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We thank Rev. Father Deacon Christopher Herman, the son of our former spiritual father, Vladyka Michael Peter Herman of reposed memory for providing us the articles and their various links.

We believe that what is presented is a step in the right direction to bring our Orthodox Faith alive to all and a means to cure some of the ills that separate our Roman faithful from the root, ground and base of all things Christian: being Orthodox Catholic Christianity that began in the A.D. 800's and culminated in the official schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church from Orthodoxy in 1054 A.D. 

By presenting these articles and informational pages and subsequent, hoped for, weekly presentations, this endeavor will reach a wider audience and provide a means for dialogue.  For it is in and through the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that love, compassion and understanding may come about.  In saying this truth, it also means that we make another attempt to fulfill the ideal of why we are called "Christian" ...

Orthodoxy is not a religion.  It is CHRISTIANITY itself! To a true Christian, the events taking place through out the world and locally in the USA today is important because of how it may (and in some instances has) affected our religious rights and freedoms here in the U.S.A and in some other Western World Countries already.

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As Thou, Father, art in me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us. (John 17:21)

Christopher Herman 10:49pm Jun 19
"He warned everyone against lack of faith not only by His words, but also by the multitude of events which amazingly proved the power of faith and the powerlessness of mistrust or doubt in God’s protection and salvation from danger.

Lack of faith comes in different forms: some people have little faith in God because He does not punish His enemies; others doubt they would be able to entreat God to grant them their desires, especially when their conscience bothers them with the thought that God will not forgive them their sins; still others fear that God will deprive them of all earthly goods and subsistence. This triple manifestation of lack of faith estranges many people from God and immerses them in various forms of perdition.

The source of our lack of faith is our excessive conceit, i.e. when we think more of ourselves than of God, rely more on our own powers than on God’s help."
Lack of Faith VS. God’s Providence- By: St. John (Maximovich) of Tobolsk (not San Francisco a relative)
No other subject was brought up by the Lord to His disciples so frequently as lack of faith.

Christopher Herman 10:23pm Jun 19
"His most important work, Heliotropion, was begun by St. John while he was still a teacher in the Academy of Peter Mogila. He published it in Latin, and only later, in Tobolsk, when be had completed it in its final form, did he publish it in Slavonic. The title is the Greek word for helianthus (sunflower). The image of the sunflower, dear to the Saint even from his youth, was for him in analogy which helps to explain the agreement of the human will with the will of God. The sunflower has the particular characteristic of daily turning its face from one side to the other following the movement of the sun. Sunflowers are a common sight in the rural landscape of southern Russia, and St. John could not but be attracted by the natural symbolism they afford. The book Iliotropion, in fact, treats of the Divine and human wills:

"The only true means for attaining our happiness in this life and in the next is the constant turning of our attention within ourselves, to our own conscience, to our thoughts, words, and deeds, so as to raise them to passionlessness: this will reveal to us our mistakes in life and indicate the only path to salvation. This path is the entire devotion of our whole being, of our whole self with all the circumstances of our life, to the will of God."
St. John of Tobolsk. Distant Relative of St. John (Maximovitch) of Shanghai / OrthoChristian.Com
A member of the noble family of Maximovitch, which enjoyed high favor With the Russian Tsars, St. Jo...

From: thaddeus
Subject: In reply - Re: Prayer
Blessings to you, and those with you, including those who have had a change of heart!  I do hope and pray they have read the "Thoughts On Prayer (Monk - Peter {Sergin} Most Profound and soul shaking"? 
Yes! I believe in YOU because the Lord has indeed blessed you! 
My commentary in the "Thoughts on Prayer" are not necessarily nice... I used to be nice clergyman at one time, and to some degree, I'm told that I am still.  But, with all that is on-going through out the world these days... I cannot and will not take the soft-spoken, Mormon-type, and other denominational type of speaking as though I am a very humble non - assertive Priest.  I cannot afford to.  Especially since where I have been and seen what I have seen (which is not very much when compared to many Orthodox Clergy in other parts of the world).  While I still live and have the mental abilities to do and say, by the Grace of God and only (I hope) by the Grace of God do I speak in a manner that does anger people, especially those who are what shall I call them... hard-core anti this and anti-that and other "anti" things.  But, hopefully I speak and write with a Truth that cannot be denied as to what is being said?  It is hard for me to gauge as I'm on the inside of me!  When I feel the promptings of the Holy Spirit, and because of where I've been and what I've seen... and because of my own (and many) sins of omission and commission (Forget for a moment, intentionally that often we do and say things out of frustration, sometimes fear without thinking, and unintentional harms, even those that were done intentionally to, shall we say protect either (vanity) ourselves or others... we may not have a moment to think things through have to act and/or say whatever it is that was done)  - - - either way... in my book, for me, I have indeed sinned because of the hurt and/or damage I've brought to the scene (or proverbial table).  And while we should not dwell on our sins (omission or commission) I find myself doing just that and mentally (hesychast way) of doing the Jesus Prayer... Lord, Jesus Christ, son of God and son of man, have mercy on me miserable sinner by my thoughts, words and actions (deeds) ...
It is also one of the reasons why the "Our Father" is said differently from the normally acceptable for... Jesus did not say WE MUST PRAY exactly or we must pray this way, but "pray in like manner," which does leave open the door to creativity, and that door is where the Holy Spirit came into me and thus the prayer you've seen on-line which is similar to this:
Our Father
You Who are in Heaven
Let Your Name be hallowed
Let Your Kingdom come
Let Your Will be done here on earth
as it is in Heaven.
I/We do thank YOU from our heart/s and Soul  
for our/my material and spiritual food for this day
and ask for YOUR Forgiveness
as we forgive those who have transgressed against us,
be they of the past, or present,
of the living and the reposed,
whether it was done for right, wrong, real or imagined
we forgiven them and pray they too forgive us as we ask forgiveness from YOU, O'Lord,
Help us O'Lord, Our Father, that we be protected
from the snares, wiles and ways of the Evil One,
Bind those who would do us harms
whether we know them or not.
Help us O'Lord to not be led into further temptation
but deliver us from Evil for yours is truly
The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory
of THEE +(sign of cross) O'Father,
and of THY SON, +(sign of cross) Jesus Christ,
and the +(sign of cross) HOLY GHOST.  Amen!  Amen! Amen!
Liturgies are important for the reasons that they were initially created.  First: A Liturgy is a semi-re-enactment of the Life and Teachings of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  Second: A Liturgy has always been used to teach those who were (in former centuries) illiterate, as Icons also do the same.  Remember the old saying, a picture says a thousands words (or something like that).  Well, Liturgy is an Icon in itself and provides with the words (during Divine Liturgy) along with the display of icons (images) that help to teach the people.  As you may have guessed, the altar is sort of a stage... renactment of the Life and Teachings, which the Priest brings to the altar, helps the people to learn without having to resort to the manner of "school learning" (as they say).  It is a method which brings the message, the WORD to the people in speech, and in actions and in picture type icons.  As some have said, when (for the first time) they have walked into an Orthodox Church (especially if its an older one) they feel they have walked into Heaven on earth!  That is what Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit brings to you and those in attendance...
One last thing before I close.  When you write, and it is difficult for many to remember this, but we should (I SUGGEST) from here on out add the full name JESUS CHRIST when we make the sign of the cross, in our very writings and other areas, even when we actually talk to anyone and everyone... Why?  You know the answer!  Far to many use the name of "CHRIST" and there are, as you know "many christs" even though they do not call themselves "christ" or think in terms of their false and misleading doctrine and speeches on stage and off as being or having been led by the minion of an antichrist... for the true man of Sin, will be known and is referred to the ANTICHRIST!   Because of what is on-going in these present times with such false doctrines and theologies having gained far too much ground... we must, I feel (personally speaking as it is my opinion and I haven't heard anyone disagree or even agree on this) re-educate ourselves to always use the name JESUS CHRIST and no longer just CHRIST! 
Know that you are a blessing and that the Lord does bless you according to your very nature and degree of ability to do that which He desires of you... putting aside the human condition of sometimes being bullheaded (as I am)... the Lord bless you, as I also bless you, and pray not  only for you, but those who are truly with you in spirit and truth!
I am also providing this e-mail to Abouna +Gregori and my Priest in Oregon, Father Jimmy... I believe it will help either one or both and bring them up-to-date so we are all, HOPEFULLY, on the same page and partially or wholly in tune or agreement? We'll see... For what you say is important and a lesson in the travails of a Priest here in the U.S.A which is not to far different from many around the world, except their sufferings are oft times even worse than yours, Abouna +Gregori, mine, or Father Jimmy.
+Thaddeus the Most unworthy repentant one in the vineyard of this life for the very Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ!
Monk Michael's response

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ,

You should know that you are in my constant prayers, I wanted to clarify something that I had recently written last and that is regarding the help that I have received. I want you to know that I believe in my heart that it is your prayers that have helped to open the doors where others who would not have ordinarily helped have had a change of heart and have now helped. My brother-in-law who called himself Satan on earth is now where I am living and constantly questions me on understanding Jesus Christ and seeks truth earnestly, this could only be through prayer, my son-in-law who openly despised any form of Catholicism and argued constantly against me when I first began writing in my articles about the truths that I was having placed on my heart and what I was learning by constant study of church history which ultimately led me to you and I left the Protestant worship completely has had a change of heart and is trying to keep me writing, this is due to prayer.

Your prayers are of more value than the material things that I needed but the material things are needed to reach to the world. Without your prayers these things would not be. I wanted you to know that.

In Christ,
Rev. Fr. Michael


Christopher Herman 6:31pm Jun 26
"Brazil has significantly expanded its military power—particularly its naval power, and Rousseff has kept the pace. This will change the dynamics of the southern Atlantic significantly, creating a true Brazilian “zone of exclusion” extending deep into the ocean above the oil riches recently discovered there."

Christopher Herman 6:30pm Jun 26
"It is time that David Cameron came to grips with the hard fact that the prime concern of his Lib Dem “partners” is to ensure that there will not be a Conservative majority after the next election, since that would leave a powerless rump of a party with neither relevance nor future. To that end, Nick Clegg seems ready even to abandon his cherished proposal to create a senate, elected by proportional representation to ensure a permanent Lib Dem blocking minority. This is the apparent price of an unspoken deal with Labour to thwart the redrawing of constituency boundaries that would equalise the electorates and remove the gross bias in favour of Labour which has grown over recent years."
An amateur government
The coalition is dysfunctional and unpopular, unsure what it wants to do

Rand Paul among Senate members who voted against GMO labeling amendment
Federal government prohibition of GMO labeling does not, cannot legally exist

History shows polio caused by pesticide exposure, then was eradicated by decline in DDT use
On a visual graph, it is clearly seen that the production and use of pesticides throughout the mid-2...

“Righteous Mutiny” of Paul Pres. Campaign by Group “Lawyers for Ron Paul”
The group Lawyers for Ron Paul claims to have taken over Paul’s national presidential campaign, sayi...

As War Propaganda Implodes, Calls for Syria Intervention Grow
In order to manufacture the perception of public support for regime change and a war on Syria, Weste...

Donahoe: U.S. Postal Service Will “Look Like Greece” Without Restructuring
Donahoe disclosed that the USPS’s debt-to-revenue ratio is not much better than Greece’s debt-to-GDP...

On June 12, the Rhode Island House of Representatives passed a resolution calling for the repeal of ...

Rand Paul Explains His Support for Romney
Senator Rand Paul defended his decision to support Republican Party frontrunner Mitt Romney in an in...

Senate Passes Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act of 2012
Thursday the Senate passed the Agriculture Reform, Food and Jobs Act with bipartisan support, even a...

Romney Says He Wouldn't Need Approval of Congress to Attack Iran
Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told Face the Nation that as president he would not ne...

Supreme Court Upholds One of Four Challenged Provisions of Ariz. Immigration Law
On Monday, the Supreme Court affirmed one of the four challenged provisions of Arizona's controversi...

The War on Poverty: $15 Trillion and Nothing to Show for It
Since 1964, U.S. taxpayers have been soaked for $15 trillion to fight poverty, but the poverty rate ...

Social Security Disability Recipients to Take 21-percent Cut
Beneficiaries of the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program can expect to see their che...

Citizens United Is Breaking Up Corporate Dominance of Elections
Many people want to ban the SuperPacs, fearing they dominate elections; but in reality the corporati...

Christopher Herman 4:47pm Jun 26
"Berman noted in his Nation column that Romney's famed "etch-a-sketch" lack of principle may be the key war-mongering neoconservatives need to get back into power in the executive branch of the federal government. “Romney’s malleability is an advantage for his neocon advisers, giving them an opportunity to shape his worldview, as they did with Bush after 9/11.”"
Romney's Weekend With Establishment Bush-era Warmongers
June 23-24 in a weekend retreat at the Chateaux at Silver Lake in Park City, Utah

The Role of Iranian Security Forces in the Syrian Bloodshed | Jerusalem Center For Public Affairs
Amid the intensifying crisis in Syria, which in recent weeks has seen massacres of the civilian popu...

New Bill Would Make It Legal To Target Propaganda And “Psychological Operations” Directly At U.S. Ci
The latest version of the National Defense Authorization Act would overturn the Smith-Mundt Act of 1...

Christopher Herman 10:52am Jun 24
Destroy within you the devil's rule over you; destroy all his influence over you; acquire spiritual freedom. The foundation for your struggle is the grace of holy baptism; your weapon is the prayer of Jesus.

Ignatius Brianchaninov

Christopher Herman 10:34am Jun 24
"The principle that Washington will not bail out states is not part of the Constitution; it was established when Congress rejected pleas by the states in the 1840s, and nine of them subsequently defaulted on payments due on their loans. As a result of that experience, states introduced balanced-budget rules of varying effectiveness into their own constitutions. The federal government has assumed the debts of no state since then.

Is the federal government’s “no bailout” stance still credible, given its rescue of US banks and automobile companies during 2008-2009? Yes, and the reasons are instructive for the eurozone. The federal government is responsible for roughly 60 per cent of all government spending in the US and issues the lion’s share of government debt in the form of US treasury securities. These bonds serve as safe assets in the banking system and are used by the Federal Reserve in monetary policy operations. Contrast this with the European Union: its debt obligations are small relative to those of its member states, and private banks and the European Central Bank hold large amounts of national sovereign debt. If EU states default on their debt, it threatens the financial system of the monetary union as a whole. Default on state debt in the US would harm the financial portfolios of rich investors, who hold most state bonds, but affect the US financial system less than such an event in Europe."
California’s lesson for the euro
Washington refuses to rescue near-bankrupt states

U.S. Government blocks sales of fuel-efficient cars
There are already vehicles on the road - nice vehicles, not bread boxes with weed-eater motors on wh...

Reality check: When the power grid goes down, all grid-tie solar systems will go down with it
When the power grid goes down, your

Proposed international trade rules would give corporations the power to overrule governments
In November 2009, President Obama announced the United States' intention to participate in the TPP w...

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding research into bracelets that track mental, emotional respons
Pushing vaccines on the entire world is apparently not the only goal

Olive Garden restaurants treat their workers like crap, says restaurant guide
"People don't understand and respect the intensity, physically and emotionally, of working in a rest...

Wall Street's Protection Racket of Covert Derivatives: JPMorgan Derivatives Prop Up U.S. Debt
When Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase Bank, appeared before the Senate Banking Committee on June 1...

Christopher Herman 8:33am Jun 20
"For Englishness is this and Jewishness is that. The two seem mutually contradictory: one all tact, reserve, meaningful silence, the other none of those things. Had we only gone en masse to Ireland, we might have fared better in a country where the English language is spoken and written with the same lost traces of a suppressed one. The greatest literary Jew and the greatest work of literary chutzpah was written out of there. As Beckett said, the Jews think too much and drink too little. It is for me a more attractive fusion than the puritanical soul of England."
New Statesman - Identity and the British-Jewish novel
Current affairs, world politics, the arts and more from Britain's award-winning magazine

An Anti-Semite for Congress?
New York City councilman Charles Barron is a defender of Qaddafi and Mugabe and a foe of Israel

Wall Photos
No wonder the Senate Banking Committee went so easy on JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon last week. ...

Christopher Herman 11:04pm Jun 19
Use Google Translate to read part of this in English...
Святитель Иоанн Максимович, преемник по черниговской кафедре святителя Феодосия Углицкого, был сыном...

Orthodox Christian Life: Divine Providence by St. John of Tobolsk
“Everything that we, without understanding the matter, believe to occur randomly, chaotically, and w...

Christopher Herman 10:32am Jun 12
"Well, the Big Business guys are transparent about one thing: They can’t stand the idea of the public holding them to account for their attempts to buy elections and influence policy, or even that they be prevented from corrupting the government contracting process through campaign spending.

The latest: They are so terrified of having their political spending disclosed that they are pushing in Congress legislation that would prohibit the government from requiring contractors to disclose their campaign-related spending.

Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, is carrying their water, with the Orwellian “Keeping Politics Out of Federal Contracting Act,” a bill that recently passed the Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs and may well become law unless the public demands otherwise. To take action to stop this abomination, go here.

The Collins initiative is in response to an excellent initiative floated by the Obama administration, but which the White House failed to implement. The simple idea was to require government contractors to disclose their campaign-related spending, including the kind of secret corporate campaign expenditures enabled by the Citizens United decision.

Contractor disclosure is important for two key reasons. First, virtually every major corporation enters into contracts with the government, so if contractors are required to disclose their campaign spending, that would cover most giant businesses. Second, the corrupting pall of campaign-related contributions is worst in the area of government contracting, since this is where the direct payoffs to corporations from political spending are highest. Disclosure will help mitigate the campaign-contractor corruption nexus."
The Big Business guys have been unwavering in their strident opposition to disclosure of corporate c...

GLOBAL FINANCIAL MELTDOWN: Convergence of 4 Explosive Factors: Banks, Stock Exchanges, Pension Fund

Christopher Herman 10:17am Jun 12
"Attending Bilderberg 2012 as an 'international' participant was Bassma Kodmani.

So who is Bassma Kodmani? The answer to that question is also the answer to the question: what the hell is happening in Syria? This is where it gets interesting (and worrying) for Bilderberg followers.

Kodmani was at Bilderberg in 2008, the last time it was here in Chantilly. She is a member of the European Council on foreign relations – its parent group, the council on foreign relations, is a sort of über lobby group, a couple of rungs down from Bilderberg, but still hugely powerful.

There's a lot of CFR/Bilderberg crossover. Honorary chairman of both is David Rockefeller; co-chairman of the CFR is Robert Rubin (he was here); and on the CFR's board of directors are Fouad Ajami and Henry Kravis, both at Bilderberg 2012.

Bassma Kodmani is also the executive director of the Arab Reform Initiative. This body, set up in 2004 by the CFR, is helping to steer "a comprehensive process" of "democratic reform" in the region. In 2005, the Syrian National Council came into being. Bassma Kodmani was a founding member, and is on the executive committee. Kodmani is one of the SNC's two spokespeople, alongside Radwan Ziadeh (who has a flawless Washington pedigree – look him up). According to its website, the SNC is a non profit public policy research organization register in the District of Colombia and headquartered in Washington DC. Just up the road.

I asked Tarpley about Kodmani. He doesn't mince words. "She's a Nato agent, a destabilizer, a colour revolution queen. The fact that Kodmani was there is a scary one for Syria", says Tarpley."
To those gathered outside, at least, it looks increasingly like, at this year's Bilderberg, the war ...

Christopher Herman 10:16am Jun 12
"Four eyewitnesses on the hotel staff told me Willard Mitt Romney was here at Bilderberg 2012. My four eyewitnesses place him inside. That's one more than Woodward and Bernstein used. Romney's office initially refused to confirm or deny his attendance as Bilderberg is "not public". His people later said it wasn't him.
So, was he being crowned, or singing for his supper? Will Mitt Romney follow in the august footsteps of Clinton, Cameron and Blair to have attended Bilderberg and then shortly become leader? Four years ago, Senator Obama shook off his press detail and nipped (many think) into Bilderberg. This exact same hotel.
Did Romney have to get down on one knee in front of David Rockefeller? This sounds flippant, but it's a serious question: has Bilderberg switched allegiance? Are they going to toss away Obama after just one term?
I put this question to author and Bilderberg expert Webster Tarpley. Is Wall Street going to throw its chips in with Romney? "I think there's a frisson that's gone through the ruling class against Obama," he says.The leak we had from the flirty hotel staffer corroborated this. "They don't seem to like Obama very much," he said.
Tarpley's conclusion is this: "They want Romney and Mitch Daniels, who will run together as moderate rightists." Governor Daniels of Indiana was on the official list."
Bilderberg 2012: Mitt Romney and Bill Gates were there
Another conference over. Charlie Skelton talks to some of the 800 activists outside the gates to fin...

Bilderberg 2012: bring on the Bilderbabes
Charlie Skelton: Protesters at Bilderberg up their game: 'What do they want? Hegelian dialectics! Wh...

Prison » Bilderberg Releases Official Attendee List And Press Release May 31, 2012 In an uncharacteristic move, the official Bilderberg Meeting website h...

Christopher Herman 10:10am Jun 12
"The annual secretive Bilderberg Group conference, which brings together the capitalist world’s financial, political, and media kingpins in various venues, was held this year in Chantilly, Virginia, near the back gate of Washington Dulles International Airport. The Marriott Westfields resort hotel venue allowed official and unofficial guests to make their way from the airport as clandestinely as possible, thus avoiding the large number of protesters representing both the progressive “Occupy” and conservative “Tea Party” movements who gathered at the government security perimeter erected for the “private” conference.

This year’s Bilderberg conference featured three guests from Russia. However, unlike the “establishment” figures from Western nations, including the United States, Britain, Germany, France, and Canada, two of the three Russians represented the anti-Valdimir Putin opposition. Present at Bilderberg 2012 were Anatoly Chubais and Garry Kasparov, leading anti-Putin Russian politicians.

Chubais is reviled among a majority of Russians for shepherding the wholesale privatization of Soviet and Russian Federation state enterprises under the administration of President Boris Yeltsin and Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. The chief benefactors of the privatization were a handful of Russian entrepreneurs who soon became billionaire oligarchs. Many of these oligarchs soon found themselves in prison in Russia or in exile in Britain and Israel to avoid prosecution in Russia. Today, Chubais is the head of Rusnano, a leading Russian nanotechnology firm."
Although Russia was certainly on the agenda of Bilderberg 2012 as witnessed by the presence of two l...

Christopher Herman 10:05am Jun 12
"Justice Secretary Ken Clarke and former business secretary Peter Mandelson weren’t the only Britons who attended the Bilderberg conference — along with leading international politicians and industrialists — in Chantilly, Virginia.

The BBC had a man there, too, at the weekend: Marcus Agius, senior independent director of the BBC’s executive board.

Agius, who is married to Katherine Rothschild and earns a £750,000 salary in his day job as chairman of Barclays Bank, is paid £47,000 by the BBC for 28 days’ work per year, principally advising the BBC Trust, which represents the interests of licence-fee payers.

This might explain why the corporation did not report on the event this year.

*BBC insiders say the much- maligned coverage of the Jubilee river pageant might have implications for the internal applicants hoping to succeed Mark Thompson as director-general. Among those whose cards may be marked are George Entwistle, the corporation’s BBC head of vision, and Helen Boaden, head of news. Which is good news for another internal candidate Caroline Thomson, the chief operating officer, who is not strictly involved with programming so is untainted by what has been dubbed “the Fearne fiasco”."
All rosy in the garden again for PM and NT - Diary - News - Evening Standard
It's a reconciliation between the Prime Minister and the National Trust, who were at loggerheads l...

UK banks sitting on £40bn of undeclared losses - Telegraph
Britain's banks are sitting on a £40bn black hole of undeclared losses that are preventing them fr...

CorpWatch : Forgiving Siemens: Unraveling a Tangled Tale of German Corruption in Greece
After almost two years, the traffic lights in the city of Athens are finally being fixed without del...

CorpWatch : Whale Wars: Hedge Funds Rob Banks, and the Poor Suffer Most
Boaz Weinstein took as much as $2 billion from Jamie Dimon and Bruno Iksil. That is to say a hedge f...

CorpWatch : Faking Happiness: Activists Strike Back at Vedanta Ad Campaign
Vedanta Resources, a UK based mining and metals company with numerous projects in India, is attempti...

CorpWatch : How to Make A (Foreign) Wall Street Bank Vanish
Can you name the eight largest banks in the U.S.? Seven of them are easy Bank of America, Citigroup...

CorpWatch : Bailing out Germany: The Story Behind the European Financial Crisis
Bankia, Spains fourth largest bank, asked the government for a 19 billion ($24 billion) bail out on ...

CorpWatch : How Obama Helped Authorize Shells Drilling the Arctic
President Barack Obama personally helped Shell obtain authorization to drill for oil in Alaska, acco...

CorpWatch : CIA "Rendition" Contractors Data Cache To Be Released
Khaled al-Masri, a German citizen, was kidnapped January 2004 in Macedonia, then tortured and interr...

The American Welfare State: How We Spend Nearly $1 Trillion a Year Fighting Poverty--And Fail
On January 8, 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson delivered a State of the Union address to Congress i...

If You Love Something, Set It Free: A Case for Defunding Public Broadcasting
Public broadcasting has been in critics' crosshairs since its creation in 1967. Assailed from all si...

Ending Congestion by Refinancing Highways
Although gasoline taxes have long been the main source of funding for building, maintaining, and ope...

Competition in Currency: The Potential for Private Money
Privately issued money can benefit consumers in many ways, particularly in the areas of value stabil...

New Mexico Court: Christian Business Owners Have No Rights
Organized homosexuality has prevailed again, this time with the help of a court in New Mexico, which...

Alabama Adopts First Official State Ban on UN Agenda 21
Alabama is the first state to adopt a tough law protecting private property and due process by banni...

“U.N. Me” Movie Unmasks the Real United Nations
The starkly terrifying film "U.N. Me" will likely galvanize viewers to push to get the US out of the...

Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles
President Obama has placed himself at the helm of a top secret process to designate terrorists for k...

Communist China Blasts Second Amendment, U.S. Human-rights Record
The communist dictatorship ruling mainland China, responsible for the blood of more innocent victims...

With UN Support, Socialist Chavez Disarms Civilians in Venezuela
The regime of socialist strongman Hugo Chavez, with UN aid, is waging all-out war on private firearm...

Canadian health care system provides poor value for tax dollars spent | Fraser Institute
With the turning of the calendar to May, the effort to complete our income tax returns will slowly s...

Stealth Confiscation: How governments regulate, freeze, and devalue private property-without compens
The book includes international examples of compensation for what’s known as “regulatory takings” an...

Freedom watch: Not a single Democrat voted in favor of ending FDA raids on raw milk farmers
The Republicans are only slightly better on this issue, by the way. Most Republicans also voted agai...

Breaking news: US Senator Rand Paul offers surprise amendment to rein in FDA abuses, disarm the FDA,
Sen. Paul's amendment, No. 2143, would disarm the FDA, put an end to raids on natural food stores an...

Congress votes down Sen. Durbin's anti-supplement amendment, as well as Sen. Paul's freedom of healt
A sneaky, eleventh-hour attempt by Senator Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) to essentially shut down the supplem...

The Pros & Cons of Bitcoins -
Bitcoin, a privately controlled independent currency, is nothing short of revolutionary. Bitcoin, ho...

Accidentally Released - and Incredibly Embarrassing - Documents Show How Goldman et al Engaged in 'N
It doesnrsquo;t happen often, but sometimes God smiles on us. Last week, he smiled on investigative ...

Congress Introduces Constitutional Amendment for Parental Rights
Republicans in Congress introduced a proposed Parental Rights Amendment to the Constitution to prote...

Obama Belonged to Radical Socialist "New Party" in 1996
In a June 7 National Review Online article, Stanley Kurtz says Barack Obama joined a Marxist-oriente...

New Pacific Alliance Links Freer Latin American Nations
Chile, Peru, Mexico, and Colombia — among the best economies and not yet under complete statism — ha...

Pro-Family Groups Block Same-Sex Marriage in Washington State
Champions of traditional marriage garnered more than 240,000 petition signatures to force a ballot v...

Conservatives targeted in deadly and costly free speech attack
Stories of the attacks began to surface on social networking sites two weeks ago when there were rep...

New information confirms extensive Obama spying on Americans
The Obama campaign employs over 150 "techies" who do nothing but "peel back the layers" of the lives...

Stock picks from Fed officials
Roughly 600 pages of financial disclosures released this week show wide range of investments from re...

The World's Richest Countries And Biggest Economies, In 2 Graphics : NPR
The U.S. is the world's biggest economy, but it's not the richest country. China is a huge world pow...

Renewable Energy Ambitions: Norway Wants to Become Europe's Battery - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Because wind and solar energy are inconsistent, energy managers are looking for ways to fill in the ...

New Edition of Hitler Polemic: '"Mein Kampf" Is the Shell, We're Removing the Fuse' - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Hitler's polemic "Mein Kampf" has long been a no-go zone for German publishers. But a Munich histori...

Free Money: German Central Bank Issues Zero-Rate Bonds - SPIEGEL ONLINE
For the first time in history, Germany issued long term bonds with a zero percent coupon rate on Wed...

The Miracle Next Door: Poland Emerges as a Central European Powerhouse - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Germans used to think of Poland as a country full of car thieves and post-communist drabness. On the...

Six-Point Growth Plan: Berlin Proposes European Special Economic Zones - SPIEGEL ONLINE
With Europe beginning to look for alternatives to its exclusive focus on austerity, the German gover...

Norway's Gender Quota: A Laboratory for the Advancement of Women - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The heated political debate continues in Germany over whether or not the country needs a gender quot...

Nuclear Phase-Out: German Power Grid Expansion to Cost Billions - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Germany needs thousands of kilometers in new power lines in order to prepare for the country's plann...

Chasing the Sun: German and Chinese Solar Firms Battle for Survival - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Germany was proud of its supposedly future-proof solar industry and subsidized it to the hilt. But t...

Green Veneer: WWF Helps Industry More than Environment - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The WWF is the most powerful environmental organization in the world and campaigns internationally o...

The World from Berlin: 'Only Russia Can Exert Influence on Syria' - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Despite the expulsion of Syrian envoys from several Western countries on Tuesday and Wednesday, a mi...

Missing Out: Some Poles Left Behind Despite Economic Success - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Poland, one of the hosts of this year's European Football Championship, has been booming thanks to a...

Walking a Fine Line: German President Gauck Impresses on Israel Visit - SPIEGEL ONLINE
State visits to Israel provide plenty of opportunities to commit blunders for German heads of state....

Trans-Atlantic Titan: The End of an Era at the German Marshall Fund - SPIEGEL ONLINE
As a child, Guido Goldman fled to the US to escape the Nazis. Just a couple of decades later, howeve...

Victory for Intolerance: How Islamophobes Launched a National Debate - SPIEGEL ONLINE
For weeks, German politicians and media outlets alike have been focusing their attention on the coun...

A Revolution in Images: How Insect-Eyed Cameras Could Change Our Lives - SPIEGEL ONLINE
New cameras with hundreds of tiny lenses have recently been overcoming obstacles that have frustrate...

Source of a Superpower: Old and New China Meet along the Yellow River - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The Yellow River, regarded as the cradle of Chinese civilization, winds its way more than 5,000 kilo...

Vatileaks Scandal: Documents Expose Pope's Frail Leadership - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Though Pope Benedict XVI's personal butler has been arrested in connection with the "Vatileaks" scan...

The World from Berlin: 'Gauck Was Not Conducive to a Peaceful Solution' - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Following controversial comments made during a state visit to Israel this week, German President Joa...

The World from Berlin: 'Helping Israel Defend Itself Is Germany's Duty' - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Opposition parties in Germany are demanding answers about the sale of nuclear-capable submarines to ...

Operation Samson: Israel's Deployment of Nuclear Missiles on Subs from Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Many have wondered for years about the exact capabilities of the submarines Germany exports to Israe...

Assad's Willing Helpers: Why the World Can't Stop the Killing in Syria - SPIEGEL ONLINE
There is no end in sight to the murdering in Syria and the world can do nothing but watch. The US ha...

Assad's Pact With the Devil: Syrian Regime Using Hired Killers to Cling to Power - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The regime of Syrian ruler Bashar Assad has enlisted gangs of murderous thugs known as 'Shabiha.' No...

Environment Minister Peter Altmaier: 'We Can't Allow Electricity to Become a Luxury' - SPIEGEL ONLIN
After a year of little progress in Germany's so-called energy revolution, Chancellor Merkel recently...

The Move to Renewables: Germany's Nuclear Phase-Out Brings Unexpected Costs - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The German government was quick to approve a phase-out of nuclear power in the country after the Fuk...

Schmoozing with the New World Order: Green Party Leader Slammed for Going to Bilderberg - SPIEGEL ON
The secretive annual Bilderberg conference of the global elite has inspired a host of conspiracy the...

The World from Berlin: Putin Restricts Protests with 'Scandalous' New Law - SPIEGEL ONLINE
The Russian parliament has passed a new law curtailing the right to protest, which is expected to en...

Divine Wrath: Moscow Socialite Joins Fight against Putin Regime - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Now that he's officially back in charge, Russian President Vladimir Putin is going after his opponen...

Big Food's 9 dirty secrets you should know about
Nine examples of what the public isn't supposed to know

Obama opens door to Africa for Monsanto
Last week President Barack Obama announced a plan that puts Monsanto, as well as other large argi-bu...

  Poland beekeepers kick Monsanto out of the hive, successfully ban bee-killing GM corn
All plantings of Monsanto's MON810, a genetically-modified (GM) variety of maize (corn) that produce...

Exposed: Monsanto planted GM alfalfa before USDA approved it, federal agency knew all along
It has now come to light that Monsanto released GM alfalfa into the wild years before it was initial...

Fukushima radiation now detected in the U.S. food supply
Researchers said that, so far, the levels of cesium found in the fish are not high enough to harm hu...

Christopher Herman 8:01am Jun 12
Those who pursue the carnal mode of life and in whom the will of the flesh is
imperious -who are, quite simply, carnal -are not able to conform to God's will
(cf. Rom. 8:8). Their judgement is eclipsed and they are totally impervious to
the rays of divine light: the engulfing clouds of the passions are like high walls
that shut out the resplendence of the Spirit and leave them without illumination.

Nikitas Stithatos

Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgust
Linguistic analysis of Rand Paul's endorsement of Romney contradicts his words: Rand Paul is disgust...

Gattaca becomes reality as scientists start to screen, abort human babies based on 3,500 'genetic fa
Modern science has come up with a new way to test unborn babies for roughly 3,500 so-called genetic ...

Spy cams installed in NY hospital bathrooms to monitor handwashing
We are one step away from the all intrusive commode-cam to see who wipes their butt in the right dir...

Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, key informant in prosecution of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart, found to
Aajonus Vonderplanitz PhD, key informant in prosecution of Sharon Palmer and James Stewart, found to...

Can We Survive the New Golden Age of Oil? - By Steve LeVine
Just months after an enormous discovery of natural gas off the coast of Israel, a local company has ...

Losing Polio - By Laurie Garrett
Last week, a Pakistani doctor was sentenced by his government to three decades in prison for actions...

Kill the Kill List - By Daphne Eviatar and Gabor Rona
Earlier this week, the New York Times published a stunning front-page article by Jo Becker and Scott...

The Real Reason to Intervene in Syria - By James P. Rubin
We're not done with the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran. Given that the current round of ne...

Good Leak, Bad Leak - By Uri Friedman
There's something troubling about the recent leaks to the New York Times about President Barack Obam...

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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."


- Blessed St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco

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Many of those who subscribe to, and some who have caused or are the cause for, these things to happen are involved in or with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church (which is not the seat of all things "Catholic") as well as its protestant daughters such as the cultic Jehovah's Witnesses, the Pentecostal Churches, the Church of Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormon Church and far too many more to list. 


Yet, at this web site we do provide some of the reasons about why they are opined to be the harbingers of that which is prophesied in Holy Scripture for the bringing about of the End Times which we have already entered.  It is not necessarily their individual members or parishioners that should be blamed since they are only the "Sheep" and not the Shepherds... So do not think we castigate individual people of themselves as we castigate those "money changers" who Jesus Christ chased out of His Father's House as the Bible Describes; for they exist in these present times too.


Events are already rushing toward that time in which this is beginning to happen and will become more fully wide-spread. In these present times all you need to really do is look around both your local and larger areas as to what is really on-going through.  Things so very little or miniscule that they are barely noticeable except to the more informed observer may become apparent. 

Those little things are the laws of the land, economics, politics, the degrading and erosion of those rights and liberties afforded by the Constitution of these United States of America and many other things such as the manner with which entertainments have taken over much of the populace, entering into and becoming a major focus in worship, and more. 

We ask you, if you don't want to believe us... Have you heard, seen or found what is termed (of the many terms being used) that there are "holding areas" or "camps" or "Closed/Fenced communities" being built by GOVERNMENT? 

Here in North America, especially in the United States of America, we must admit that what Russia has come out of (a communistic, atheist country) we are entering into.  And one last thing that needs also to be understood... Something very important to those of you who are "Catholic" in the Roman sense of its jurisdiction....   And, we believe this also holds true for many who are "Orthodox" whether "Eastern" or "Western"....

[ * Non-Denominational = Synchrestic Ecumenism, Disease of Scholasticism, altering the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ to accommodate the disease of Political Correctness and CULTIC PROTESTANTISM, and the Roman Jurisdiction (Latin Church = Vatican) of the Catholic Church) breaking of - or failure and refusal to respect and abide by  - the ancient Seven Ecumenical "Do Not" Canons which leaves everything else open to God's gift of creativity... failure & refusal to abide by and have respect for those who diligently protect one of the other Pillars of the Church, the Seals of the Confessional, but "Non-Denominational" also includes worshiping Satan's religion of Muslim, Islam by praying with them and other heretics such as 'Pentecostalism,' 'Jehovah's Witnesses,' 'Mormons,' 'Church of Christ,' any so-called church with "Community Church" in their nomenclature and others who by their false and misleading dogmas and doctrines are actually against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ upon whom and for exacting reason we are called "Christian" in both spirit and truth from which non-denominational protestant sectarian claimants have departed from as being so-called Christian] Only a skilled spiritual father can help you!

Remember: You cannot ride two horses or serve two masters for one of them will be harmed by your thoughts, your very words and your actions which is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost (Spirit) who will depart from you.  And when the Holy Spirit departs, the great deceiver (unbeknownst to you) will rush in to fill the void under disguise of being the Holy Spirit!  Testing of the Holy Spirit to insure it is the Holy Spirit does not, for many a Sectarian Protestant and Roman, work because the Great Deceiver (Satan) is most skilled in worming and snaking his charms around your mind and heart to feign being the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Satan has the same gifts similar to the Holy Spirit but Satan's gifts are UN-HOLY and lead all who accept him (unbeknownst to you) to perdition.

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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

- Blessed St. +John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco



"Prejudice makes Prisoners of the Hated and the Hater" 

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