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For: February 05, 2012's note, opinion and commentary: 

We thank Rev. Father Deacon Christopher Herman, the son of our former spiritual father, Vladyka Michael Peter Herman of reposed memory for providing us the articles and their various links.

We believe that what is presented is a step in the right direction to bring our Orthodox Faith alive to all and a means to cure some of the ills that separate our Roman faithful from the root, ground and base of all things Christian: being Orthodox Catholic Christianity that began in the A.D. 800's and culminated in the official schism of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church from Orthodoxy in 1054 A.D. 

By presenting these articles and informational pages and subsequent, hoped for, weekly presentations, this endeavor will reach a wider audience and provide a means for dialogue.  For it is in and through the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that love, compassion and understanding may come about.  In saying this truth, it also means that we make another attempt to fulfill the ideal of why we are called "Christian" ...

Orthodoxy is not a religion.  It is CHRISTIANITY itself! To a true Christian, the events taking place through out the world and locally in the USA today is important because of how it may (and in some instances has) affected our religious rights and freedoms here in the U.S.A and in some other Western World Countries already.

Initially we had begun by "Subject" but found that by "DATE" is a better format.  Thus, the former entitled "Concerning" below are a form of archival resources while the remainder is by dating. 

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As Thou, Father, art in me and I in Thee; that they also may be one in Us. (John 17:21)

A special link to an imporant article:

Orthodox Catholics, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, and many others are asked to Unite for this reason...

Christopher Herman 2:02pm Feb 3
"A former employee of HSBC in New York has 1,000 pages of customer account records he claims are evidence of an international money-laundering scheme involving hundreds of billions of dollars by the global banking giant, which reportedly is under investigation by a U.S. Senate committee.

John Cruz has delivered to WND customer account records he says he pulled from the HSBC computer system before he was fired. Cruz was terminated Feb. 17, 2010, after two years at HSBC for “poor performance,” but he contends he was let go because senior management didn’t want to him to pursue his personal investigation."
Banking giant accused of laundering billions
Cruz told WND he has “firsthand knowledge and proof of how HSBC transferred billions of dollars thro...

Christopher Herman 1:58pm Feb 3
Sharia in Germany? Politician Blasted for Support of Islamic Law - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Internati
Does Sharia have a place in Germany? The interior minister of the state of Rhineland-Palatinate thin...

Christopher Herman 1:58pm Feb 3
Young, Wired and Angry: A Revised Portrait of Hungary's Right-Wing Extremists - SPIEGEL ONLINE - New
Though largely ignored by the national media, Hungary's right-wing extremist Jobbik party operates w...

Christopher Herman 1:41pm Feb 3
2. They don’t believe President Obama will do it: Despite copious threats from U.S. officials, a num...

Christopher Herman 12:47pm Feb 3
"Willard Romney is not so much an empty suit as a man with a suitcase full of money, to which people are attracted until they figure out that the man is more trouble than he's worth. So, because money is really all that matters to him, they send him off with a golden parachute, which they keep refilled, just to make sure he doesn't come back.

Since it's really unlikely that Romney turned clueless all of a sudden, it seems reasonable to conclude that he's been clueless all along and people just covered up for him. Others borrowed his money and then gave it back just to make him go away. Getting clueless people to run for public office seems to be a favorite corporate ploy."
Daily Kos: Willard Romney, the man with the refilling golden parachute
New York Magazine has published an essay by Frank Rich, who would probably conclude his topic, the a...

Christopher Herman 12:13pm Feb 3
"We're hearing conflicting stories today about Komen and Planned Parenthood. The mainstream media are reporting that Komen has restored funding to PP. But pro-life blogger Jill Stanek says today's statement was just made to "get the abortion mafia off their backs" and that Komen still plans to cut off all future funding to Planned Parenthood."
Decoding Komen’s supposed cave - Jill Stanek
Planned Parenthood and its thugs have engaged in typical shakedown: Give us money or we will destroy...

Priest-Seraphim Holland
Priest-Seraphim Holland updated his status: "How is planned parenthood like the Mafia? (2 answers). They kill people, and once you join you cannot leave."

Christopher Herman 11:19am Feb 3
Yesterday, I wrote about the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s decision to withdraw its grants from Planne...

Christopher Herman 8:37am Feb 3
"Santorum sources say the raw wound between the pair is unlikely to heal, even if Gingrich backs off. “We’re not getting calls from big conservatives,” says one Santorum source. “That’s not happening at all. Many Republicans don’t want Mitt to be the nominee. They also know that Gingrich can’t beat Mitt. They’re waiting to see if we can make a move in February.”

“The toughest relationships in presidential primaries often are between the remaining two conservative challengers, not between the front-runner and the challengers,” says Ralph Reed, a veteran GOP consultant. “Those relationships become frayed. In 1988 you saw a similar fight between Jack Kemp and Pat Robertson; in 1996, you saw it between Phil Gramm and Steve Forbes. Now we see it between Gingrich and Santorum.”"
Gingrich vs. Santorum
Staffers on both sides play down the notion of a bitter rivalry, but the discord between the camps i...

Christopher Herman 8:11am Feb 3
Trump’s Donations to Democrats
Katrina Trinko writes on NRO: Donald Trump’s position on abortion is not the only matter he has to e...

Christopher Herman 8:10am Feb 3
Illinois Review: Trump donated $50,000 to Rahm Emanuel's mayoral bid
CHICAGO -- Real estate billionaire Donald Trump gave Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel $50,000 ...

Priest-Seraphim Holland
Priest-Seraphim Holland updated his status: "From today's reading. Another "definition" of salvation, and one of my favorites. Enjoy fish today in honor of St Maximos the confessor. "According as his divine power hath given unto all things that pertain ... unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust.""

Christopher Herman 5:49am Feb 3
Mitt flip-flops on his own gaffe
"I misspoke -- plain and simple," Romney declares a day after standing by his "very poor" remark

Christopher Herman 9:00pm Feb 2
"While his campaign website says, sensibly enough, “Enforce Border Security — America should be guarding her own borders and enforcing her own laws instead of policing the world and implementing UN mandates,” he said in his speech that he doesn’t want “barbed-wire fences and guns on our border.” What’s he going to guard the borders with, lollipops and unicorns? If you want truly open, unmonitored borders, like between North and South Dakota, then say so. But to call for enforcement of the borders, and then oppose the means to do so, is just gibberish."
More Drivel from the Crank
Ron Paul’s immigration speech to a Hispanic group in Las Vegas today was a remarkable blend of incoh...

Christopher Herman 8:36pm Feb 2
Interview with Putin Challenger Prokhorov: 'In the Worst Case there'll be Civil War' - SPIEGEL ONLIN
Mikhail Prokhorov is one of the wealthiest men in Russia and now he wants to enter the Kremlin, plan...

Christopher Herman 8:36pm Feb 2
Oligarch's Election Bid: Tycoon Prokhorov's Tentative Challenge to Putin - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - I
Some see Russian presidential candidate Mikhail Prokhorov, one of the world's richest men, as a Krem...

Christopher Herman 8:36pm Feb 2
The Hard Sell: Merkel Seeks Euro Zone Investments from Beijing - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Internation
Many in Europe have been eyeing Beijing's trillions as a possible solution to the continent's debt c...

Christopher Herman 8:35pm Feb 2
Challenging America: Europe Seeks Space Cooperation With China - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News - Internation
Europe's space industry, cash-strapped as a result of the debt crisis, wants to step up cooperation ...

Christopher Herman 6:48pm Feb 2
"MegaUpload Is Now Launching a Music Service Called MegaBox ...There's another gigantic wrinkle in the MegaUpload drama. Not only is MegaUpload fighting tooth-and-nail against Universal Music Group, but they're now planning the launch of a cloud-based music locker, download store, and do-it-yourself artist service. It's called MegaBox, and it's already up in beta with listed partners 7digital, Gracenote, Rovi, and Amazon MP3. Actually, this is technically a relaunch of an earlier concept, and a perfect re-stab at major label opponents. "UMG knows that we are going to compete with them via our own music venture called, a site that will soon allow artists to sell their creations directly to consumers while allowing artists to keep 90 percent of earnings," MegaUpload founder Kim 'Dotcom' Schmitz told Torrentfreak this week. – Digital Musical Upload"
The Daily Bell - Megaupload's Planned Music Locker - Example of Private Justice?
Turns out that Megaupload was planning to launch its own music service to compete with Hollywood's m...

Christopher Herman 6:27pm Feb 2
'Gasland' Journalists Arrested At Hearing By Order Of House Republicans (UPDATES)
WASHINGTON -- In a stunning break with First Amendment policy, House Republicans directed Capitol Hi...

Christopher Herman 6:19pm Feb 2
Sauerkraut is so full of vitamins and probiotics that ancient sailors ate it on long voyages to stay
Raw, fermented foods are brimming with health-promoting probiotics and have been staples of the huma...

Christopher Herman 6:17pm Feb 2
Did you know? Nearly all corn and soy products purchased at grocery stores are genetically modified.
Since farmers sell their corn and soy to large distributors who mix the product together for process...

Christopher Herman 6:15pm Feb 2
Toxic BPA levels increase by a shocking 1,200 percent after eating canned food
"The magnitude of the rise in urinary BPA we observed after just one serving of soup was unexpected ...

Christopher Herman 6:13pm Feb 2
"Aluminum Lake food coloring, used to heavily coat liquid medicines for children, contains dangerous amounts of aluminum and harmful synthetic petrochemicals. These "petrochemicals" are carcinogens containing petroleum, antifreeze and ammonia, which cause a long list of adverse reactions. Aluminum poisoning can lead to short and long term central nervous system (CNS) damage, such as memory impairments, autism, epilepsy, mental retardation, and dementia.

Research shows that just 4ppm of aluminum can cause the blood to coagulate. This is what causes Alzheimer's Disease and has been documented to inhibit learning. Aluminum consumption can also be associated with the development of bone disorders, including stress fractures."
Children's medicines coated with brain-damaging aluminum
There has been a 55% increase in U.S. toxic food dyes just since the year 2000. There are over 15 mi...

Christopher Herman 6:08pm Feb 2
FDA hacked into private Gmail accounts of its own whistleblower scientist using covert spy technology
More importantly, documents reveal that the FDA's own lawyers engaged in a criminal cover-up of evid...

Christopher Herman 6:06pm Feb 2
Bill Gates funds technology to destroy your sperm
Mass vaccination is apparently not the only depopulation strategy being employed by the Bill & Melin...

Christopher Herman 5:54pm Feb 2
Help stop former Monsanto VP from attaining top position at the FDA - sign the petition
The one man who may be responsible for more food related illnesses and deaths than anyone in history...

Christopher Herman 5:53pm Feb 2
Microsoft buys eugenics technology from Merck, becomes drug development partner with top global vacc
"...if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could...

Christopher Herman 4:53pm Feb 2
"Romney hasn't always been Trump's man.

In an interview with CNN last April, Trump dismissed Romney as a "small business guy" and suggested Bain Capital, the venture capital firm where Romney made his millions, had bankrupted companies and destroyed jobs.

"He'd buy companies, he'd close companies, he'd get rid of jobs," Trump said."
Donald Trump Endorses Mitt Romney In Republican Presidential Race
Gingrich advisers suggested Trump had sent "signals" that he planned endorse the former House speake...

Christopher Herman 2:33pm Feb 2
"Trump also announced today that as long as Romney wins the nomination, he won't run as a third party candidate. Did you catch that?


Do you think Rick Santorum will notice this, get all furious and stand down so he can join forces with Newt and defeat Romney and Trump? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for that day to come either.

While we keep hearing the pundits claim this is an anti-Romney race between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, Santorum is actually running the same campaign against Newt that Romney's running. So, if they were both all about being anti-Romney why would he be going after Newt Gingrich with such fervor? If the whole idea was to prevent a RINO like Romney from getting the nomination, why wouldn't Santorum, knowing he has a minute chance of winning this nomination drop out, endorse Gingrich and pool their votes to make sure Romney didn't get the nomination?

The fact is, this is not an anti-Romney race between Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, it's an anti-Gingrich race and Romney and Santorum are on the same team. They're both getting their money and attack information from the same sources and Santorum is ONLY in this race to detract votes from Newt and insure Romney gets the nomination."
Things As They Are: What Does Tump Bring To This Primary Election This Time? by Tam Adams

Christopher Herman 12:24pm Feb 2
"The traditional remedy to judicial imperialism: appoint judges who actually believe in the law. This was the answer I supported in my October 1981 Harper’s Magazine article, But that was thirty years, and five Republican Administrations, ago. It just hasn’t worked. On, we have discussed other remedies: jurisdiction-stripping under Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution, and (my personal favorite!) impeachment.

The problem remains as stated. For the solution, we may have to back to the drawing board—along with Newt."
Peter Brimelow writes: I’m going to miss Newt Gingrich. (Assuming, of course, that he can’t re-reinc...

Christopher Herman 11:25am Feb 2

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- Blessed St. John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco

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Many of those who subscribe to, and some who have caused or are the cause for, these things to happen are involved in or with the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church (which is not the seat of all things "Catholic") as well as its protestant daughters such as the cultic Jehovah's Witnesses, the Pentecostal Churches, the Church of Latter Day Saints also known as the Mormon Church and far too many more to list. 


Yet, at this web site we do provide some of the reasons about why they are opined to be the harbingers of that which is prophesied in Holy Scripture for the bringing about of the End Times which we have already entered.  It is not necessarily their individual members or parishioners that should be blamed since they are only the "Sheep" and not the Shepherds... So do not think we castigate individual people of themselves as we castigate those "money changers" who Jesus Christ chased out of His Father's House as the Bible Describes; for they exist in these present times too.


Events are already rushing toward that time in which this is beginning to happen and will become more fully wide-spread. In these present times all you need to really do is look around both your local and larger areas as to what is really on-going through.  Things so very little or miniscule that they are barely noticeable except to the more informed observer may become apparent. 

Those little things are the laws of the land, economics, politics, the degrading and erosion of those rights and liberties afforded by the Constitution of these United States of America and many other things such as the manner with which entertainments have taken over much of the populace, entering into and becoming a major focus in worship, and more. 

We ask you, if you don't want to believe us... Have you heard, seen or found what is termed (of the many terms being used) that there are "holding areas" or "camps" or "Closed/Fenced communities" being built by GOVERNMENT? 

Here in North America, especially in the United States of America, we must admit that what Russia has come out of (a communistic, atheist country) we are entering into.  And one last thing that needs also to be understood... Something very important to those of you who are "Catholic" in the Roman sense of its jurisdiction....   And, we believe this also holds true for many who are "Orthodox" whether "Eastern" or "Western"....

[ * Non-Denominational = Synchrestic Ecumenism, Disease of Scholasticism, altering the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ to accommodate the disease of Political Correctness and CULTIC PROTESTANTISM, and the Roman Jurisdiction (Latin Church = Vatican) of the Catholic Church) breaking of - or failure and refusal to respect and abide by  - the ancient Seven Ecumenical "Do Not" Canons which leaves everything else open to God's gift of creativity... failure & refusal to abide by and have respect for those who diligently protect one of the other Pillars of the Church, the Seals of the Confessional, but "Non-Denominational" also includes worshiping Satan's religion of Muslim, Islam by praying with them and other heretics such as 'Pentecostalism,' 'Jehovah's Witnesses,' 'Mormons,' 'Church of Christ,' any so-called church with "Community Church" in their nomenclature and others who by their false and misleading dogmas and doctrines are actually against the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ upon whom and for exacting reason we are called "Christian" in both spirit and truth from which non-denominational protestant sectarian claimants have departed from as being so-called Christian] Only a skilled spiritual father can help you!

Remember: You cannot ride two horses or serve two masters for one of them will be harmed by your thoughts, your very words and your actions which is to blaspheme the Holy Ghost (Spirit) who will depart from you.  And when the Holy Spirit departs, the great deceiver (unbeknownst to you) will rush in to fill the void under disguise of being the Holy Spirit!  Testing of the Holy Spirit to insure it is the Holy Spirit does not, for many a Sectarian Protestant and Roman, work because the Great Deceiver (Satan) is most skilled in worming and snaking his charms around your mind and heart to feign being the Holy Spirit.  Remember, Satan has the same gifts similar to the Holy Spirit but Satan's gifts are UN-HOLY and lead all who accept him (unbeknownst to you) to perdition.

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"Never, never, never let anyone tell you that, in order to be Orthodox, you must also be eastern. The West was Orthodox for a thousand years, and her venerable liturgy is far older than any of her heresies."

- Blessed St. +John Maximovitch of Shanghai and San Francisco


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