Gore won't hear it, but heavenly bodies might

Christopher Herman 5:51pm Sep 9
"With the Tea Party Republicans, and the majority of Americans not eager to repeat the Bush presidency, there needs to be some difference between the two.

Well, there are some differences between the two. Bush was a New England transplant to Texas of blue blood roots, while Perry is a native Texan with some blue collar roots. Bush qualified his conservatism with the "compassionate" prefix, while Rick Perry has implicitly criticized the label by calling himself an unapologetic conservative. "
Rick Perry—Another Texas Governor for Amnesty

Texas governor Rick Perry is expected on Saturday to announce that he will be a candidate f

Christopher Herman 5:50pm Sep 9
"In Rick Perry's Texas, it's “basically over” for Anglos. Or so I read in the papers—see Texas demographer: ‘It’s basically over for Anglos’ [by Gary Scharrer, Houston Chronicle blog, February 24, 2011]

Considering that Texas achieved Anglo-Saxon independence from Mexico in 1836, and has been an American state since 1845, you might wonder how that happened. Well, that’s a long story, but let’s talk about when it happened.

It started happening under George W. Bush as governor in the nineties. But, as you may remember, Bush was promoted to President at the end of 2000.

In the succeeding eleven years, Rick Perry has been Governor of the State of Texas. If it’s “basically over” for Anglos in Texas, it happened on Perry’s watch.

If Rick Perry becomes president, will it be “basically over” for Americans in America? "
The Fulford File

You may think Texas history isn’t important in the modern scheme of things, but as far as Mexican im

Christopher Herman 4:36pm Sep 9
"Jasbir Anand, a senior consultant at ACI, said the funds represented on such cards, which you can easily buy online, could:

travel across borders without limitation. The net impact of these rules would be an increase in the overall cost of debit cards for consumers for record-keeping and storage and so on that will eventually trickle down to fees on the debit card and a limitation on features.

MSNBC continued, “Even as it warns about the potential money laundering threat, the [FATF] also acknowledges that tight restrictions on prepaid cards could have a significant impact on lower-income people unable to ‘take full advantage of mainstream financial service providers’ because they have a poor credit record, for example, or because they have no permanent address and can't qualify for a bank account. That's more than 17 million Americans, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. says, and for them, prepaid cards can be the only way they can gain "ready access to services."
U.S. Government - Tracking Cash Cards?

The U.S. Government is to begin tracking prepaid cash cards. by Kelly Holt

Christopher Herman 4:18pm Sep 9
"Drawing Perry's fire was "one of our goals," he said.

"Clearly we ruffled ome feathers over there, because they did engage, and that speaks to the fact that they’re taking Ron very, very seriously," he said. "You wouldn’t engage someone that you weren’t taking seriously, and when Ron is taken seriously by the frontrunner it helps him be given the consideration that he deserves by folks in the media and folks in the public."

Benton said that while Paul has laughed off the Perry exchange, the campaign likes the contrast.

"What it shows is that Rick perry is a very aggressive, in your face person," he said. "He puts his hands on people, he tries to show that he’s the alpha dog, he tries to psychologically intimidate people and gets in people’s faces.

"Some people like that, but other people like someone who's going to be a more thoughtful president, not a bully," he said."
How Ron Paul won the debate - Ben Smith

This Tuesday, Republican frontrunner Rick Perry sent out a statement questioning Rep. Ron Paul's fea

Christopher Herman 3:06pm Sep 9
Does Obama Have His Eye on the Right Economic Crisis? - By David Rothkopf

In the United States this week, the focus of speeches and political debates will be jobs. It's not s

Christopher Herman 12:12pm Sep 9
Got Jobs?

I don’t like a single part of President Obama’s “American Jobs Act.”

Christopher Herman 11:26am Sep 9
CEO Schmidt admits Google+ is massive data-mining, advertising scheme

CEO Schmidt admits Google+ is massive data-mining, advertising scheme

Christopher Herman 11:18am Sep 9
Desmond Lachman: The Euro Threat to Obama

In The Wall Street Journal, Desmond Lachman of the American Enterprise Institute says that governmen

Christopher Herman 11:14am Sep 9
"One of Solyndra's biggest backers is the George Kaiser Family Foundation, whose namesake is an Oklahoma oilman who bundled campaign contributions from multiple sources for Mr. Obama's 2008 campaign."
The Solyndra Scandal

The Wall Street Journal on the FBI raid of a beneficiary of federal loan guarantees.

Christopher Herman 11:12am Sep 9
The Latest Jobs Plan

If President Obama's economic policies have had a signature flaw, it is the conceit that by pulling

Christopher Herman 11:06am Sep 9
FDA May Be Getting Ready To Water-Down Your Vitamin Pills by Bill Sardi
It’s been on the docket since 2007 for the Food & Drug Administration to revamp nutrient guideline

Christopher Herman 11:05am Sep 9
"But there's more to preparing for a post-9/11 world than better airport screening, and when it comes to public health, we may actually be worse off than we were a decade ago. That's the conclusion of Dr. Irwin Redlener, the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health. Between persistent budget cuts and the loss of staff, from the federal level on down, we're not ready to respond to a massive disaster, whether it's due to terrorism or Mother Nature."
Why Our Public Health System Isn't Ready for Another 9/11

As we look back over the decade since 9/11, perhaps the most pressing question is this: are we ready

Christopher Herman 11:04am Sep 9
Did Moses Have a Speech Impediment? –

Actually, there has been a wide gamut of rabbinical interpretations of the Hebrew words k’vad peh, “

Christopher Herman 10:45am Sep 9
Obama's Crony Capitalism

What the Solyndra debacle reveals about Obama's economic strategy

Christopher Herman 1:21pm Sep 8
"The mystery begins to clear up after taking a close look at the state of U.S. workers, especially young workers, who have the highest unemployment rate of all; among those aged 16 to 19, it's 25%. The harsh reality is that even when jobs are available, many of these job applicants aren't ready for them. They aren't getting hired because they often aren't worth hiring."
The unemployment facts we'd rather not face - Fortune Management

Unemployment is the No. 1 issue in America -- yet virtually all business people I talk to complain

Christopher Herman 1:02pm Sep 8
Comparing Obama and Bush on Civil Liberties and War
In fact, even after 9/11, the calculated chance of an American ever being killed by an international

Christopher Herman 12:59pm Sep 8
Landmark Study Provides More Evidence Abortion is a Mental Health Risk for Many, Confirms AUL’s Call

“The finding that 81 percent of women experienced a higher risk of mental health issues following an

Christopher Herman 12:58pm Sep 8
"They enthusiastically applaud government executions. And they’re certain government is incompetent, except when it comes to bombing foreigners, torturing Muslims, and killing guilty people, in which cases government is always, 100 percent, how-dare-you-even-ask-questions correct."
The Limited Government, Pro-Life Party | The Agitator

They enthusiastically applaud government executions. And they're certain government is incompetent,

Christopher Herman 12:28pm Sep 8
"Perry’s decision to stand by his executive order last night sent a message to middle-of-the-road voters: I am of the Tea Party, but I am not controlled by it. For the 30 percent of self-described moderate voters who oppose the movement, this independent streak could only help his campaign among that demographic. For the almost 50 percent of Republican voters who count themselves as supporters, this issue won’t prevent them from campaigning and voting for the only choice against four more years of Barack Obama, if Perry becomes the Republican nominee."
How the Gardasil Debate Could Help Perry « Commentary Magazine
As Jonathan wrote, after last night’s debate it appears that Rick Perry is going to steamroll the re

hristopher Herman 11:38am Sep 8
Saudis: “We’re Killing Too Many Civilians in Yemen? Then Give Us Drones”

“Obviously, some civilians died, though we wish that this did not happen,” Saudi Defense Minister Pr

Christopher Herman 11:31am Sep 8
Life And Near-Death In Texas | Media Matters for America
Much of the coverage thus far has focused on the theatrics of Perry's staunch defense of Texas' syst

Christopher Herman 11:27am Sep 8
"In fact, the death penalty process in Texas has been irrevocably broken for quite some time. There is ample evidence that Perry ordered the execution of Cameron Todd Willingham—a case described in chilling detail by the New Yorker’s David Grann—even when presented with clear proof of Willingham’s innocence, or at the very least persuasive doubt about his supposed guilt. Perry then dismissed members of the Texas Forensic Science Commission who were investigating Willingham’s case, in order to try to cover-up his cavalier execution of a possibly innocent man. That alone, in my opinion, should disqualify Perry from seeking the presidency."
On Capital Punishment, Perry is Bush on Steroids | The Nation
Since 2001, 41 prisoners have been exonerated from death row in Texas based on new DNA evidence. The

Christopher Herman 10:40am Sep 8
GOP Debate Transcript

Here's the first part of tonight's debate, courtesy NBC. More to follow. The formatting may be a bit

Christopher Herman 10:38am Sep 8
Some of this "fact check" I disagree with, but it points to how the GOP needs to sharpen its wit...
Presidential Debate: GOP Candidates Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann Fact-Checked

A look at some of the claims in the debate, and how they compare with the facts

Christopher Herman 10:01am Sep 8
"After 9/11, the Senate voted 100 to zero to federalize airport security. Then-Sen. Tom Daschle said, "You can't professionalize if you don't federalize."

Nonsense. Before TSA was created, private contractors paid airport inspectors not much more than minimum wage. They weren't very good. Now we spend five times as much, and they're still not very good.

Today even the TSA knows that private security is better. In one of its own tests, its screeners in Los Angeles missed 75 percent of explosives planted by inspectors. In San Francisco, one of the few cities allowed to have privately managed security, screeners missed 20 percent."
Ten Years After

After 9/11, the U.S. Congress created the Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Sec

Christopher Herman 9:51am Sep 8
Why the Stimulus Failed

The Wall Street Journal on new research on what actually happened to a trillion dollars.

Christopher Herman 9:51am Sep 8
Michael J. Boskin: The Obama Presidency by the Numbers

In The Wall Street Journal, Michael J. Boskin writes that President Obama constantly reminds the Ame

Christopher Herman 8:57am Sep 8
Actress Mila Kunis: 'I Love Barack Obama,' Adds Young Republicans Are 'Ill-Informed' | NewsBusters.o
So to put two and two together, Kunis is proud of her vote for Obama, and under Obama, the country i

Christopher Herman 8:54am Sep 8
NBC Debate Moderators Pepper Republicans with Questions from the Left |

NBC’s Brian Williams and Politico’s John Harris peppered the NBC News/Politico debate inside the Air

Christopher Herman 8:09am Sep 8
"In this speech, President Deiss of the General Assembly warns of the UN’s potential marginalization as a main actor in global governance by ad hoc organizations such as the G-20. The G-20 may be more effective than the UN in making quick decisions in tumultuous circumstances such as the financial crisis, but lacks the legitimacy only the UN can provide. According to Deiss, the UN should be strengthened as an umbrella organization for global governance through specific reforms. Its organization can then connect the G-20’s “leadership” to the “expertise” of specialized agencies such as the IMF and the World Bank and provide decision-making with its “unique legitimacy”. "

Christopher Herman 8:07am Sep 8
Colombia's New Index to Measure Poverty Merits a Cautious Welcome

Columbia has adopted a new holistic poverty reduction plan to reconcile economic development and gro

Christopher Herman 7:49am Sep 8
Typical left-wing Time magazine spin, but still useful for its highlights...
What You Missed While Not Watching Last Night’s Reagan Library GOP Debate | Swampland |

0 minutes. Presidential debates come and go. But tonight’s GOP debate, the fourth in a series too nu

Christopher Herman 7:46am Sep 8
"To get the science right, director Steven Soderbergh and his team took technical advice from an array of infectious disease experts, including Columbia University virus hunter Ian Lipkin, who designed the template for the microbe featured in the film."
The Science of Contagion: Why You Should Be Scared of Hollywood's Latest Pandemic Thriller

Contagion tells the story of what might have happened if SARS — or any new, emerging virus — couldn'

Christopher Herman 11:14pm Sep 7
Paedophilia And Satanism ... The Fabric Of The Web

All of this brings me to the story that I and others have been working on with avengeance - the case

Christopher Herman 11:11pm Sep 7
Rick Perry’s Passion for Passing Out Public Funds

As governor of Texas, Rick Perry has used public funds to line the pockets of many of his major cont

Christopher Herman 9:14pm Sep 7
During Secret Retreat With Billionaires, Koch Lobbyist Admits Tea Party Group ‘Designed’ To Elect Re

This morning, blogger Brad Friedman, writing in Mother Jones and BradBlog, revealed a set of audio t

Christopher Herman 9:06pm Sep 7
"Perry and other Republican lawmakers have recently argued that federal disaster relief — such as aid for states hit by tornadoes and hurricanes — must be offset by federal spending cuts, but they have yet to make that argument in fire-ravaged Texas. The state recently cut funding for volunteer fire departments by 75% as a cost-saving measure."
After Rick Perry Cut Fire Department Funding by 75%, Texas Ravaged by Wildfires | Firedoglake

The worst wildfires in Texas history are still burning, and so far, have destroyed 1,000 homes and t

Christopher Herman 8:47pm Sep 7
How Rick Perry Has Been on the Public Dole His Whole Life | Tea Party and the Right

When this taxpayer-supported lifer flits into your town to declare that he will slash public benefit

Christopher Herman 5:58pm Sep 7
Prison » FEMA Forces Firefighters to Stand Down in Texas

In an outrageous repeat of Katrina, the federal government has moved into wildfire-stricken Texas an

Christopher Herman 12:01pm Sep 6
"Nicholas Shaxson, the author of Treasure Islands: Uncovering the Damage of Offshore Banking and Tax Havens, tells us that offshore tax havens such as Bahrain’s “are not exotic, murky sideshows at the fringes of the world economy: they lie at its centre. Half of world trade flows, at least on paper, through tax havens. Every multinational corporation uses them routinely. The biggest users of tax havens by far are not terrorists, spivs [black marketeers], celebrities or Mafiosi–but banks.”"
Torture Island: Where Offshore Meets the National Surveillance State

Bahrain is home to the U.S. Fifth Fleet, the proverbial tip of imperialism’s nautical spear responsi

Christopher Herman 11:56am Sep 6
MYSTAGOGY: Elder Cleopas On the End Times

A father asked the Elder:

"What will happen, Elder, after your departure to the Lord?"

Elder Cle

Christopher Herman 11:43am Sep 6
MYSTAGOGY: Russian Icon of the Panagia In 123 Forms

Christopher Herman 11:43am Sep 6
Larry J. Sabato: The 2012 Election Will Come Down to Seven States

In The Wall Street Journal, Larry J. Sabato of the University of Virginia writes that national polls

Christopher Herman 11:21am Sep 6
"The shift in the CIA mission’s has been reflected in the spectacular growth of its Counter-terrorism Center (CTC) from 300 employees in September 2001 to about 2,000 people today – 10 percent of the agency’s entire workforce, according to the Post report.
The agency’s analytical branch, which had been previously devoted entirely to providing intelligence assessments for policymakers, has been profoundly affected.
More than one-third of the personnel in the agency’s analytical branch are now engaged wholly or primarily in providing support to CIA operations, according to senior agency officials cited by the Post. And nearly two-thirds of those are analysing data used by the CTC drone war staff to make decisions on targeting.
Some of that shift of internal staffing to support of the drone has followed the rise in the number of drone strikes in Pakistan since mid-2008, but the CIA began to lay the institutional basis for a bigger drone campaign well before that."
CIA’s Push for Drone War Driven by Internal Needs

CIA Director Michael Hayden lobbied hard for that expansion at a time when drone strikes seemed like

Christopher Herman 9:32am Sep 6
Sagan suspects here that an increased amount of sleep is required when there is an increased amount of new intellectual activity during the day - dreams function as a "buffer-dumping and memory storage" process...
The dragons of Eden

Dr. Carl Sagan takes us on a great reading adventure, offering his vivid and startling insight into

Christopher Herman 9:27am Sep 6
For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for images made to look like mortal man and birds and animals and reptiles. (Romans 1:2-23)

Sagan refers to chromosomal DNA as the "book of life." The DNA double helix is a language written only in four letters. The variation of these letters is seemingly infinite. As for human beings, their hereditary material requires some five billion bits of information. These "bits of information in the encyclopedia of life-in the nucleus of each of our cells-if written out in, say English, would fill a thousand volumes. Every one of your hundred trillion cells contains a complete library of instructions on how to make every part of you." [Carl Sagan, COSMOS, Ballantine Books, 1980, p. 227.]
Perspective of Mind: Carl Sagan
This posting will discuss the views of the late Carl Sagan in relation to the emergence of

Christopher Herman 4:24pm Sep 4
SPIEGEL Interview with Henry Kissinger: 'Mao Might Consider Modern China to Be Too Materialistic' -.

For decades, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, 88, has been a keen observer of China. He

Christopher Herman 4:22pm Sep 4
Controversial Genetic Tests: German Parliament Allows Some Embryo Screening - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News.

A new measure passed by German lawmakers will let would-be parents test fertilized embryos for possi

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