As an avid reader of the internet web pages on churches and especially concerning Orthodox Catholic Jurisdictions, I have noticed over time how often it is easier to condemn and not forgive than it is to be followers of the Teachings of Jesus Christ as laid down in the Holy Bible.  This is more true of many (if not most Protestant and cultic Protestant churches) as it is becoming for Roman and Orthodox Catholic jurisdictions. 

Whether or not one wishes to believe the innocence or guilt of me, I really do not care any more.  What I have read at one particular yahoo chat group of secularist Protestants, cultic people and persons of many cultic Protestant Groups and pagan members is that they have no care to know, understand or even hold any respect for those of the Roman and/or Orthodox Catholic Church who protect the Seals of the Confessional.  The shame is on them who hold no respect and repeat the things Jesus Christ admonishes us not to do.  Thus "Forgiveness" is a word with much lip service but no action!

One one yahoo chat group it has been posted that a the so-called "victim" has once again 'recanted' everything he has said or done in a California Court of law.  Whether it was really from him or someone posting in his name is of no concern.  The fact of the concern is what happened during those times.  The court records stand as evidence alone. 

If the postings were from the so-called victim, then it would only seem that once again "recant" is based on psychological manipulation of those of other Protestant and heretical cults who have imbibed him into believing that he has to "recant" in order to be a member of their cultic church.  It too doesn't really matter whatsoever so much as what went on in past times.  Again, court records do not lie.

The so-called "victim" whom it is doubtful wrote much of what was posted as it is believed someone else was writing in his name...and even if he had, he is attributed with having said he (the victim) tried to contact me numerous times with no response, beyond the first time.  That is wholly untrue!  He only made contact one time and I did not and would not respond.  I won't, cannot and will not make contact with him whatsoever.  What is in the past - - - is in the past!

He claims, supposedly, that he doesn't know some of the people mentioned.  That is partially true for he either has faulty memory or was not aware during the investigation as to who the personages were that were investigating him directly and/or indirectly as is the normal procedure during most all investigations of practically every kind.

If People (most Protestants and cultic people) wish to believe that if a person is convicted of a crime, they must be guilty... without any other considerations whatsoever... then I can only pray they find themselves in a similar situation at some point in time for the experience will most certainly open their eyes, mind, spirit or soul as to the truth of reality!  They will certainly think twice before passing personal judgments on anyone afterwards. 

It is because of people like that whom we believe are responsible for our having been "torched" out of our former residence on March 8th 2007 which is considered to be NOT ONLY a HATE CRIME but an attempt to murder!  Anyone connected either directly or indirectly with those actions either by publishing information concerning me and those with me are already under investigation not only by the State Fire Marshall but the FBI we are advised. 

It certainly doesn't mean that one is given license intimidate, harass, etc. of me and those with me for the laws of the land are very specific. 

If you are a Protestant who does not believe in SEALS OF THE CONFESSIONAL or anything CATHOLIC but yet claim yourself to be CHRISTIAN, then you have most certainly condemned yourself all the more by continuing to show not only disrespect of my unworthy self, but you have shown disrespect of the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ Himself as though you had been the one to put a nail through His flesh on the Cross.

It is because of much hate mongering whereby people today, even some Romans and some Orthodox, believe no longer in the Seals of the Confessional.  Shame on you for the Confessional is biblically established although only for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear!

+Joseph Thaddeus (Stanford), OSB, SSJt., Ph.D.

                     Metropolitan Archbishop, Archabbot, Primate

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