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Sorry about the lengthiness of this - but it is most important... Before signing... be sure you actually understand what it says... any part, item or thing that may sound or be confusing to you should cause for you to write it down and with hold from signing until you have had clarification of the meaning of that item or thing.  Be sure to number the item or thing you may not understand or be confused about!  We want YOU to be fully understanding of what this AGREEMENT means because it is LEGALLY BINDING upon YOU and US... and it is actually your VOW TO GOD, the CHURCH, and civil law. 


Printing out this form or page... Highlight from the beginning of this page down to the end of the article/form ... (you will know where to stop when you see the "Back To:" - stop highlighting... COPY then PASTE what you have highlighted into a word processor page on your desktop... such as Microsoft Word.doc or other word processing software.  This will allow you to take the time to read it more thoroughly and to complete the form in a DRAFT form.  Then you should be able to copy that information over to an ORIGINAL that you will need to create or print out and send... Lengthy as this is... it is only because of the seriousness of the step you are about to take or make that is oft times necessary because of what civil law (government) is doing to negate religious and religious activity in the country... or other country... and around the world.  Your life and the life of your present or future faithful can or will be impacted by what is happening in these present times of the world... and we want YOU to be as thoroughly prepared as we can possibly provide you with.  Your Love of God and His Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, is what we are about.... Thus, we want you to be able to provide your faithful, and those who may come to you, with as much knowledge and understanding, both spiritual and material that we can provide. 


See Notice at the end of these forms before you begin to write… and be sure when you sign that you have a competent, verifiable witness who will complete the Witness portion (In lieu of a Notary Public).

This Clergy Agreement and Application applies to all who wish to be accepted for study leading to ordination as a Deacon or priest and/or incardinated into the AMERICAN ORTHODOX CHURCH - North American Orthodox Church for study and or clerical ordination, including those who may already be clerics from other jurisdictions.


Know that we are serious about who we are and what we do to build up the faith and the faithful.  We live and breathe in our daily lives that which is the Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers.  We do not subscribe to the Roman Jurisdiction of the Catholic Church whatsoever nor to Ethnic Orthodoxy insofar as its program of 'ethnicity' as a dividing line.  We are American Orthodox Catholic Christians who come from the ground, base and root of all things CHRISTIAN and therefore we are not a "denomination" but an integral part of world wide Orthodox Catholic Christianity.  If you have read about the LINES OF SUCCESSION, you already know that we came out of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow) when it was headed by the now Sainted Tikhon. 


We do not subscribe to Synchrestic Ecumenism which is heretical to all that is contained in the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils.  It is strongly advised you read all articles located at the PASCHA pages. This will aid in preparing you for understanding and hopefully to grasp the true spiritual food that is a part of our efforts and understanding. 


If you have any trouble understanding or need to ask questions, please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail for a response. 


Thank you,

The Staff

CLERGY AGREEMENT: (All applicants for study or accepted as from another jurisdiction or denomination or religion must complete this agreement)

I, the undersigned, make this agreement with the American Orthodox Church, (a State of California Non-Profit Corporation under the laws governing Religious Not-For-Profit “Sole” Corporations) and the North American Orthodox Church (A New Mexico Non-Profit Religious corporation) and/or such other Non-Profit Religious Corporations, with International administrative offices in the United States of America, in testimony of my faith and willingness to abide by the requirements of my “pending” acceptance for incardination into this jurisdiction and/or for study in the WESTERN ORTHODOX THEOLOGICAL INSTITUTE (WOTI) or candidacy for Ordination and/or acceptance (Incardination) into any one of the various sacerdotal degrees leading up to and/or including the Priesthood or Episcopacy or such Holy Orders of a monastic community serving under the Jurisdiction of the American Orthodox Church and/or North American Orthodox Church; knowing that due to laws of various States of the United States of America, I am obliged to ensure that the Church is not held accountable for any acts or actions that I may personally take or make on my own without  having fully obtained a blessing (approval in writing) from my Superior (Abbot or Bishop) under whom I may come to serve this One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Therefore, of my own free will, I do state the following:

  1. I am not now nor will I be a paid employee of the Church hereinabove named, expecting no fiduciary or medical benefits, no other incentives of a material nature whatsoever. 

  2. I am responsible to the above named church as hereinabove named through any one or more of its officers or prelates as regards acts or actions that I may take or make in the name of church hereinabove named, only when I have received approval, in writing, from my ecclesiastical superior. 

  3. If I should develop, have developed, or be assigned a congregation or parish, I shall in no wise establish a bank account or do any other thing that might, could or would have a fiduciary impact on the above named church or jurisdiction without prior approval in writing, and that I shall equally be held responsible for reporting to both the Diocese and/or the Primatial Office of the above named churches, all income to the parish Board or institute under my authority or to which I may be assigned, on either a monthly or quarterly basis, showing all deposits and withdrawals therefrom, even if such is controlled by a parish board.   It is further understood and agreed that I am in no way obligated to provide any fiduciary or financial support to the main body of the Church except and when I and/or those with me, feel that Gospel tithing requirements are able to be met by me and those with me and such shall be on a voluntary basis only.  I understand that by the law of First Canon (Gospels) I am actually responsible for personal tithing to the Bishop (Apostle) under whom I serve.

  4. My counseling of parishioners shall be dictated by standards of ethical procedures and practices approved by the above named church or jurisdiction. 

  5. I shall hold harmless from any and all liability, the above named church or jurisdiction; it/their officers, prelates and assignees or representative(s), for any act or action which I may take that is not approved which might, could or would reflect either civilly or ecclesiastically upon the corporation of any of the above named Churches or jurisdictions and those religious institutions under it/them, its or their lawful Board of Directors or Synod of Bishops. 

  6. I shall continue to pursue studies in the faith at all times possible through the Western Orthodox Theological Institute (predecessor to the now closed St. John Chrysostom University) with the approval of my Superior. 

  7. I shall refrain from involvement and/or Inter-Communion, Prayer and/or other Liturgical Service in or with churches of other Christian or non-Christian faiths that are diametrically opposed to the root, ground and base of all things "Christian" which is Orthodox and Catholic, which are considered heterodox or members of those deemed by my religious superiors to be synchrestic ecumenists, such as also includes the Council of Churches, the World Council of Churches and the World Council of Bishops; for they are in violation of the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils and to the teachings of the Orthodox and Catholic faith of the above named church or jurisdiction, except in special circumstances wherein prior approval from my superior is required on a case by case instance for evangelizing and/or catechizing the people is needed. 

  8. Should I be elevated and/or consecrated a Bishop of the Church or jurisdiction, I shall not ordain to the priesthood any candidate without the prior approval in writing, or a blessing from the Metropolitan Archbishop under whom I serve or shall serve, and/or the Synod of Bishops,  unless I have been given autocephalous status after having been consecrated or accepted as a duly recognized valid Bishop, reporting to the President (Primate) of the Synod of Bishops all who have been or are to be ordained and/or consecrated if I am a legitimate bishop in good standing. 

  9. To all the Bishops, Archbishops, Metropolitan Archbishops of the above named churches, I shall humble myself in regards to the faith, both oral and written, as handed to them, for they are Apostles who have come from a line of Apostles in the One, Holy, Orthodox, Catholic Christian and Apostolic Church founded by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

  10. Furthermore, I shall in no wise place the Church or jurisdiction or its Apostles in a situation wherein the faith and teachings are compromised either as regards the Canons of the Church first and Civil Law second. 

  11. I shall in no way make use of the Church Seal(s) outside of religious purposes and only where duly authorized in writing by my religious superiors and may not make use of said Seal of the Church or jurisdiction  Corporation in civil matters which is/are reserved to the above named church or jurisdiction  national body, and/or my ecclesiastical superiors. 

  12. I shall not make use of the name of the above named church or jurisdiction  without the use of the Province or Diocese or Holy Order name to which I may be attached if I am permitted. 

  13. Nothing of the above shall prejudice against the ecclesiastical offices and positions or prerogatives of the Metropolitan Archbishops of the above named churches as defined by the Charter, which may be issued after approval by the Corporate Executive Board also known as the Holy Synod of Bishops of one or all of the above named churches, after approval has been obtained. Charters are issued to missions, parishes, and other religious institutions under a validly ordained clergy person recognized by the above named church, annually, or quarterly, or bi-annually. Each may be held accountable to the Bishop or the Primate (Presiding Bishops) under whom I may serve.

  14. I shall make known my full and complete educational background, any and all criminal history (which shall not necessarily prejudice the applicant), complete religious affiliations, educational and other background history, as well as any other information which may not be covered by this agreement but which may impinge upon or impact the Church, including my providing an up-to-date color photograph of myself. 

  15. In no way shall I associate or allow my church or those whom I shepherd as a part of the flock of the Church, to be a member of any group or entity that is not sanctioned by the above named Churches to which this application/incardination applies, which shall automatically include my not being further affiliated with any other Church as a member, including the Council of Churches, World Council of Churches, World Council of Bishops and such other heretical organizations. 

  16. In all things I understand that I shall read and abide by the Administrative Canons of this Jurisdiction upon presentation to me, and thereafter I shall abide by them completely...

  17. I shall abide by and maintain the Creeds, the Seven Ecumenical Councils of ancient times, the Seals of the Confessional (a primary pillar of the Church Catholic) and those particular and specific Canons of this Jurisdiction including its By-Laws and Codes.

  18. I understand that this Jurisdiction is an autocephalous and autonomous jurisdiction which was granted its standing by the Sainted Metropolitan Archbishop (Patriarch) of Moscow (St. Tikhon) during his lifetime and that this jurisdiction is not ethnic oriented and therefore is an American Orthodox Catholic Jurisdiction which does not allow for synchrestic ecumenism, abides by the ancient Seven Ecumenical Councils (if unknown as to what they are I shall learn of them and abide by them once learned) and that we do not desire or wish to be an "Ethnic" or "Politically Correct" jurisdiction (because being Politically Correct is to lie and cover up truth); thus I shall in all things abide by that which the Church has abided by since the the times of the walk on earth of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Apostles and Patristic Fathers, seeking therefore all things spiritual more than and above those things material.

  19. I release the above churches from any and all liability for sharing such information gained from this application/incardination, Clergy Agreement, should I be accepted and later leave to go to another Church or jurisdiction who may make inquiry and to whom the information may be provided.

  20. This agreement is binding upon me even though I may or may not reside in the particular state of incorporation of the United States of America, therefore being bound by International laws in those countries, especially the country of my own residence, who have subscribed to abide by those laws of the Country to which this document originates for purposes of litigation. 

  21. I fully understand that should any part of this agreement be invalid in a particular State, Province or Country in which I reside and wherein I affix my signature, the remainder of this agreement is not invalid except and only that part not in accord with the legal jurisdiction in which I reside.

  22. I further understand that if I am accepted, I shall, in good time, be issued a Church Identification Card showing particular information and a photo that I must use in tandem with either my Driver's License and/or State, Province or County Identification card or passport and the information provided by me for the Identification as taken from this agreement is true and accurate.

  23. By my signature below I signify and attest that I have read, fully understand and agree with all that is contained hereinabove and hereafter.

  24. A copy of this agreement shall have the same force and effect as its original.

Printed (Secular) Name:



As it appears on either your Driver's License or Identification Card (State, Province, or Country) and/or Passport.  (Please supply a photo-copy of the item you are using).

Printed Religious Name (being used or to be used):


__________________________________________________[ _____ ] Initialed


[ ] I have used the religious name     [ ] I have not used a religious name or the name above given.


My Current Mailing Address is:




City: _____________________   State: ____________________  Zip: ________________


Physical Residence Address:




City: _____________________  State: ____________________  Zip: _________________


Private Telephone Number: ________________________________________________


Other Telephone Numbers:________________________________________________________________________________________




Do You have a Web Page or Blog? List them please:








My Current active E-Mail Addresses (if any) are as follows:












In witness whereof, I do place my signature this _____ day of ___________, 20_____ to all that is contained herein.


(Secular Name) Signature:








I, the undersigned, know the person whose name is hereinabove subscribed, or he has proven to me with such identification (State of ___________ Driver’s License or Identification #_________________ which expires on: _____________________, 200__) that he is the same person, and that he is over the age of twenty-one (21) years, appearing to be of sound mind, under no duress, fraud or coercion and displayed to me full and complete knowledge of the document to which he has affixed his signature and hand this ____________ day of _________________, 200___.


Signature of Witness:



Printed Full Name of Witness:



Current Residence or mailing Address of Witness:




City: ______________________  State: ______, Zip: ____________


Witness' telephone number: Area Code ( ___ ) Phone Number: ____ - __________________


Further Instructions as to the above, and/or other form(s) to be completed appears below.


INSTRUCTIONS:  (Print out this form)

Complete and Sign two (2) originals, include one photograph of yourself.  Without a photograph, your Clergy Agreement will not be processed.  Include a clean, clearly readable copy of either your driver’s license or State Identification.  Send all originals to the National Administrative Headquarters.   One is kept by the Clergyman signing.  Once recorded, an ecclesiastical Notarized copy will be sent to the Ordinary for copying and issuing to the Clergyman.


Metropolitan Archbishop Joseph Thaddeus, SSJt., Ph.D. 
C/o 61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA 98951, USA

For questions you may TELEPHONE: (509) 584-0104

or send E-Mail: 


Incardination (or Ordination) Questionnaire

      1.Your Full and Complete Birth Name:


(a) Any aka's =

Also Known As:______________________________________________________________  



      3.Father’s Full Name:


      4.Mother’s Full maiden name:


      5.Primary Religion I was raised in from birth to present: ____________________

               Denomination (if any):______________________

         Date & Place of     


         Date & Place of:

         Confirmation/Chrismation (if any):_______________________________________________

      6. Date & Place of Ordination (If Ordained) to any Clerical status and by    

          whom:________________________________________     (If other ordinations, please

         provide such information on additional paper, numbering according to the    


      7. Name of Jurisdictions, Superiors, addresses served under: (Use additional sheet of




      8. Present Name of Jurisdiction and/or Church under which I serve (if any):        


      9. Education: (Use separate sheet of paper or attach such information) relating to all schools of learning you have attended even if you did not graduate.  If you received any certificate(s) or degree(s), please list them, and provide a copy of them with this questionnaire).  If you have graduated from any school shown, please provide a copy of your transcript (for only those places of higher learning after High School).  If you have not completed High School, please specify (This in no way will prejudice you with us).  Be sure to show all partially completed courses at those schools of higher learning even if you did not obtain a Certificate or Degree.  Be sure to include dates where possible and the name of the institution, address, State and Zip Code address.

    10. List all religious organizations, institutions or church groups with whom you have been or are affiliated in any manner or form as either a full or partial member, showing year of membership and whether you remain or gave up membership (if at all) and if you did or did not notify them of your removing yourself from their membership listing. (Use a separate sheet of paper).

    11.  Contact Information:

        (a) My Physical residence Telephone Number: _________________________

        (b) My Cell Phone Number (If Any): __________________________________

        (c) My Mailing Address (If other than Physical Residence Address):



                            City: _____________ State: _______ Zip:_____________


          (d) E-Mail Address(es) on the Internet (if any):

                        (1)    _________________________________________________

                        (2)   _________________________________________________

                        (3)   _________________________________________________

    (f)  I [  ]do      [  ] do not    have a Web Page(s) at the following locations on the Internet, use separate paper, identifying by #11(f) of the response to this question if there is not sufficient space:

                    (1) _______________________________________________

                    (2) _______________________________________________

    12.  I understand what the Seals of the Confessional mean and imply: [  ] Yes     [  ] No

       (If you answered "Yes" with a check mark, please complete the following questions:

(a) I understand that one of the main pillars of the original Christian Church was and is Orthodox Catholic in all respects and that it means that I cannot and will not reveal to any one (except another legitimate cleric or clerical authority of this jurisdiction only) what a penitent may reveal within the Seals of the Confessional and that under pain of any civil or military law whatsoever it may be, I shall not reveal the contents of the Confessional even if the same means imprisonment or death.  [  ] Yes           [  ] No         Initials:

 _______________________ Dated: ____________

HOWEVER: if you do not answer this question fully and completely, and later it was found that you did not divulge information requested either in this question or any other question in this document, it may be used against you as obtaining fraudulent incardination/acceptance and therefore may make whatever Holy Orders you obtain: (as provided by the ancient epitome of the Canons) your priesthood and/or consecrations, as being illicit and/or invalid for having obtained such by questionable means.  In some States and/or countries, failure to comply is prosecutable to the fullest extent of the law. 

Please supply any and all information (Offense, Date, City, County, State, Country) pertaining to any criminal offenses (Misdemeanor and/felony) that (a) You have been charged with, (b) been convicted of. (Use additional sheet of paper, numbered according to the question).

The above is necessary “basic” information required at this time.  By this incardination and/or ordination agreement, you are coming into the above named churches on a Probationary period (Six Months, mandatory minimum) at the end of which, all things will be reviewed.  This is no different than when one enters into a “Novitiate” program for Holy Orders.  This approach, even for clergy who come from other jurisdictions and/or were ordained by other “Valid” bishops; is workable for all concerned so that nothing is done in haste.

If you agree to and complete the Clergy Agreement and the Incardination/Ordination Agreement, your signature on the Clergy Agreement shall apply to the Incardination/Ordination Agreement.

NOTICE: Do not, under any circumstances, state that you are a member of this church or jurisdiction until after your clergy and Incardination agreements are signed by you and the signature of a Witness (along with Witness information) is completed.  You will receive a Certificate on which time limits may apply, requiring that one's faculties will need to be renewed. Each newly incardinated clergyman or Priest is granted faculties either for three, six, nine or twelve months during the first two years.  This applies to all clergy, including validly ordained and consecrated bishops.

In order to prepare Jurisdictional identification cards for you, we will need your signature within the borders (do not allow for "g" "y" or other characters that may have any 'hanging' parts)  to go outside the box- - - all writing must be totally within (inside) the following box:






Your signature will be digitally affixed to your Church Identification card.



and the


International Communications Headquarters

61 McCredy Ln., Wapato, WA. 98951

Telephone: (509) 584-0104



Institutions include, but are not limited to the following:


Catholic Christian Church, Orthodox Benedictine,

Holy Order and Society of St. Jude Thaddeus

Brotherhood of St. John Maximovitch & the Holy Theotokos


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