Holy Scripture, Closer to the Truth! Whose Version?

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Please bear with us as we grow and provide the spiritual food so necessary to offset the many disguised foods as being spiritual that are not truly good for the soul but does damage to the spirit, the mind and in some instances, even the body! Such un-spiritual food are the many versions promoted by unsavory characters, charlatans and worse who are a part of cultic Protestantism!

Although not normally sanctioned by True Orthodox Catholic Christianity, we have stepped "outside" the proverbial box due to our times being so close to that of the predicted "End Times" - - - and as such, this is our Jurisdiction's action to aide and help in bringing spiritual and material truth to those languishing for spiritual food.  To obtain it though, they also need to be very much aware of who and what they have belonged to and why!

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History shows and therefore it is a fact of truth that the Church came before the Bible and that the Bible came about as a direct result of the true Church which was established by Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles of whom we are their genuine successors. 

There are many versions of Holy Scripture being given out and SOLD today, but one has to ask "which one" is the right one?  A good question that begs for an answer. 

Jesus Christ spoke in Aramaic or an Aramacized Hebrew!  This was the "Langua Franca" in His time for the areas in which He lived and traveled.  Yet, given that knowledge we KNOW that Holy Scripture by those after the Holy Apostles (by the promptings of the Holy Ghost [Spirit] did indeed alter and modify Scripture to accommodate their political (man-made) ideals and image of the times in which they lived.  No where is this more true than the ROMAN JURISDICTION of the CATHOLIC CHURCH (more on this later) from which the various Protestant churches (not truly Christian although their followers believe themselves to be Christian out of ignorance and falsehoods prompted by their many so-called pastors).  

Dr. George M. Lamsa


  Dr. George M. Lamsa (August 5, 1892 September 22, 1975) was an Assyrian scholar and author. He was born in Mar Bishu in what is now the extreme east of Turkey. A native Aramaic speaker, he translated the Aramaic Peshitta (literally "straight, simple, sincere or true") into English versions of the Old Testament and New Testament.

Dr. Lamsa was a member of the Assyrian Church of the East which is very much "Orthodox" in both spirit and truth! Yet, of those who claim to be "Assyrian" be sure to double check as to which one, for there are some who are under the control of the Vatican, the Roman Pope that makes such churches "Uniates" which basically means "United with Rome" as being under its control.


The errors of Rome or the errors of the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic church are many and has become worse since its self imposed schismatic actions that lead to the final act of separation (schism) in 1054 A.D. is the result of that church's altering, modifying, changing and adding such things to the Faith that was never before sanctioned by the complete church (Synod Bishops from all the major patriarchates) founded on the very fabric of the spiritual and material Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ and His Holy Apostles.


Dr. Lamsa was a strong advocate of one of that Church's beliefs: Peshitta primacy (a form of Aramaic primacy). His hypothesis was that for the New Testament, the Aramaic Peshitta was the original text, and the Greek version was translated from it. In support of this, he noted that Aramaic was the language of Jesus, His Disciples and the earliest Christians, including the authors of the Bible.


Lamsa further claimed that while most of the Old Testament was written in Hebrew, the original was lost and the present Hebrew version, the Masoretic text, was re-translated from the Peshitta.


Lamsa produced his translation of the Bible in the form of The Holy Bible from Ancient Eastern Manuscripts, more commonly known as the Lamsa Bible, available online on this website.




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This particular area of our web site is still under construction...